A less than objective and questionably useful assortment of other people's websites

Of course only a fool would buy stuff from any place but Subterranean. I'm surprised all of you haven't starved to death by now since we don't sell food. We list these websites only out of the good grace of our hearts. (connections last checked by us around September 18th 2001.)

Subterranean Label Bands

Kathleen Yearwood
Nervous Gender - The group's own site

  • Synthpunk - Nervous Gender, Screamers and other synth punk bands
    Polkacide - polka punk pioneers
    Monte Cazazza - the most dangerous man on Subterranean
    Penelope Houston - The Avenger's singer and today's new folk heroine
    The Lewd

    Caroliner - Help me understand Caroliner
  • Sounds of the Toxics - other patients from Caroliner's mental hospital

    By / About Bands
    (if you're in a band and we sell a record that you're on, email us your webpage)

    Los Super Elegantes - initially a mariachi punk ensemble, now exploring afternoon telenovelas
    the Loudmouths
    The Misfits - the leading Misfits fan site
    The Haters - Many More Facts about The Polywave
    Feederz - site run by the fearless Frank Discussion
    Current 93
    Joy Division A good Joy Division fan site
    Oscar Brand - singer of bawdy sea shanties like "Friggin' in the Riggin'"
    Nig-Heist - Black Flag's roadies and ultra-vulgar lyricists
    The White Stripes
    Cock E.S.P.
    Non / Boyd Rice - The King of Noise Music
    Pollo Del Mar
    Death in June
    West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - our favorite bad vibe psych band
    Toiling Midgets
    Shut Up Little Man - Official Web Page

    Most Favored Label Status
    (record labels Sub does distro or mailorder for)

    Demolition Derby
    Shredder Records - crown of the Mel Cheplowitz Empire (updated link)
  • American Pop Project
  • Shredding Radio - streaming MP3 webcast
  • Shredding Paper magazine
  • Mel's NFL picks - free NFL picks to beat the point spread, one of the most popular
    Voodoo Rhythm - home of Lightning Beat Man (updated link)
    White Noise - Negative Trend's and Mutants' label

    Record Labels

    Alternative Tentacles - the Dead Kennedys vehicle, co-released some early records with Sub
    Playhouse Records - home of Jim Copp & Ed Brown
    BLACKMETAL.COM - everything that is dark, co-run by ex-SubWreck Elden M.
    Sympathy for the Record Industry
    Alien8 Recordings - industrial-noise label
    GMM Records - gimme My Money
    Akarma - your psych source
    Jade Tree - home of the amazing band, The Explosion
    T.K.O. Records - Oi! to that mate
    Mr Lady Records
    Happy Squid Records - 100 Flowers
    Digital Hardcore - Atari Teenage Riot's label
    Just Add Water
    Goner records
    Big Neck
    Dangerhouse - good article/interview on a great label
    Ugly Pop
  • Nick Bougas Presents: Celebrities...At Their Worst!
    Slap A Ham Records - purveyors of power violence since 1989
    Discourage/Banano - another ex-Subwreck, specializing in collector geek early issue punk vinyl


    Winston Smith - the Dead Kennedys main artist
    John Heartfield - montage collage artist
    Protest artwork
    Creativity Explored - You've heard artists live in San Francisco, here's their story

    Industrial Artists

    Survival Research Labs - S.R.L., granddaddy of machine performance and the godfather of cyberpunk
    Matt Heckert - an early industrial artist with SRL, now specializing in audiospecific machines
    Peoplehater - the young turks of machine performance, they don't take guff from nobody
    Lightning on Demand - Space Brother, creator of the world's tallest working Tesla coils
    Ace Auto & Scrap - junkyard patron to the industrial artists

    Book publishers

    Feral House - A publisher that refuses to be domesticated - Books Dangerous to Mindless Thought
  • Donna Kossy - author of Kooks and Book Happy
  • Michael Hoffman - Fortean sleuth and Shelby Downward's cohort
    RE/Search Publications - The Alternative Culture Source
    AK Press - Anarchists books
    Bureau of Public Secrets - Ken Knabb's situationist website (updated link)
    Loompanics Unlimited
    Autonomedia / Semiotext(e) - eggheaded anarchist books
    Amok books
    Pop Void - Years before others, they documented modern hyper-consumerism
    Jim Goad - Answer Me! publishing arm


    Book Your Own Fuckin' Life - resource guide for bands, venues and such, listed by state and country
    E X I T - a magazine that crosses the boundaries of good taste
    Earth First! Journal - radical environmentalists
    Synthesis - cultural journal devoted to Anarchy, Occulture and Metapolitics
    Steamshovel Press - All Conspiracy. No Theory.
    Flatland - the magazine and its book distribution


    Pirate Cove - pirate punx picnic
    David Emory - conspiracy investigator's radio show, For The Record
    www.buttnail.com - inexcusably rude and confusing, please don't look here
    wordsmith/anagram - In case you find giant neon sign letters in a dumpster
    Mr. T visits Subterranean
    P E A C E F I R E - remove pesky censorship software off of computers

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