Download a pdf of sub's handy orderform
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  • To make an order, you can use our orderform, make a computer print out, or simply write it on a piece of paper, but please write legibly.
  • If typing or writing your order please, for each item, list: the artist name, title, stock number (or label name), format, quantity (if more than one), and price. After adding up the cost of the items remember to figure in any postage, insurance or credit to the total, if any.
  • Prices are as marked, but are subject to change( sometimes going up, sometimes down) each time we restock; we'll still send you the items and ask that you remit any difference (when it occurs is usually less than a dollar, and sometimes theres money to return.)
  • PLEASE include payment with your order; we absolutely can't do CODs.
  • Foreign payments must be made in US dollars, via international money order. Ordinary non-US checks which do not specify that they are payable thru an American bank cannot be accepted, sorry!
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks for US orders, although we will make every effort to get them to you much before that.
  • Please list alternates, we have a couple thousand items and can't keep everything in stock at all times.
  • Don't forget to put your name and address on your order!

  • Because we don't do credit card orders we will let you call or e-mail a list of items to hold for you until your payment reaches us by mail. We will hold the available item(s) for 7 days (14 days for customers outside the U.S.) while waiing for your payment to arrive. Please don't abuse our reservation policy by not sending payment: we are simple country girls and you customers are big city men.
  • BIG HINT. If you email us your reserve list and tell us that you are sending the payment, you will have a much better chance of getting that elusive record than if you wait for a confirmation before sending us the the payment. Capeesh?!
  • Returning emails: Please allow us 1-5 days to get back to you. We have an ever changing schedule, and some work days are allocated for other tasks. Even when we have not yet responded to your email we often times have saved you a copy of your requested reserve item(s).
  • Please do not bombard us with 4 or 5 emails before your payment has even reached us; we are sure to hate you for it.

    POSTAGE Within the US:

    Media Mail (a.k.a. Special 4th Class) postage is free, except for publications marked with an asterisk (*) next to the price. If ordering publications with an asterisk (*)in front of its price with non-asterisked items (records, CDs, shirts, etc.,...), no additional postage is required. If your entire order consist of one asterisk (*) item please add $1.00 for postage.

    Priority 1st Class Postage
  • If you order only a single CD, 7" or magazine it cost $3.50.
  • All other orders cost, PER SHIPMENT, $4.00 for the first $20 of merchandise, $1.00 for each additional $20 of merchandise. Priority 1st class can take two to ten days. Again, please list alternates, credit or refund.
  • If you request that we ship items individually (for example, if you ask us to send a temporarily unavailable item at a later date by Priority 1st Class but want us to ship whatever is available in the meantime) we require that you send at least $8.00 (which is $4.00 per shipment times two) for shipping.

    POSTAGE Outside the US:

    Surface mail (ecomomy mail)

  • For surface mail cost, cassettes and asterisk (*) publications count as one 7" record. Compact discs, video tapes, publications, T-shirts and other items count as one 12" record for postage purposes. Double LP's count as two 12" records, obviously.

  • Surface mail to Canada: add $2.00 for the 1st 12" record and $.50 for each addional 12", and $1.00 for the 1st 7" record and postage for any additional 7" is free.
  • Surface mail to all other countries: add $3.25 for the 1st 12" record and $.50 for each additional 12", and $1.50 for the 1st 7" record and postage for any additional 7" is free. Surface mail can take 6 to 8 weeks.

    Air mail

  • Overseas air mail: Because of varying weights of items of similar formats we offer these rates as approximate rates only and the actual cost may be higher. Once we get your order we'll figure out the exact cost and give you credit or refund (tell us which you want) for any remainder.

  • In North America please send 25% the cost of CDs and videos and 50% the cost of any other items.
  • Western Europe, including Scandanavia, please send 35% the cost of CDs and videos and 70% the cost of any other items.
  • Japan, Australia, and New Zealand: please send 45% the cost of CDs and videos and 90% the cost of any other items.
  • All other regions: please send 55% the cost of CDs and videos and 110% the cost of any other items.


    U.S. state sales taxes are covered in the cost.


    Add $1.00 for the first $50 of merchandise, $0.50 for each additional $50 of merchandise.

    Outside of the U.S.
    Add $2.00 for the first $50 of merchandise, $0.50 for each additional $50 of merchandise.

    If you don't insure it and the Post Office loses or trashes it, there ain't nothin' we can do!


    If something is temporarily unavailable tell us if we should we (check one, or number in order of preference):

    Send alternates,
    a credit slip,
    a refund check or
    supply when available?
    (If "supply when available," tell us the maximum number of weeks that you wish to wait)

    Send your name, address, list, and payment to:
    Subterranean Records
    PO Box 2530
    Berkeley, CA 94702

    phone: 415-821-5880
    email: mailorder@subterranean.org

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