San Francisco's first hardcore label; the U.S.'s first industrial label; the only label for you. The compilations are at the end of the page.

"self titled"
SUB 74-2 CD $10.10
The first album by these Osaka girls is a way-60's-style not-quite-garage psychedelic tour de force, rather reminiscent of the earliest San Francisco sound groups. Sometimes gentle & spacey, sometimes punky, with great, lush female vocals. This also includes their 11 minute space opus "Crazy Blues," from the out-of-print, Japan-only compilation "Taste of the Wild West 3."

"Every Job"/"Mark Twain"
SUB 41-7 7" $4.00
Jazzy melodies; sparse, clean structures; unpredictable rhythms; a few choice words.

"Hog Floor"
SUB 67-1 LP $7.80
SUB 67-4 K7 $6.80
A retrospective of sorts, bringing together their original harshness and violence with their later rich melodic minimalism, covering 5 years of the group's history. All tracks are either previously unreleased or from out-of-print releases. Cassette and CD versions have 3 extra compositions. Some LPs on color vinyl

"Superior Catholic Finger"
SUB 62-4 K7 $6.80
On his second solo album, Helios gets a bit stranger and subversive, combining terror and humor, psychedelic-industrial noise and metal, in a way that Chrome never quite tried, and demonstrates that he's one of the most creative, original and wigged out guitarists around.

"X Rated Fairy Tales"
SUB 49-1 LP $7.80
The first solo album from Chrome's legendary singer-songwriter-guitarist, who by now is probably better known than Chrome itself ever was. Juicy, intense psycho-metal noise, very much in the vein of his former band's more song-oriented material. Color vinyl

"Nazi Punks Fuck Off"/"Moral Majority"
SUB 24-7 7" $4.00
Back in 1981, the Slab 4 checked in with this hot no-nonsense hardcore blast. This is the original packaging, including the anti-Nazi armband.

"Album - Generic Flipper"
SUB 25-4 K7 $6.80
The groundbreaking, radical first album from 1982's great acid hope of punkdom. Melts in your mind, not in your ear. This is the original, pre-sellout version!

"Some Day"/"Distant Illusion"
SUB 70-7 7" $4.00
One of this world's most controversial bands returned in 1990 after a hiatus of several years and the death of a key member, with two new songs by Bruce Loose, Ted Falconi, Steve DePace and new bassist John Dougherty. Very special packaging in a transparent pouch with four foil stickers and color vinyl.

"Cat Farm Faboo"
SUB 46-1 LP $7.80
The infamous first album, showing the band at its rowdiest and raunchiest; wild women that rock as hard as you can get. Funny, funky, furious and Flipperesque. Produced by Snakefinger.

"Wide Eye Doo Dat"
SUB 61-1 LP $7.60
Imagine a cross between Patti Smith and Lou Reed translated to the freaky streets of San Francisco. Gritty, real-life blues-inflected rock & roll; killer songs.

SUB 63-4 K7 $6.80
SUB 63-2 CD $10.10
The vocalist for seminal punk band the Avengers returned in 1988 with a completely fresh approach - an all-acoustic blend of vibrant melodies, insightful lyricism and eclectic musicianship. Several songs were produced by the late Snakefinger.

SUB 40-7 7" $4.00
Sweden's answer to Iggy turns in some awesome hard rock on "Primemover", b/w a wicked "fist & shout" funky sleaze... and that ain't Future Farmers of America, either. This was their first American release. Pressed on yellow vinyl.

"Lewd Conduct in a Public Place"
SUB 77-1 LP $9.60
The entire 12-song set of the legendary late-'70s, early-'80s punk band, recorded for radio broadcast in San Francisco in early 1980. Includes intro and outro by MC Dirk Dirksen, great artwork by singer J. Sats Beret, and 3 studio bonus tracks recorded for the "SF Underground 2" 7" comp by TOOLS/SICK PLEASURE/CODE OF HONOR guitarist Mike Fox, 2 of which are previously unreleased! Pressed on heavy 220 gram vinyl. (SUBTERRANEAN)

"Grr Huh Yeah"
SUB 45-1 LP $7.60
Our entry in the neo-beatnik jazz-poetry sweepstakes features some nearly famous and very talented Bay Area jazz musicians backing Dog, Carol and Judy's finger snappin' beat poetry. Neanderthal Kerouac. Cool. Hip. Dig it.

"Walk the Plank"
SUB 54-1 LP $7.80
This one topped college radio charts across the country. Image-laden beat poetry with minimalist sound accompaniment; songs of love and death, automania and B movies. Inspired, totally hip nuttiness! Color vinyl.

"What's Your Name?"/"Waking to Sleep"
SUB 38-7 7" $4.00
Flipper's Bruce solos with a quieter chaos that goes under the skin and heads for the heart. The stuff that insomnia is made of.

"Self Titled"
SUB 60-1 LP $7.60
An all-instrumental album that crosses the boundaries of jazz, rock and space music, featuring ex-members of King Crimson and other avant-Eurorock outfits. Keith Tippett on keyboards, David Cross on violin, Dan Maurer on drums, and Jim Juhn on guitar and bass. A superb digital recording of virtuosic performances.

"Rock is Dead"
SUB 51-1 LP $7.60
Washboard and accoustic guitar are the main weapons here as these Omaha transplants give a rousing, blistering kickoff to the new San Francisco folk scene.

"Soul Francisco"
SUB 58-1 LP $7.60
The second washboard 'n guitar assault from San Fran's outrageous Dynamic Duo, this time thoroughly demolishing some of the cheesiest hits of the '60s and '70s. A continuous riot, performed with skill and sincerity.

SUB 47-7 7" $4.00
Whaddaya do if you're a disabled rock 'n roller in Rockford, Illinois? Start a band and do songs about it, o' course. The dawn of dis-abilly!

"Music from Hell"
SUB 21-1 LP $7.60
A veteran L.A. electronic punk-grunge outfit with lots of raunchy, funny and downright weird ideas. No guitars, but lots of wonderful tasteless perversion.

"Joe's Second Record"
SUB 44-1 12" EP $7.25
Wherein the redoubtable Mr. Pie takes on the Grateful Dead, New York, political punks, the music industry, assorted other rock & roll hopefuls and cookieland morons and still manages to come up grinning. An instant classic. Joe was backed on this outing by SF's FAITH NO MORE, believe it or not! 6 songs. Color vinyl.

"Joe's Third Record"
SUB 52-1 LP $7.60
More from the madcap Mr. Pie. No "Truckin'" here, but "Sugar Magnolia" does get severely mutilated. Lotsa loony new originals, too!

"Self Titled"
SUB 48-1 LP $7.60
Industrial pop music, if you will; real songs with real melodies that can still rasp, grind and hammer with the best of them.

"Body Ad"/"Poker Keno"
SUB 28-7 7" $4.00
Tommy produced several of the seminal SF artpunk groups, such as Tuxedomoon, Pink Section and PreFix, but he also wrote some of the most wonderfully whimsical tunes you've never heard.

"Stranger in the Manger"/"Santa's Gone Surfing"
SUB 64-7 7" $4.00
Two of San Francisco's wackiest musicians do two of the goofiest Xmas songs you've ever heard, with a totally great cover that gets lotsa laughs. Is this Subterranean's answer to the Smothers Brothers?

"City Boy"
SUB 12-7 7" $4.00
A fresh, energetic and original mix of r&b, jazz and pop that's true to it's roots; this'll make anyone dance. 4 songs.
new recording. Strictly limited edition of 1000, consisting of a 7" clear vinyl disc plus a set of 12 printed originals.

"Self Titled"
SUB 50-1 LP $7.60
Four women who make highly personal, political, imaginative and expressive music. Lush, lyrical, emotionally intense, they easily range from a wigged-out "Divine on angel dust" to sharply-honed rhetorical barbs.

"Self Titled"
SUB 17-1 12" EP $6.15
Bedtime horror stories told by Jello Biafra, with musical backing by East Bay Ray, Christian Lunch, and Morgan (Mott the Hoople) Fisher. A gruesomely hilarious romp, this was Biafra's first spoken word project, released in 1981. 4 songs.

"Book of Hate"
SUB 73-2 CD $10.10
This powerful and very radical Canadian artist and her music have been described variously as a "folk banshee," "Joan Baez meets Diamanda Galas," and "when angels and demons collide," among many other superlatives, but the descriptions tend to fall flat before the real thing. This is her 5th album, and first US release.

"Dead Branches Make a Noise"
SUB 71-4 cassette $6.80
Her 4th album, so far released only on cassette and only in Canada. A very dark, dangerous work, this weds Yearwood's radical outlook to the bleakness of the high prairie, Celtic folk themes of violent death, and a primal, soul-wrenching agony. Definitely not party music, this is intended to make you think and make you feel, while being starkly beautiful.

"Little Misery Birds"
SUB 76-4 cassette $6.80
Taking a step beyond "Book of Hate," Yearwood's 6th album ventures to still darker territories of the soul. Using Celtic folk as a starting place, and moving as far away as dark-ambient noise and voice-accompanied guitar distortion and feedback a la Caspar Brotzmann, this release continually underscores her no-compromise stance. Available now on cassette, and soon on CD.


"Arizona Disease"
SUB 16-7 7" $4.00
A mini-compilation with the JR. CHEMISTS and LES SELDOMS. Five whimsical but awesome songs from two pioneering Arizona bands.

"Club Foot"
SUB 8-1 LP $7.80
A high-quality studio compilation album featuring several of the jazz-inspired bands that came together at San Francisco's art-damage showcase, Club Foot: the LONGSHOREMEN, the ALTERBOYS, NAKED CITY, BAY OF PIGS, and the CLUB FOOT ORCHESTRA. This has gotta be one of the more original and entertaining bunch of weirdos ever recorded. Color vinyl.

"Devouring Our Roots"
SUB 65-1 LP $7.60
SUB 65-4 K7 $6.80
SUB 65-2 CD $10.10
A compilation representing the cream of the crop of San Francisco's "new-folk" bands: PENELOPE HOUSTON, the MUSKRATS, the LONGSHOREMEN, the WANNABE TEXANS, the TERMINATORS OF ENDEARMENT, and the BEDLAM ROVERS. An exciting, diverse collection of songs from a bold new musical movement! All profits donated to FOOD NOT BOMBS, providing free hot meals to San Francisco's homeless.

"Dry Lungs IV"
SUB 68-1 LP $7.80
SUB 68-4 K7 $6.80
SUB 68-2 CD $10.10
The acclaimed industrial music series returns with easily its strongest volume yet. Compiled by Paul Lemos of Controlled Bleeding, this one includes contributions from DISSECTING TABLE, MINUS DELTAT, HELENE SAGE and FRANCIS GORGE, UN DRAME MUSICAL INSTANTANE, the GEROGERIGEGEGE, HEINRICH MUCKEN, PRINTED AT BISMARCK'S DEATH, ROBERT RICH, JAMES LEVINE, and CONTROLLED BLEEDING. Diverse, rich sonic explorations from around the world. Some LPs on color vinyl.

"Dry Lungs V"
SUB 72-2 2xCD $15.00
This specially packaged double CD features contributions from 24 outstanding experimental and industrial artists from Europe, Japan and the US. Included are ARCANE DEVICE, CONTROLLED BLEEDING, CRANIOCLAST, DESACCORD MAJEUR, ETANT DONNES, FAT HACKER, HIJOKAIDAN, MICHAEL HOVACSEK, INCAPACITANTS, PAUL LEMOS, MASONNA, MERZBOW, CHRIS MORIARTY, NULL, JOE PAPA, PGR, PHALLUS DEI, HELENE SAGE and BERNARD VITET, SKIN CHAMBER, SOLMANIA, CARL STONE, TRANCE, UN DRAME MUSICAL INSTANTANE, and VIOLENT ONSEN GEISHA. Compiled and with extensive notes on the artists by Paul Lemos, with artwork by Arthur Potter. The packaging includes a large and quite elegantly printed folder inside a 6 by 12 slipcase.

"Red Spot"
SUB 15-1 white vinyl LP $7.80
Some of the most promising of San Francisco's emerging avant-garde-oriented groups of '81. Includes MINIMAL MAN, the WOUNDS, ANIMAL THINGS, ARSENAL, the FRIED ABORTIONS, JED SPEARE AND EASY TEETH, MICON, and RESEARCH LIBRARY, with a sheet of artwork by each group.

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