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PRANK 022-7 7" $4.00
Debut of stampeding HC charge, waltzing back and forth from straight ahead, stripped down thrashing to pensive mid-tempo breaks and edges sheened with melody and discordance. With Lyz and Kevin from ANTISCHISM and INITIAL STATE. (PRANK)

"96 Lagrimas"/"Cheree"
MUNSTER 7150-7 7" $4.85
A new, moody, erotic version of their hit "96 Tears" sung in Spanish, plus an emotional cover of SUICIDE's "Cheree." Full color hardboard sleeve, Spanish import. (MUNSTER)

"96 Tears"
ANT 30-1 LP $9.35
A real gem and one of the finest examples of American mid-'60s garage, this classic, soulful 1966 release is now available, with 4 bonus tracks not on the original LP. Includes their hit "96 Tears" of course, along with 15 other great songs by this legendary Tex-Mex-Michigan group. This edition uses the original 1966 liner notes, and LP also includes lyrics for the first 12 songs. Italian import. (ANTHOLOGY)

"More Action"
MUNSTER 216-1 LP $9.60
Nasty and rockin' as ever, ? and the gang are back with the bomb! 12 songs recorded in NYC for Cavestomp! Check it out!! Spanish import. (MUNSTER)

"A Bridge Too Fuckin' Far"
SFTRI 422-1 2xLP $10.90
SFTRI 422-2 CD $9.65
Long-overdue return of this notorious band, featuring 21 songs from Rock'n'Roll's original glory: covers of CHUCK BERRY, FATS DOMINO, JOHNNY CASH, CARL PERKINS, and even THE GIBSON BROS, plus roots-rock originals, all produced by GREG OBLIVIAN. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Do the Rub"/"Cadillac Man"
BOH 21-7 7" $4.15
Reverb-soaked blues noise just the way you like it, with some of the craziest psycho-rants you've heard yet. Eternal life! (BAG OF HAMMERS)

"Love Always Wins"
SFTRI 574-1 LP $8.25
SFTRI 574-2 CD $9.65
Now wait one cotton-pickin' minute! A love album by '68 COMEBACK? 14 songs about love that's found on the other side of the Mississippi. You won't hear any violins, sister! You will hear original heart songs such as "Dark Cloud' "Polaroid Portrait" and the title cut. Also, the band covers the greats: SISTER ROSETTA THARPE, BIG MAMA THORTON, JOHN LEE HOOKER, DALE HAWKINS, CHARLIE FEATHERS and RAY CHARLES. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Mr. Downchild"
SFTRI 277-2 CD $9.65
Hey, it's their 2nd album of hybrid raw n' rude country, blues & rock, delivered with legendary volume & distortion. Songs by Charlie Feathers, Billy Lee Riley, Joe Turner, Bo Didley, and other great Southern songsmiths! (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Someday My Prince Will Come"
SFTRI 390-1 2x7" $6.15
This time out, Memphis' favorite trash trio the Oblivions back Jeffrey Evans, with Walter Daniels from Jack O'Fire joining in on these scorchers with his frantic harmonica antics. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"The Annex Sessions Vol. 1"
SFTRI 450-7 7" $4.00
The band teams up with legendary producer Mike Rep for 4 tracks including a moody Jeff Evans original and a rockin' cover of Frank Lucas' "I Want My Mule Back." (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"The Annex Sessions Vol. 2"
SFTRI 451-7 7" $4.00
An energetic, hot-wired version of the Collins Kids' "Whistle Bait," and the raw, sizzling and soulful "Modern Don Juan" from Jeffrey Evans and his troupe of lo-fi blues howlers. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Tobacco Road"/"Hedzaz"
SFTRI 292-7 7" $4.00
A down & dirty, raunchy version of that famous song, plus an instrumental of tweaked Greek origin resplendent of mournful guitar and sweet feedback squeal. Limited to 1200 copies! (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"'Igginbottom's Wrench"
GET 597-1 LP $12.55
A re-issue of the only album by this unique British jazz-rock outfit, first out on Deram in 1969, and featuring future GONG, SOFT MACHINE and BRUFORD guitarist Allen Holdsworth, who would become a icon of jazz-fusion guitarists over the next few decades. Original artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"I'm Going to Explode"
(I)Y 2-7 7" $4.00
New recordings from a new version of an old band; (I)Y was very active in the early 80's San Francisco punk scene, relocated to southern California, but seem to have kept all their energy intact. Rockin' stuff. (MISC. LABELS)

"Split EP"
WR 12-7 7" $3.65
Two well-known melodic punk bands display the arty touches that set them apart from the pack. Lookout Records' (YOUNG) PIONEERS play 2 harmonica laden country-punk ditties while VAN PELT gives us a lilting, melancholy 5 step waltz. (WHIRLED)

1.6 BAND
"Broke Up"
GERN 017-2 CD $9.35
This CD retrospective of the great NY hardcore band collects vinyl output plus unreleased demos. Spot-on musicianship, precise stop/start timing, the songwriting of Dag Nasty and the time changes of Nomeansno, plus an angry screamer for a singer! (GERN BLANDSTEN)

1.6 BAND
"Tongue Family Style"
SPOT 5-7 7" $4.00
Very nervous, fidgety punk with a food fixation, but the singer also has a sparse, economical way with words. (GERN BLANDSTEN)

"Ten Gallon Helmet"
ANSF 002-7 7" $5.15
4 songs, 3 chords, recorded by the 1-4-5s in an actual garage! This band's charmingly bone-headed, sludgy take on CHUCK BERRY / RAMONES rock'n'roll is well-known from their Estrus releases, but this Japanese import is surely a special find! (ANSWER)

1-4-5'S, THE
"Rock Invasion"
ES 1229-1 LP $8.10
The first album by this Texas lo-fi garage combo, veterans of several 7" releases, sports 17 swingin' tunes about cars, girls, bravado, outer space, dance moves, and every other typical topic. (ESTRUS)

1-4-5'S, THE
"Rock'n'Roll Spook Party"
ES 116-2 CD $7.00
On this new slab o' slop the helmeted heroes of hoopla give us 10 tracks of speedy, lo-fi, hi-fun 3-chord thermaldynamic trash that are sure to send you and yours running for cover. (ESTRUS)

"Gas Bag"
BCR 012-7 7" $3.65
Ten songs from a thrash band that's been going since the early 1980's. Furious, whirlwind, midwestern hardcore. (BEER CITY)

"No Retreat"
BCR 021-1 LP $7.55
BCR 021-2 CD $7.55
36 songs of total, raging, never-say-die punk thrash. Their first album after a 12 year existence! LP includes a big, fold-out poster insert with lots of color photos and lyrics. (BEER CITY)

"self titled"
SA 80-7 7" $4.85
Early, pre-BUTTHOLE SURFERS stuff from Gibby Haynes and Paul Leary. Pounding, psychotic hardcore, grating noisecore and general punk madness. Hint: this sounds better if you play it at 45 rpm. (STOMACH ACHE)

"We Can't Do Anything By Ourselves"
RPR 012-7 7" $3.35
The 13 TONS side blasts you in the eardrum with 4 songs of chaotic thrash with monotonous yelling and over harshly distorted, yet strangely hummable, guitar riffs. Then the SPIES side punches you right in the neck with 4 tirades of no-fi buzzsaw trash thrash. (RODENT POPSICLE)

"self titled"
EBM 006-1 LP $8.10
EBM 006-2 CD $8.35
Dark, heavy, ugly punk with a psychotic edge from this East Bay outfit formerly known as Eldopa. (EAST BAY MENACE)

"self titled"
PRANK 07R-7 7" $4.00
Reissue of the Oakland artist formerly known as ELDOPA's out-of-print 4 song debut: rumbling SABBATH-damaged hardcore, rage on rage to be played extremely loud. (PRANK)

"Easter Everywhere"
GET 594-1 LP $12.55
The 2nd album from Roky Erickson's legendary '60s Texas garage-psych outfit, originally released in 1967. Gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

GET 604-1 LP $12.55
The vinyl re-issue of their 1968 pseudo-live album, put together from studio outtakes with applause dubbed in. Includes 3 songs from "Psychedelic Sounds," 2 from "Easter Everywhere," and 5 that aren't available elsewhere! Original artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Psychedelic Sounds"
GET 593-1 LP $12.55
A re-issue of their first LP from 1966, complete with original artwork, and featuring their hit "You're Gonna Miss Me." The quintessential '60s garage psych-stomp album! Gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

145'S, THE
"Almost Good!"
TLTR 2-7 7" $4.15
You probably remember these guys from their Estrus album, but here's 9 more songs recorded live at the Blue Flamingo. Super-no-fi Austin motorpsycho garage rawk with a very fun attitude. (TWIST LIKE THIS)

"Blaze of Incompetence"
PESS 63-1 LP $8.70
PESS 63-2 CD $10.70
Flattening anything claiming to be heavy or angry nowadays, 16 outdoes themselves with more riff-heavy power shit. Like last year's successful and acclaimed "Drop Out" album, this is produced by Alex Newport (MELVINS, SEPULTURA). Next time some Metallica boner opens his yap, try shoving this record in his mouth. (PESSIMISER)

"Drop Out"
PESS 40-1 LP+7" $8.70
PESS 40-2 CD
CD $10.70
Ten songs of guitar-driven hatred and anger backed with a bass/drums steamroller groove and over-the-top vocals; in a total powerhouse of the hard and heavy. The CD booklet is a 12 page full color foldout, and the LP is a limited edition gatefold with clear vinyl and a bonus 7". (PESSIMISER)

"Scott Case (out of print material)"
PESS 28-2 CD $10.70
Just like it says, a collection of scarce, out-of-print crustcore, doom and grind heaviness: a 1992 7", a 1993 7", and a 1994 Japanese CD. (PESSIMISER)

"Split EP"
LIE 003-7 7" $4.15
Two bands that have been around awhile play heavy, angst-driven riff rock. (NO LIE)

PATH 12-2 CD $10.70
The first CD release by this legendary Swiss band from the just-as-legendary Swiss noise-beat-jazz scene, which if you're at all familiar with it is pretty much unique on the planet. John Zorn is probably salivating. Tough shit. (PATHOLOGICAL)

"When All Else Fails"
VISION 27-1 LP $8.25
The first album from this great Swiss group (the 2nd was recently released on the Pathological label) is wigged-out, beat-heavy jazz noisecore improv featuring the wailin'est sax you've heard in quite a while. Swiss import. (VISION)

1985, THE
"Seven Inch Record"
POPBUS 15-7 7" $4.00
Frantic yet precise, nerve-wracking, seizure-inducing noise punk from this Pittsburg foursome. All 5 songs feature heavy drumming, splintered, dissonant guitar, and epileptic yelping that will delight fans of Nation of Ulysses, Jesus Lizard, Circus Lupus, Trenchmouth, Steve Albini. Elegant, embossed black-on-black lettering, and a crazy painting reproduced in full color on the cover. (POP BUS)

"Teenage Fuckin' Boredom"
BN 017-7 7" $4.00
Hard-edged, fucked up, trashed out, crazed and savage rockers courtesy of this band of teenage delinquents with messed up attitudes and shitty old instruments from the small town of Kouvola, Finland. (BIG NECK)

"Sinful Tunes & Spirituals"
ANDA 238-2 CD5 $6.55
The street as the stage: this here be raw, rusty roots rock'n'roll in all its archaic abrasive glory. Wisconsin's 20 MILES and Arizona's DOO RAG serve up a surefire twin dose of primal pounding indeed. (AUGOGO)

"Uncle Bob"
SD 1203-2 CD $10.30
Folks from Face To Face, Adolescents, No Use For A Name, and Wax combine for some modern pop that ranges from power pop to a '50s-influenced instrumental. (SIDE ONE)

"Spreading the Love Vibration"
SFTRI 183-2 CD $9.65
A new album from New Mexico's most notorious outlaw band. Driving, feverish psycho-delia. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"The Sucking Effect"
RAVE 18-1 LP $8.10
RAVE 18-4 cassette $7.00
RAVE 18-2 CD $11.00
With their 4th and most (peyote) inspired release, 27 DEVILS ooze psychodelicious guitars all around and with no recourse but to listen, you'll sit staring into demon eyes. (RAVE RECORDS)

"My Chromosomal Friend"
KK 44-1 LP $9.50
Japan's impressive entry into the Puppy/Alien (Ministry) school of techno Thrash. Awesome use of hard electronics and nihilistic vocals; songs about genetic/bionic disasters. This is dance-musik with muscle. Belgian import (KK RECORDS)

"Self Titled"
KK 38-1 LP $9.50
KK 38-2 CD $11.00
Belgian import (KK RECORDS)

"The Brain That Binds Your Body"
KK 40-1 12" EP $7.55
KK 40-2 CD $9.75
4-song, Belgian import (KK RECORDS)

"7/24/96, Fireside Bowl, Chicago"
VML 034-7 7" $3.85
Four tuneful yet aggro shit-kickin' stompers, recorded live. (VML)

"Battle of Opinions"
POLLUTE 016-7 7" $3.90
Exactly what punk should sound like: Swedish hardcore at its best! (SOUND POLLUTION)

"Killing the Life"
POLLUTE 022-2 CD $9.00
A swedish hardcore masterpiece. Includes the "Battle of Opinions" 7". (SOUND POLLUTION)

JFR 043-2 CD $9.00
Cleveland's 30 LINCOLN come out swinging with their own brand of down and dirty garage rock. Mix together pieces of the DEAD BOYS, THE HEARTBREAKERS and ROCKETS FROM THE CRYPT, add alcohol plus a slight mod influence and Blam! you get 30 LlNCOLN. One of Ohio's best kept secrets: stylish, nasty, and they rock like motherfuckers. (JOHANN'S FACE)

"30 Seconds Over Tokyo"
FLAT 1998-2 CD $8.90
Here's a Boston-area band that mixes lots of thundering thrash (including a pull-out-the-stops MOTORHEAD cover) with a bit of melodic hardcore. (FLAT)

"A Day in the Suburbs"
FLATTT 01-7 7" $4.00
Three hardcore thrashers from 30 SECONDS (including a BAD BRAINS cover) and a couple of rousing street punk anthems from THE TROUBLE. (FLAT)

"31st of February"
VANGUARD 6503-1 LP $17.25
VANGUARD 6503-2 CD $13.00
Acid rock psychedelia featuring Butch Truchs, later of THE ALLMAN BROTHERS. This re-issues their first and only album, originally released in 1969. 12 tracks, original artwork, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (VANGUARD)

EARTH 001-2 CD $10.85
Clever rock that bridges college, classic bar and country in one very natural bound. (EARTH MUSIC)

"Seven Inch Snack"
EARTH 701-7 7" $4.15
3-song (EARTH MUSIC)

"self titled"
SKIP 22-7 7" $4.00
The debut of a powerful San Francisco 3-piece that gets compared to Mission of Burma, Dinosaur Jr. & Chris Stamey. (BROKEN REKIDS)

"From Chaos to 1984"
GET 44-1 LP $9.60
Their final show, recorded in Waterloo's studio in 1984 for fans and friends, featuring Roi of LAST RESORT on vocals. Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Low Life"
GET 43-1 LP $9.60
This compiles 12 tracks from the singles "Low Life," "Yesterdays Heroes," and "One Law For Them," plus cuts from the album "The Good, The Bad & The 4 Skins," and features songs like "Plastic Gangsters" and "Jealousy." Italian import. (GET BACK)

440'S, THE
"Feel Alright"
HELL 46-7 7" $4.35
Even though this band has never heard the AVENGERS, many listeners are reminded of the legendary '77 Dangerhouse "We Are The One" EP single, so much so that Hell Yeah has decided to make this record look just like the old AVENGERS record! And just as there were originally 2 different jackets for the Dangerhouse record, you will find this killer slab of female-fronted Philly punk housed in 2 separate sleeves! (HELL YEAH)

440S, THE
"Scrubbing Satan's Cadillac"
HELL 50-1 LP $9.10
HELL 50-2 CD $10.80
Female-fronted gearhead sleaze mayhem from Philadelphia with debts to '70s garage punk and '50s rock'n'roll. This is their debut album, following up a rather popular 7". (HELL YEAH)

"Self-Proclaimed Rock Stars"
NPR 011-2 CD $10.10
Pennsylvania's 5-DRIVER breaks loose on the nation with their unique style of melodic punk. Mixing together the punchiness of GOOD RIDDANCE with the vocal stylings of BAD RELIGION, 5-DRIVER emerges as an up and coming powerhouse on the punk scene. Living up to the growing reputation of the tri-state area, this 13 song CD combines fast paced punk with melodic harmonies that will leave you stunned into submission. (NEGATIVE PROGRESSION)

"Bust the Action"
SKIP 74-2 CD $9.00
This band, led by Wade Driver, is sort of like a more punk GUIDED BY VOICES meets JUNE OF '44 with THE EVERLY BROTHERS on vocals. (BROKEN)

DILL 29003-7 7" $4.00
The toughest pop band in the world, featuring the songwriting talents of ex CORDUROY/J CHURCH/HICKOIDS Wade Driver. This 5-song EP was recorded during a 6-month US tour in various basements and pantries. Rock, pop, punk, and a lot of fuzz! (DILL)

"This One's Pretty Cool But I Like the Old Stuff Better"
SR 9-2 CD $7.75
More utterly bizarre song-like events that miraculously made it to tape. All over the map with its SMOG-like melodiousness colliding with CAROLINER squeakiness, lofi hardcore, lowbrow prog, and all-around infectious insanity. Up with people! (SMELLY RECORDS)

PR 15-7 7" $3.65
Two nutty Austin, TX brothers who've been playing as a bizarre, eclectic two piece for ages, but recently added a bass player for a more conventional rock line-up. This 7" focuses on this more standard sound, avoiding the banjos and experimental noise, and highlighting their excellent songwriting abilities. Weird grey vinyl, cheap photocopied cover! (PROBE)

"Dope Deal"
BOS 21-1 LP $14.90
BOS 21-2 CD $11.90
The debut album from this monster KYUSS-inspired Detroit stoner outfit, with 10 tracks including an ultra-psych cover of DONOVAN's "Sunshine Superman." The vinyl is limited to only 500 copies. Great artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (BEARD OF STARS)

"self titled"
UNCD 001-2 CD $13.65
Thoroughly engaging debut CD from heavy Tokyo quartet of guitar, bass, drums and keyboard/sampler. Their dissonant-yet-beautiful guitar angularities, delicate-to-pummeling dynamic style, and high quality, natural sounding recording recall Chicago math rock and the STEVE ALBINI sound, but with with thrash-jazz elements, mellifluous acoustic bits, and the very interesting replacement of vocals with samples, vocal and otherwise. The 10 songs mostly concentrate on spacious, muscular grooves (often slow and SWANS-y) and swirling guitar heroics a la HIGHRISE or even MARC RIBOT. Japanese import. (UNCHAIN)

"Bomb the Twist"/"It's Rainy"
SFTRI 455-7 7" $4.00
The title track from the "Bomb the Twist" 10"/CD gets backed by an otherwise unavailable song. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"self titled"
ANDA 179-2 CD $9.65
A US release of the Australian CD that brings together much of this very hot Tokyo garage girl group's best material. (AU GO GO)

5,6,7,8'S, THE
"Bomb the Twist"
SFTRI 371-1 10" $7.70
SFTRI 371-2 CD $9.65
Three Japanese girls that have been walkin' and trashin' that beat since 1989. Cat-like prowlin' sleaze rawk that's wilder than the Cramps, cuter than Shonen Knife and more fun than Naked Jumping Jacks, from one of Japan's outstanding garage groups. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

5,6,7,8'S, THE
"Smilly Willy"
ID 074597-7 7" $4.35
This trio of Japanese worldwide recording superstars release this saxophone permeated killer femm-fest! As a bonus, the 45 sleeve is a board game! (DIONYSUS)

"Audio Super Predator"
PURE 46-2 CD $8.00
Nothing user-friendly here, just one big wall of hellfire and damnation. Crushing, agonized, archetypical noise that never lets up. (PURE)

"Mind Machine"
SILENTSM 01-2 CD5 $7.25
Computerized electronic technodance to shake yer booty to. (SILENT RECORDS)

SILENT 9221-2 CD $11.40
Seventy one minutes of pure dance grooves with nothing to get in the way of the booty-shakin' trooth. (SILENT RECORDS)

"From the Tall Corn Country"
BN 008-7 7" $4.00
When you're raised in a bowling alley on hot dogs and beer, these are the gutter balls you learn to love. Wise-ass, gleefully goofy, garagey punk from Milwaukee. (BIG NECK)

700 CLUB
"Politalk"/"Dare to be Boring"
SLITH 3-1 12" EP $5.15
Extended dance mixes of two of the Club's biggest hits on a 12". (SLITHERING DISC)

KOKO 5-7 7" $4.25
KOKO 5-2 CD5 $8.00
Hard-rockin' NYC power trio with a big arena sound and lotsa guitar. CD has 1 extra song. (KOKOPOP)

"self titled"
SA 53-7 3x7" $9.85
The clear and red records of this box set find this Detroit band in a Napalm Death-meets-Boredoms mode, clever stupidity in full swing, while the final black record ("The Brothers Quay E.P.," ask me not why) also explores the far-removed but equally moronic jazz and industrial aspects of apathy. (STOMACH ACHE)

78 RPM'S
DILL 0021-2 CD5 $5.40
Six-song EP featuring members of SKANKIN' PICKLE and RUDIMENTS getting together for some uptempo, party-down ska that's a real blast. Wild horns, outta-control singers, and lots of energy. (DILL)

78 RPM'S
"New World Chivalry"
DILL 023-2 CD $9.20
The #1 characteristic of this fine album is originality! Two of the 3 songwriters are well-loved from their old ska band SKANKIN' PICKLE, and the 3rd is known from his dark, heavy band THE RUDIMENTS. A new sound is forged, not entirely unlike a drag race on the Planet of the Apes! High caliber "GO" music. (DILL)

78 RPM'S
"Self Titled"
DI 003-7 7" $4.00
Members of SKANKIN' PICKLE and the RUDIMENTS get together for some uptempo, party-down ska that's a real blast. Wild horns, outta-control singers, and lots of energy. (DILL)

"Behind Bars"
HR 607-1 LP $8.45
HR 607-2 CD $10.30
Goin' way down the emo highway with these Chicago gangster skatepunks, this 12 song album follows up their highly popular 7" releases on Fat Wreck Chords. Think fast, energetic and highly melodic. (HOPELESS RECORDS)

"self titled"
T 98-1 LP $7.70
T 98-4 cassette $7.00
T 98-2 CD $9.10
These LA jockpunks do semi-melodic hardcore thrash with the type of sing along vocals guaranteed to heat up a mosh pit. (THEOLOGIAN)

"White Music for Jazz People"
MEG 017-2 CD $11.60
The guy who calls himself 99 Hooker does his first solo album, throwing in high frequency sax explosions, lo-fi sampling, bizarre poetry and disgusting American culture. Members of Borbetomagus and Happy New Year make guest appearances. (MEGAPHONE)

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