Subterranean sitewide search
  • Use the search engine in the frame below to make a list of files for a word or a string of words. The list created will include the linked file name, words surrounding the phrase (to help you determine if you found something relevant.)
  • Once you're on the linked file you can use your browser's find function to locate the desired text.
    We suggest that you use the "Partial match" and "Jump to line" check boxes.
  • Use at least one "misspellings allowed" when searching for strings with 10 or more letters or if a music group intentionally mispells their name but your can't remember the particular distortion.
  • The "Case sensitive" check boxes is for looking up specific uppercase or lowercase letters.

    If your browser freaks out over or doesn't recognize frames, please manually put the following url / web address into your location navigator so that you can carry out a search:

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