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"Amplified Crystal II"
EDP 005-4 cassette $11.20
Akifumi Nakajima of Aube/GROSS remixes their latest album on side one; side two has solo pieces from each member of CCCC. As with the original LP, the packaging is also by Nakajima in his instantly recognizable style. Excellent work, limited edition! Japanese import. (ENDORPHINE FACTORY)

"Community Center Cyber Crash"
SSSCCC 01-1 LP $8.40
The famed Japanese extreme noise band as recorded live during a Pittsburgh concert last fall. CCCC uses overpowering blasts of white noise, within which the most delicate nuances of electronic noise are generated, shaped and manipulated. (SSS)

"Loud Sounds Dopa"
EPDCD 3-2 CD $11.90
Two brain-melting performances recorded during the 1992 US tour of this great Japanese noise band. C.C.C.C. specializes in overwhelming, pain inducing roars, within which are constructed delicate shifts of sound on an almost subliminal level. The CD is manufactured in North America, but the striking folder was made in Japan by graphic artist and noisician Akifumi Nakajima. (ENDORPHINE FACTORY)

CHCD 21-S CD deluxe $13.65
The same CD as the regular edition, but packed in a hand-sewn animal skin pouch, branded with the band's logo. Only 222 available. (CHARNEL HOUSE)

CHCD 21-2 CD $10.70
Ritualistic rhythms and careful layers of keyboards, at times approaching a symphonic, classical direction, with minimal tribalisms, and delicate reading of texts from Omar Khayyam and Abu-Izzedin transforming into spacious ritual environments. (CHARNEL HOUSE)

MLCOTE 01-4 cassette $8.00
Uncompromising enviro-consciousness collides with Psychick Youth-esque tribal mysticism, with good doses of Crash Worship and Tekachi influence. Ritual music for tree-spiking and bulldozer sabotage. (MISC. LABELS)

"Learning to Be Silent"
ERICAT 18-1 LP $8.00
This Connecticut composer is well-known to fans of the Recommended Records genre. Here he does soft acoustic instrumentals with occasional electronics, tapes, and readings incorporated. (CORDELIA)

"Blood"/"Wheel of Fortune"
1-7 7" $4.00
Meatgrinder guitars plus melodic-but-tuff grunge vocals; catchy tunes & good hooks. (SPLUNGE)

"Split LP"
WECAK 01-1 LP $6.00
Two very political hardcore bands share this LP. Cabal is more overt lyrically and straight-ahead melodicore musically, while Angry Kids take a more personal approach to the words and go for crunch power in the chords. Good stuff. (WASTED EFFORT)

ROUGHUS 24-1 LP $7.80
AKA "Hail." Six song recorded (live?) in Tokyo on March 23rd 1982. Walls of Kyoto, 3 Days monk, Yashar (version,) Over & Over, Disk Ono, and Taxi Music (version.) (MISC. LABELS)

PLASTCVP 01-2 CD $10.70
Packed with 75 minutes of techno-house dance floor beats, this glides along in an almost subliminal way, avoiding aggro negativity. UK import. (PLASTEX)

GET 82-1 LP $9.60
Eleven BBC tracks recorded in the mid '80s, with many of that era's best known tracks, including the hit single "Sensoria." Using the BBC's in-house producers and engineers, this has a minimum of overdubs, midway between a studio and live performance. Gatefold sleeve, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Red Mecca"
ROUGHUS 15-1 LP $7.25
Nine songs from 1981 on their fourth LP. A touch of evil, Sly Doubt, Landslide, A thousand ways, Red mask, Split second feeling, Black mask, Spread the virus and A touch of evil (reprise.) Slightly worn covers from possibly the first US pressing. (MISC. LABELS)

"Voice Of America"
ROUGHUS 09-1 LP $7.25
Ten songs from 1980 on their third LP. The voice of America/Damage is done, Partially Submerged, Kneel to the Boss, Premonition, This is Entertainment, If the shadows could march? (1974), Stay out of it, Obsession, News from nowhere, and Messages received. Slight cover wear. (MISC. LABELS)

"Kill Lies All"
STC 17-2 CD $12.90
Among the current crop of UK noise-oriented instrumental groups, these guys stand out for their use of heavy, relentlessly pounding rhythms and screaming guitars in a rock format, spiced with occasional vocals. Produced by Justin Broadrick. UK import. (SENTRAX)

"King of Beers"
SET 2T-1 12" EP $7.35
A heavy, rockin' song from the "Kill Lies All" album plus a large chunk of non album dark, ambient noisedrone on the flip. UK import. (SENTRAX)

"Rocket Up A Star"/"Lonely Surfer"
JACK 3-7 7" $3.65
Boys make noise, and how. If you like bash bands like Claw Hammer, you'll like this. (BLACKJACK)

"Zero Tolerance"
JACK 8-7 7" $3.65
Garage rock caught in a meatgrinder; an ode to cop excess. (BLACKJACK)

"The Assassin"
HELLHOUSE 1-2 CD $11.75
A Tex-Mex surfin-with-the-Devil psycho-boppabilly hayride in Hades! CADILLAC HITMEN's reverb and tequila soaked five alarm "Desert Surf" sound, influenced by DICK DALE, LINK WRAY, ENNIO MORRICONE, THE SHADOWS, and RY COODER, has earned them several magazine cover articles, Northeast radio play, critical praise, and sell-out shows. So put on your shades, pull up your boots, start up that old relic gas guzzler in the yard and cue up the first track of "The Assassin." (HELLHOUSE)

"self titled"
ALLIED 70-7 7" $4.00
Discordant yet harmonious pop songs with catchy, sing-along choruses and that crashing, rolling, wall-of-sound, post-Jehu stuff with influences from Bitch Magnet, Unwound, Jawbreaker, Mission of Burma, and "Zen Arcade" period Husker Du. (ALLIED)

AVAN 29-2 CD $19.55
Three girls from NYC make nervous, angst-ridden noise. Tense, often exploding into 3-chord aggression. Japanese import. (AVANT)

"Day of the Dead"
VGR CAL1-2 CD $10.35
LA's chicano psychobilly heroes release an ass kicking, absolute friggin' masterpiece to cross over to both Anglo and Mexipunks as well as the rockabilly kids and the Rock En Español movement. High energy, diversity, , excellent musicianship, incredible production and sheer intensity! (VITAL GESTURE)

"self titled"
FLECHA 001-7 7" $4.00
Daniel from Insaints and Cesar from Dogma Mundista team up with a couple of buddies for some rippin' fast punkabilly blasts. An East LA Mexipunk outfit, with two songs in English and two in Spanish. (LOVE ARROW)

"split EP"
ROCOCC 01-7 7" $4.35
Someone from Sone and somebody from the Bugskull. Pretty cool wah grooves on one side make me wonder what it would be like to live inside the walls. The flip is also groove oriented with a futuristic Blaxploitation soundtrack feel. (ROAD CONE)

"3x3 for 3 1/2"
PRC 021-2 CD5 $5.00
Their final 3 songs, a continuation of their 2nd LP on AmRep. (POLYVINYL)

"Compin' & Smokin'"/"Damper Down Popcorn"
SF 003-7 7" $4.70
Two of the greasiest, tastiest '60s-style funk instros you'll ever hear, like JAMES BROWN deep in the garage. No picture sleeve, though. (SOUL FIRE)

"Soul Strike!"
SFLP 001-1 LP $11.00
Two sides of breakbeat-laden hard funk instrumentals. Chicken scratch guitar, grease machine organ, extra tough percussion. 180 gram vinyl pressing. (SOUL FIRE)

"To Change the Shape of an Envelope"
TMU 047-1 LP $8.65
TMU 047-2 CD $9.00
The label hype says "high energy aggressive keyboard-driven rock" and "melodic guitar-layered drone." A bunch of San Diego folks do the old band shuffle. Each vinyl pressing will be on a different color wax, starting with white. (TROUBLEMAN)

"To Paint the Kettle Black"
31G 19-7 7" $4.65
In 1998, former members of SPANAKORZO, SHORTWAVE CHANNEL, and INTERSTATE 10 joined together to become CAMERA OBSCURA. Fusing the angular post-hardcore sounds of other regional bands (CLIKITAT IKATOWI, DRIVE LIKE JEHU, CRIMSON CURSE) with robotic, mesmerizing synths and a thunderous rhythm section, this San Diego outfit created a very original sound and body of work long before the new wave of synth affected groups. This 7" is to be their final release. (THREE ONE G)

"The Iron Pot Cooker"
UV 019-2 CD $13.00
As the liner notes to this overlooked album released by Vanguard in 1975 attest, Yarbrough blazed a trial for artists like Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu, with rootsy grooves and free-flowing poetry that easily rank with the best work of Gil Scott-Heron, and songs that still stand up well after 25 years. Italian import. (UNIVERSE)

"Knocked Out Cold"
DD 018-7 7" $4.35
Early Kinks meets 60's garage meets 70's punk when these 4 guys from Newcastle shred their way through these 4 songs. Belgian import. (DEMOLITION DERBY)

WAL 014-7 7" $4.25
Putting the fun back in with these 3 uptempo power-pop-punk rockers, these guys hit us with youthful energy and defiance (not to mention libido), and of course some real catchy tunes. (WALLABIES)

"Stay Dumb!"
SFTRI 389-2 CD $9.65
England's punk rock cretins debut their first US album. A mix of 70's UK punk and 90's garage trash, this has 10 stupefying studio tracks plus 5 live debaucheries. See also their 7" on Demolition Derby. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"self titled"
MEGALIM 003-2 CD $11.60
Pop yet relatively inaccessible, catchy yet nihilistic, flashy yet naked. Almost as if the Red Krayola were born out of the No New York/No Wave scene, sorta. The Can Openers are Bob Wagner and Jason Willett. Hand painted graphics, limited edition of 500. (MEGAPHONE)

"split EP"
REDSTRCF 01-7 7" $4.25
Candiru, from Pennsylvania, does nuclear waste noise plod n' ooze; Fat Hacker, an alter-ego of Controlled Bleeding, swings wildly back and forth between explosive thrashjazz, hellish deaththud and whimsical flights of fancy. (RED STREAM)

"The Lorretta Hogg Story"
SFTRI 354-1 10" $7.70
Sprouted from the wreckage of girlpunk band 69 Ways, this Portland outfit is reminiscent of early Kiss on a date with the Stooges sprinkled with Peggy Lee-style heartache in a sea of soul-tingling rock. Courtney alert! This band has recently toured with the dreaded Hole! (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Shut Your Mouth"
JR 16-7 7" $4.25
The Masters of Drunk & Destroy spew out an original and an organ-fueled cover of THE RAMONES' "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend." Bow down (and watch for flying bottles!). (JUNK)

"Bum"/"You Want What"
XCR 010-7 7" $4.00
Two solid-state, knuckle-dragging, brow-lowering, riot-starting, totally retarded punk rock boulders from these Norfolk, Virginia bleeders. (SOLAMENTE)

SFTRI 616-1 LP $8.25
SFTRI 616-2 CD $9.65
LA singer Lisa Jenio (ex-STOOL PIGEONS, ex-PUSSYWILLOWS, ex-RONNIE SPECTOR backup singer) puts together a new band with a sound somewhere between the aforementioned RONNIE SPECTOR and ELVIS COSTELLO. (SYMPATHY)

"Joint Effort"
AK 061-1 LP $17.25
Reminiscent in places of THE FARM BAND or THE GRATEFUL DEAD, this American "roots psychedelic" band features electric and semi-acoustic atmospheres, and excellent guitar and keyboard work. 180 gram virgin vinyl, Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Far Out"
AK115-1 2xLP $25.60
AK115-2 2xCD $24.90
A 25-track collection of originals, outtakes and alternate takes, plus great artwork including photos, a discography and bio. The 180 gram virgin vinyl double LP is in a gatefold sleeve. Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Live at Topanga Corral"
AK 003-1 LP $17.25
Live material recorded in California in 1966-67. Gatefold sleeve, 180 gram audiophile vinyl, Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Live at Topanga Corral/Vintage"
AK 003-2 CD $16.60
Two complete albums on one CD, this has all their recordings previous to their first LP on the Liberty label. Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Living the Blues"
AK 051-1 2xLP $33.00
AK 051-2 2xCD $32.00
Reissue of the blues rock outfit's second, originally released on Liberty in 1968, and featuring guest appearances from John Mayall, Dr. John, Joe Sample and John Fahey. Also features the hit "Going Up The Country," the 20 minute epic "Parthenogenesis" and the original cover art. The vinyl edition is on two platters of wax with a poster. Gatefold sleeve, 180 gram audiophile vinyl, CD in digipak, Italian import. (AKARMA)

AK 005-1 LP $17.25
Rare early material from this '60s boogie band. 180 gram audiophile vinyl, Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Self Titled"
LEVER 1-7 7" $3.55
Thundering hardcore from Southern California. Tight, Nomeansno-style instrumentals that really blast. Angry, political yet personal lyrics that look to a positive solution. In other words, totally great! 6-song (LEVERAGE)

JT 1036-2 2xCD $13.25
The entire song legacy of this Chicago band who played emotional, dynamic punk with edgy diversity, and who's members went on to form JOAN OF ARC and PROMISE RING. Includes their album, all 7" and compilation tracks, and 6 previously unreleased tracks. (JADE TREE)

"Planned Community"
SW 41-7 6" $4.70
Full-scale jackhammer fastcore from these Northern California veterans. Three short but jam-packed songs. (SIX WEEKS)

"self titled"
SLAP 35-2 CD $10.70
West Coast power violence pioneers assemble all those hard-to-find and out of-print 7"ers, compilation tracks and a few unreleased goodies on one action-packed, 74 song CD. NoCal thrash at its most black-and-white. (SLAP A HAM)

"Subdivisions in Ruin"
SW 23-1 LP $8.25
SW 23-2 CD $10.35
One of the most ferocious hardcore bands in existence today and a stable force in the international hardcore punk community for over twelve years, their stark nihilist realism and chaotic, blistering fast hardcore has not let up one second. This new album is their first in 6 years and delivers 20 new tracks of high speed intensity with the paranoid depressing lyrics they are known for penning. Prepare for annihilation! (SIX WEEKS)

"Split EP"
SW 14.5-7 7" $4.20
A re-release of a 1995 power violence classic, with both bands delivering fast, thrashing political hardcore. Original fold-over packaging, including the insert from the 1st 1995 pressing. (SIX WEEKS)

"Bulwarks Against Oppression"
DUCK WE5539-2 CD $13.65
16-song German import CD (DUCK BUTTER)

"Super Glutton"
DUCK 4-1 12" EP $5.45
Hardcore that's stayed away from the usual biz crowd and devoloped a sound of its own. Thrash with some interesting innovations. 8 songs. (DUCK BUTTER)

"Frutti per Kagua"
AK 1010-1 LP $17.25
A concept album based on Native American folk tales by this band from Rome. Originally released in 1972, this features the original artwork with a gatefold sleeve, and is pressed on 180 gram virgin vinyl. Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Tattoo Songs"
FOWL 13-7 7" $3.00
Four folk-style songs about tattoos. Is this bizarre, or what? A remarkable novelty & document of the tattoo subculture. (FOWL)

"Lovin' Just My Style"
BA 1146-7 7" $4.35
A flipped-out, fierce garage-punk tune by Arizona's legendary CARAVELLES (nearly 35 years after its original release, and more than 20 years after its appearance on an early Pebbles compilation), who were easily on par with THE SPIDERS (soon to become ALICE COOPER), THE MILE ENDS, PHIL & THE FRANTICS or any other local heroes of the era. This 7" also includes an instrumental version, plus the only know '60s garage song about masturbation, "Self Service," by an R&B group produced by the CARAVELLES' producer. (BACCHUS ARCHIVES)

MLCAAU 01-2 CD $10.00
Rare and unreleased tracks, both live and in the studio, featuring Elliott Sharp, Zeena Parkins, Marc Sloan, Joseph Trump and David Weinstein. John Duncan and DD Dorvilier also make appearances in these songs that move through the full range of Carbon's musical territory. This is self-released by the band with minimal packaging, thus the name. (MISC. LABELS)

JACK 7-1 LP $7.25
An exercise in truly nonfunctional musical masochism! You can just imagine the singer drooling as you listen! The absolutely dreadful Sky Saxon even makes an appearance on one song! Aughh! (BLACKJACK)

"Market Street"/"Angela Carter"
JACK 4-7 7" $3.65
Two lovably loopy tunes you may have a hard time gettin' out of your head. (BLACKJACK)

"Pool Party"
ALLIED 67-7 7" $4.00
A melodic, irreverent, powerhouse punk trio from Jacksonville makes their debut release with two catchy, sing-along tunes full of youthful belligerence. (ALLIED)

ALLIED 71-2 CD $8.90
This Jacksonville, FL band's long-awaited 2nd full-length of 4-chord popcore with witty lyrics and well-crafted pop sensibility, produced by Steve Heritage (ASSUCK, HOT WATER MUSIC). (ALLIED)

"Stix, Hix, Nix, Pix"
ALLIED 71-2 CD $8.90
Three young pups from Jacksonville play gutsy, catchy, entertaining, melodic 4x4 punk. This CD also includes two tracks from their "Pool Party" 7" on Allied. (ALLIED)

"Kamiya Bar"
NT 6739-2 CD $11.60
Environmental sounds of Tokyo daily life, collected and manipulated by expansion, compression, fragmentation and interleaving, and placed in an overall musical context. Commissioned by TOKYO-FM radio, and premiered there in June 1992. Italian import. (NEW TONE)

"Jan Michael Vincent"
SKIP 58-7 7" $4.00
A San Francisco noise-pop 3-piece with tuneful melodies, intricate time changes, and distorted, masterful guitar playing. (BROKEN REKIDS)

"Mission Blues"
HEMLINE 4801-2 CD $7.75
100% authentic blues from someone who has spent a lifetime playing it in bands with folks like TOM WAITS, RAY MANZAREK, FRANK ZAPPA, TOP JIMMY, and JOHN DOE. He's been an influence to bands like THE BLASTERS, X, and VAN HALEN, and now you can hear him on his own in these 13 originals, plus covers of two ROBERT JOHNSON and CHUCK BERRY tunes. (HEMLINE)

"La Lucha"
DUCK CC1-1 LP $7.80
Diverse to the point of suffering a personality disorder, this album offers the most bizarre, conflicting combinations of vocals and instrumentals imaginable. Music for the seriously open-minded. (DUCK BUTTER)

"Adobe Horse Heaven"
LBX 05-7 7" $4.25
Very atypical Caroliner, this uses a heavy electric guitar along with the usual 19th century-inspired squall and squeal. Rumor has it that members of Mr. Bungle and the legendary Japanese guitarist responsible for those rare "Magical Power Mako" CDs were involved. The sleeves are all on handmade marbled paper with silkscreen and hand painted additions; each is different. (LA BREA)

"Lower Intestinal Clocks & Gut"
BSR 7-1 LP $7.60
Their 11th LP, this is the project that bankrupted Caroliner. What started off as a book with an LP is now the LP by itself (and a printer who absconded with the funds), where the band plays two very long (nearly half-hour) songs. Calliope, grass reeds, violin, accordian, groaning horns, electronics, odd half heard sounds and minimal, sometimes extremely tortured vocals produce the eeriest, most atmospheric Caroliner album yet. (BULLSHIT)

"Our American Heritage, Vol. One"
BSR 10-1 LP $7.80
The first in a series of live LPs that will be issued every 10 Caroliner albums, this 60 minute opus documents shows from 1983 to 1996, a 13 year span of diverse evolution from a multicolored bean & corn mouthed scarecrow of a music unit. This LP also includes, in barebones form, songs that will eventually turn up on the next 20 LPs. Recordings go from in-your-lap serenades to microphones hidden under winter coats; packaged in scavenged, ripped apart, silkscreened and re-glued album jackets, with very strange photos glued on front. The 1800's weren't this weird, were they? (BULLSHIT)

"Rings on the Awkward Shadow"
BSR 1-1 2xLP $12.70
Perhaps the ultimate ergot poisoning record (bet you didn't even know it was a genre, now did you?), this hour & a half excursion into madness was recorded on an antique wire recorder, and contains fragments of half century-old found sounds. Mostly quiet, definitely non-rock instruments and vocals lurch queasily in and out of noise upchucks, and it's all wrapped in individually-made, marbleized-paint covers. (BULLSHIT)

"Sell Heal Holler"
BSR 11-1 LP $7.80
On their 9th album, the Caroliner wagon train, forced to circle like so many miles of displeased intestines, wanders through lands of space and time with silent movie style organs, old West Middle Eastern themes, trombones, blues bars, tympani and post-modern noise, with an occasional reversion to the standard noise guitar and banjo. This one comes wrapped in a scavenged diaper disposal bag with glued on Caroliner artwork and enclosed complete but illegible lyrics. (BULLSHIT)

BSR 115-1 LP $7.80
A battle betwixt banjo & pipe organ (organ wins) on a battlefield set in a spooked opera dressing room with creeped corpses as the musicians. Chills will erupt on top of goosebumps and the "wire spool" reel to reel recording method gives this even more haunt. Songs include "Fingers of the Underworld" and "Woven Moon of Sun Straws." Handmade cover is a meat cart with a loop-horned bull. (BULLSHIT)

"Split EP"
P 5-7 7" $4.25
We all know about Caroliner's wonderfully goofy 19th century noise, and Commode Minstrels follow in a similar vein, doing a complex but totally wacko cover of the "Third Man" theme. This single comes attatched to a shack shaped hunk of cardboard with typical Caroliner graphics and a special color "window" which hides the song info. Limited edition! (P TAPES)

"Split EP"
BMR 02-7 7" $4.00
Two live recordings from Culturcide in their early-80's nihilist punk mode, plus a big fat slice of prime Caroliner's 19th century noisecore supremo. (BIRDMAN)

"The Sabre Waving Saracen Wall"
NUFLP 5-1 LP $7.80
The 6th album (!) from one of the strangest and most lovably abrasive bands ever. As always, all packaging is hand made, and each is different. (BULLSHIT)

"Rear End Hernia Puppet Show"
MLCRHM 01-1 LP $8.40
A soundtrack for Tortured Country Westerns, played with electric fingernails on a blackboard, feedback and apples that curse and spit when salted. Tiny Tim and stomach grumbles. Authentic San Francisco garbage included in these one-of-a-kind, hand assembled packages. (BULLSHIT)

"Banknotes, Dreams and Signatures"
NUFLP 7-1 LP $7.80
A horse named Old Eggwipe, a girl who ate salt pills sewn into her doll's fingers, a blanket-wearer with bullets instead of teeth, and more unlikely 19th century characters populate Caroliner's long-awaited 7th album. Still noisy as hell, but with the unmistakable flavor of the 1800's. Excellent, unique and not to be missed! (BULLSHIT)

"The Cooking Stove Beast"
NUFLP 3-1 LP $7.80
Their fourth brilliantly abrasive, 19th-century-in-a-funhouse-mirror album mixes fiddles, banjos, screeching vocals and washes of tortured guitar feedback. Like the other Caroliner albums, this one comes in handmade, all different packaging, this time wrapped in old discarded clothes! (BULLSHIT)

"Strike Them Hard, Drag Them to Church"
NUFLP 4-1 LP $7.80
Their 5th album and definitely Caroliner's best yet, this is just plain wunnerful wunnerful wunnerful, especially the goofily spectacular title cut. These guys are so militantly underground you may not be hip yet, but of course that's no excuse, now is it? Don't miss out on this! (BULLSHIT)

"Cathedral de Chant"
BAR 011-2 CD $12.00
The final hour of a 15 hour performance by this Dutch vocal artist, in which she layers her voice, one track per hour, to produce a 15 voice choir of chromatic sounds. Overtones build variations of increasing intensity of timbre, producing some remarkable acoustic phenomena. Dutch import. (BAROONI)

"Der Abend der Schwarzen Folklore"
RT 2181-2 CD $10.70
Dark, sinister guitar/bass/percussion/ vocal sounds that transcend any genre. Experimental in the best sense of the word and very intense. German import. (ROUGH TRADE GmbH/OUR CHOICE/EGO)

"Chants of Change"
TESCO 020-2 CD $11.50
The first CD by this Berlin-based multimedia performance artist. He works with self-constructed electronic instruments. The sound ranges from turbine vibrations and constructed machine noise to electronic manipulations. Limited, numbered edition of 1000 in a special plastic box with large, full-color poster/info sheet. German import. (TESCO)

"Underground Army"
PC 03-P LP pic disc $10.30
PC 03-2 CD $10.80
The 2nd full album, with 12 aggressive tracks from one of the top East Coast pogo/streetpunk bands, cited by bands like THE EXPLOITED and RANCID as being one of the most influential punk bands of the '90s. (PUNK CORE)

"Who's in Control?"
PC 06-7 7" $5.00
PC 06-2 CD5 $9.65
Raw power and chaos from this long-running New York street punk outfit! Four new studio tracks, including 3 kick-in-the-balls street anthems and a BLITZ cover, and the CD has a plus of 4 live tracks from 1995, recorded at the legendary Gas Station in NYC. (PUNK CORE)

"For the Punx"
GMM 155-2 CD $10.65
A re-issue of the out-of-print 1995 debut album by one of the more popular hardcore street punk bands. While taking a nod from classic acts like THE EXPLOITED and ONE WAY SYSTEM, they've become influential in their own right, touring constantly. (GMM)

"Stay Out of Order"
PC 08-1 LP $10.30
PC 08-2 CD $10.80
The first full album in over 2 years from one of the leading streetpunk bands, with 12 tracks of pogo chaos plus a cover of THE EXPLOITED's "Dead Cities" as a hidden bonus track, as well as 3 video tracks, a slideshow and an 8-page full color booklet with lyrics and photos. (PUNK CORE)

"The Early Years: 1990-95"
PC 04-2 CD $10.80
Early stuff from one of the original bands of the 1990s street punk/pogo punk revival. 27 tracks including selections from their 1991 debut EP, a previously unreleased 1993 EP, their 2nd 1995 EP, rare early compilation tracks, and their complete 1990 demo with previously unreleased songs. Comes with a 12-page, full color booklet of lyrics, photos, discography, band history, etc. (PUNK CORE)

"Dear Sir"
PLAIN 102-1 LP $9.60
PLAIN 102-2 CD $11.30
The first 1995 album by Chan Marshall's group, featuring Steve Shelley (SONIC YOUTH) on drums and Tim Foljahn on guitar. 9 tracks, including a cover of TOM WAITS' "Yesterday is Here." (PLAIN)

KK 45-1 12" EP $7.55
3-song, Belgian import (KK RECORDS)

"Maximum Overdrive"
KK 31-1 LP $9.50
The hard-beat 1st album from Sweden's premiere techno-thrashers. Unbridled hostility fueled by sexually explicit obscenities, this is obviously geared for modern dance floors! Belgian import, CD w/ bonus cuts (KK RECORDS)

AK 131-1 LP $17.25
AK 131-2 CD $13.00
The re-issue of a rare album by this unusual UK progressive outfit, originally out in 1971 on Vertigo. Features long tracks, not clearly structured, but with an eerie atmosphere. Original artwork, pressed on 180 gram vinyl in a textured gatefold sleeve. Italian import. (AKARMA)

AK 132-1 LP $17.25
AK 132-2 CD $13.00
The 2nd album, even rarer than their first, originally out on Vertigo in 1972. Spiritually inclined, but with Anna Meek's piercing, witch-like voice creeping under your skin giving it a unique sound. Deluxe packaging includes textured, fancy die-cut jackets for both formats! Original artwork, with the LP in a gatefold sleeve on 180 gram vinyl. Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Puisqu'en Oubli: Songs of Forgetfulness"
XXICD 22163-2 CD $9.15
Medieval songs, mostly from the 13th and 14th centuries, are sung by Lambert accompanied by guitarist Dominique Lanoie and an array of period instruments. The songs are taken from a variety of sources, including the Martin Codex, sephardic folk tunes, and others, with modern elements sometimes subtly woven in for an entirely original effect. Canadian import. (XXI)

"It Can't Stay This Way Forever"/"Means to an End"
KP 005-7 7" $4.70
Two exclusive tracks from these Seattle, WA natives. This is not your typical garage punk fare. Rocking "Sunset Strip" guitar leads and completely pained vocals put "It Can't Stay This Way Forever" and the slower, slimier "Means To An End" in a different class. Previous album and 7" on Empty. Comes in an embossed, snap fold sleeve; pressed on orange vinyl. (KAPOW)

"The Catheters"
MTR 380-1 LP $8.85
MTR 380-2 CD $9.65
Teenagers (one still in high school) do the '70s rock thing, keeping it dirty with nasty bursts of adrenaline, somewhere on the blurry line between AC/DC and THE DEAD BOYS, with maybe a hint of the STONES. (EMPTY)

"The Kids Know How to Rock"
MTR 375-7 7" $4.00
'77 style punk from this band of Seattle high school kids, falling on the blurry line between AC/DC and THE DEAD BOYS. (EMPTY)

"Cattle Call"
DION 708-7 7" $4.35
Al Perry, the social critic of the Southwestern lifestyle, is back with some upbeat crazed rockers a la Link Wray. (DIONYSUS)

"Causey vs. Everything"
VIRUS 246-1 LP $8.85
VIRUS 246-2 CD $10.50
Greet the dawn of 2001 with a new collection of anthems direct from the CAUSEY pulpit. The first 1000 CDs have an extra copy of the CD enclosed, so you can give it to a friend. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"With Loving and Open Arms"
VIRUS 231-1 LP $8.85
VIRUS 231-2 CD $10.50
Well, the band hails from the Gainesville area, has one member who's also in MAN OR ASTRO-MAN and SERVOTRON, uses DEVO-ish keyboards, and tries to get fans to fill out nametags. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"Bikini Crash!"
MS 0008-2 CD $11.00
Loud, primal, trash-o-matic garage rawk from Solingen, Germany. Punk stompers, explosive vocals, and raw instros! They've already released singles, EPs and comp cuts all over the world, and toured with DICK DALE, the BOMBORAS, the BOSS MARTIANS and many others. (MUSICK)

"self titled"
ID 53-7 7" $4.35
Mean, rippin' instrumental surf from Germany, produced by Rudi Protrudi of Fuzztones fame. (DIONYSUS)

"Hellraisers vol. 1"
KYS 003-7 7" $4.35
Five posthumous (early '90s) songs by this short-lived, scuzz-o-fonic, organ fuelled garage band from Turin. Numbered edition of 666, Italian import. (KILL YOURSELF)

"Get a Load of..."
BRCD 5010-2 CD $10.85
Garage legend Gerry Mohr of THE MIRACLE WORKERS teams up with members of SPRINKLER and THE DHARMA BUMS for a boatload of psychofuzz-R&B garage killers. (BLOOD RED)

"Slow Decay"
SA 82-7 7" $4.25
A new sort of grab bag from Stomach Ache. Various old records are pasted over with a new cover more fun than matted pubic hair. (STOMACH ACHE)

"Miscellaneous Recollections '92-'97"
KP 003-2 CD $9.70
Miami, Florida's CAVITY have put 16 unreleased, rare, early and out of print songs on the plate here, including a cover of THE GERMS' "Shutdown." Prepare for violent, menacing, screamo hardcore complete with insanely heavy guitars, near psychosis, throat ravenged vocals, and interjections of noise. Some breaks, but no "break downs." Previous releases on Man's Ruin and Bacteria Sour. (KAPOW)

"self titled"
COMM 31-2 CD $10.70
A member of Steel Pole Bath Tub and Milk Cult goes it alone on this insomniac media meltdown. Where does your brain go when you're not watching it? Fans of industrial ambient noise and general weirdness take note. (COMMUNION)

"M'Appelle Pussycat"
ID 0745104-7 7" $4.35
Cecilia from the NO TALENTS takes off with her new band, this time doing '60s French beat ala the "Swinging Mademoiselle" comps! Recorded at Toe Rag in London for that extra vintage sound! (DIONYSUS)

"For the Love of Jesus, Chapter Four"
SFTRI 540-7 7" $4.00
For the Love of Jesus #4 features one of the most original guitar/vocal blues artists ever, direct from Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Limited to 1000. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"King of Crowns"
KU 0014-2 CD $11.30
A devious foursome from the San Francisco area, with the perfect music to play while driving a stolen car. Basically they rock!! Featuring the legendary Dave "The Face" Dalton on guitar and vocals, this is one of those bands that you'll only hear more about. Clean, fun, energetic, unadulterated punk in it's purest form. (KRANKED UP)

TRAMP 002-7 7" $4.60
Germany's finest punk'n'roll in the "tradition" of the RIP OFFS, who have recently released their 2nd LP on the German label Radioblast. UK import. (SADDLETRAMP)

"John Wesley Hardin"
DIRHIT 4-7 7" $4.00
Heavy, screaming bluesjazzpunk from Dallas with lots of wild guitar and even wilder blow-the-house-down vocals. 3 songs. (DIRECT HIT)

"Africana & Beyond!"
BA 1122-2 CD $10.80
The enigmatic "percussion genius of Africa" and his crazed staccatto drumming, accompanied by exotica, 50s rock n roll, eerie chants, grunting and female panting. Culled from CHAINO's extremely rare albums from the late 50s ("Jungle Mating Rhythms," "Chaino Exoticana," "Chaino Rock'n'Rollana"). (BACCHUS ARCHIVES)

"Chamaeleon Church"
AK 130-1 LP $17.25
AK 130-2 CD $13.00
Flower-power pop with heavenly vocals, this 1968 MGM release featured actor/comedian Chevy Chase and some future members of ULTIMATE SPINACH. This re-issue includes bonus tracks, and it's pressed on 180 gram vinyl in a gatefold sleeve. Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Dancing in the Pockets of Thieves"
TMU 083-2 CD $9.00
Russell (bass/vocals) and Michelle (keyboards/vocals) of CAMERA OBSCURA have relocated to Minneapolis from San Diego, and formed this new band. Influenced by MY BLOODY VALENTINE, MINISTRY, and SONIC YOUTH, combined with drum machines and samples, they've created new liner notes in their trail of musical evolution. (TROUBLEMAN)

"Champs III"
FR 003-1 2xLP $10.75
FR 003-2 CD $10.10
This two guitar, one drummer SF instrumental band is insane. THE CHAMPS are heirs to a long lineage beginning with THIN LIZZY and ending on the divergent ground of CARCASS, PUSSY GALORE and KRAFTWERK. 72 minutes of sublime math rock from members of NATION OF ULYSSES and YOUNG GINNS, and recorded by Tim Green (KARP, LYNC, SMOG, GODHEADSILO). The sole aim of the "Kings of the Insanity Sound" is to set the audience soaring high on the wings of sorrow. (FRENETIC)

"Second 7"
WANTAGE 008-1 7" $3.65
Classically-influenced instro math metal, but with a touch of glam to up the amusement factor. On one side, the band spews one damn heavy riff at you after another, and on the flip guitarist Michael Haumesser overdubs 22 guitar tracks a la Brian May. (WANTAGE)

CARGO 8-1 LP $7.90
CARGO 8-4 cassette $7.10
CARGO 8-2 CD $10.85

"Split EP"
CARGO 701-7 7" $4.15
Two songs from each band on a 7" (CARGO)

"Tired of Waking Up Tired"
CARGO 702-4 cassette $4.30
Tribute to the fab DIODES. (CARGO)

AK 133-1 LP $17.25
AK 133-2 CD $13.00
A powerful sound inspired by "Abraxas"-era SANTANA, this now rare LP was originally released in 1975 on ABC. Original artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (AKARMA)

RE 002-1 LP $11.60
An official vinyl re-issue of the 1994 CD-only release of the only European concert by this early '80s Southern California melodic hardcore outfit. Clear vinyl, Euro import. (RE-FORCE)

"Split LP"
CHRG 01-1 LP $9.00
2 German punk bands. Import (MISC. LABELS)

"Stage Door Witchdoctors"
BA 1149-2 CD $10.80
Rulers of the Christchurch, New Zealand, underground roost from 1964 to 1966! This collects their singles, and unreleased studio track and four live recordings, and the booklet is packed with info and photos. (BACCHUS ARCHIVES)

"Chaos UK"
CMD 034-2 CD $7.90
CHAOS U.K. came together in 1979 in Portishead, England at the height of the U.K. punk movement, and became one of the most influential English punk bands in the world. And yet, most of their releases have been out of print here in the states. "Chaos U.K.," also known as "The Blue Album," or "Total Chaos" was their first full-length album, and probably their best. 14 legendary tracks. The vinyl LP version is on the Get Back label. (CREATIVEMAN)

"Enough to Make You Sick"
CMD 035-2 CD $7.85
Eleven songs recorded in 1991 that continue in the famous CHAOS U.K. punk tradition. As raw, nasty, and powerful as ever, Chaos, Devilman, V.D., Beki, and Gabba show the kids how it's done! Another CD version which includes the LP "The Chipping Sodbury Bonfire Tapes" is on the Anagram label. (CREATIVEMAN)

"Live in Japan"
CMD 004-2 CD $7.85
Original punk rock legends getting crazy in the Land of the Rising Sun! 16 songs recorded in concert at Club Citta in Kawasaki, Japan in May 1991. (CREATIVEMAN)

"Total Chaos"
GET 48-1 LP $9.60
A.k.a. "Chaos UK," i.e. self titled. A bunch of tracks collected from early '80s singles by this classic Bristol hardcore group. The same CD is on the Anagram label, and a cheaper CD titled "Chaos UK" with 4 fewer songs is on the Creative Man label. Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Now That's What I Call a Fuckin' Racket!"
PC 14-2 CD $10.80
Two complete albums from the early-'80s UK filth-mongers, for the first time on CD. Featuring members of VICE SQUAD and their roadies, this is about as obnoxious and raw as it gets. Booklet includes photos and an account of their only US performance. (PUNK CORE)

"Don't Mind If I Fuckin' Do"
TRAMP 003-7 7" $4.60
A 3-piece from Leicester, England, recently formed and already being compared to ZEKE or THE HOOKERS. UK import. (SADDLETRAMP)

"Days of Our Drive/Sweet Piece of Ass"
WIN 005-1 2xLP $10.75
A slow-mo, double bass attack of space-amoebae flagellation, setting off all resonation-points to near explosion. They also stack up them moogs and rolands like they're building a staircase to hell. And that gawd-awful, thoroughly enjoyable, monotone singing - how can they keep so diligently bored? Fuck Keanu Reeves. (W.I.N.)

"Any Resemblance is Purely Coincidental"
NA 43-2 CD $11.35
Works for computer, sampler and performer, with appearances by Enrico Caruso (via samples), Joan La Barbara, Baird Dodge & Alan Feinberg. Dodge's sometimes severe alterations can get beautifully unsettling. (NEW ALBION)

"Unto I Am"
VICTO 032-2 CD $11.90
In his first-ever solo recording, Gayle plays tenor sax, bass clarinet, piano and drums, as well as sings, in five of his own compositions. (VICTO)

"Owed to Myself"
SCEB 907-1 LP $12.55
SCEB 907-2 CD $13.00
8 tracks recorded in 1974 during Brown's stay in Italy, this includes covers like "Try A Little Tenderness" by Otis Redding and an elegant version of B. Whiters' "Ain't No Sunshine," but the real gems are the originals, full of energy and waiting to be discovered. Track six, "G.R.F.," has been identified as the explosive track, the one most appetizing for Afro/Funk DJs. Italian import. (SCHEMA)

WHIDEV-2 CD $11.30
Everybody's favorite prisoner rights advocate rants, sings, drools and strums his guitar on these prison recordings from 1982 and 1984. The songs aren't half bad, with a sort of bent tough-guy sincerity. Can you imagine this iconoclast is now 60 years old?? (WHITE DEVIL)

"Manson Speaks"
WDCD 3-2 2xCD $17.20
Over two hours of spoken word recordings (dare we say nurturing?) by Mr. Fork You himself, allowing a glimpse into his philosophy and poetic legacy. (WHITE DEVIL)

"A Modern Jazz Symposium of Music and Poetry"
GET 2002-1 LP $12.55
Lonnie Elders provides the spoken word narration to the 12 minute Mingus composition "Scenes in the City." Also included are 4 other tracks with the Mingus sextet. First released on Bethlehem in 1957. Original art and liner notes. 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"East Coasting"
GET 2001-1 LP $12.55
This 1957 release on Bethlehem has Mingus and his band (Bill Evans on piano, Jimmy Knepper on trombone, Clarence Shaw and Shafi Hadi on tenor and alto, with drummer Danny Richmond) stretching the boundaries of bop in unpredictable ways on these 5 Mingus originals and one standard. Original art and liner notes. 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"First Plane Out of Mexico"
OMD 008-7 7" $4.55
Six twang-infested guitar instros that range from smokin' to cool. A little beat, a little mod, a little surf, a little blues, all mixed together. All songs are exclusive to this 7". German import. (ONE MILLION DOLLAR)

"Square Root of Evil"
OMD 007-1 LP $9.65
All-instro twang'n'swank guitarness from these nattily-dressed London bad boys. Their originals (all on side 1) throw together elements from blues, mod, jazz, and Merseybeat, for a sound that's all their own. Side 2 finds them doing garagified covers of famous movie tunes by Mancini, Barry, Elms and Ebbinghouse. They also have the fun habit of mixing dialog clips from American gangster films into the music. German import. (ONE MILLION DOLLAR)

"Tradition and Reform are Choking Central Intelligence!"
ACL 0789-4 cassette $5.90
A very complex orchestration of musical and found sounds yields 13 mesmerising pieces. 60 min (AC LTD.)

"Mississippi Luau"
CPR 704-1 LP $8.40
It's a shame that such an eccentric genius as Charlie McAlister should go unnoticed by a music public that would immediately be won over by his wacky charm, sublime songwriting, and expertly screwed-up musicianship. Mac does all of the instruments (guitars, ukeleles, homemade percussions, vocals, and answering machines) on this stream-of-consciousness ode to some magical mystical majestical world between Honalulu and Biloxi. Shades of QUINTRON, CAROLINER, DOO RAG, TOM WAITS and definitely way better than the SQUIRREL NUT ZIPPERS. Beautiful handdone packaging with carefully glued-on strips of material. (CATSUP PLATE)

"Broadcast Performances"
GET 1021-1 LP $12.55
Originally released on the ESP label, this was recorded in the summer of 1949 with MILES DAVIS, MAX ROACH, TADD DAMERON and CURLEY RUSSELL (June session) and KENNY DORHAM, JOE HARRIS, AL HAIG, and TOMMY POTTER (August session). 180 gram audiophile vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Live Performances, Vol. 1"
ESPCD 3000-2 CD $11.90
Eight tracks of mostly well-known material from 1947-48, including "Tiger Rag," "Slow Boat to China" and "Half Nelson," and a breathtaking solo on "White Christmas" recorded on Christmas Day in 1948. With Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Max Roach, Lennie Tristano and Kenny Dorham among others. Dutch import. (ESP-DISK)

"Live Performances, Vol. 2"
ESPCD 3001-2 CD $11.90
Eight tracks from 1948-49, including a one-of-a-kind version of "Groovin' High," very clean, clear and noise-free. With Miles Davis, Max Roach, Kenny Dorham, and announcer Symphony Sid among others. Dutch import. (ESP DISK)

"Live Performances"
GET 1020-1 LP $12.55
Originally released in ESP-Disk, this was recorded in 1947-48 with Dizzy Gillespie, Lennie Tristano, Max Roach, Kenny Dorham, John LaPorta, Al Haig, Billy Bauer, Ray Brown and Tommy Potter. 180 gram audiophile vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Lonely Weekends: The Best of the Sun Years"
AVI 5016-2 CD $11.45
25 tracks recorded by Sam Phillips at Sun Studios between 1958 and 1962, these show off Charlie Rich's incredible diversity, ranging from pumping rockabilly to country, gospel, '50s-style rock'n'roll and straight-up blues. This stuff swings, and shows off his great talents as a vocalist, piano player and songwriter. (AVI)

"1999"/"Here We Go Again"
KEBAB 009-7 7" $4.55
Ultra-kitchy new wave pop with lots of purple on the sleeve and purple vinyl and a PRINCE composition we all know and love. Exquisitely irritating stuff from this Hollywood band. Swiss import. (SHEEP)

Extended, dissonant tonalities closely woven into seamless tapestries that are as bold and intricate as they are aesthetically gorgeous and psychologically disturbing. Side one is solo pedal steel guitar, side two includes vibraphone, marimba, microtonal chimes and bowed rods. (DUCK BUTTER)

"A Journey"
PSFD 53-2 CD $18.00
Floating somewhere in the space between atmospheric psychedelic rock and basement jazz with a very live feel and production, this group uses female vocals, guitars, piano, bass & drums to weave their psych/prog spells. Japanese import. (PSF RECORDS)

PSFD 35-2 CD $15.65
Led by kokyu (Chinese violin) player Chie Mukai, this revolving-membership group (including CCCC's Hiroshi Hasegawa on one song) does poignantly dark, melodic and folksy/jazzy songs, with one wonderful 12 minute improvisation that sounds like a wire spool recording. Japanese import. (PSF RECORDS)

"Cheap Dates"
MR 110-1 10" $8.55
10 heaping bowls full o' STOOGES / GG-esque punk mockery, fit fer flushin, with Pete Jay (ASSUCK, NO FRAUD) and Jason White (RIP OFFS). (MAN'S RUIN)

"Don't Like You"
ITR 30-2 CD $10.70
Their 4th album, this time produced by Jon Spencer, who also takes the time to sing on one track. Hotter than shit and just as dirty. (IN THE RED)

"Forgive Thee"
ITR 54-2 2xCD $10.70
95 minutes of sprawling psych/noise/garage/punk/pop/roots from this Boston trio. (IN THE RED)

"Refried Dreams"
ITR 063-1 LP $8.70
ITR 063-2 CD $10.70
The kings of misfit melancholia, anarchic amplification and free-range low end rumble scratch out their 7th full album of trashy garage. (IN THE RED)

CRYPT O84-1 LP $8.85
CR O84-2 CD $10.20
Sampling of tracks from '89 to '94: oddities, rarities, and enough otherwise vintage spew to keep you hotter than a Buick filled with bennies. (CRYPT)

"Trouble Man"
CRYPT 050-7 7" $3.80
Two exclusive tracks here: A pummeling, outta-control punk-slop masher, "Trouble Man" and a crack cover of a tune from Alex Chilton's "Like Flies On Sherbet" LP, "Hook or Crook", both recorded, during the "Don't Like You" sessions, produced with max reverb and slap-back thwomp by a certain Mr. Jon Spencer. (CRYPT)

ITR 013-2 CD $10.70
Back with a full album of stripped down 60's-oid rockers, these guys have definitely developed their own unique sound, with some of the noisiest hooks around. (IN THE RED)

"You Don't Satisfy"
SFTRI 97-7 7" $4.00
If other bands are garage, these guys are bathroom. Move it on over. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"I Don't Want to Talk to You"
RAR 001-7 7" $3.80
It would be pretty difficult to imagine a more trashy hardcore sound than the one spewed forth by this band. Five taunting, whining bursts of irresponsible "rock action," uptempo and catchy, crammed onto 7 inches of wax by these three guys and a girl. (ROCK ACTION)

"Cool Tomato"
ID 074568-7 7" $4.35
A cheap cholesterol overdose featuring Edwin, that man of many bands, alsong with Janet Housden (ex-Lovedolls, ex-Superkools) and some guy that works at Epitaph. Take a big, greasy bite and chew it well. (DIONYSUS)

"Sock in Mouth"
ID 074582-7 7" $4.35
Billy Childish influenced surf with vocals by "comedian" P. Edwin Letcher. (DIONYSUS)

"Hollywest Crisis"
HATE 19-1 LP $12.55
Vinyl version of that CD on Flipside, this collects all the recordings of this early-'80s Los Angeles punk/hardcore outfit, including their rare 1980 7", compilation tracks and studio demos. Color artwork with lots of photos. Italian import. (HATE)

GET 38-1 LP $9.60
This English quintet created some great songs that most have never heard. Combining the biting political awareness, singable songcraft, and sheer conviction of THE CLASH with a touch of the drama and idiosyncracy of DAVID BOWIE and early new wave, this is a surprisingly listenable album that shoulda been a hit! Originally released in 1977 on Step Forward. Italian import. (GET BACK)

"We're All Gonna Die!!!"
FOG 002-1 LP $7.25
A feast of speed and distortion, originally self-produced and released on cassette by this Italian hardcore 5-piece in 1982. Their brutal, metallic sound and dark, existentialist lyrics (in English) are enhanced by the raw, overloaded sound of the recording. Italian import. (FLOWERS OF GRAIN)

"10 Ton Pressure"
MLCLTT 01-4 cassette $5.90
much better than average industrial dance. 5 stompin' tunes. (MISC. LABELS)

"Caveat Emptor"
ADOR 751-2 CD $13.65
Tapes, found sounds, metal percussion, industrial noise and driven, shouted vocals make a very intense and angry sort of industrialism, more concerned with outrage than with wallowing in negativity. Packed in a quite unique little black box with posters and artwork. UK import. (D.O.R.)

"World Is Bankrupt"
ADOR 7433-1 12" EP $8.00
ADOR 7433-2 CD5 $7.70
Early Test Department-type sounds, very noisy but still rhythmical, and very definitely not disco. 5 songs, 21 minutes. UK import. (D.O.R.)

AUR 8-4 cassette $7.00
nice stuff by a San Fran industrial artist, in a baggie with booklet. (AURICULAR)

"Too Ewe"
CFV 101-1 10" $7.80
This San Francisco artist produces a flavor of electro-industrial noise somewhere between Merzbow and Big City Orchestra, with some well-done sonic textures and ambient spaciness. (COMMERCIAL FAILURE)

REP 057-7 7" $4.25
The debut from this hard-rockin' New Jersey band led by former ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN singer Steve Miller. Attitude, power, and payin' attention to catchy melodies. (REPTILIAN)

"Split EP"
LIE 001-7 7" $4.20
Slug swings like a lead-weighted blackjack, and it hurts. Cherub mixes their brand of heavyweight sludge with lo-fi grit and a bit o' soul. (NO LIE)

"Split EP"
PXR 501-7 7" $4.55
Composer, experimentalist and occasional Caroliner member Leonard does a piece for clarinet and tape. Ransone, better known as Small Cruel Party when he puts on his electro-acoustic/industrial hat, offers two early piano preludes. (APRAXIA)

"'Round Midnight"
FTR 12-1 2xLP $17.40
A live recording of the legendary cool jazz trumpeter and his band made in Pueblo, Colorado in 1966. Gatefold sleeve with liner notes, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (FRUIT TREE)

"I Remember You"
FT 811-1 2xLP $17.40
Chet Baker (trumpet and vocals) recorded live in Buffalo, New York on November 11, 1984 with Sal Nistico (tenor saxophone), Lorne Lofsky (guitar), Chris Connors (bass) and Art Frank (drums). 5 tracks, liner notes, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (FRUIT TREE)

"The Original Recordings"
CM 001-2 CD $14.00
Archival recordings from 1985 by this Dutch multi-instrument sextet, this might be compared in some ways to Brian Eno, Tuxedomoon, and other 80's era soft instrumental ensembles. Excellent musicianship and crystal clear producton, without an over-reliance on synth and sequencer. Dutch import. (CONTAINER MUSIC)

"Hey Baby"/"Lunch"
KOKO 4-7 7" $4.25
KOKO 4-2 CD5 $7.15
Supposedly the editors of Sassy are in this band. Six girls, some raunchy raps and dreamy pop. Shades of Bongwater! CD has 1 extra song. (KOKOPOP)

"self titled"
VC 55-7 7" $3.80
A fast & creative 4 song EP from another great San Diego area hardcore band. (VINYL COMMUNICATIONS)

"Kokyu Improvisation"
PSFD 10-2 CD $18.00
Using kokyu (Chinese violin), voice, metal, mirrors, bronze rings and cymbals, Mukai creates a screechy yet atmospheric 67 minutes of noise not unlike a female version of Haino's Nijiumu. Japanese import. (PSF RECORDS)

"self titled"
WIN 028-2 CD $10.45
LA-based CHIKA CHIKA, featuring former and current members of CHARLES BROWN SUPERSTAR, STAR PIMP, THE LA TIMES and PUSSYCAT FLANAGAN, takes its musical cues from off-the-wall Hindi film soundtracks and errant pop oddities. Upbeat new wave, catchy, fun, brilliant! Produced by Tom Grimley (THAT DOG, BECK, GERALDINE FIBBERS, VIOLENT FEMMES). (W.I.N.)

DDR 514-2 CD $11.90
Organ-heavy, slowed-down, VANILLA FUDGE-like covers of standards like "You'll Never Walk Alone," "Old Man River," "Hold On I'm Comin'," and "Exodus" from this short-lived New York group, originally out on Jubilee in 1969. Euro import. (DODO)

"The Legendary Brown Album"
SFTRI 242-1 LP $8.25
SFTRI 242-2 CD $9.65
Born in 1977, this L.A. "remedial punk" outfit had only 3 self-released singles and a couple of compilation tracks by the time they bit the dust in 1982, but this unreleased album lurked in the background, tantalizing fans of their primitive punk mayhem. Vinyl limited to 1200 copies. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Surfing with the Child Molesters"
SFTRI 296-7 7" $4.00
One song from the recently released "Legendary Brown Album" plus another exclusive to this single. Keep milkin' it, Long John. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

NEOP 2-1 LP $7.55
Very contemporary pop/rock sounds (including songs from "Cult") and polished production. (NEOPHLYTE)

"Masochistic Instruments"
ZIKSBB 2-2 CD $13.65
This very aggressive-sounding Kyoto group plays their brand of jazz-rock like a bat outta hell; quirky, but heavy grunge punk-rock with some female vocals & lots of attention to high-quality musicianship. Some rare studio-tracks, some live material, lots of variety, surprisingly well-done collection! Japanese import. (BLOODY BUTTERFLY)

"Shiva of Barbeque"/"Technepas"
PB 11-7 7" $4.00
Intense and energetic jazz-rock from Kyoto, not quite funky or punky, with maybe a bit of Tuxedomoon artiness tossed in, and hammered out on guitar, violin, bass & drums. (PUBLIC BATH)

"Presents the Polyamorous Love Cult"
DFR 29-1 LP $8.70
Gavin Shaw of Sferic Experiment and recent King Loser hanger-on cooks up a dirty spoonful of fuzz and coughs out his first solo LP. Limited edition of only 500. (DRUNKEN FISH)

"Born Suspicious"
VIRUS 124-1 12" EP $6.30
VIRUS 124-4 cassette $5.50
VIRUS 124-2 CD $7.85
Straight up, funky fresh beats and rhymes from O-Town (Oakland, OK?) on the positive radical tip, cold science from the school of Public Enemy or Paris. Word! Alternative Tentacles' first rap release! (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"Live at the Safari Club"
MUSICK 0009-1 LP $8.85
MUSICK 0009-2 CD $9.85
A head-on collision between THE RAIDERS at their grittiest and THE TRASHMEN at their surfiest, with just a hint of SATAN'S PILGRIMS thrown in, this Portland band rocks hard and raunchy. And if any of the members look a little like those guys from SATAN'S PILGRIMS, well, it's just a coincidence! (MUSICK)

"Detroit Double Cross"
RIPOFF 030-1 LP $9.15
RIPOFF 030-2
10.50 CD $10.50
12 songs of 100% pure rock'n'roll. Take the awesome "Doll Collector" with its over-the-top lyrics and pure catchiness or "Spoiled Rotten" with its drum driven power that will make you scream for more. (RIP OFF)

"Heart on a Chain"
RIPOFF 022-7 7" $4.00
Screaming guitars and catchy vocal harmonies, with comparisons to both the Problematics and the legendary Heartbreakers. (RIP OFF)

"This is the Criminal Element"
DD 039-7 7" $4.35
The one on red wax: 4 hot, brand new covers of their favorite bands (SEX PISTOLS, SONIC'S RENDEZ VOUS BAND, SAINTS and ROLLING STONES) from this Lansing, Michigan foursome. (DEMOLITION DERBY)

"White Collar Criminals"
DD 038-7 7" $4.35
The one on clear wax: reissue of their first, self-released and almost impossible to find 4-song EP (including a Real Kids cover!), from America's newest punkrock sensations. (DEMOLITION DERBY)

"Karaoke with..."
AM 020-7 7" $4.20
Debut release includes two songs repeated minus the vocals! Anyone who sends Asian Man a tape of themselves singing the song will receive a free copy of their upcoming full-length! (ASIAN MAN)

"Peace Through Music"
AM 043-1 LP $8.85
AM 043-2 CD $9.65
Mixing the raw energy of OPERATION IVY with the smooth organ drive of THE SPECIALS, this Northern California band tackles political topics from the Korean War to racism with their rocksteady-punk-ska tunes. (ASIAN MAN)

"The Chinkees are Coming!"
AM 022-1 LP $8.85
AM 022-2 CD $9.65
Organ-driven ska ala SPECIALS, OP IVY, from this San Jose 5-piece featuring ex-SKANKIN PICKLE Mike Park. (ASIAN MAN)

"Boom Bap Boom Bap Boom Bap Boom"
BOH 005-1 10" $7.40
Former Night King R. Vasquez's new guitar/guitar/cardboard box drum unit. 7 songs of way primitive garage rawk n' blues that leaves the noise behind in favor of a totally stripped down, crude n' rude minimalism. (BAG OF HAMMERS)

"self titled"
GMCD 016-2 CD $17.20
Combining the talents of Elliott Sharp, Zeena Parkins, Optical*8, and Melt Banana, this album swings from crazed noise to improv duos to groove oriented jams. 20 songs, all improvisation, no filler. Japanese import. (GOD MOUNTAIN)

AK 171-1 LP $17.25
Psych and hypnotic sounds with fuzz guitars and tribal percussion with jazz and prog influences. This Weschester NY group formed from the first nucleus of SASSAFRASS, joined by Tony Chirco. Originally released in 1972, this comes in a gatefold sleeve and is pressed on 180 gram virgin vinyl. Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Fantastic World"
PSFD 73-2 CD $15.65
Yamada plays tsugaru jamisen, the traditional three-stringed folk instrument from northern Japan, accompanied by Keiji Haino on guitar and percussion on two tracks, and with 3 others on flute and percussion on 3 classic tracks recorded in 1978. Born in 1931, Yamada is perhaps his instrument's elder master and at the same time an on-the-edge innovator and avant garde interpreter of amazingly vibrant, percussive attack and spiritual power. Japanese import. (PSF RECORDS)

"8 AM All Day"
GERN 021-1 LP $7.70
GERN 021-2 CD $9.35
Newest release from this emo-laden band on the label named after Steve Martin's "real" name. (GERN BLANDSTEN)

"It's Alright, You're OK"
GERN 031-7 7" $4.00
This very popular Washington DC trio gets soulful, sweet and upbeat on these two previously unreleased songs. (GERN BLANDSTEN)

GERN 012-7 7" $4.00
Hand tool punk, noisy and minimalist but melodic, that should delight fans of Dinosaur Jr. 3 songs. (GERN BLANDSTEN)

"The Nothing New EP (#4)"
GERN 019-1 MLP $7.70
GERN 019-2 CD $9.35
This DC trio modulates their indie-melodic punk with occasional dips into thrashy sounds and mod-derived elements. The CD includes the previous 7 inch hits. (GERN BLANDSTEN)

"Oracle Morte"
WIHU 9624-2 CD $13.80
A solo project from the "first Baron" of the band Sadness. Actual voice recordings of poet Robert Frost are melded perfectly with Chiva's expansive, rich, swirling black metal soundscapes. He clearly went to a lot of trouble playing all the instruments (guitars, keyboards, bass, drum machine and psychedelicly processed vocals), considering his prophesy that the world will end in 1999. Swiss import. (WITCHHUNT)

"Chöd: Cutting Through Dualism"
ARNR 0193-2 CD $13.25
Traditional Tibetan Buddhist ritual music performed by a master of the Dzogchen school. Voice, drum and bell are recorded live in the spartan site of his small cabin hidden below a great rock precipice. Extensive notes in English, Italian and German. Italian import. (AMIATA)

"Black Black"
PNMV 22-1 LP $8.55
PNMV 22-2 CD $10.20
Previously available only as a European import, CHOKEBORE's magnum opus is now out as a US domestic release. (PUNK IN MY VITAMINS)

PNMV 20-7 2x7" $6.45
Some previously released gems packed in a full-color gatefold jacket. (PUNK IN MY VITAMINS)

"Split EP"
RRR 093-1 10" $8.70
These two noise bands literally split this (former) 10". That's right, they sawed it in two! Unplayable, unless you have either an unbreakable needle or the patience to file, fit and glue it back together. Limited edition of only 300. (RRR)

"Red & Buried"
PURE 20-2 CD $8.00
Who knows what the hell is going on here, but the end result of this collaboration is primo, textured noise similar to Japanese artists like CCCC or Thirdorgan. (PURE)

"The Italian 7 inch"
HELTER 9322-7 7" $4.00
HELTER 9322-2 CD5 $6.90
Five songs from this well-known OC straight-edge band recorded in 1993. Italian import. (HELTER SKELTER)

"A Root and a Beer"
ANDA 241-2 CD $9.65
Melbourne, Australia 1976-78. Blasting their way through the local punk scene, whose audience leaned more towards the art/experimental side of the fence which was prevalent in Melbourne at the time, they stuck to their guns, belting out sweaty, stinky all-out rock action with lots of beer, bruises and good times. They also issued their own 6-track 7" EP "The Joke's on Us," which is on this CD along with previously unheard rehearsal tracks and 4 live gems. Hear many fine Aussie-charged originals, plus manic run-throughs of SONICS, RADIO BIRDMAN, COLOURED BALLS songs, all wrapped up in a 12 page booklet with extensive liner notes, band trees and photos. (AU-GO-GO)

"Really Gonna Punch You Out!"
HATE 22-1 2xLP $17.40
The definitive anthology of this killer Australian band from the late '70s! Includes their legendary and very rare 6-song 1978 7", plus 18 studio songs from 1978 (most available only on a 500-copy limited edition LP on EV Records, out of print for years, with 5 tracks never available elsewhere), plus an amazing 8-song live side from 1978. This has all their own songs, as well as some bad-ass covers of tunes by THE STOOGES, RADIO BIRDMAN, and THE RAMONES. Classic late-'70s punk, with a tough sound and great attitude! No poseur shit! Their mega-rare 7" is one of all-time top punk collector records, and this is their complete output! Extensive liner notes and band history by leader Ian Cunningham. Note: cover has bent corner but vinyl is fine. Limited edition, gatefold sleeve, Italian import. (HATE)

"self titled"
ECHO 4-7 7" $3.65
An eclectic melt of influences from jazz, klezmer, Middle Eastern and rock, a bit reminiscent of the 60's group Kaleidoscope, except quieter. (ECHONET)

AVAN 42-2 CD $23.70
On the New York downtown scene vet's first "solo" (he's assisted by the likes of Zeena Parkins, Ann Rupel, Hanna Fox, Dudley Saunders and Marc Anthony Thompson), Cochrane does 18 songs from the perspective of the NYC gay/lesbian underground, in a somewhat psychedelic, lo-tech style. Japanese import. (AVANT)

"Love Cannot Die"
SFTRI 343-2 CD $9.65
The legendary leader/singer/songwriter of the Flesheaters, Divine Horsemen and Sone By Stone, with an hour-long CD of acoustic-oriented rockers, ballads and roots-inspired songs, infused with the romantic/nihilistic death transcendence imagery from the Japanese samurai and yakuza epics he loves. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

COMM 28-2 CD $10.40
The insane half of New Zealand's Tall Dwarves with his first US release. Tracks from both of his NZ albums, plus rare bits from early 10", EPs, etc. 60 minutes, completely different from the vinyl. (COMMUNION)

"Not Given Lightly"
COMM 26-1 10" $6.65
More tracks from the illustrious Mr. Knox, completely different from the CD. (COMMUNION)

"Polyfoto Duck Shaped Pain"
COMM 34-2 CD $10.70
That guy from the Tall Dwarves is back with more of his goofy-sweet folk noise-pop to befuddle all comers. Echos of Daevid Allen, Paul McCartney and others who have toyed with stream-of-consciousness popsong structures abound. Also includes the unreleased "Gum" EP. (COMMUNION)

"80 Tracks for Shuffle Play"
OO 21-2 CD $11.60
One of the guys from Machine for Making Sense and a couple of friends make a big bunch of short tracks consisting of mutant/spazz spoken/sung vocals, while Rik Rue provides a mostly percussive array of accompanying sounds. A bit on the goofy side, but fun nonetheless. This comes in a shrink-wrapped jewel box sans booklet or tray card. (O.O. DISCS)

"Urban Myth 2"
ETW 003-2 CD $10.70
A sequel to 1994's "Recurring Dreams of the Urban Myth," released on Pete Namlook's renowned Fax label, this condensation of a 6-hour radiophonic work fuses analog environments with sensurround atmospheres of musique concrete. Meloche is a well known composer/performer of works for radio, electronic, electroacoustic and computer music. (ETHERWORLD)

AM 068-2 CD $9.65
The main guy from KING APPARATUS combines reggae, ska and soul sounds on these 4-track recordings of his heartfelt songs. (ASIAN MAN)

"Big Record"
ERICAT 15-1 LP $8.00
A grand collection of stately, literate and gentle pop songs that might make sense out of a rainy afternoon. Includes bonus 7". (CORDELIA)

"Mystic Drone Oracle"
CHRIS 7-7 7" $4.00
Like a rare field recording of robot insects in a drum circle doing KARLHEINZ STOCKHAUSEN covers, this slab of yellowy vinyl is, um, the strangest thing to come our way in some time. I like it. (DRONE)

"Sympathy for the Devil"
SFTRI 249-7 7" $4.00
Four former members of the fab Flamin' Groovies re-unite to cover the Stones' chestnut. The flip features a very Stones-oid song full of 12-string jangle and whiskey-soaked vocals. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Satanic Ritual Abuse"
AK47 001-2 CD $9.75
The 3rd full album from the pioneers in the manipulation of right-wing religious radio. The "Methodistas" are among the more overtly political practitioners of cut-up and prank calls, and show it off full force here with gems like the "Mein Kampf" translation of the Bible, a mutation of a sermon about sex education, a radio minister condoning the rape and battery of a woman by a man she met at Bible study, and much more, simultaneously funny, outrageous and horrific. Also included is a cover of CRASS's "Reality Asylum," featuring TEAM DRESCH's Jody Bleyle on vocals. (KOLAZHNIKOV)

"Fertilizer Mix"
SA 10-7 7" $4.55
Known in a previous incarnation as the National Hardwood Floor Association, these phone pranksters have a few laughs at the expense of a Christian radio talk show. The Biblical butcher store, anti-crustaceanism, divine surfers, and more. (STOMACH ACHE)

"Nevermind Nirvana, It's Grungicide!"
GOY 2-7 7" $3.35
Gee, it's really hard to resist kicking Cobain's sorry, dead butt, and this gang of phone pranksters are particularly good at it. Much was done before his death, including calls impersonating him made to record stores and radio stations. (GOY DIVISION)

"New World Odour"
GOY 3-2 CD $7.75
Hilarious, bizarre, but still believable prank calls to Christian radio talk shows, mixed with approriately goofy/horrific sound samples, by this famous gang of audio guerrillas who have been responsible for several other such releases. Join the inbreds from Birth First!, The American Anti-Crustacean League, and The North American Association For The Advancement of Christian Patriots as they joyfully skewer fundamentalists and militia wingnuts. (GOY DIVISION)

"Unreliable Sources"
VIRUS 70-1 12" EP $6.30
VIRUS 70-4 cassette $5.50
Not a meal but a man, Mr. Lunch dishes out a tasty stew of bitingly satirical lyrics and super hard crunching rock. Produced by Al Jourgensen & Paul Barker of Ministry. 4 scrumptious songs. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"Grand Bruit"
MKCD 011-2 CD3 $7.15
A fine, original and sophisticated 20-minute musique concrete, this manages to avoid the usual clichés that the genre has become laden with in the last few years. French import. (METAMKINE)

"Tempo Liquido"
AMPERE 10-2 CD $12.00
Created for a tape background to a live performance, this is multiplexed, looped, superimposed ambient soundtracks of different durations, generating continuous layers of sound with minimal variations. (AMPERSAND)

"Two and Two"
AMPERE 09-2 CD $11.90
Recordings of four 1977 sound installations by this European performance art duo. Heavenly, rhythmically shifting drones alternate with gamelan tinged blistering electronics that sound like distant, corrupted morse code. 24 page booklet with photos of the performance, retrospective notes by Kubisch, and a 1979 interview with both. Italian import. (AMPERSAND)

"L'heure alors s'incline..."
MKCD 006-2 CD3 $7.15
A dense but gentle electro-acoustic musique concrète composition, richly textured and creative. French import. (METAMKINE)

LOCUST 1-2 CD $11.90
Electronic sound installation artist Migone uses cracking knuckles, knees, wrists, jaws, toes, ankles, backs, necks, elbows and hips as a sound source, then digitally manipulates the recordings into a percolating, popping, polyrhythmic series of compositions, at once amusingly bubbly and oddly trance-inducing. (LOCUST)

AKARMA 048-1 LP $17.25
A psychedelic/progressive group which featured Doug Tull (later of JOSEFUS) released this album on the Metromedia label in 1970. 180 gram audiophile vinyl. Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Dead Cool"
CRYPT 056-1 LP $8.85
CRYPT 056-2 CD $10.20
The Chrome Cranks kindly styled us with a mighty bold 30-minute, 8-song album. This baby kicks off with the bass-heavy, Scientists meet a less goth Birthday Party swamp-crawl of "Dead Cool", rolls right into the early Gun Club-tinged "Desperate Friend", pummels you with 2 slabs of Stoogery ("Shine It On", "Nightmare In Pink"), a re-recording of their Suicide-with-guitars throb-rocker "Burn Baby Burn", and 3 others. (CRYPT)

"Live in Exile"
ANDA 224-1 2xLP $10.30
ANDA 224-2 CD $9.65
Hot on the heels of their "Love in Exile" album comes this rock solid documentation of NY's awesome foursome, captured live in Holland late last year. Blistering submersive swamp blues action, including covers of THE SCIENTISTS, STEPPENWOLF, and T-REX. (AU GO GO)

"Oily Cranks"
ALP 11-2 CD $11.30
Compilation of 7"s and other oddities from this band some feel is a "NYC institution." Includes obscure Suicide cover and a collaboration with kindred spirits The Flaming Lips. (ATAVISTIC)

"Stuck in a Cave"/"The Slider"
DD 027-7 7" $4.35
Produced for their European tour, this has a live track recorded at WMBR on Boston, plus a studio version of the famous T Rex song! Belgian import. (DEMOLITION DERBY)

"Chronic Generation"
GET 9-1 LP $9.60
A re-issue of their classic 1982 debut LP (with 4 bonus tracks taken from 1981 7" releases plus the bonus 7" from their LP), which reached No. 53 in the UK Top 75. (GET BACK)

BCR 009-7 7" $3.65
Thrashy, intense skatepunk from San Diego. 4 songs. (BEER CITY)

"First Time"
RIPOFF 037-7 7" $4.35
The first Italian band on Rip Off Records, with a power-pop REAL KIDS feel to their songs. (RIP OFF)

"Two Thirty-Gallon Drums of Banana Purée"
JAR 007-1 LP + 7" $22.70
One of the more twisted pop acts to come down the pike, this UK cult band wed hyper-normal sounding dipsy-doodle pop music with some of the most hilarious absurdist/Dada lyrics you've ever heard. Live stuff from their 1991 German tour, in a very limited edition. All their other LPs are out of print! German import. (PINK LEMON)

"American Swagger"
SFTRI 606-2 CD $9.65
CHUBBIE-in-charge Jeanette recorded these songs totally solo on the 8-track in her bedroom, the way she thinks she sounds best, warts'n'all. (SYMPATHY)

"Can I Call You Daddy (When We Make Love)"
SFTRI 415-7 7" $4.00
Jeanette gets herself a couple of girls to play bass & drums for this pop tune with 60's girl group overtones, and even lets bassist Kelly sing on the somewhat punkier flip. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

SFTRI 480-7 7" $4.00
One song from the upcoming album, plus a non-album track. Limited edition of 500 in each of three different sleeves (1500 total) with a portrait of a different Chubbie. Color vinyl, too. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"I'm the King"
SFTRI 382-2 CD $9.65
Actually only one girl who sings and plays all the instruments, the Chubbies deliver a pop-punk celebration of sex, ego and boys vs. girls, kinda like a cross between Stiff Little Fingers and Divinyls with inspired rollercoaster vocals. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Matty Loyal"
SFTRI 378-7 7" $4.00
Demo versions of two songs from the upcoming CD, crude but with lots of spirit and charm. Recorded by Jeanette (the sole member of the Chubbies) in her bedroom. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Play Me"
SFTRI 440-2 CD5 $7.85
More pop-punk (including a version of the "Sailor Moon" theme, a Knack song and a Pretenders tune) with the new 3-girl line-up. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Tres Flores"
SFTRI 472-1 LP $8.25
SFTRI 472-2 CD $9.65
The girls head into the studio with producer Mass Giorgini and emerge with another album. Yep, there it is. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"What Girls Want!"/"Selfish"
SFTRI 546-7 7" $4.00
On this glorious dose of concentrated, pure, power pop brilliance, the "chosen two" give an electrifying jolt to this MATERIAL ISSUE song and a KNACK track on side B. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Your Favorite Everything"
SFTRI 563-1 10" $7.70
SFTRI 563-2 CD5 $8.45
Songs like "Shut Up Now" and the title track prove once again what an amazing songwriter and singer Jeanette is and then something wicked this way comes as Christene debuts her songwriting and also delivers the lead vocals on "The Darkest One of All." Colored vinyl 10" is limited to 1000 copies, CD with extra track. (SYMPATHY)

"Russian Roulette"
NL 010-7 7" $4.15
Yer basic sweetly rampaging punk, featuring five gentle odes to self destruction, nihilism, sleeplessness and baldness. (NO LIE)

TB 011-7 7" $3.70
Four original songs created and destroyed by this hard-rockin' Texas punk quartet. Slimy, sarcastic vocals about needles and stuff, accompanied by monster guitar growl and incredibly loud drumming, like a nastier, rawer, more underground version of Green Day. (TURKEY BASTER)

FANG 22-2 CD $10.10
Hindustani music and culture seen thru western eyes, this somehow manages to be pop and experimental, American and Indian, all at once. (FANG)

"self titled"
SA 71-7 7" $4.55
Unreleased demos and a live cut from one of the mainstays of San Francisco's early-'80s "pet rock" scene (along with Flipper, the Woundz, Animal Things, etc.). Primitive thud-n-moan and some totally flipped lyrics! (STOMACH ACHE)

"I Hope No One Finds Out"
SKIP 49-7 7" $4.00
These Bay Area pop-punk youngsters hearken back a bit to early "Cherry Cherry" era Unrest, with fast, melodic bass lines, punk/surf guitar and sweet female vocals. Four tasty songs on cinnamon colored vinyl. (BROKEN REKIDS)

"Three Lies and a Ding-A-Ling Five"
PSFD 39-2 CD $18.00
Very avant songs (but real songs) made by this group of two guys & a girl. Horns, woodwinds, guitar, drums, strings and a lot of unconventional sounds accompanied by female vocals, making everything from total cacaphony to quiet folk-like tunes, and always fascinating. Japanese import. (PSF RECORDS)

"Are You Afraid?"
GTA 029-2 CD $10.40
74 minutes of rage from these beyond-infamous LA hardcore legends. Fronted by a towering, self-described "soldier of the Lord" named John Macias (shot by cops in 1991 while delivering a sermon at the Santa Monica Pier), bucks authority at every turn with their frighteningly muscular, aggro sound. Tracks from '80-'84 include the "Patterns of Force" LP, outtakes, demos, rehearsals, live songs, and an interview. 16 page booklet. (GRAND THEFT AUDIO)

GET 562-1 LP $12.55
This late-'60s prog group, which featured Mel Collins (later with KING CRIMSON and KOKOMO), released this now-rare gem in 1969 on the Transatlantic label. Original art, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram audiophile vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"An Escape from a Box"
AK 1022-1 LP $17.25
AK 1022-2 CD $13.00
The 2nd and more mature (though less commercial) album by this classic Italian psych band, originally released in 1972. Their progressive tendencies were balanced between the female vocals and electric and acoustic guitars. 2 bonus tracks on the CD version. Gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl LP. Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Boxing Circus"
AK 2014-1 10" $12.55
8 tracks of previously unreleased and rare material. Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Circus 2000"
AK 1021-1 LP $17.25
AK 1021-2 CD $13.00
The debut album by this Italian band, originally released by RiFi in 1970. The CD comes with four bonus tracks. LP on 180 gram vinyl. Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Circus Maximus / Neverland Revisited"
VANGUARD 79260-2 CD $13.00
This combines their 1st and 2nd albums together on one CD. Italian import. (VANGUARD)

"Circus Maximus"
VANGUARD 79260-1 LP $17.25
The first album by this Texas "cosmic cowboy" outfit, led by Jerry Jeff Walker, blended folk rock with psychedelia and lots of country. First out on Vanguard in 1967. Original artwork, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (VANGUARD)

"Neverland Revisited"
VANGUARD 79274-1 LP $17.25
If you've ever wondered what THE BYRDS or MOBY GRAPE might have sounded like led by Jerry Jeff Walker, this may be your answer. Their 2nd album, first out on Vanguard in 1967. Original artwork, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (VANGUARD)

WARD 02-1 LP $7.45
Furiously raging, warp 9 thrash with a message of extreme anger and rebellion, and a sense of fighting the Colossus of overwhelming brutality and ignorance that dominates society. Complete lyrics enclosed, with great graphics. (WARDANCE)

REZ 11-7 7" $3.65
Appealingly combining jangly country-folk, pounding punk energy and distortion and extremely tuneful songwriting, this band creates an inspiringly original sound. Great recording really reproduces the weight of the drums and fuzz while making clear all the quirks of the vocal melodies and gobble gobble guitar solos. Nice silkscreen-on-cardboard cover. (RESERVATION)

"Menzie's Crack"
PRANK 08-1 LP $8.25
Classic hardcore with melody and dead-on lyrics delivered with humor and still-relevant politics, from one of Australia's best known straightforward hardcore bands of the early 80's. This limited LP collects compilation tracks (including their song on "Cleanse the Bacteria"), their one 7" and demos, plus alternate, unreleased versions. (PRANK)

"In Out"
APOVIS 001-2 CD $13.25
This French ensemble plays acoustic piano, trumpet, flute, violins and cellos, besides the usual guitar-bass-drums combo, for a very ecletic bunch of songs. Numbered edition of 1000. German import. (APOCALYPTIC VISION)

APOVIS 002-2 CD $13.25
A combination of two of this French group's early 80's releases, this CD uses electronics, noise, conventional instruments, voice and various percussion in a dark, goth-industrial atmosphere. German import. (APOCALYPTIC VISION)

"Night of the Unholy Flames"
NH 009-2 CD $11.30
Volcanic black metal from this Finnish group, bleak and stripped down to its elements. 8 songs. (NORTHERN HERITAGE)

"Don't Say No"
BA 1163-7 7" $4.35
New York and British inspired punk rock from Pennsylvania, circa 1979. Opened up for 999, UK SUBS, DEAD KENNEDYS. Featured on "Killed By Death #22." This 7" also includes two rough live tracks including "VD's No Laughing Matter," and "I'm So Bored with Your Mother." (BACCHUS ARCHIVE)

"Clark Terry & His Jolly Giants"
UV 018-2 CD $13.00
A brilliant and distinctive soloist, Terry played with Charlie Barnet, Count Basie and Duke Ellington through the '40s and '50s. Here he leads his own group in this 1975 Vanguard recording, playing trumpet, accompanied by Larry Gales (bass), and Emmanuel K. Rahim (percussion) in a few originals plus covers of Parker, Monk, Billie Holiday, and a swingin' version of the Flintstones theme. Italian import. (UNIVERSE)

"Highway Star"
MR 050-7 7" $4.55
A new San Francisco punk outfit with a rhythm section deeper and wider than the Marianas Trench and two fast n' furious songs including an annihilating cover of Deep Purple's "Highway Star." (MAN¹S RUIN)

"Our Kinda Strauss"
RW 106-1 2xLP $15.65
This set contains the complete "Swing, Waltz, Swing!" LP recorded for Philips in 1966, plus tracks from different radio sessions. Gatefold sleeve plus poster, with liner notes by Mike Hennessey. Italian import. (REARWARD)

"Class Assassins"
SNS 005-7 7" $4.50
Canada's CLASS ASSASSINS first record is chock full of old style punk rock with hammering guitars, melodic singing, and three songs including the absolutely stellar "Breakin' Out." Fans of the TKO and Hostage labels should take note of this fast, catchy punk rock band. Canadian import. (SOAP & SPIKES)

"'Scuse the Excursion"
SFTRI 447-2 CD5 $7.85
The band takes a break from majorlabeldom to reverently assault jazz classics by Duke Ellington, Artie Shaw and Miles Davis, plus a re-recording of their own "Sick Fish, Belly Up," originally released on a 7" in 1989. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

SFTRI 37-2 CD $9.65
Exuding a crazed energy and nonconformist musicianship that recalls elements of Pere Ubu, Beefheart and MC5, these guys also dip into San Francisco sound psychedelia. This is their first album, and it's a treat. The CD includes unreleased material plus the out-of-print "Candle Opera" single. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Malthusian Blues"/"Day of the Triffids"
SFTRI 229-7 7" $4.00
Two new tracks from their upcoming new album on Epitaph. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

SFTRI 120-1 LP $8.25
SFTRI 120-2 CD $9.65

"The Double Pac Whack Attack"
SFTRI 57-7 2x7" $5.25
This two disc set is a brutal onslaught that pays homage to some of rock's foremost innovators, with covers from Eno, Devo, Patti Smith and Pere Ubu. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"We Are Not Devo"
SFTRI 119-2 CD $9.65
Finally out on CD is Claw Hammer's album of totally raw covers of Devo classics, stripped down, loud and live-in-the-studio, with liner notes by Mark Mothersbaugh. Also included are 3 tracks from the "Double Pac Whack Attack" double 7". (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Everybody's Boppin'"
HILLS 12-7 7" $3.65
Dig this krazy stuff from Centralia WA, recorded back in 1959! Rockin', rollin', boppin' swing in the mold of Jerry Lee Lewis, this is the real deal! (HILLSDALE)

"Tall Skinny Annie"
HILLS 10-7 7" $3.65
Crazy rockin' stuff from the Northwest, circa 1959! Clayton swings and stomps like Jerry Lee Lewis on these 4 songs. (HILLSDALE)

"Grease, Grits and Gravy"
JFR 027-1 LP $8.25
JFR 027-2 CD $9.65
The 1st full album from South Carolina's premier pop-punk combo. More infectious than ebola. Produced by Mass Giorgini. (JOHANN'S FACE)

"Grease, Grits and Gravy"
JFR 027-1 LP $8.25
JFR 027-2 CD $9.65
The 1st full album from South Carolina's premier pop-punk combo. More infectious than ebola. Produced by Mass Giorgini. (JOHANN'S FACE)

"Horseplay Leads to Tragedy"
JFR 044-2 CD $9.00
Coming back at ya with album #3, with tales of sex, drugs and debauchery, Johnny Puke's unmistakable vocals and the band's blend of clean melodicism and pounding hooks. This time up they add "Metal" Murph (CRETINS, QUEERS) on guitar, with excellent cover art by Shepard Fairy (ANDRE THE GIANT HAS A POSSE, Black Market Prod.). (JOHANN'S FACE)

"Protein Packed"
JFR 037-1 LP $8.25
JFR 037-2 CD $9.65
Johnny Puke and company grace us with the follow up full length to last years "Grease, Grits and Gravy." With their third nationwide tour behind them and countless 7" and comp tracks, these guys are earning their place in pop punk history along side early ALL/DESCENDENTS. (JOHANN'S FACE)

"Protein Packed"
JFR 037-1 LP $8.25
JFR 037-2 CD $9.65
Johnny Puke and company grace us with the follow up full length to last years "Grease, Grits and Gravy." With their third nationwide tour behind them and countless 7" and comp tracks, these guys are earning their place in pop punk history along side early ALL/DESCENDENTS. (JOHANN'S FACE)

"Memorial: 006306"
IB 03-7 7" $4.00
7 haunting, harrowing slices of noise/sound, painfully harsh, starkly funereal, beautifully simple. Difficult to describe but surprisingly powerful and worth hearing. Doubles as a memorial to Merle Austin Africa, a political prisoner who died in prison in March and a benefit for former political prisoner Abdul Haqq. Comes with thought-provoking zine about Africa, Haqq, and the music. (INTERBANG)

GET 323-1 LP $13.70
Recorded in Paris on August 18, 1969 by Clifford Thornton (cornet and conga drums) with Grachan Moncur III (trombone), Archie Shepp (soprano sax), Arthur Jones (alto sax), Dave Burrell (piano), Sunny Murray (drums), Beb Guerin (bass), Earl Freeman (bass) and Claude Delcloo (drums), this was released as #23 in the BYG Actuel series. Thornton, a player and composer whose obscurity was offset by the high esteem in which he was held by his fellow musicians, was, like Shepp, actively involved in advancing the ideology of the black nationalist movement, and the intensity of his recordings reflect liberation, communication and unity. Original artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Clikatat Ikatowi"
GRAVITY 32-1 12" EP $6.30
GRAVITY 32-2 CD5 $6.55
Caught at their creative peak, with precise, rolling, powerful drums, a singer with an "overactive imagination," distorted minimal-but-full guitar and low bass at times influenced by BIRTHDAY PARTY. (GRAVITY)

"Live August 29 + 30 1995"
GRAVITY 26-1 LP $8.25
GRAVITY 26-2 CD $9.00
Recorded during a North American tour, capturing the power and intensity of their highly acclaimed performances. Eleven songs, mostly previously unreleased. (GRAVITY)

"Orchestrated and Conducted"
GRAVITY 19-1 LP $8.25
GRAVITY 19-2 CD $9.00
With members of 411 and Heroin, this San Diego band has been getting lots of attention, including mentions in the big-time grossout music biz press. (GRAVITY)

"A Lot of Bottle"
AK 145-1 LP $17.25
The 4th album for this British band, released on Harvest in 1970, marked a shift from straight blues a la JOHN MAYALL to a more rock-oriented sound. We got one bonus track here, along with the original artwork. 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Blues Apostles"
AK 144-2 4xCD $38.55
This collects the first 5 albums from the British blues/rock group, first released on the Parlophone and Harvest labels between 1969 and 1972: "Climax Chicago Blues Band," "Plays On," "A Lot of Bottle," "Tightly Knit," and "Rich Man." Also included are several bonus tracks and a fancy booklet. Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Plays On"
AK 143-1 LP $17.25
Their 2nd album, also released in 1969 on Parlophone, slimmed down to a quintet and starting to move to a more rock sound. This re-issue includes one bonus track. Gatefold sleeve with original artwork. 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Tightly Knit"
AK 146-1 LP $17.25
Their 5th album, originally released in 1971 on Harvest, includes great covers of Robert Johnson's "Come On in My Kitchen" and Willie Dixon's "Spoonful." This re-issue has one bonus track and the original artwork. 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Climax Chicago Blues Band"
AK 142-1 LP $17.25
The first album by this British blues combo, heavily influenced by JOHN MAYALL and, of course, the Chicago blues scene. 12 songs here, with blues standards alongside their originals. First out on Parlophone in 1969, this re issue has one bonus cut. Gatefold sleeve, original art, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Imperial Household Orchestra"
SCRATCH 23-2 CD $10.70
This Seattle duo wields an unearthly concoction of organic instruments, effects boxes, field recordings and taped debris, and has been compared to both Zoviet France and Sun City Girls. The fancy, hand-assembled packaging includes a thick, textured card cover, winged die-cut design and blind embossing. (SCRATCH (CANADA))

"self titled"
FBTCGT 01-2 CD3 $7.75
In a classy little package that you'd be pleased to show off, this little disc features odd voices, found sounds, prepared instrument improv and moments of pure noise pasted into a thoroughly enjoyable conglomeration. Embossed artwork on a nice little folder. (FIRE BREATHING TURTLE)

"Self titled"
ROCO 016-7 7" $4.35
No, your turntable's needle isn't fucked, it's just Seattle's playful, unpretentious experimentalists doing some really noiseful turntable manipulation on side 1. The flip has them exploring musique concrete montages and found sound on this elegant white vinyl release. The cover is equally nice, with black-on-black artwork. (ROAD CONE)

"Come to Daddy"
ISG 001-7 7" $4.45
Heavy, roaring hardcore in a GBH mode from this German band; great reviews from all over. (INTENSIVE SCARE)

"Fuck 'N' Roll"
ISG 002-1 10" $8.55
Ex-members of BETON COMBO and LOADED spew filthy, pounding, guttural, beer-soaked hardcore all over the floor. 12 ragin' songs. (INTENSIVE SCARE)

CON 183-2 CD5 $6.25
Actually album-length, this has several mixes of the acid-house raver "Bitstream" (including two by Andrew McKenzie of Hafler Trio and Zbigniew Karkowski) plus "Virtual Flesh." (CONTEMPO)

"Black Words on White Paper"
CONDD 172-2 book + CD5 $18.15
The book has all the lyrics from all their releases up to 1989, plus 40 photos & artwork in color and black & white. The CD5 has four of the band's earliest recordings, never before released. Italian import. (CONTEMPO)

"Digital Soundtracks"
CON 217-4 cassette $7.35
CON 217-2 CD $11.00
Somewhere within and beyond what can be termed techno or ambient, the songs on this album are based on the classic psychotronic science fiction films of the 40's and 50's. Italian import. (CONTEMPO)

"Final Program"
CON 173-2 CD5 $6.25
The newest cyberpunk trance single. (CONTEMPO)

"Hacker (Hacked) Remix"
CON 175-2 CD5 $6.25
Unreleased alternate mixes of "Hacker," some quite radical. Italian import. (CONTEMPO)

CON 188-2 CD5 $6.25
Intense industrial dance, previously released on Wax Trax. Italian import. (CONTEMPO)

CON 225-1 LP $8.10
CON 225-4 cassette $7.35
Much more diverse than their other recent releases, this new album is at times ambient, very dynamic hard techno, or goth pop, and always very strong and very enjoyable. Adi Newton's highly literate futurist speculations comprise the liner notes. (CONTEMPO)

CON 192-4 cassette $7.10
A re-release of their first, late-70's album, including 2 mixes of their hits "Sensorium" and "4 Hours." (CONTEMPO)

"White Souls in Black Suits"
CON 157-2 CD $11.00
Assembled from 15 hours of improvisations, with no overdubs. The guys from Cabaret Voltaire collaborate on one track. (CONTEMPO)

"Everything You Want"
FBTC 1-1 LP $7.25
Two ex-members of Caroliner plus a friend compose Clockbrains, and the lineage is fairly obvious. At times a noise & scree barrage and at others a spacey melodic ambience, this is an impressive first album. (FANCY BASKET)

"Low Tide"
FBTC 2-7 7" $3.35
Two ex-Caroliners and a friend get almost poppy, but in a sorta-psychedelic way. (FANCY BASKET)

"Ringo Fire"
FBTC 3-7 7" $3.35
Going way more into trance psychedelia, this guitar-bass-drums trio turns out two distortion-drenched spacey songs. (FANCY BASKET)

"The Other Side of the Sky"
FBTC 04-2 CD $10.10
The first CD from this moody San Francisco band strays more into alternative rock territory, from their former, more psychedelic sound. Female vocals, chiming and soaring guitars. (FANCY BASKET)

"self titled"
NUFQA 1-1 10" $7.60
Dark, heavy, noisy rock that sounds like it's being played at the wrong speed, but it isn't. The whole thing just sounds "wrong" some how, but of course that's how it's supposed to sound. Get it? (NUF SED COURTESY NIPPLE)

"self titled"
SA 72-7 7" $4.55
Kooky, art-damaged noise rock that's a bit wacky and crunchy at once. (STOMACH ACHE)

"Plays Nino Rota"
BRD 036-2 CD $11.30
The masters of the silent film soundtrack take on Nino Rota's classic music to four films by the great Italian director Fellini, with these selections from "La Dolce Vita," "Amarcord," "Nights of Cabiria," and "8 1/2." Painstakingly arranged by the members of Club Foot Orchestra, the pieces were recorded on vintage analog gear after a full year of live performances. (RASTASCAN)

"Sherlock Jr. and Felix the Cat Woos Whoopee"
BRDS 3-2 CD $11.30
The Orchestra's original, whimsical score for Buster Keaton's silent classic "Sherlock Jr." uses lots of period quotes and vintage genre elements, referring back to the first generation of silent film accompanists, with post modern tips o' the hat to Charles Ives, Carl Stalling, Spike Jones and John Zorn. Also included is their score for the vintage animated cartoon "Felix the Cat Woos Whoopee." (RASTASCAN)

"The Origins of..."
GROSS 013-4 cassette $10.00
Intense noise from this threesome at the center of the Japanese hard noise scene: Hiroshi and Kosakai from CCCC, and A. Nakajima of Aube. (G.R.O.S.S.)

RALPH CFO2-4 cassette $6.45

"The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari"
RALPH CFO1-4 cassette $6.45
Composed as a sound-track for the famous 1919 silent film, this stands by itself as one of the most engaging and listenable musical excursions to come down the pike in quite a while (check our video section for the actual film plus music!). (RALPH-T.E.C. TONES-ELEMENTAL MUSIC)

"Wild Beasts, Kidnapped and More"
BRD 13-2 CD $11.30
Possibly the swingin-est bunch of horns around, crossing jumpin' jazz and cool classical in ways that no one else does. Both classic Ralph Records LPs are combined on this one CD, along with their early, even more classic (and more bizarre) tracks from the 1981 "Club Foot" compilation. (RASTASCAN)

"Wild Beasts"
RALPH 8699-1 LP $7.60
Real horns here - no synthesizers. 10 people who play sophisticated big band music for the 90s. A wide range of styles - good Mancini goes through Peter Gunn & comes out crazed mariachi. All instrumental. (RALPH-T.E.C. TONES ELEMENTAL MUSIC)

"Rebels Without Applause"
ZUMA 4-2 CD $11.00
Country-tinged rock & pop with a bit of blues here & there. (ZUMA)

"Guilty Forest"/"Fault"
ZIK 7001-7 7" $5.15
Like the name might suggest, this Japanese indie-rock band is infused with a slow, middle-of-the-night darkness, with interludes of intensely noisy guitar and a contrasting glistening production. Meticulous Japanese pressing; Japanese import. (ZK RECORDS)

P 061-1 12" $6.75
P 061-2 CD $6.70
Crazy beats and insane rhymes! Influenced by BIZ MARKIE, VAN HALEN, and MORRIS DAY, this battle between good and evil in the mind of Jimmy Luxury (COBRAMAN) is far from over. The jury seems to agree on one thing though: don't bet on the good guy this time. (SCOOCH POOCH)

"Greatest Dicks"
PURE 38-2 CD $8.00
Harsh, chaotic electro-noise pulled from this well-known Minnesota artist's many cassette releases from 1993-96. (PURE)

"Bloody Minded: The Best of Cock Sparrer"
DSR 73-1 LP $8.25
DSR 73-2 CD $9.00
A "best of" collection from one of the best-known UK oi bands (playing since 1974!). This distills stuff from their numerous 7"s and albums, and adds 3 great previously unreleased tunes. (DR. STRANGE)

"Runnin' Riot Across the USA"
TKOROUND 55-1 2xLP $11.00
TKOROUND 55-2 CD $10.35
The UK punk/oi legends recorded live during their US tour of February 2000! All their hits and choice songs from throughout their long career! (TKO)

"All Jacked Up"/"The Country Song"
WOUNDCAJ 01-7 7" $4.25
"All Jacked Up" is an ultra-aggro-punk anthem, while "Country Song" is more of a shitkickin' party song. As always, Cocknoose rocks like hell with their no-compromise punk attitude! (WOUNDUP)

"Badmen, Butchers and Bleeders"
BSR 009-2 CD $7.75
These guys (along with soulmates Antiseen) are probably the epitome of no excuses, kick-in-the-teeth powerhouse punk. Anthemic, 20 ton riffs and roaring vocals make this a meaty and mighty disc indeed. (BALONEY SHRAPNEL)

"Invader #1 Must Die"/"Badstreet USA"
JET 033-7 7" $4.25
Two ultra-aggro punk rock wrestling anthems! One is about the 1988 murder of 6'8", 300 lb. Bruiser Brody, and the other celebrates the careers of the Faboulous Freebirds. (JETTISON)

"Pain from the Prairie"
BSR 002-7 7" $3.65
Four tracks of Antiseen/GG Allin-inspired blood & guts punk from these Kansas misanthropes. (BALONEY SHRAPNEL)

"Split EP"
BSR 012-7 7" $3.65
Two shots of heavy caliber redneck scumpunk from Lawrence KS's Cocknoose and Austin TX's Buzzcrusher. (BALONEY SHRAPNEL)

"Split LP"
TEAR 006-1 LP $8.40
Conqueror Worm is Jeff Clayton (Antiseen), Phil Irwin (Rancid Vat), Pig Champion (Poison Idea), plus buddy Mike Shuppe and the Alcohlics Unanimous rhythm section. Cocknoose you know: blood, sweat and filth from Kansas. German import. (TEAR IT UP)

"Without Sin"/ "Action!!"
FULL 2-1 12" $5.15

"Destination Moon"
JACK 025-1 LP $8.40
Debut LP by Rochester NY's kings of kook. Eleven tracks of jazzy doodle with enough of a fucked up element to make this appealing to people beyond the yobs who gobble up everything with a Graham Lambkin cover. Limited edition of 400 copies. (BLACKJACK)

"Rold Gecord"
JACK 020-7 7" $4.00
Vinyl debut for Rochester, NY's prettiest cartoon characters. Raymond Scott worshippers that can really play their toys, including a cover of Scott's "Coming Down to Earth," with cover art by Shadow Ring's Graham Lambkin. First 600 on gold vinyl. (BLACKJACK)

"Split EP"
RAVE 19-7 7" $4.25
Two of the West Coast's hottest hardcore bands contribute a song each to this split single. (RAVE RECORDS)

"So Far So Fast"
POLLUTE 15-2 CD $9.00
Hardcore as fast as it gets. File next to HERESY. (SOUND POLLUTION)

"Those Who are About to Die Salute You"
GET 554-1 LP $12.55
Originally released in 1969 on Fontana, their debut hit #15 on the UK album charts. 180 gram virgin vinyl, gatefold sleeve, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Colour Twigs"
CB 1005-2 CD $10.70
Another blast of the Northwest past, this album of new wave electro-pop (led by SKY CRIES MARY keyboardist Gordon Raphael) was recorded in 1984, but remained unreleased until 1999. Echos of THOMAS DOLBY and NEW ORDER abound, but in a style all their own. (CHUCKIE BOY)

"Cold Wind Blues"
AK 148-1 LP $17.25
AK 148-2 CD $13.00
Originally released on Verve in 1968, this is well-done Chicago-style blues, except for one 6 minute psychedelic track that takes off in a raga-rock direction. This re-release has one bonus track, and the LP comes with a bonus 7". 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Hip Check!"
SFTRI 670-1 LP $8.25
SFTRI 670-2 CD $9.65
12 tracks of white dance music, 10 originals and 2 covers. Jim Diamond of Ghetto Recorders has his hands all over these grinders and instrumental pop/R&B tunes. (SYMPATHY)

"The Come Ons"
SFTRI 608-1 LP $8.25
SFTRI 608-2 CD $9.65
Detroit pop/soul that bridges the gap between garage rock and classic soul grind. Minimalist guitar and Hammond B organ over hypnotic grooves, with fervent harmonica wailing on a couple of cuts. No heavy wanking, no poignant lyrics, just plain ol' sexy dance music. Can ya dig it? (SYMPATHY)

"Self Titled"
INSIGHT 4-1 LP $7.25
Light-hearted, bouncy to cool instrumentals with lots of jazzy sax & bass. (INSIGHT)

"Mary Niel"/"Failed Heros"
BM 001-7 7" $4.00
Various folks from the band whose name cannot be dropped (starts with a C, ends with an R) and a member of Mr. Bungle make way-fucked-up noise, where dangerously demented calliopes meet the haywire electronics of radios on the fritz. C.......r-type packaging and artwork using recycled materials. Limited edition of 700. (BIRDMAN)

COMHER 01-1 LP $8.40
Yes, that Commodores. (MISC. LABELS)

"Sharks to Blood"
BFFP 81-1 10" $8.75
Big Black meets the Cocteau Twins...what if Steve Albini had been born Stephanie...? Three women from Seattle, no garage grunge, just power & sensuality. 3 songs. (BLAST FIRST)

"Crystal Gazing Luck Amazing"
SFTRI 572-1 LP $8.25
SFTRI 572-2 CD $9.65
Songs from their Detroit and Memphis roots, with a bunch of new originals by Jack Oblivian and Greg Oblivian, plus covers of tunes by THE CONTOURS and NOLAN STRONG. (SYMPATHY)

"Bluff City"
SFTRI 570-2 CD $9.65
Jack and Greg of THE OBLIVIANS and Rod Thomas have rejoined to test the dynamics that they established so long ago and to attempt any musical style that tickles their fancy while keeping it simple. This all-new Memphis masterpiece is the result of 3 months of recording as the original three piece with a bunch of guests showing up to lend a hand here and there. A punk rock trio that mixes alcohol-fueled waltzes with VOIDOID-style white noise pop. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Gambling Days are Over"
SFTRI 372-2 CD $9.65
Featuring two of the guys who went on to form the Oblivians, this Memphis band released 2 EPs and one 45 a few years ago. The CD collects all these tracks, plus 10 unreleased cuts. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Rough Notes on High Stress"
GERN 054-1 LP $8.00
GERN 054-2 CD $9.65
Hyped as the "New New Wave Wave," this boasts sharp guitars, pummeling bass, and ex-BORN AGAINST's Jon Hiltz on drums, not to mention recycled members of RORSCHACH, GREYHOUSE, TEEN BEATERS and BEAUTIFUL SKIN. Comparisons run to MISSION OF BURMA, BIG FLAME, WIRE, MINUTEMEN, PERE UBU, etc. (GERN BLANDSTEN)

"First Utterance"
GET 541-1 2xLP $16.65
Rock music only by association, and taking British folk as a point of departure, this twists and oozes like a vile bunch of snakes, pairing gorgeous melodies and expert playing to ecstatically altered vocals and vicious lyrics. Rape, murder, witchcraft and abuse cooked with raging madness, but delicately composed. This re-release of the first COMUS album also includes 3 bonus tracks which only appeared on a rare 1971 single. Gatefold sleeve, 180 gram audiophile vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

RRR 37-1 LP $7.55
When dogma becomes one's mama, they say. Metal percussion, electronic noise and conventional weapons. (RRR)

"Happy Ordeal"
DPROM 23-2 CD $11.30
This New York industrial group's latest release is a fine pastiche of experimental & ambient guitar, tape manipulations of found sound, environmental and spoken recordings, electronics and several other instruments. No clone sounds for these guys as they mine the subconcious in a very original and abstract manner. UK import. (DIRTER)

"All in Good Faith"
FUNCTIONAL 009-2 CD $11.00
This masterpiece was not available for a year but has finally been repressed! The most controversial CON-DOM album ever, containing 13 songs of praise including "Get Right with God" and "Jesus Penis." Comes with 24-page artwork booklet. German import. (FUNCTIONAL)

"Oh Ye Of Little Faith"
TESCO 7-7 7" $6.75
Perhaps the finest recording yet by this UK industrial artist, with two fair sized pieces taking on religion and patriotism through the medium of found sound and noise collage, somehow squeezed onto a 7" EP. Very nice fold-out sleeve, too. German import. (TESCO ORGANISATION)

"self titled"
LOUDER CONSPA1-4 cassette $5.00
The CHAMPS' Tim Green and Tim Soete (CONCENTRICK and SPACEY, respectively) create their own Skinner box experiment; in this case state-of the-art software vs. total lack of technology. The CONCENTRICK side features Mattel's '80s prodigy, the Synsonic Drums, plus a Micro-Moog, a DM5 drum brain, a sampler and no sequencing whatsoever. SPACEY employs the latest in pirated software to animate samples in an 18 minute cartoon of psonic mayhem. (LOUDER)

"Split K7"
LOUDER 2-4 cassette $5.45
Nine tracks of big beats and samples from ex NATION OF ULYSSES, current C4AMP5 guitar god Tim Green on side A. Check out "1 Million BPM's Per Second", and "The Good Foot is a Heavy Foot". DJ SPACEY SPACE-M (C4AMP5 drummist) fills side B with "Another Waste of Time, Right?" A twenty minute digital hardcore opus, sourcing off "Day of the Dead," NATION OF ULYSSES, "2001: A Space Odyssey," and "A Clockwork Orange" to name a few. Looking for a change of pace? This is essential. (LOUDER)

"Technological Shack Job"
F 011-2 CD $10.70
Over 60 minutes of the finest soundscapes to come from this American band. Carefully structured waves of noise and chilling samples, building into gargantuan walls of colliding rhythms. The many spoken soundbites, as well as their unusual-for-the-genre use of sung and whispered vocals, drip with cynicism, anger, and controversy, a slap in the face of the religious right and over-optimistic Cyber Hippy Utopians alike. Features guest appearance by LEE RANALDO. German import. (FUNCTIONAL)

"Face the Aggression"
GMM 110-2 CD $10.65
Boot boy alert! Check out this reissue of one of the classic UK oi albums of the 1980s! (GMM)

"The Boots Go Marching In"
GMM 111-2 CD $10.65
This CD collects 13 tracks from this famed UK oi band's early 7" releases. Booklet with lyrics. (GMM)

"Pushin' Up Daisies"
TOX LP7-1 12" EP $6.80
6 song (TOXIC SHOCK)

"Happiest Day of Her Life"
SFTRI 66-7 7" $4.00
These fun Australians hit with straightforward popster toe-tappers. 3 songs. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

FSCO 106-1 10" $7.00
FSCO 106-2 CD5 $6.90
Kid Congo Powers (of Gun Club fame) with Sally Norvell & others take you on excursions through desolate western ghost-towns; suffocating dirges of majestic neo-gothic torch songs. (FIASCO)

BSR 013-2 CD $7.75
Antiseen's Jeff Clayton and Rancid Vat's Phil Irwin join up with guitarist Mike Schuppe and some friends for a pack of scumfuck blues/punk biker anthems. (BALONEY SHRAPNEL)

"Teenage Nuremburg"
PURE -2 CD $8.00
Philip Best of Whitehouse and Ramleh coughs up some classic noise from '82 and '83. Shortwave radio and effects bounce, battle, and ballet about each other with blips becoming grumbles and neo-Nazi propaganda voices creeping in and out of the fray. (PURE)

"All My Friends are Dead"
ITR 029-2 CD $11.30
The first CD release of this classic of early Arizona punk, recorded in 1977. Eleven tracks delivered in 19 scorching minutes, all loaded with anger and pure nihilism! (IN THE RED)

"Split LP"
RAVEUP 10-1 LP $11.35
Amazing glam-punk from New Orleans in the vein of NEW YORK DOLLS or THE HEARTBREAKERS, recorded in 1976-77. This features their tracks from the classic "N.O. Experience Necessary" compilation, plus additional studio tracks and some great quality live tracks. Vintage photos, plus liner notes by bassist Brad Orgeron. Italian import. (RAVE UP)

"Grand Punk Railroad"
ARCD 21-2 CD $18.40
Hardcore/grindcore (or "Japcore" sez Dave Public Bath) from the Kansai region of Japan. (ALCHEMY)

SFTRI 91-7 7" $4.00
Hard, pounding rock from these Aussie headbangers. Melodic but still punchy as hell. 4 songs. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Self Titled"
SFTRI 30-7 7" $4.00
Hard guitar rock & roll from Down Under, with a haunting Stones-ish ballad thrown in for the hell of it. 3 songs. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Throwing Out the Baby with the Bathwater"
FUNCTIONAL 008-2 CD $11.00
Excellent brand new tracks bring you intense deep-atmosphere combined with ritual drumming, noisy elements and classical instrumentation with spoken lyrics. German import. (FUNCTIONAL)

"self titled"
INS 15-1 MLP $7.25
Warren Defever (His Name Is Alive, Princess Dragon-Mom, etc.) makes delicate, toylike elliptical chime patterns on keyboards, threaded through soft, rhythmic percussion. Play this at any speed for different effects. Minimal packaging. (INSIGNIFICANT)

MASO 90009-2 CD $11.60
Collection of gentler, melodic or ambient material, specially remixed for this release, gleaned from various out-of-print releases on the Dossier, Sub Rosa and Subterranean labels. (MATERIALI SONORI)

"Hog Floor"
SUB 67-1 LP $7.80
SUB 67-4 cassette $6.80
A retrospective of sorts, bringing together their original harshness and violence with their later rich melodic minimalism, covering 5 years of the group's history. All tracks are either previously unreleased or from out-of print releases. Cassette and CD versions have 3 extra compositions. Some LPs on color vinyl (SUBTERRANEAN)

"Songs from the Vault"
DV 21-2 CD $14.40
The long-awaited re-issue of two of their early recordings, "Headcrack" and "Music for Stolen Icons, Part 1," plus previously unreleased material and extended versions of older pieces. These range from highly experimental to extremely visceral, as well as a delicate ambience of an almost classical nature. German import. (DARK VINYL)

"The Drowning"
DV 14-2 CD $14.40
A new recording, but in the intense noise style of their early recordings. Very heavy, brutal stuff, and a real blast in both senses of the word! German import. (DARK VINYL)

"Night Shadows"
FF 004-2 CD $12.50
Controlled Bleeding uses electronics, percussion and voices to create a lush, exotic soundscape that evokes the rich sights, sounds and vitality of tropical Africa in their very beautiful 30 minute piece. Dive's Dirk Ivens uses rhythmic electronics with an insistent melody and whispered, spoken vocals in his darkly luminescent minimalism. Portugese import. (FAST FORWARD)

"The Controllers"
BA 1148-1 LP $9.10
BA 1148-2 CD $10.80
The first-ever full length collection of tracks by a band that was central to the 1977 Los Angeles punk scene. Includes their What and Siamese singles, the What Records sampler tracks, the "Tooth and Nail" tracks, plus a good selection of previously unreleased recordings and some stuff recorded years later when the band reformed for a short time. (BACCHUS ARCHIVES)

"3 Young Men"
ZIKS 009-2 CD $13.65
These 3 guys from Kyoto play pop music in a sort of early 80's new wave mode and sing in perfect English on most of the songs. Japanese import. (ZK RECORDS)

"Take A Relax"
MLCBTR 01-2 CD5 $7.75
Spacey and very imaginative, these four guys from Portland take the 70's prog thing in a laid back but instrumentally intricate direction, interwoven with natural sounds and bluesy vocals. (MISC. LABELS)

"So What if We're on Broken?"
SKIP 85-7 7" $4.00
Killer 3-chord working class punk anthems about the hazards of retail employment that have been likened to a cross between SLEATER KINNEY and COCK SPARRER. (BROKEN)

"Rokuonki '91-'92"
ZIKSBB 012-2 CD $9.65
Now out in a cheap US pressing, this CD has live performances from one of Japan's heaviest, most brutal garage-punk bands. Think noisy, powerful, hammer-headed punk rock. 16 songs, 60 minutes. (BLOODY BUTTERFLY)

AM 079-7 7" $4.20
AM 079-2 CD5 $7.00
Blistering Japanese hardcore with hints of ska, and bits of early SUICIDE MACHINES, SPAZZ and HI STANDARD. (ASIAN MAN)

"Best of"
DOUCE 810-1 2xLP $14.90
CARLO CORDARA represents a classic example of the strength and quality of the Italian easy listening scene in the '60s and '70s, who nevertheless declared himself as part of the avant-garde, roving freely between different styles, from guitar rock to flute-y cocktail lite, to breezy jazz-funk. Nice gatefold sleeve. (IRMA LA DOUCE)

"Dead End Memory Lane"
SKIP 65-2 CD $10.20
The "best of" the late, great REPLACEMENTS-meets-SUPERCHUNK noise-pop trio, including many previously unreleased songs. (BROKEN REKIDS)

"Jan Michael Vincent"
SKIP 29-7 7" $4.00
More melodic punk from this constantly touring San Francisco group. One song off their CD EP, plus an unreleased acoustic song. (BROKEN REKIDS)

SKIP 23-2 CD5 $6.55
Heavy, melodic Bay Area pop-punk, heavier than Superchunk, poppier than Husker Du, with guitar & vocals by ex-Hickoid Wade. West coast tour in May, national tour in late summer. Two previous singles, plus a split 7" with the Meices. (BROKEN REKIDS)

"self titled"
IN 04-7 7" $4.00
This huggable trio lays down two dynamic & catchy ditties. Overdriven vocals on the A side, a slow, desperate dirge that explodes into chaos on the flip, from the new kings of San Francisco noisepop. (INSIGNIFICANT)

"Four Principles on Ireland and Other Pieces"
AMPERE 7-2 CD $11.90
13 solo piano pieces by the English political/avant-garde composer. Clarity and eclecticism steeped in tradition and reformulated through poetry, folk ballads, melodies, and resistance songs of China and Ireland. With track notes by Cardew from the original 1975 release, new liner notes by Virginia Anderson, and previously unpublished photos. Italian import. (AMPERSAND)

"The End of the Beginning"
CFZ 01-1 12" $9.00
60s LA-type sound. Swedish import 4-song (MISC. LABELS)

VENTRICLE 10-2 CD $10.10
Seattle gothgirl and poet Maya Terry provides the words, sets the tone and lights the black candles for this very sinister slice of graveyard gloom'n'doom, with electronics whiz Kelly Thistle again laying on a blanket of appropriate atmospherics. (VENTRICLE)

"Creation a Child"
AK 113-1 LP $17.25
AK 113-2 CD $13.00
Heavy, huge, Texas psych/blues guitar rock from 1970, originally out on the Acorn label. LP on 180 gram virgin vinyl. Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Split EP"
KINDBUD 02-7 7" pic disc $6.30
Ultrabrutal, vomitaceous grind mayhem from Osaka's CORRUPTED and Orange County's PHOBIA on a full color picture disc. (DEAF AMERICAN)

"self titled"
MR 032-7 7" $4.65
Beer-soaked "fuck you" delerium from Down Under with a barf-in-your-face delicacy. Edition of 2000 on clear-lime vinyl (MAN'S RUIN)

DDR 511-2 CD $11.90
Long psychedelic blues jams with crazed fuzz guitar solos from this Los Angeles band who recorded this at the 1972 Spring Crater Celebration Diamond Head in Oahu. Members included Drake Levin (PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS, FRIENDSOUND), Joel Christie (LEE MICHAELS BAND), and Dale Loyola (HOOK). Released on the Hawaii-based label Volcano, only a handful of original copies are known. Euro import. (DODO)

"Volume One"
VISION 31-1 12" EP $6.65
Thrilling tribal industrial house dub. Four brand new beats by Knut Remond of 16-17 and Voice Crack fame: this is for DJs who dare! (VISION)

"Glass Brothers 1993-1994"
BLB 041-2 CD $10.45
Three brothers who want to be Merzbow but listen to too much T Rex. Noise! Suits! Eyes aflame! Wild sounds that fall flat on the floor, falling short of the mark of decency and greatness! (BULB)

"New Friends 99"
IN 10-7 7" $4.00
The country's leading neo-no-wave band continues their no-fi guitar assault and even takes a stab at something called songwriting. They are, after all, experts. (INSIGNIFICANT)

"self titled"
SFTRI 395-2 CD $9.65
Terri and Leslie from Red Aunts join Clawhammer's Jon Wahl and a couple of other friends to rummage around in Doo Rag, Beefheart, and even Residents territory, combining their talents to create something that's by turns frantic, brutal and bent. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Sorry Charlie"/"The Allligator"
TR 024-7 7" $4.00
Fronted by truly crazed Mummies and Phantom Surfers drummer Rusty Quan, this numerically reversed outfit roars through 2 choice mid-'60s nuggets including a Wailers-style pounder and a frat house dance staple, putting their unique, if illegible stamp on both. (TELSTAR)

"Rip It Up"/"Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl?"
SUMPP 01-7 7" $4.00
New and way-lo-fi single by this well liked garage band who belong to the pantheon of garage rockers who wear the tricorner hat. (SUMPPI WERTHIMER)

"Devil Take Me"
DILL 021-7 7" $4.00
Raging skacore with warm, fuzzy guitar and plenty of horns. Real edgy and raw, with lots of passionate vocals. 4 songs. (DILL)

"Wounded Knee Polka"/"Lucky's Lullabye"
EF 1002-7 7" $4.15
Hot "hillbilly jive," crazy "country jazz," rolling "rockabilly rhythm." Whatever you want to call it, these cat have got it! Half of Big Sandy's Fly-Rite boys and some of their friends (including an wesome steel guitarist) fire up a sound not heard since Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant. Great hi-fi sound on blue vinyl. (ECCO-FONIC)

"Electric Music for the Mind and Body"
VANGUARD 79244-1 LP $17.25
Their first, best and definitely most stoned album, originally released in 1967, with most of their best-known songs. Original artwork, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (VANGUARD)

"Here We Are Again"
VANGUARD 79299-1 LP $17.25
Their 4th album, released in 1969, continued the move in a pop direction, especially on songs like "Here I Go Again." At this point, the group consisted only of Joe and Barry plus studio musicians, and it shows. Original artwork, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (VANGUARD)

"I Feel Like I'm Fixin' to Die"
VANGUARD 79266-1 LP $17.25
The famous 2nd album by this legendary Berkeley folk-rock-psychedelic combo, originally released in 1967. This includes the studio version of the biting anti-war title song, plus Joe's beautiful song to Janis Joplin and more. Original artwork with giant full-color "Fish game." 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (VANGUARD)

"Live at Fillmore West 1969"
VSD 139-1 2xLP $25.60
One of the most acclaimed and researched sessions of the last 30 years, where the band was joined onstage by STEVE MILLER, JERRY GARCIA and MICKEY HART. A superb 3 panel gatefold edition. 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Rag Baby EPs"
AK 2019-1 3x7" $26.25
AK 919-2 CD $19.15
Songs released 1965-71 as 7" tracks to go along with the legendary underground folkie-hippie magazine Rag Baby, which Joe was closely involved with. These 10 tracks include alternative versions of some of their best known tunes that showed up on the band's later LPs. 7"s packed in a box with the original sleeve art, plus liner notes and lyrics. The CD is also in a deluxe box, with liner notes and lyrics. Italian import. (AKARMA)

VANGUARD 79277-1 LP $17.25
A reissue of the 3rd album by the psychedelic legends, still well rooted in their classic acid/blues/folk style but this time with some additional influences. Original artwork, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (VANGUARD)

"A Reflection of Changing Times"
AK171-2 4xCD $38.55
This collects 4 complete albums, first out on Vanguard between 1970 and 1973: "Tonight I'm Singing Just for You," "Hold On It's Coming" (recorded in England in 1971 with original FLEETWOOD MAC guitarist Peter Green, Spencer Davis, and other British musicians), the 1971 album of folky anti-war songs "War War War," and the 1973 release "Paris Sessions" (featuring members of THE FISH and BIG BROTHER & THE HOLDING COMPANY). The large booklet includes lyrics, bio, discography, photos and liner notes. Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Tonight I'm Singing Just for You"
AK 171-1 LP $17.25
Joe's 2nd solo album after the end of COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH, this folky, singer/songwriter effort was recorded in Nashville, and includes 10 very personal originals plus his cover of JOHNNY CASH's "Ring of Fire." First out on Vanguard in 1970. Original artwork, with lyrics and liner notes by the producer. 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Free Range Chicken"
TR 4-1 LP $8.75
TR 4-2 CD $9.85
Pure down home country rockin', strummin' & sangin' in the styles of Hank Williams, Carl Perkins or Bob Wills! Totally groovin', with guest appearances by Alex Chilton & a host of others. (TELSTAR)

"Country Teasers"
CRYPT 060-1 LP $8.85
CRYPT 060-2 CD $10.20
This lovely 10-song item, a crude, rude, irreverent brand of usually misogynistic, hard-boiled Country music and garage slop; out-of-tune C&W slide-guitar twang wrestling with an ungodly mix of early Fall/ "Historia"-era Pussy Galore/ Billy Childish blend displaying a rare moment of sensitivity in their cover of Tammy Wynette's "Stand By Your Man" as well as a crack cover of Lee Marvin's "Wandering Star" rewritten as the world-weary "Wandering Black Cloud" - and 8 originals. CD has the 2 tracks from the debut 7". (CRYPT)

"Satan Is Real Again"
CRYPT 066-1 LP $8.85
CRYPT 066-2 CD $10.20
The 13-cut 2nd album from London's finest. The Teasers AIN'T your typical Crypt sound; hell, they almost fit in and could even appeal to "garage" hating indie rock types. A high concept album, mixing up a wide variety of trickery ("Kashmir" and Joy Division cops on a Crypt record?!) and scathing social rants that shall have people scratching their heads and mighty confused. But, let it crawl under your skin and you'll find yourself hooked. (CRYPT)

"4 Giga"
ZIKS 040-2 CD $12.50
The newest album by Japan's COWPERS has them expanding their explosive, churning sound into more sophisticated musical realms of changing tempos, expressive dissonance, and longer songs, but ironically this only enhances their ability to yank at the heartstrings of the listener. Clear, glistening production lets you enjoy every drop of guitar distortion and every nuance of their blistering punk intensity. You'll be yelling along in no time! Japanese import. (ZK RECORDS)

"Metal Bowl"
ZIKS 026-1 12" EP $8.40
4 explosive cuts from 4 supercharged Japanese punk rockers with something to scream about. Cathartic energy, metal edginess to the guitars, true ability to rock, and readiness to burst into explosive noise-chaos at any moment put this a cut above the American emo and punk bands that COWPERS most resemble. A crushing record. Japanese import. (ZK RECORDS)

"Split EP"
ZIKS 034-7 7" $5.15
Blindingly high-energy emocore with some real edge, singable melodies, and even a touch of twang from the Swedish band HIM KEROSENE's 2 songs. Japan's COWPERS takes the heart-rending emotion even further on their melodic but powerful blur of a song on side 2. Yellow vinyl. Japanese import. (ZK RECORDS)

"Split EP"
ZIKS 030-7 7" $5.15
Boise, Idaho's STUNTMAN gets their special sound from their two guitar players whose serpentine parts intertwine as their dual vocals double the power of their emo-melodics. Great casio-keyboard intro and outro to a pounding punk rock song. Japan's COWPERS deliver a hard-hitting HUSKER DU-esque catharsis on side 2. Blue vinyl. Japanese import. (ZK RECORDS)

"Off the Wagon and Back in the Saddle"
DND 004-2 CD $9.50
Twelve of the most goddamn lyin', cryin', cheatin' & drinkin' cowstompers this side of Granpa's cheesebarn, full o' truck stop waitresses, hell bent buckaroos and shit-faced raunch hands. (DRINK N DRIVE)

"Ole One Eye"/"Heyday"
DD 022-7 7" $4.35
The first European release by the kings of cowbilly garage. Tons o' twang an' downhome attitude; two catchy originals. Belgian import. (DEMOLITION DERBY)

"Spine Snapper"
SFTRI 496-7 7" $4.00
Two long-time staples of their live sets, cowpunkabilly songs about underage love and the bossa nova, recorded in twangy garage beat-o-rama. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

SH 518-2 CD $10.30
Booze-fuelled roadhouse, in-yer-face punkabilly and twisted country tales, including a LINK WRAY instro and an ARKY BLUE & THE BLUE COWBOYS country obscurity. Their 5th full album, and about as much hard country twang rock'n'roll as you can shake a whiskey bottle at. (SHAKE IT)

SHAKE 520-2 CD $10.30
More shit-kickin' country stomp from these veteran rockers. An authentic, twang-soaked country sound, punk attitude and goofy, good-time sense of humor that'll get the joint jumpin' in no time flat. (SHAKE IT)

"That's Truckdrivin'"
SFTRI 364-1 10" $7.70
SFTRI 364-2 CD $9.65
Three smokin' originals and three covers dedicated to the guys that keep the big rigs rollin'. Pass the bennies and keep the java coming with some fine country/punkabilly! CD with 3 extra tracks. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"The Cowboy Way"
SHAKE 707-7 7" $4.00
Total country-western coolness, with a rockabillified original on one side & a swingin' Hank Williams cover on the other. (SHAKE IT)

"West Virginia Dog Track Boogie"
SHAKE 512-2 CD $10.40
After blasting thru 2000+ copies of their self-released CD, and following on the heels of their European tour in support of Fistful of Pesetas" from RnR, Inc (Spain), the boyz are back Stateside and continuing to build a following thru constant touring. They've burned their mark into impressionable young minds with a slew of garage/alt-country releases on Estrus, SFTRI, Demolition Derby, Man's Ruin, etc. For those of you that have already been baptized in 'Slinger fiery swill, here's another helpin'! For those of you that ain't, well it's time to jump in with both feet, brother! (SHAKE IT)

"Maskarado K.O."
RON 021-1 LP pic disc $10.00
Newcastle's masked desperados of rawk'n'roll wrestling invade Glasgow and fuckin' level the place. Their full set was recorded live with kick-ass sound, no overdubs, and no apologies! Full color picture disc in heavy clear vinyl sleeve, Italian import. (ROCKIN' BONES)

"The Coyote Men vs. El Mundo"
ES 1256-2 CD $10.10
Newcastle, UK's undisputed champions of masked Mexican r'n'r mayhem tag team the savage edged whomp of THE SONICS, with the depth-charged demeanor of THE DICTATORS and dish out some of the most crazed size 12 waffle stomp to the face doses of animalistic Cromagnon g-punk spunk this side o Tijuana, dig? (ESTRUS)

"Call of the Coyoteman"
ES 7125-7 2x7" $6.20
Hide yer chicks and geetar picks cuz New Castle, England's dirty-mouthed anti-dandy's are on the prowl! Fang-bearin' fission of psycho-SONICS garage and 100% skull-crackin' sidewalk punk. Limited to 1000 copies. (ESTRUS)

"Anything & Everything"
IPU 62-7 7" $3.85
A minimal pop guitar/drums duo from Eugene OR, they do 3 songs including a cover of Lee Hazelwood's "Sugar Town." (K)

"Every Night Saturday Night"
SFTRI 646-2 CD $9.65
13 siren songs of death, love and sweet unbridled soul from this houserockin' R&B-laced Austin band. (SYMPATHY)

MT 160-7 7" $4.00
Portland pop-punk sometimes compared to Dinosaur Jr. 3 songs. (eMpTy RECORDS)

"self titled"
MT 179-1 LP $8.85
MT 179-2 CD $9.65
Popular Portland band's first full album; these guys get compared to Sonic Youth & Husker Du. (eMpTy RECORDS)

"Tin Toy"
MT 239-1 10" $7.00
MT 239-2 CD5 $7.25
A live-in-the-studio, minimal-production thingie featuring their trademark distorted guitars, fresh harmonies and hook-y melodies. (eMpTy RECORDS)

"Crafty Ladies Christmas"
HARLOD 1-7 7" $4.00
Mostly older women from San Francisco's Recreation Center for the Handicapped sing 7 Christmas songs and carols, a capella or with piano accompaniment. Kinda goofy, yeah, but what the hell. (HARLOD)

"A Date with Elvis"
VENGEANCE 671-1 LP $9.70
VENGEANCE 671-2 CD $11.40
The only album recorded as a 3-piece from 1985, with Poison Ivy doubling on bass. Sociopathic advice, paeans to poontang, and a soulful cover of CHARLIE FEATHER's "It's Just That Song." 4 bonus tracks on the CD include "Get Off the Road" (theme from Z-movie "She-Devils on Wheels") and 3 stark rockabilly ballads including ANDY STARR's frighteningly horny "Give Me a Woman." Knif purple vinyl. (VENGEANCE)

"Big Beat from Badsville"
VENGEANCE 674-1 LP $9.70
VENGEANCE 674-2 CD $11.40
A haul-ass careening monster of a record from 1997 with songs of mutilation, shape-shifting, she-devil-worship and pussy. The CD includes 4 rare bonus tracks: the nutty audio inkblot "Confessions of a Psycho Cat" and Poison Ivy's chilling instro blast "Peter Gunn." LP on blood red vinyl. (VENGEANCE)

"Look Mom, No Head!"
VENGEANCE 673-1 LP $9.70
VENGEANCE 673-2 CD $11.40
Rock'n'roll in full regalia, with celebrations of intoxication and sexual prowess from 1991. Includes "Dames, Booze, Chains and Boots" from the movie "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me," a torchy take on JACK NITZSCHE's slow-fuck blues "Hardworkin' Man," cross-dressing classic "I Wanna Get in Your Pants," and a duet with IGGY POP on "Miniskirt Blues." CD bonus track is the wonderfully sloppy "Jelly Roll Rock." Slime green vinyl. (VENGEANCE)

VENGEANCE 669-1 LP $9.70
VENGEANCE 669-2 CD $11.40
Over-the-top live show from down-under, recorded at the 100th show of the 1986 tour. Released incognito in 1987 on limited import vinyl LP to compete with the glut of CRAMPS bootlegs. Get dixie-fried! CD includes 3 bonus tracks. Strange orange vinyl. (VENGEANCE)

"Smell of Female"
VENGEANCE 670-1 LP $9.70
VENGEANCE 670-2 CD $11.40
Recorded at the famous Peppermint Lounge in 1983. Distills a cross of swampwater, moonshine and nitro down to a dangerous unstable musical substance, captured LIVE like a crazed animal. Extra tracks include out-of control freakouts of "Beautiful Gardens" and "She Said" plus "Surfin' Dead" (from 1984 soundtrack "Return of the Living Dead"). Smello yellow vinyl. (VENGEANCE)

"Stay Sick!"
VENGEANCE 672-1 LP $9.70
VENGEANCE 672-2 CD $11.40
Sex-classic originally released in 1990. The dark side of rockabilly in a jugular vein. Hopped-up hog-wild covers include a version of perverse rarity "Her Love Rubbed Off" (the only song that CARL PERKINS was admittedly ashamed of writing), plus action-packed originals celebrating kamikaze thrill seeking and scary sexy she-creatures. Pure jungle music. A favorite among rock'n'roll sickos worldwide. The CD now includes a total of 6 bonus tracks (3 new). Turn blue vinyl. (VENGEANCE)

EEE 9-2 CD $12.30
This exceptionally beautiful release features 11 pieces, all part of a much larger composition. Very artfully constructed and interlinked sounds, both artificial and natural, take the listener on a fascinating, constantly moving sonic journey. The CD booklet folds out into a great poster, too. Italian import. (MUSICA MAXIMA MAGNETICA)

"Koitlaransk & Ration Skalk"
eee 25-2 CD $11.30
A CD re-release of the first 1985 LP by this famous German duo, with the addition of their extremely limited 1985 cassette release, "Ration Skalk." The very extensive, finely done cover and booklet graphics, as well as the dark, claustrophobic sounds are inspired by and dedicated to J.G. Ballard. Italian import. (MUSICA MAXIMA MAGNETICA)

"Vibrate With..."
MUSICK 007-2 CD $11.00
The biggest sensation in Boston, not just another neo-rockabilly band, but a distinct formula calling on the cool of ORBISON, the energy of early BEATLES, the virtue of BUDDY HOLLY, the yearning of JOHNNY BURNETTE, the hard luck of CONWAY TWITTY, and the balls of a thousand LINK WRAYs. Paint-peeling screams, flawless 3-part harmonies, vintage sounds, joyous abandon, heartbreaking innocence. Features the main members of Boston's premiere surf band, THE FATHOMS. (MUSICK)

NEM 27-7 7" $4.00
Kinda like the Minutemen meet Husker Du, these guys rock hard, noisy and funky. 6-song (NEMESIS)

CHARNCD 3-2 CD $10.70
The first full CD by this powerful, tribal percussive group. Rhythmic drums propel the guitarist and dual vocalists through an hour of exhausting, blissful music. (CHARNEL HOUSE)

"In the Labyrinth of the Master"
VC 103-7 7" $5.40
More wild, energetic percussiveness, in a super-colorful, eye-catching gatefold sleeve. Cool lock-groove at no extra charge. Hide your pets. (VINYL COMMUNICATIONS)

CHARNS 3-7 7" $4.00
The out of print teaser 7" for the Triplemania II CD, some dip- shit distro returned these and only a few are left. (CHARNEL HOUSE)

"Triplemania II"
CH 10S-2 CD $10.10
Back in print at long last, this time in a standard jewel case at a lower price, but with a nifty clear insert for that 3-D effect. (CHARNEL HOUSE)

"Triplemania II"
CH 10-4 cassette $6.45
CH 10-2 CD deluxe $11.30
The long-awaited new studio album is finally here! Eleven new songs and a full hour of intricate rhythmic constructions and percussion, eerie sounds, discordian tracks and ringing guitars to transport the listener into the unique alternate dimension of sensuality that Crash Worship personifies. Special screen printed, full color, fold-out packaging with real copper plate insets, complete with liner notes. (CHARNEL HOUSE)

"Split EP"
NL 013-7 7" $4.15
Two takes on "heavy," as Craw goes for the big bass thud and Primitive opts for nervous, noisy guitars and shouted vocals. (NO LIE)

POVERCUN 01-1 10" $7.10
Industrial noise & found sound collages, packed in hand painted & decorated sleeves. No two are alike! Numbered edition of 300. (POVERTECH)

PVRCD 1-2 CD $7.15
This Sacramento experimental-industrial artist uses sound manipulation and noise of all types to produce a variety of pieces ranging in a spectrum from dark ambient to very experimental. (POVERTECH)

"Everyone Gets What They Deserve"
CIPCD 02-2 CD $10.10
Electronic compositions from one of the more thoughtful artists on the current scene. Drones, harmonies, textures, soundscapes, found sounds, flow one into another, always fresh and interesting. (CRIPPLED INTELLECT)

"Proprietary Acoustics"
PURE 36-2 CD $8.00
The kingpin of Sacramento noise throws out sheets of turbulence, bombs of squall, and shards of screech on these live and studio recordings. (PURE)

"Stop Listening"
GF 008-2 CD $7.75
Five nicely textured electronic noise pieces, organic in that they seem to grow and evolve as we listen, gentle and meditative even when they become loud. (GROUND FAULT)

"The Future in Reverse"
PVRCD 04-2 CD $9.50
Organic power ambience and textural fields of sound from this well-known Northern California noise artist. Full color digipak. (POVERTECH)

"Vs. Silence"
BEACH 008-2 CD $9.50
A quiet midnight stroll through the Crawl Unit universe of sonic ambience. Distant, thundering avalanches, rushing mechanisms and industrial drones echo gently and build into great walls of sound. (POVERTECH)

"Split EP"
CIP 007-7 7" $5.15
Droning ambience from CRAWL UNIT, and roaring environmental sound from VERTONEN. Gray vinyl. (CRIPPLED INTELLECT)

"Principles of Exclusion"
VACCD 03-2 CD $11.00
An overwhelmingly brutal grind/industrial/metal/noise/punk amalgam that makes Skinny Puppy sound like Pet Shop Boys. Unremitting violence and intensity. Canadian import. (FREEDOM IN A VACUUM)

"I am Telephoning a Star"
ASP 31-2 CD $10.70
Fifteen ritualistic magic spells cast by this DIY-experimental duo, largely delicate but tense Harry Partch-like percussion, impeccably and closely recorded to capture every grain of sonic detail, or ethereally processed and edited so as to render them unrecognizable. Occasional snatches of something akin to normal music get swallowed by meditative waves of ambience, and found-text bits are collaged and short-circuited. (ASP (CA))

"Lavender Bobby"
CWTLB 001-7 7" $4.25
I dunno if this exactly falls into the Beat Happening "love rock" camp or not, but if not it comes damn close. Four engaging, very poetic songs. (ASP (CA))

"Mayten's Throw"
ASP 23-2 CD $9.50
Multi-instrumental pieces by Suzanne Dycus and Michael Gendreau, composed with care and attention to the details of each sound. They vary from highly abstract and academic to mutant melodies and songs; all are entrancing for those who take the time to listen. (ASP (CA))

"Operas 3 and 4"
ASP 27-2 CD $10.10
In the tradition of Grand Surface Noise Operas nos. 1 & 2, there are now Grand Surface Operas nos. 3 & 4. Amateur and institutional records from the '40s to the early '80s are combined with occasional percussion and other noises in a live real-time collage. (ASP (CA))

CWTO 01-1 LP $8.40
This Bay Area performance duo created the four pieces here using 78 RPM record players and one-of-a-kind amateur-cut disks from the period 1930 50, and the resulting surface noise becomes part of the composition. Various instruments are added, playing off the sounds in a very unique manner. (ASP (CA))

"Sarajevo Center Metal Doors"
RZD 019-2 CD $10.10
Three graphic-score/chance score pieces recorded live at Mills College in Oakland. Acoustic, with the exception of shortwave radio, these completely controlled compositions rely primarily upon motors, scrap metal, styrofoam, and, on the 36-minute title track, free-jazz-esqe trombone and violin. (REALIZATION)

"Solitude Smokestack Head"
SFTRI 54-7 7" $4.00
These potheads toke up and just say Yes with a psychedelic good riddance to rubbish to the 80's. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

SFTRI 118-2 CD $9.65
66 minutes of jazz-dosed improv with rock-tragic detours and the lure of clear space. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Self Destruct"/"I Wanna Kill You"
SFTRI 83-7 7" $4.00
The first release from this young Australian punk band sports lots of great '77-style riffs. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

GFC 404-1 LP $17.25
A re-issue of the only album by this Canadian cult psychedelic band, first out in 1968 on Condor. The brainchild of the mysterious, KIM FOWLEY-esque Johnny Kitchen, who went on to work with WILD MAN FISCHER and other bizarre West Coast projects. 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (GEAR FAB)

"self titled"
OR 1385-1 LP $8.85
Members of the Mommyheads, False Sacrament, Lost Goat, and the Sarnos for a completely unexpected album of surging free improvisation. Wordless vocalizing, homemade instruments, electric piano, clarinet, drums and strange, harrowing noises create a continuous piece with surprisingly concerted moments of group telepathy. (OR)

"How Does It Feel to Feel"
GET 519-1 LP $12.55
"Our music is red with purple flashes," said lead guitarist Eddie Phillips in 1966. In their massive spread in Ugly Things #15, this '60s British band was called "A thrilling collision between the flair and aggression of Mod and the technicolor experimentation of early Psychedelia; their best recordings are pure Pop Art: bold, direct, colorful: BIFF! BANG! POW!" These 12 cuts are culled from their 1967 album "We are Paintermen," plus some 1968 singles cuts and four rare tracks. 180 gram audiophile vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"The Singles Collection"
GET 518-1 LP $12.55
A collection of all 6 singles released in the UK by this great British mod/psychedelic band. 180 gram audiophile vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Stuffed Hostage"
WOT 400298t-1 12" $9.60
Four tracks from Martin Paterson, aka DJ Pax (brother of Alex Paterson of ORB fame). Italian import. (WOT 4)

"1000 Shadows"
DION 1222-2 CD $10.80
From Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley, this group is heavily influenced by mid 60's underground band's like the Yardbirds, the Animals, and 13th Floor Elevators. (DIONYSUS)

DION 733-7 7" $4.35

"Wonders of Giardia Vol. 3"
VIRUS 232-1 LP $8.85
VIRUS 232-2 CD $10.50
This is the band DEAD AND GONE with a new singer, and continues with their abrasive, raw and moody dissonance fuelled by bass-driven rhythms, wailing vocals, thundering drums and noise-damaged guitar. This album is also a benefit for the Haight Ashbury Youth Outreach Team. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"Music for Decay"
TR 0014-2 CD $11.45
The great rumbling of cell division. Angelic male voices slowly moving in and out converging in hallelujah. Voices from the possible future. From its fetal opening to its intense and disturbing metamorphosis, this hauntingly cinematic CD draws the listener in with its emotional/evocative depth, astounds with its perfectionistic attention to detail and commitment to strikingly original aural dreamscapes. (TEGAL)

ALP 80-2 CD $11.20
Decidedly more rockist than their EP, this domestic rerelease of this UK group's Skullflower-meets-Flying Saucer Attack 1995 debut album wails on levels at once both soaring and stumbling. (ATAVISTIC)

"self titled"
ALP 41-1 10" $9.25
ALP 41-2 CD5 $8.60
Kinda like a train wreck of Flying Saucer Attack and Skullflower, this UK band throws together heavy guitar atmospherics, noise, and a bludgeoning attack that really rocks. Their US debut, the've previously had an album and 2 7"s on the Planet label in England. (ATAVISTIC)

AK 182-1 LP $17.25
AK 182-2 CD $13.00
The debut album by this British progressive rock group, out on Vertigo in 1970, led by the guitar and vocals of Angus Cullen. Neo-classical, jazz, rock and folk made into a refined whole, keeping the complex music contained within shorter songs that the group would expand on the second album. For fans of early GENESIS, CARAVAN and SOFT MACHINE. Original artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Burnin' Rubber Outta Hell's Garage"
MCP 012-2 CD $8.90
The cover has a guitar amp in flames, and that about sums up how this fucker just plain burns, baby. Not really punk, but just plain kick ass old fashioned rock'n'roll of the southern fried variety, with the volume set on 11 and the distortion just shy of blowing the speakers. (WOUNDUP)

"Gonna Do It Tonite"
WOUNDCAJ 02-7 7" $4.25
Lowdown punk with a big, crunchy guitar sound and a knack for those catchy, late '70s-style melodies. Four cool songs you'll wanna go back to. (WOUNDUP)

"self titled"
SEIZURE 1-2 CD $10.60
A self-released CD by this new Texas-based heavy psych-tweak-experimental unit which may be further out than any other band from that scene. Call it bite-down, hard-fucked-up drug music with endless possibilities. (UNCLE BUZZ)

"She is Church"
WIN 029-2 CD $10.45
A surreal journey into a rumbling dungeon of horror from solo bassist Devin Sarno (also of WALDO THE DOG FACED BOY) who as CRIB has shared the bill with THURSTON MOORE, CHARLES GAYLE, BLONDE REDHEAD, MERZBOW, Z'EV, and MIKE WATT. Subsonics, repetition, enveloping sound environments, mood, space, his first full length release. (W.I.N.)

"Hate Us or Love Us, We Don't Give a Fuck"
OTD 005-1 LP $8.40
Finally, a Crime album that isn't a bootleg, but is still as overwhelmingly raw, rude and loud as the original band. The ultimate, never-equalled epitome of punk! Also includes two, never-before released songs from their 2nd ever performance, plus Frankie Fix interviews 6 year old Amber, and KSAN djs read the Crime Manifesto! (REPENT)

ISG 003-7 7" $4.60
How can you refuse a band with a name like THE CRIME KAISERS, brought to you all the way from Germany, and sounding somewhere between some raw, obnoxious Killed By Death detonation and catchy, slicing garage pop. (Or maybe it just sounds like THE SCORPIONS?) 4 great songs done up KAISER STYLE. (INTENSIVE SCARE)

"Burning Flesh and Broken Fingers"
ADELINE 004-1 LP $8.85
ADELINE 004-2 CD $10.50
Their 2nd album, featuring current and ex-members of BLATZ, THE GR'UPS, HI-FIVES, RED #5 and BLACK CAT MUSIC. Loud, fast and pissed-off tunes, perfect for riots, political upheavals and various other felonies. (ADELINE)

"Bowery Butterflies"
MUNSTER 193-1 LP $12.55
MUNSTER 193-2 CD $11.90
The 1978 demo recordings by former NEW YORK DOLL Sylvain Sylvain's group that persuaded RCA to sign him in '79, and in his opinion superior to the major label solo recordings. Licensed and supervised by Sylvain himself, with great liner notes by DOLLS/THUNDERS/SYLVAIN biographer Nina Antonia. LP on heavy 220 gram vinyl with gatefold sleeve, CD in gatefold wallet. Spanish import. (MUNSTER)

"The Kids are Back"/"The Cops are Coming"
MR 7131-7 7" $5.70
A re-issue of the 1978 single by Sylvain Sylvain's post-NEW YORK DOLLS outfit, originally released on the Sing Sing label. Original artwork, with a hard stock jacket. Spanish import. (MUNSTER)

"Tomorrow's Too Late"
ND 13-2 CD5 $5.40
One of the Bay Area's most pissed off punk combos, well-known for their Lookout album "Never Been Caught," lets 'er rip on 6 new songs including "I Want to Stab You with Something Rusty," "You're Going to Look so Good Unconscious," a NEGATIVE APPROACH cover and even an ambient-dub remix!?!?! (NEW DISORDER)

"Greatest Hits Vol. 1"
VC 46-2 CD $9.00
25 of their favorite songs, culled from their LP (now out of print) and from their very numerous singles and compilation cuts. These guys virtually defined the phrase "catchy pop-punk." (VINYL COMMUNICATIONS)

"Live in Europe"
VC 29-7 7" $3.80
Four live cuts recorded in England & Germany. (VINYL COMMUNICATIONS)

"Perversion is Their Destiny"
VC 5-7 7" $3.80
Quick thrash alternates with melodic punk in their vinyl debut. 6 songs. (VINYL COMMUNICATIONS)

VC 32-7 7" $3.80
Four previously unreleased studio tracks from this recently departed band. (VINYL COMMUNICATIONS)

"Tikki Tikki Tembo No Sa Rembo Chari Bari Ruchi Pip Peri Pembo"
VC 96-2 CD $9.35
The 2nd volume of Cringer (direct anscestor of J Church, in case you don't know) back catalog to be re-released on CD, this includes the entire LP, plus their 1st two 7"s, "Perversion is Their Destiny" and "Zen Flesh Zen Bones." (VINYL COMMUNICATIONS)

"Time For a Little Something"
VC 23-7 7" $3.80
Noise, thrash, big guitar anthems and politics bubble around in their pop punk stew. Big, elaborate, fold-out lyric insert with lotsa graphics, too. 4 songs. (VINYL COMMUNICATIONS)

"Zen Flesh, Zen Bones"
VC 8-7 7" $3.80
Melodic punk with some interesting turns and intelligent, thoughtful lyrics. 6 songs + lyrics & psychedelic art. (VINYL COMMUNICATIONS)

"Misantropo a Senso Unico"
DEAFAM 011-2 CD $8.90
Unrelenting, full-on violence, ultrafast hatecore, filthy raw punk, noisecore nihilism, and brutal, misanthropic grind in the latest release from this veteran Italian band, still going strong since 1988! 16 page booklet of rants and lyrics! (DEAF AMERICAN)

"One More for the Bad Guys"
ID 123395-1 LP $9.10
ID 123395-2 CD $10.80
New, young hooligans representing the forgotten Missouri garage scene (bands such as UNTAMED YOUTH and THE REVELATORS). Lowdown blues, raw garage, minimalist punk, growling fun, and high energy; rock and roll! Youth gone wild! (DIONYSUS)

"Ivo Peho!"
SW 58-7 7" $4.35
Raging '80s style hardcore, complete with a non-stop barrage of politicized skate thrash, driving speedcore riffing, and a big Boston HC influence. This Maryland band has ignited a new wave of East Coast hardcore; find out why by listening to these 6 new blasts of youth-fueled mayhem. (SIX WEEKS)

WRENCH 11-7 7" $4.55
Those of you who dug the first CRISPY NUTS 7" will have cause to celebrate with the release on Wrench Records from these Tokyo girl-fronted punks. A pure adrenaline rush of pounding, fuzzy, melodic fury on 4 songs, including a SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS cover. UK import. (WRENCH)

"Someone Walked Over My Grave"
ID 074579-7 7" $4.35
Ed Wood's portentous psychic sings on side one, on a recording taken from an unreleased late 50's acetate. On the flip, Paul "Kelton the cop" Marco, another Ed Wood pal, does his haunted house routine, backed by "unknown LA talent Uncle Dale." The original 50's artwork is used, too! (DIONYSUS)

"The Legendary Criswell Predicts Your Incredible Future"
DEC 1-2 CD $10.70
That spooky guy who rose out of the coffin in "Plan 9 From Outer Space" tells us all about the future, with 42 minutes of nonsequitur gems like "I predict that we will have found out that we are a captive planet, and have moved into the powerful orbit of Mars!" (MAD DEADLY WORLDWIDE COMMUNIST GANGSTER COMPUTER GOD)

"self titled"
MR 058-7 7" $4.65
Pounding drums, apocalyptic guitars and keening female vocals unite to create an atmosphere of impending doom. Reminiscent of Discharge and New York City's legendary Nausea. (MAN'S RUIN)

"The Cocaine Wars"
PESS 34-2 CD $11.30
30 tracks of the rawest thrash, the first full album by these Los Angeles heavyweights after 5 years of numerous singles, split releases and compilation tracks. (PESSIMISER)

GRAVITY 33-1 12" EP $6.30
GRAVITY 33-2 CD5 $6.55
Really fast, truly original, free-jazz-inspired, greatly skilled and at times incomprehensible abstract prog-hardcore from Washington DC. (GRAVITY)

GET 1023-1 LP $12.55
An obscure album from a lost tribe. Austin Grasmere and Brian Elliot lead the rites in winter 1968. Primordial, wild and heavy! Original cover! Pressed on 180 gram audiophile vinyl. Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Cloverleaf Fandango"
REV 002-2 CD $8.90
Yeehaw, good buddy! Here's some scumsuckin' trucker cowpunk, for anyone who loves down home truckin' tunes, country western, punk rock, gettin' drunk and gettin' lewd, not necessarily in that order. (REVENGE)

"Drinkin, Fightin, Fuckin & Truckin!"
HOTROD 97101-7 7" $4.00
Four misplaced shitkickers from sordid pasts somehow took a wrong exit on that long hard highway-o'-life and got stuck in S.F. playing for gas money and trucker speed. Diesel fueled, oil soaked, just plain rippin' 18 wheeler fever. Like the SUPERSUCKERS with soul. Taste the asphalt. Cool full color cover, lyrics, and nudity, what more could you want? (HOTROD)

"Neurotic Organization"
PRANK 037-7 7" $4.35
Dark and bleak hardcore from Tokyo cornered in metallic rock and influenced by UK bands like ANTISECT and AMEBIX. The first US release by this 10 year old band. (PRANK)

"Kiss the Brain"
SFTRI 5-1 MLP $6.75
An aural onslaught of the unholiest kind, featuring Rev. Marty Nation of "Fingered" plus former members of The Divine Horsemen, Blood on the Saddle, Child Molesters, and Surf Punks. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Sack Lunch"/"Shotgun Blues"
SFTRI 24-7 7" $4.00
One side fast, the other slow, both reeking of hard, gritty blues rock. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

FLIP 89-2 CD $9.15
THE CROWD burst on the scene in 1979 and pretty much put "beach punk" on the map, and have kept on rocking their hard, fast tunes with catchy hooks. 14 brand new songs prove that THE CROWD are not only pioneers of the genre, they are really fucking good at it! Contains CDROM collection of photos and movies! (FLIPSIDE)

HR 007-7 7" $4.25
Hell, these guys have played shows with BLACK FLAG, THE RAMONES, THE GERMS, and FEAR. Huntington Beach's original day-glo punks celebrate their 20th year with this handnumbered vinyl only 4-song release. Limited to 800! (HOSTAGE)

"All Night Burner"
ES 1236-1 LP $8.10
ES 1236-2 CD $9.50
Over the top R'n'B bop that's equal parts Memphis soul and Famous Flames tuck'n'roll that takes cues from Booker T, The Meters and the mighty J.B. It ain't lo-fi and it ain't punk...what you got here is all-instro, sax-driven power soul stripped bare to the bone. (ESTRUS)

ES 1255-2 CD $10.10
Chicago's galvanic groove grinders have scraped the shit offa their shoes, but left plenty under their fingernails, on their 10-track sophomore instro soul explosion. Searing JBs/METERS funk and gritty down'n'dirty backseat grind. With free jazz heavyweight KEN VANDERMARK on sax. (ESTRUS)

"Exhibit A"
KUSTOMIZED 1-2 CD $10.70
A collection of the early, long-unavailable recordings from this seminal early '80s East Bay hardcore band, featuring furious Cambodian vocalist Sothira. Elements of Discharge, GBH, the Exploited, and similar UK hardcore mix with their own incredible power and radical politics. Compiled and remastered by the band, with artwork, photos and posters from their personal archives. (KUSTOMIZED)

"Our Will Be Done"
VIRUS 111-2 CD $10.50
Their first two, mid-80s albums plus a comp track, all on one little CD this Lansing, MI based band fronted, by the Jerry Lewis of the punk world: Doc Dart. Tough words, catchy, garage tunes. Demented genius. After hearing this you'll be setting churchs on fire in no time. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

VIRUS 53-1 LP $8.85
Their 2nd LP is admired by the rain, the hills, bunny rabbits, deer, insects, rocks, and Native Americans alike; thoughtful genious. Confessions of a baseball fan. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"L.D. Eye"
VIRUS 186-1 LP $8.85
VIRUS 186-2 CD $10.50
The band that doesn't know the meaning of the word "restraint" is back from the land of the lost with their 3rd album. Abrasive punk mayhem that tackles the most controversial subjects with the delicacy of a charging rhino. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"self titled"
TRINDER 6-7 7" $5.00
Hotshit spacerock and unrestricted, freefloating bud jams delivered from on high. The foggiest notions southern New Zealand has to offer; future transcendence sceduled from Siltbreeze and Ecstatic Yod. (TRINDER)

"Addicted to Fuzz"
ID 123338-1 10" $8.10
Hard, savage and rockin' garage punk from Australia that's out to kill with these 6 tunes. (DIONYSUS)

"Fat, Drunk and Stupid"
ID 123360-1 LP $9.10
ID 123360-2 CD $10.80
Ready for the most bone-crunchiest rockin' out of your mind insanity since TEENGENERATE? Ultra lo-fi, mega hi-energy blast of garage punk from Australia that will pin you to the nearest wall! (DIONYSUS)

"Middle Age Rampage"
ID 123375-1 10" $8.10
ID 123375-2 CD $9.35
Six tracks recorded by Tim Kerr during the first US tour of one of the loudest, drunkest, rockin'est '60s-style garage groups to ever stagger out of Australia. (DIONYSUS)

"self titled"
SCRATCH 8-7 2x7" $5.70
Is this the Blackhouse of grunge? Are these folks actually Christians or is it a really funny put-on? Take a look & listen and decide... (SCRATCH (CANADA))

"Yeah Yeah"/"Kona Surf"
ID 074560-7 7" $4.35
This Australian band slaps out two way-60's energetic and bouncy garage dance numbers. (DIONYSUS)

"Sandra's Having a Baby"
CHR 100-7 7" $4.00
Unreleased studio demos from 1990 by this popular Swedish melodic punk band. You probably remember their releases on Sympathy and Dionysus. Numbered edition of only 500. Oh, and the cover's, um, well you'll just have to see it to believe it! Italian import. (COSMIC HALLUCINATION)

"Planet With Two Moons"
DION 41-7 7" $4.35
Mercyland includes Sugar bassist Dave Barbie who backs up the blazing mid west guitar sound. Cry is Sweden's guitar terrorists who pull a full frontal attack on their side of this split. (DIONYSUS)

"Split EP"
LD 7006-7 7" $4.00
Screamin' garage rawk from Austin, the capitol of no-fi! Each band does two songs, and hot damn but they cook! (LITTLE DEPUTY)

"Bloodhound"/"Motorcycle Cop"
RIPOFF 009-7 7" $4.00
Nitro-burnin' lo-fi scuzz-punk, comin' atcha at about 120 mph. This Austin quartet totally smokes with boy/girl vocals and ultra-garage attitude. (RIP OFF)

"self titled"
NL 008-1 LP $8.65
The first album from this raw Austin garage punk outfit; raw, loud as fuck, energetic, and all the way rockin'. (NO LIE)

"In Relation to Our Times"
AK 134-1 LP $17.25
AK 134-2 CD $13.00
Recorded in 1967 but never released, this garage psychedelic gem was the product of a pre-THEE SIXPENCE and STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK Greg Munford. The few original test pressings sell for fantabulous sums. 12 songs, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (AKARMA)

DDR 516-2 CD $11.90
Great psychedelic fuzz guitar rock from a very obscure band of American GIs stationed in Vietnam, recorded in Singapore while on R&R in 1972-73. With only 200 copies pressed for a small private label, the originals are now going for big bucks. Italian import. (DODO)

"Memorias Tropicales"
NA 51-2 CD $11.35
One of the world's most esteemed chamber music ensembles performs four pieces by contemporary Latin American composers. At times surreal, visionary and lyrical in a way that expresses a shared culture. (NEW ALBION)

ANDA 214-2 CD $9.65
Twelve tracks by the queens of cuddle-core, collected from a variety of sources and especially remastered for this CD. Extensive liner notes give a track-by-track breakdown. (AU GO GO)

"High Uinta High"
JT 1068-1 LP $8.85
JT 1068-2 CD $10.20
Country music in New York City!? Better known as the bass player for JETS TO BRAZIL, it's now time to meet Jeremy Chatelaine on a more intimate basis. Recorded in his NYC apartment, these are tales of love lost and love found, competently played, and proof that you don't need a horse to play heartfelt, acoustic country-western, minus the Garth Brooks vocal techniques. Some other folks mosey on in to help out as well, including other JETS TO BRAZIL-ers, J MAJESTY, Nick Macri of EUPHONE, Theo Kogan of THE LUNACHICKS, THE LOVE SCENE'S John Herguth, and HELMET and ORANGE 9MM's Chris Traynor. Now where are my EAGLES records? (JADE TREE)

"Split EP"
FLATCV 01-7 7" $4.00
Two tunes each of classic-sounding hardcore from New Jersey's CUFFS and Boston's VIGILANTES. (FLAT)

"I Don't Want to Go to Bed"
NS -2 CD $7.75
Beloved of the avant-noise-rock-jam cognoscenti, this Boston band mixes Kraut thud, primitive guitar and analog synths, reaching highs seemingly held together Previously available only as a pricey import, you can now get it here at a domestic "nice price." (NUF SED COURTESY NIPPLE)

"Home-Made Authority"
DEL 008-2 CD $10.45
The first new recording from these pre-post rock heroes in 5 years is a high energy rock'n'roll animal with a canker-worm of noise gnawing at its heart, with ever-present flamboyant guitar and pointed detours into dance and country, contemptuous vocals and canned applause. Limited to 1000 copies for some unknown reason. (DELAYED)

"Short CD: For Commotional Use Only"
DONUT 12-1 CD $8.00
The first release from this legendary Texas group in over 4 years grafts their infamously sarcastic attitude onto a collection of rock and blues tunes recorded live and in the studio, with elements of country, thrash, electronic and emo-core tossed in for good measure. This gets really sick in places, too. (DOUBLE NAUGHT)

"Tacky Souvenirs of Pre-Revolutionary America"
GM 03-2 CD $15.45
Legendary underground album, unfathomable to many since its 1986 release, now available on CD. Fucked up Karaoke and guitar feedback versions of your least favorite top 40 bilgewater (circa mid 80's) with lyrics that used biting social-commentary and wicked humor and quite often attack the "original" artists too boot. Maybe the most heavily sarcastic lyrics yet. UK import. (GREY MATTER)

"They're All Dolls"
HR 010-7 7" $4.25
The debut from Huntington Beach punk stalwarts CURB, who feature former YOUTH BRIGADE member Boz Milucky on guitar and vocals. Numbered edition of 450. (HOSTAGE)

"Children of a Common Mother"
NEM 5-1 LP $7.90

TMU 038-7 7" $4.00
This is a solo by Kevin Barker from Chicago band ADEN (on Teenbeat). His songs are acoustic and are crafted not unlike NICK DRAKE or NEIL YOUNG, or possibly ELLIOT SMITH. His guitar playing is intricate yet delicate and hook ridden in a melancholy way. A true songwriter. CURRITUCK COUNTY marks the debut of the Troubleman Unlimited Solo Singles Series (tmuSSS), a series of limited 7"s highlighting the solo aspect of song writing. All pressings are one-time only and will NOT be available ever again (no CD compilation). (TROUBLEMAN)

"The Forgotten Hits"
WIN 009-7 7" $4.00
Guitar whirling and guitar wanking backed with drum shaking and jazz introing. Recorded at leading German cafes. (W.I.N.)

"The Cuts"
RNRBLITZ 12007-1 LP $9.00
The first album by this East Bay outfit leaves contemporary punk behind (for those of you remembering their 1999 Lookout 7") and delves heavily into 13th FLOOR ELEVATORS style '60s garage psych, complete with organ and fuzz guitar. (ROCKNROLL BLITZKRIEG)

"self titled"
PYE CY01-1 LP $10.60
The complete album, plus 2 demos, of English poppy punk'n'roll and BOWIE inspired vocals, recorded in 1977 and first released on the Pye label in 1978. Euro import. (PYE)

"Strange and Cruel"
WIGLP 017-1 LP $9.60
You already know these undisputed "Kings of Border Beat" from their Estrus album, and this is their second full-length, a fearsome cocktail of the Kinks, Beatles, Small Faces, R'n'R, punk, garage, Childish, beat, etc. 13 superbly crafted originals and a crackin' Trini Lopez cover. UK import. (ALOPECIA)

"Badass and Free"
OUT 17-7 7" $4.00
Beyond the scatological but and pudding sleeve, this 7 piece dyke ensemble rolls an arty log on the fire we call punk in a uniquely Dog Faced Hermans way. (OUTPUNK)

"So, You Have an STD..."
BMR 009-7 7" $4.00
Seven San Francisco women with a unique sound like a twisted, in-your-face circus barreling through a small town: intriguing and a bit frightening. Evocative lyrics, multiple singers (including one from seminal East Bay bands BLATZ and THE GR'UPS), and warped trumpet lines. Two previous 7"s, plus a full-length CD on Candy Ass. (BAD MONKEY)

"To Subtle-Drive"
ACL 6120-4 cassette $5.90
Complex, percussive polyrhythms are intertwined with sparse found sounds, electronics and atmospheric vocalizations. Indian, African, and Arabian musical traditions weave together with western influences, creating a hypnotic, dreamlike state. (AC LTD.)

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