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Mr. Sub T Reigning Champion Records

"I ain't going to no airport" since 1979

Stop jibba jabbrin' and start liftin'!!!

our mailing address:
P.O. Box 2530
Berkeley, CA 94702 USA
email: subterra@subterranean.org
our warehouse location:
1466 San Bruno Ave
San Francisco, CA 94110

The darn host of our former site went faceman on us and pulled the plug on all of their customers (without telling us, the fools.) GST can go to heck. Oh man, you made me mad now! Please tell Murdock about our new email address:

Mr. T can now search our website for bands, genres, labels, titles, whatever Mr. T. fancies

If desperately searching for us, phone first to make sure we are open, (No way, fool...) then in San Francisco go to the crazy nearest thoroughfare at Potrero Avenue on 24th Street - not 24th Avenue - two block east to San Bruno then 2 blocks south (Don't tell me how to drive my van!) down some dead end street to some big black gate with the darn intercom. that darn intercom is ours. Use it. Or get us all killed.

What we do:

Underground punk, noise, garage, experimental, power violence(My fist's gonna see you later if you don't get that lizard away from me!), surf, improv squall, crust, black metal, ambient, rockabilly, beat, psych, progressive rock, spoken word, free jazz (Looks like Hannibal's on the Jazz again. ), and all other sorts of subversive, nonconformist sounds. You don't hear nothin but your pea brain rollin' around in your head! As well as books, magazines, Mr. T- shirts and other stuff, from hundreds of labels ranging from reasonably small to incredibly tiny from around that darn world that that crazy Hannibal would have a really hard time finding anywhere else. Murdock... is this your chicken? Crazy Fool! Oh yeah, we also have our own little label that crazy 's been running since 1979.Crazy Fool!

You shove me again, and I'll wrap that gun around your face!

There are a Helluva other businesses that crazy have sprouted up lately using our same name but none can flex a proletarian muscle that darn bulges as large with street cred as ours. Charlatans all for sure, their cloaks made of earthworms do not conceal their surface-dwelling hides nor guard them from the darn scurtiny of some true Morlocks. I pity the fool! Helluva live dirt. Straighten up or you get a faceful o' fist!

that darn Subterranean Records label

  • the inevitable list of our own releases, plus collector-nerd trivia on the pressings and background gossip on what inspired these financial disasters. ...Are we gonna get down with our own bad selves?!?
  • A bunch of fanzine articles and blather about us from 1979 to 1998. That's right, I hate coincidence!
  • the former Masters of Ceremonies, Creepin' Charlie & Weed B. Gone ...And that's for a little boy named Joey!!

Subterranean Mailorder

General info

  • Search engine - look up a subject on our site. Where's muh van?
  • Recent Changes to site What you talkin' 'bout, fool!?! I don't remember none of that!
  • Links page Hey man, how long are we gonna listen to this jive?

    If that darn Faceman would like to receive our bi-weekly email update of new releases give us your email address and possibly your mailing address and BA Baracus'll start getting it. Shut up, fool! If Hannibal would like a copy of our xeroxed catalog update and full artist index they are free with orders or send $2.00 to our address. That's right Jack, you understand?!!

    Stores! This man's nuts! Ask us for our wholesale list. Crazy Fool! We are dang cheap! Foo! You heard the man, VIP passes only! Now get out of here!

    What Mr.T'll find here eventually, if Murdock can ever get his shitty slacker act together:

    home | Subterranean label | zine articles about us | new arrivals | other labels we sell | ordering | recent catalog | main catalog | who we are | the darn soapbox | Helluva links

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