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"Uncle Grapefruit"/"Daytime Television"
DUCK 11-4 cassette $4.10
Jazz-funk-thrash from Fresno. Tight & hot on a cassette single in a silkscreened pouch. (DUCK BUTTER)

"Another Time"/"Monsters"
BJ 007-7 7" $4.25
The band named after a bacteria loves those noisy, distorted guitars and sweet melodies on side one, and then rocks out in a Lilys-kinda way on the flip. Silkscreen cover with varying colors of ink, so each is different. (BIG JESUS)

"Phenomena 256"
SFTRI 459-1 2xLP $10.30
SFTRI 459-2 CD $9.65
Nearly 70 minutes of inspired hallucinogenic mood music, with an array of influences including Joe Meek and Martin Rev, plus a stellar tribute to John Cage. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Pocket Symphony"
SFTRI 293-5 5" $5.25
Capsule versions of two tracks from the "Mesmerised" album. Trance inducing, experimental mood music, drone and bliss from master knob twiddler Sonic Boom. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Notes from a Holy War"
DVLR 9-2 CD $14.40
A very morbid and dark journey through the spirit and atmosphere of the holy wars of the Middle Ages, and all the dark priesthoods and slaves who died forgotten. The two group members are also involved with Morthound and Megaptera. German import. (DARK VINYL)

"Come Under Nancy's Tent"
AK 173-1 LP $17.25
First out on Janus in 1970, this was recorded by three members of BEACON STREET UNION and released under the name EAGLE. Includes one bonus track. Original artwork, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Split EP"
BPR 007-7 7" $3.65
12-song split EP. EAR BLEEDING DISORDER is a brutal grind/noise project with ex-DRATSAB and REFORM CONTROL members. LAUGHING DOG is desert baked grind insanity from New Mexico. (RIOTOUS ASSEMBLY)

SFTRI 317-2 CD $9.65
The deep-fried Southern prodigy is backed by a crack team of bluegrass players and vocalists and producer Blag Dahlia of the Dwarves on loud enough-to-wake-the-dead songs like "Sharon Needles," "7-11," and "Kitchen Girl." (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Drunk Since Noon"
EFBDSN 01-7 7" $4.15
This Tucson band's got an early Ramones-type punk sound guaranteed to get you up & boppin'. Numbered, limited edition of 400 on fancy colored vinyl. 4 songs. (MISC. LABELS)

"self titled"
MT 238-7 7" $4.00
Tucson transplants to Seattle, sounding much like Supersuckers or the Putters. Their two previous 7"ers on small Tucson labels are still available from Subterranean. (eMpTy RECORDS)

"self titled"
MAJOR 200-7 7" $4.00
Driving, beer-soaked trad-punk from Tucson. Lots of big, loud guitars, sore throat vocals & in-your-face-ness that sounds like it'd blow the roof off. (MISC. LABELS)

"5 Song 6 Quarter 7 Inch Experiment"
-7 7" $3.35
Lo-fi garage punk bashin' at 90 mph. 5 songs. (REVERSIBLE)

"Hard Rock / Everlasting Life"
AK 098-1 LP $17.25
'70s acid rock with Christian lyrics, which still managed to piss off the born agains because of their use of loud fuzz guitars. Originally out on NSR in 1971. 180 gram virgin vinyl, Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Cool Chick #59"/"Momentum"
SLUMB 29-7 7" $4.00
Rockin' just a bit harder than most Slumberland bands, these Aussie guys even pull off some full-throated guitar roars and drum fullisades. (SLUMBERLAND)

CLM 33-4 cassette $7.10
CLM 33-2 CD $10.85

"The Affair"
IRMA 505204-2 CD $13.00
Jetting out from a Tijuana sunset, suave Londoners Ralph "Chops" Lamb and "Golden" Andy Ross of THE EASY ACCESS ORCHESTRA will mesmerise you with their subtle blend of herbs and spices, silky songs and mellow moments. A luxurious aural pleasurama of chicks that chirp in a groovy whole-tone mode and a fine brandy in a deep velvet London club somewhere in 1966, it's like BURT BACHARACH, LALO SCHIFRIN and HERB ALPERT, having decided that their previous works were just too frantic, lobbing a crateful of valium into their voluptuous vibe. The guys have been busy over the past few years, with work for TV and the movies, and with collaborations with achingly cool London groovers THE HERBALIZER and the legendary neo-imaginary band THE BIG CHEESE ALL-STARS, have already staked their claim in the pantheon of the terminally groovy. Italian import. (IRMA)

"Easy Action"
REP 056-2 CD $10.10
The debut album from this kick-ass, hard charging Motor City punk outfit, fronted by the former singer for NEGATIVE APPROACH and LAUGHING HYENAS, and featuring the bassist from THE NECROS and LAUGHING HYENAS, the guitarist from GRAVITAR, and the drummer from THRALL. (REPTILIAN)

"Self Titled"
BWMEG 01-7 7" $4.00
Loopy lounge rock that's guaranteed to crack you up. If you've got any sort of funny bone in you, you'll love it! 3-song (MISC. LABELS)

"Good Time Head On Collision"
ID 123383-1 LP $9.10
ID 123383-2 CD $10.80
Garage punk in the NYC tradition, formed from the ashes of slop kingpins THE MORNING SHAKES and Virginia drunkards THE M-80s. (DIONYSUS)

"The Album"
GET 27-1 LP $9.60
The classic 1st album plus 4 extra tunes, 20 songs in all. Great cover with liner notes by Andy Blade. The same CD but titled "The Compleat Eater" is on the Anagram label with 28 tracks. Italian import. (GET BACK)

BONER 12-1 LP $8.70
BONER 12-4 cassette $7.35
BONER 12-2 CD $10.70
More twisted Texans, and not an Ed or an Albert in the bunch. Sounds somewhat like Blue Cheer trying to imitate the Minutemen after excessive electroshock therapy. (BONER RECORDS)

"Love Poke Here"
BONER 22-1 LP $8.70
BONER 22-4 cassette $7.35
BONER 22-2 CD $10.70
A Psycho-delick crunch & grind hoedown from a bus parked out back. You don't have to be a gullible schoolkid to salivate over listening to these immortal strains of the unholy clashing swill, and it don't help anyway. Guarranteed to give you a fully erect Les Paul. (BONER RECORDS)

"Doing Anything They Wanna Do"
GET 64-1 LP $9.60
A collection of 18 tracks from singles, albums and live performances by this great British pub rock/punk outfit, fast, tough, wild and loud. Gatefold sleeve, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Squad Car: The Best of Eddie & the Showmen"
AVI 5021-2 CD $11.45
The most over-the-top, jet-propelled surf combo of the early 1960s, formed by Belairs guitarist Eddie Bertrand and future Standel Dickie Dodd, with 17 scorching cuts, including 7 previously unreleased tracks! Some of the most frantic, searing, and downright wild surf instros ever laid to wax! (AVI)

"Casbah"/"Beyond Zone X"
SPIN 009-7 7" $4.25
Two of the best instros picked from Angel's killer album: the sinewy melodic twang, awesome guitar solo, and pounding beat of "Casbah," backed by the spooky whammy guitar of "Beyond Zone X." (SPINOUT)

"Guitar Party"
MUSICK 0002-2 CD $11.00
A knock-down, drag-out, all-instrumental rave-up from the famed Los Straitjackets guitarist! Recorded in 1993 at London's Toe Rag Studios with lots of those Toe Rag crazies joining in, this has never before been available on CD. Plus, it's got 3 more hot, totally great tracks than the import LP! Take it from us, this totally rules!! (MUSICK)

"Guitar Party"
NOHIT 010-1 LP $10.00
Probably the best and most crazed all-instro-mental garage rock album we've ever heard! A knock-down, drag-out rave-up from the famed Los Straitjackets guitarist, this was recorded in 1993 at London's Toe Rag Studios with lots of those Toe Rag crazies joining in. CD is on Musick. UK import. (NO HIT)

"Jurassic Beat"/"Caveman"
DINOHIT 454-7 7" $4.25
Two cuts of primitive instro-mania from the Los Straitjackets/Neanderthals mainman, recorded lo-fi and extra-stompin' raw at London's infamous Toe Rag Studio. No pic sleeve, UK import. (NO HIT)

"Eddie The Rat"
SEELAND 511-2 CD $10.80
Abstract songs, vignettes and sound environments. One part homemade instrument orchestra, one part loose verbal association, 3 parts found sound documentary, and 3 parts digital fodder. Anxious, voyeuristic, paranoid and emotionally scatterbrained, with real characters recorded in their natural habitats, whose actions and motives are vague. (SEELAND)

"Eden's Island"
MR 187-1 LP $12.55
An album of spacey, jazzy lounge exotica recorded in 1960 by the guy who wrote NAT KING COLE's 1948 hit "Nature Boy." Lush instrumentation, jungle sound effects, and Eden's wiggy poetry make this a winner. Extensive liner notes by Dominic Priore. Heavy 220 gram vinyl, Spanish import. (MUNSTER)

"No. 5 Recitative"/"Laugh Him to Scorn"
JT 1018-7 7" $4.00
Two pop nuggets from this Washington CD combo that's had several singles and 3 full albums on several labels. One song is energetic in the Sonic Youth/Wire vein, while the other is slower but dramatic. (JADE TREE)

KOKOPOP 2-1 LP $7.90
KOKOPOP 2-2 CD $11.60
Delinquent harmonies, flangent guitar melodies, bold and bothersome, from this UK band led by Pale Saints' guitarist Ashley Horner. (KOKOPOP)

"Down in the City of Heartbreak and Needles"
SOL 29-2 CD $10.85
With themes of isolation, fear, desperation and naive optimism, this CD has 19 of Ka-Spel's obsessive songs from 1985's "Eyes China Doll" and "Laugh China Doll" LPs, 1989's "Perhaps We'll Only See a Thin Blue Line" LP, and a previously unreleased track from an "imaginary" cassette compilation. (SOLEILMOON)

"Inter-dimensional Cooperation and a Kiss to You"
EERIEECTID 01-1 LP $8.00
Eeyore's first album finds the beastie plying his lo-fi, down-home alien noise in a vastly expanded universe of vinyl. Sing-songy ditties, cut-up collage wackyness, homemade instruments, noisy bashing, 4-walls-of-a-bedroom aesthetics, and definitely not of this earth. Bright, colorful cover with some added hand painting that makes each unique. (EERIE MATERIALS)

"Split EP"
EERIE 4-7 7" $4.00
Eeyore dishes up their usual dada-spiced goulash of found sounds, noise and ragged instrumentals; Sockeye bashes the hell out of their instruments in a child's garden of lo-fi noize. (EERIE MATERIALS)

"12/16/95, Lounge Ax, Chicago"
VML 017-7 7" $3.85
Five heavy, ragin' buzz-core punk songs recorded live. (VML)

"Sexual Tension"
JT 1010-7 7" $4.00
A triple B-side platter from DC's ambassadors of cool, mellow, trombone flavored pop. Color vinyl. (JADE TREE)

"Split EP"
JT 1016-7 7" $4.00
Two DC-area bands share this 7". Eggs gets rockin' & hummable, Pitchblende chimes in with fast-paced, frantic guitars and bombastic drumming. (JADE TREE)

"Anthology of Infection"
EM 0001-2 CD $8.90
Orchestral madness, electric mayhem and Organ Grinderesque instrumentals abound. What Crispin Glover would be doing if he had a musical bone in his body. Contains several soundtrack cuts from various animated and underground film features from '92 to '97 by "the man who put the sick in music and the odd in audio." Stark sickening cover graphics add to the overall dis-ease of this release. Think Edward Gorey, Tim Burton, and Chas Addams as performed by a 1970s-vintage Danny Elfman. (EBOLA MUSIC)

"The Room isn't Big Enough"
OA/NA 001-1 LP $8.40
The creation of five veteran Columbus OH scenesters, Don Howland, Jim Shepard, Ron House, Tommy Jay and Mike Rep gathering together for a handful of nights at Tommy's barn/studio. These 13 songs reflect the blues, folk, and punk roots/heritage of all involved. (OLD AGE/NO AGE)

JT 5-1 LP $8.85
JT 5-2 CD $10.20
These guys used to be called Gravel, & feature Vic Bondi (ex-Articles of Faith) and members of Up Front & Far Cry, produced by Lou Giordano. (JADE TREE)

"Aurora Borealis"
NR 6662-2 CD5 $13.75
Pure Viking metal from these modern Norsemen who mix black metal, heavy metal and thrash in their own unique, dynamic, progressive style, with lyrics inspired by ancient Norse mythology. If this 4-song CD disappears as fast as their previous Napalm Records release, you'll be sorry if you don't act fast! (NECROPOLIS)

"Dragons of the North"
NPR 023-2 CD $13.80
Claiming they play "pure Viking metal," these modern Norsemen mix black metal, heavy metal and thrash in their own unique, very dynamic and progressive style, with lyrics inspired by ancient Norse mythology, beliefs, history and battles. Austrian import. (NAPALM)

"rMensch-eTanatologie + 1"
RN 8-1 2xLP $13.50
The second (and third!) LP from these cutting-edge industrial half-men-half machines from Bratislava in the Slovak Republic, full of huge noisescapes crackling with feedback and distortion while eerily conjuring almost Gothic textures, all with a spooky impersonality. "sound sculpture = art = expression = communication = public property." (RECALCITRANT NOISE)

"Klonieren des Machinen Lärms"
RN 4-1 LP $10.75
Quiet, extreme low-frequency sound sculptures from Slovakia, with a depth seldom heard. Limited edition of only 412, pressed on extra-heavy audiophile vinyl. (RECALCITRANT NOISE)

"Magunee, the Planet of Love"
KPCD 0004-2 CD $11.30
Dreamy, sparkling psych-and-prog-tinged rock instros meant to evoke sea, wind and sun. '60s-'70s Japanese rock multi-instrumentalist EISUKE TAKAHASHI recorded this himself at his home on the island of Hachijo, where he's been involved with traditional Taiko drumming since 1987. Extensive liner notes in English. Japanese import. (KIKIPOO)

"Texas Rockers"
SC 001-7 7" $4.00
Hide your children, all hell's about to break loose! The first 3 tracks of barn burnin' rock and roll from this Texas all-star foursome with members and ex members of REVEREND HORTON HEAT, HAGFISH and MESS. (SIN CITY)

"The $6.66 EP"
CF 013-2 CD $6.00
Five meaty, speedy punk tunes from this Texas all-star band. Taz (REV. HORTON HEAT), Zack and Doni (from HAGFISH), and Toby Bean (from MESS) lay it down for you. (COLDFRONT)

"A Lad from Spain?"
SFTRI 453-1 10" $7.70
Mixing CHE GUEVARRA with those other revolutionary heroes, ELVIS and DAVID BOWIE, this long-awaited release features especially recorded versions of some of EL VEZ's favorite songs, including "Taking Care of Business," which in the hands of EL VEZ becomes an anthem for the migrant farm workers. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Boxing with God"
SFTRI 676-2 CD $10.80
His first release of new material in 5 years finds The Mexican Elvis tackling the religions of the world: Judeo-Christian, Zen Buddhist, Krishna, Jewish, Santeria, Aztec Sacrifice. This is no church picnic! (SYMPATHY)

"El Vez Calling"
SFTRI 160-7 7" $4.00
The second single from the Mexican Elvis! The cover art exposes The Clash as fellow Elvis impersonators. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Esta Bien Mamacita"/"En El Barrio"
SFTRI 111-7 7" $4.00
The Mexican Elvis, we kid you not! (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Fun in Espaņol"
SFTRI 234S-2 CD $9.65
It's the long-awaited, all-Spanish version of El Vez's first album, "How Great Thou Art!" Norteņos, Sambas, Boleros y Santana rockabilly style, including the single "Esta Bien Mamacita!" (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

SFTRI 302-2 CD $9.65
Backed by his band the Memphis Mariachis, El Vez takes on metal, punk-pop, bossa nova, country swing and classic mariachi tunes. Guest appearances by Blackbird and Culture Clash, and of course the inimitable presence of The King, El Vez! (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"How Great Thou Art - The Greatest Hits of El Vez"
SFTRI 199-2 CD $9.65
Thrill to lush, ingenious renditions of "Never Been to Spain," "Black Magic Woman," "Samba Para Elvis," and the full-blown, over-the-top title track. Is it the young El Vez or the Vegas El Vez? Find out. By the way, don't call me Spanish. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Merry MeX-Mas"
SFTRI 350-2 CD $9.65
Now for the good stuff. Nine great songs for a brown feliz Natividad! Jose Feliciano punk, Gene Autrey swing, cool jazz, sad surf, Mexicano pop, sexy blues, and full-on, pedal steel country-western! (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Son Of... A Lad From Spain? The CD"
SFTRI 595-2 CD $9.65
Like a monster movie come to haunt you again, EL VEZ's last 10" vinyl release "A Lad From Spain?" has been reborn, remixed, re-mastered and added onto like the Frankenstein Monster it is! EL VEZ has searched his vaults for rare recordings and missing tracks, searching out for personal moments, one time only live sessions, unreleased versions and live radio broadcasts, even phone messages. EL VEZ has even commented on each track in his liner notes; an intimate, personal and often humorous release. (SYMPATHY)

"Taking Care of Business (In a Flash)"
SFTRI 452-5 5" $5.80
Unlikely covers of the "Taking Care of Business" chestnut and T Rex's "20th Century Boy." Flashy gold-stamped sleeve. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Cinco de Mayo"
SFTRI 315-7 7" $4.00
El Vez rocks out with the Kinman brothers (ex-Dils) on a song from his upcoming 2nd album. The flip is a dub version! (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Rock It to the Moon"
MRLR 22-2 CD $10.50
A four piece, primarily instrumental, cool and moody pop/electronic/punk combo from England, these groovy girls sound like STEREOLAB gone PINK FLOYD, or maybe MORRICONE soundtracks, with influences from NINA SIMONE to the STOOGES. (MR. LADY)

"Soda Surfin'"
WOT 499007-2 CD $11.90
The first album by this Bristol based duo of Jimmy Bergin (SEVEN KEVINS) and Alan Miles (LEVELLERS). 10 tracks of British-style pop. Italian import. (WOT 4)

VC 166-2 CD $10.20
Brad Laner, frontman of the now-defunct pop group MEDICINE, who was also a member of the MTV-friendly LUSK, AMNESIA, SAVAGE REPUBLIC, STEAMING COILS. "Omakase" means, "eat whatever the cook serves," and in this case we are presented with an hour of microscopic sounds, fragmented beat surgery, kracked software jams, some silence and even the odd melody hopefully to be revered by fans of NEU, AUTECHRE, CAN, APHEX TWIN, TORTOISE, GESCOM, PHOTEK, FARMER'S MANUAL, and LESSER. (VINYL COMMUNICATIONS)

"The Eyeball of Hell"
SCAT 62-1 2xLP $17.00
SCAT 62-2 CD $11.30
A collection of 1975 recordings by the legendary Ohio proto-punk band, including lots of alternate takes and previously unreleased tracks, in addition to their best-known releases! Plus, there's 6 vinyl-only tracks and 3 CD-only tracks, and different artwork for each format. With liner notes by 3 band members. LP in gatefold jacket, pressed on 150 gram vinyl. (SCAT)

DION 727-7 7" $4.35

"Arnold Ziffel"
SFTRI 133-7 7" $4.00
The newest from these LA garage rockers, produced by Jeff Dahl. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

GET 520-1 LP $12.55
GET 520-2 CD $11.90
Mike Bloomfield's psychedelic blues outfit, captured live in 1969. Originally released as "Groovin' is Easy," this has new artwork, with the LP pressed on 180 gram audiophile vinyl and the CD in a snappy digipak. Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Action High"
IS 6-7 7" $4.20
Two freshly minted songs for spring '96, and the first recordings featuring new singer Scott. Intense, riff-heavy punk, as always with this great band! (INTENSIVE SCARE)

"Clock Wise"
JR 027-7 7" $4.25
If you don't know yet, you just don't know. A mean and lean original b/w a killer cover of CRIME's "Frustration." "Kills hippies on contact." (JUNK)

"Conquers the World!"
KADO 19819-2 CD $11.00
Killer kickass punk rawk! Aggro, tuff shit that's tight and well played but noisy, kinda like Dead Boys meet New York Dolls on the way to a Black Flag/Stooges hoedown. (KADO)

"Electric Frankenstein"
AK 1005-1 LP $17.25
AK 1005-2 CD $13.00
No, not the New York punk band. This was actually a 1971 solo album by Paolo Tofani, guitarist for Italian progressive rock band AREA. LP on 180 gram virgin vinyl, CD in sharp digipak. Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Electrify Me"/"Just Like Your Mom"
JUNK 001-7 7" $4.25
The red one: tried and true '70s punk by a band that's even willing to play a bit of guitar solo here and there, as well as a VOX POP cover. (JUNK)

"Get Off My Back"/"Face at the Edge of the Crowd"
JUNK 002-7 7" $4.25
And the green one: "Raw Power" era STOOGES punk with AC/DC sore throat vocals. (JUNK)

"Get Off"
P 048-7 7" $4.65
One original and one cover by these riff-heavy NYC/NJ punk maniacs. You've heard 'em, and here's a new release for all the world's Coolest Little Monsters. Features eye poppin' artwork by Cliff Mott. (SCOOCH POOCH)

"I Was a Teenage Shutdown"
ES 1251-1 LP $8.70
Jack the keys into the hearse, throw the rock hammer down and git yerself ready for the high voltage monster rock sounds of NYC's premiere punk powerhouse. The first "official" release of EF's already infamous WFMU live recording, released on picture disc a few months back. (ESTRUS)

"I Was a Teenage Shutdown"
V&VEF 1-P LP pic disc $9.60
Hurry or you'll miss these completely, as they're almost gone already. 9 punk rock blasts in full color, recorded live and totally ragin' at WMFU in 1996! Numbered, limited edition of 3000, Swiss import. (V&V)

"It's All Moving Faster"
SPIN 003-7 7" $3.65
Finally back in print after being gone for over a year, this early EF release is already a classic! (FRISBEE)

"Listen Up, Baby!"
MR 107-1 10" $8.40
Six original and previously unreleased tracks from America's "Numbah-1" punk act, from their original and best lineup. (MAN'S RUIN)

ANDA 223-2 CD $8.45
Check it out, Rick L. Rick fronting ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN on this their first record from down under. Suiting I guess that they cover the Fun Things' "Savage". Also covered is "Queen Wasp" by the Misfits, plus 4 originals. This record rips! (AU GO GO)

"New Rage"/"Home of the Brave"
EXIT 2-7 7" $4.00
More "Raw Power" era Stooges/Johnny Thunders adoration from this popular old school band of NJ based comic book fans. The flip is a Naked Raygun cover, but their original is better! (EXIT)

"New York Knights"
TKOROUND 59-7 7" $4.65
Rising from the grave with an undead punk rock shocker! If you've got bolts in your neck and a fucked up brain, then Fritz, this one's for you. Two songs; first 200 on putrid purple vinyl. (TKO)

"Queen Wasp"/"EF Stomp"
DD 040-7 7" $4.35
A MISFITS cover and a whopping guitar-lead instrumental from these New Jersey punks by now known to all. Powerful, overwhelming sound and energy pour off the record in the grand EF tradition. Clear vinyl, Belgian import. (DEMOLITION DERBY)

"Rock'n'Roll Monster"
ANDA 245-1 LP $8.25
ANDA 245-2 CD $10.20
This long-awaited album combines all 6 tracks from the out-of-print "Monster" 10"/CD, plus another 6 tracks recorded with guest vocalist Rik L. Rik (formerly of pioneering LA punk band F-WORD). (AUGOGO)

"Takin' You Down"/"I Just Can't Kick"
TKOROUND 25-7 7" $4.35
Two songs that aren't gonna be on the upcoming album, in fact aren't gonna be anywhere but here! Check it out. (TKO)

"The Time is Now"
NITR 005-1 LP $10.00
NITR 005-2 CD $12.00
A re-pressing of their first full LP from 1995, this has all the tracks from an early 10" EP, plus the songs from 2 out-of-print 7"s! The band takes on a whole new persona with this stagedive into 70's loud, hard rock a la AC/DC for this one, confounding punk expectations everywhere. Flick that Bic, bro. Belgian import. (NITRO)

"Up from the Streets"
CF 010-7 7" $4.00
You thought you knew how hard these guys rocked? Well, you don't know nothin'!! Two new tracks that totally kick ass, with original singer Steve Miller back in action!! Full color cover art by Mark Devito (responsible for several METALLICA poster, shirt, and sticker designs). (COLDFRONT)

"Split EP"
RON 014-7 7" $4.55
ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN does "Savage" with former F-WORD Rik L. Rik on vox (plus a special RONNY WILD intro & outro), and Japan's CRISPY NUTS belt out 2 of their punch-in-the-face punk tunes on the flip. Numbered edition of 500, Italian import. (ROCKIN' BONES)

"Self Titled"
VISION 23-1 LP $8.40
A rough mixture of improvised music with a forthright powerful beat and high-tech as well as trash electronics; an urgency that lives up to its name. (VISION)

SJR 007-2 CD $8.00
Hailing from Japan but relocated to Denver, this very special band is reminiscent of many early Los Angeles punk bands like THE GERMS, BLACK FLAG, and CIRCLE JERKS, though they claim to have never heard them. Recorded live in the studio by Bill Stevenson. (SODA JERK)

"Life = Love"
MUWORK 1014-2 CD $11.60
Talented guitarist John King teams with Amin Ali and Abe Speller, and with occasional help from Bernie Worrell toss out some very trippy psychedelic jazz-funk-rock gems. (MUWORKS)

"Steal Your Lunch Money"
SFTRI 566-1 LP $8.25
SFTRI 566-2 CD $9.65
Before they were the DONNAS and before they stole everyone's punk rock hearts, they were an extremely young all-girl speed metal band called the ELECTROCUTES! A fun-filled frenzy of sound and food! (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

VAC E2-7 7" $4.15
This is one of those things you could play at any speed: tape loops and electronics creates a primal wash of sound. To top it off, one side ends in endlessness, if you know what that means. (FREEDOM IN A VACUUM)

"La Philosophie dans le Boudoir"
ELEGANZ 7292-2 CD $11.90
Here's a concept for you: this German duo collects samples from late-'50s and early-'60s rock'n'roll and R&B records, refashioning them into their own cool-beat compositions. Think romantic Parisian cellar clubs, surf parties, cold war spies, atomic paranoia, classic striptease, dance crazes and cool European jazz. German import. (ELEGANZ)

"Zero Trick"
ELG 11-1 12" $8.70
Remixes of the hot soul lead-off track from their new CD (itself a prime example of recombinant musicology), courtesy of DJ Jean-Michels, Mr. Chekov and Stefan Rogall of the JAZZANOVA / SONAR collective. Breakbeat, downbeat/sax, and more abstract reincarnations. German import. (ELEGANZ)

"Ursa Major"
ALP 13-2 CD $10.40
Dreamy, melodic rock and jangly guitars from this Chicago "alternative" phenom. Spiffy-elegant double-fold digipak packaging. (ATAVISTIC)

MKCD 019-2 CD3 $7.15
This Parisian composer presents a 1973 piece with a very bass-heavy, thudding heartbeat that gradually races out of control, all the while accompanied by faint, whirring electronic sounds. French import. (METAMKINE)

VANGUARD 6501-1 LP $17.25
VANGUARD 6501-2 CD $13.00
The only album recorded by this fuzz-guitar extravaganza from Philadelphia, originally released in 1968. Original artwork, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (VANGUARD)

"Beneath the Valley of the Ultra Yahoos"
SILENT 9220-2 CD $11.40
With collaborators Samm Bennett, Eugene Chadbourne, Anthony Coleman, Shelly Hirsch, Barbara Barg and several others, Sharp produces an absurdist commentary on life in the 90s. Samples and occasional vocals percolate through Sharp & company's jagged, downtown-hepcat instrumentals. (SILENT RECORDS)

"Cryptid Fragments"
XCD 20-2 CD $11.00
A very adventuresome series of pieces for stringed instruments of various types (but no guitars!), often subjected to radical or subtle computer processing, and augmented with sampler and MIDI controller. Fans of chaotic, classical-influenced new music should love this. (EXTREME)

ALP 61-2 CD $11.20
Archival digs yield two albums of Elliott's hardest material from the early 80's, never before on CD. Something electrically tribal goes on, and not in the "rave" sense, but rather sharp, angular, percussive and quite experimental. (ATAVISTIC)

ALP 50-2 CD $11.10
Polyrhythmic fractal compositions, as usual featuring Zeena Parkins and David Weinstein. This drops the metal overtones of recent Carbon releases, and adds that delightful warhorse of Morton Subotnick's, the Buchla Thunder. Nice. (ATAVISTIC)

"Abstract Repressionism 1990-99"
VICTO 19-2 CD $12.45
A composition in 7 movements for 8 various stringed instruments, alto sax and percussion, very complex and totally absorbing. Sharp here takes a step back from rock-oriented material, into a very avant garde manipulation of musical sounds. Recorded this last spring in New York City. (VICTO)

VICTO 26-2 CD $11.90
These two talented New York multi-instrumentalists pull out the stops on this noise-and-tone fest, each seemingly trying to outdo the other in milking unconventional sounds from their instruments, while still blending everything together in a very coherent way. Canadian import. (VICTO)

"For the Love of Jesus: Chapter One, Verse One"
SFTRI 526-7 7" $4.00
Blues from the wrong side of the tracks by the dynamic duo from Natchez, MS. Steeped in the tradition of delta blues, with a tad more lunacy tossed into the brew. This is the first of a series of 10 singles by various artists. Edition of 1200. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"New Agenda"
UV 015-2 CD $13.00
His debut for Vanguard in 1975, with sidemen Steve Grossman, Roland Prince and Dave Williams, and including versions of Coltrane's "Naima" and Frank Foster's "Someone's Rocking My Jazzboat." Original artwork, Italian import. (UNIVERSE)

"The Main Force"
UV 024-2 CD $13.00
First out on Vanguard in 1975, these 5 tracks feature drummer Elvin Jones accompanied by Pat LaBarbera, Dave Williams, Ryo Kawasaki, Steve Grossman, Dave Johnson, Frank Foster, and Dave Liebman. Original artwork, Italian import. (UNIVERSE)

"Elvis Presley '55"
GET 579-1 LP $12.55
Live recordings from Louisiana Hayride in 1955 (the only PRESLEY material to fall outside the RCA contract), with vintage versions of hits like "Heartbreak Hotel," "Long Tall Sally," and "Blue Suede Shoes." 15 tracks, plus a deluxe booklet of notes and rare photos from the period. Gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Original 50's Punk"
VR 705-7 7" $4.65
German ELVIS impersonator, one-man band and general wacko with 8 seriously demented songs. Really minimalist deep-into-it Sun-style rockabilly mixed with sauerkraut and way too much Weiss beer! Swiss import. (VOODOO RHYTHM)

"Elysian Field"
AK 124-1 2xLP $25.60
A previously unreleased album recorded in 1971 by this Louisville KY hard psychedelic combo. Original artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (AKARMA)

"The Vision and the Voice"
EEE 28-2 CD $11.30
Born in 1984 and extensively inspired by the ideas, philosophy and magick of Aleister Crowley, this Italian group is generally in the dark goth genre, manifesting itself through an esoteric and unusual blending of ballads, electronics, fast and raw punk sounds and rock. This new recording, named for one of Crowley's books, was completed in 1994 at Pietro Mantovani's Studio Aquaviva (home of Ordo Equitum Solis). Fans of dark goth stylings should be both gratified and challenged by the results. Italian import. (MUSICA MAXIMA MAGNETICA)

"self titled"
OR 030-1 MLP $6.75
Angular, tense guitars and screamed, sore-throat vocals scrape the nerves raw in these 8 tunes that fall easily into the Merel-Hell No-Rorschach school of East Coast hardcore, except they're from the Santa Barbara area. (OUR RECORDS)

"Don't Ask Me Any More"
SFTRI 521-7 7" $4.00
Four stinging songs of gritty, authentic '60s-inspired garage from a little town in England. Raw, reverb-ridden, rockin'. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

ID 123387-1 LP $9.10
ID 123387-2 CD $10.80
The first US album release for this hot UK freakbeat trio, drawing on influences ranging from THE EASYBEATS and LA DE DAS to THE BIRDS and GOLDEN EARRING. This combines the best tracks from their UK LP and several 7" releases, all remixed to high quality analog. (DIONYSUS)

"self titled"
GET 528-1 LP $12.55
The first album by the famous trio formed by Keith Emerson from THE NICE, Greg Lake from KING CRIMSON, and Carl Palmer from ATOMIC ROOSTER. Released in 1970, this went to #4 in the UK and # 16 in the US charts. Original artwork, 180 gram audiophile vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

RRR K712-4 cassette $6.75
Emil plays (and plays with) the infamous RRR anti-records. Designed to destroy your needle, if not the entire turntable, they produce some amazing noise. (RRR)

"Dedicated to Charlie Ward"
PURE 29401-2 CD $8.00
In playing all the Stomach Ache releases, Emil saves you all the trouble of making a lock groove out of one of the few to go on to a major label. Records include Faxed Head, GG Allin, and various Bananafish comps. (PURE)

"Dedicated to Masami Akita"
PURE 29402-2 CD $8.00
What happens when you take Merzbow's unholy noise and subject it to even more unholyness? Do you really want to find out? (PURE)

"Dedicated to Richard Rupenus"
PURE 29403-2 CD $8.00
Rupenus is a member of New Blockaders, and Beaulieau's thing is to scramble/distort/remix other folks' records, so we can assume that it's New Blockaders stuff that's being abused here. Darned noisy, too. (PURE)

"Destruction of Output"
TA 3457-7 7" $6.60
The clown prince of noise lets loose with an entertaining and imaginative variety of harsh electronic blasts, squiggles, chirps, drones and rasps as he mutilates recordings by DACHISE, COLUMN ONE, CON-DOM, and ASTRO. German import. (TOCHNIT ALEPH)

"Kill the All-Noise Japanese Artists"
PURE -2 CD $8.00
In typical "Emil Beaulieau" fashion, sounds from many Japanese noise artists are ripped apart, remixed and recombined in this chaotic hurricane of sound. (PURE)

PURE -2 CD $8.00
The "Mayor of Lowell MA" demolishes those vinyl artifacts of 70's rock, and makes one helluva noise in the process. Rumored co-conspirators include Asmus Tietchens, Juntaro from Gerogerigegege and the Runzelstirn/Gurgelstock gang. (PURE)

AK 1018-1 LP $17.25
An unusual pop opera, originally out on RCA in 1979, featuring Lucio Dalla, Claudio Lolli and Teresea De Sio, plus Chiocchio and Stalteri from PIERROT LUNAIRE. 180 gram virgin vinyl, Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Lava Lamp"
SFTRI 401-7 7" $4.00
A New York aberration with Kurt Wolf (Boss Hog, Pussy Galore) among its ranks, and featuring the tandem vocals of Lizzie Avondet and Rebecca Gaffney. One side is hypnotic and dreamy, the other is a guitar assault with tommy-gun drumming that doesn't let up. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Play Emma for Me"
SFTRI 381-2 CD $9.65
Folks from Boss Hog, Pussy Galore, Loudspeaker, Piss Factory and others make trasnplanted Tennessee-influenced New York scum rock and white trash noise. Dark and hypnotic but still very diverse songs, with a vibe akin to the static you'll catch in between radio stations. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Blood Dreams"
PURE 47-2 CD $8.00
Four monolithic nightmares sure to either make you queasy or induce otherworldly hallucinations. At times evokes distant thunderstorms or being trapped in a vast, throbbing machine. (PURE)

"Self Titled"
STAAL K7O-4 cassette $7.00
Side 1 is a recording of a live concert on Dutch radio VPRO; side 2 is several preparatory studies for the broadcast. Kraftwerk-style synth rhythms, Joy Division-ish vocals. 60 minute cassette in pouch. (STAALTAPE)

"Ten to Hope"
IGLOO 006-2 CD $13.65
Subtle, white-out guitar-noise atmosphere iciness from Sweden. I guess this could stradle the fuzz between Skullflower, Total and Flying Saucer Attack but the hurdy gurdy seems to take the drone somewhere deeper. Swedish import. (RELEASING ESKIMO)

"In the Day"
CHARGED 010-1 LP $10.55
CHARGED 010-2 CD $10.50
The debut album from this Salt Lake City outfit, with 14 songs in a singalong GBH style, spikes and mohawks galore. The LP is on blue vinyl. (CHARGED)

BEP 920707-7 7" $4.25
Three raw, exciting, headbanging live recordings by these passionate youngsters pummeling away at their tough, metallic hardcore. (BREAK EVEN POINT)

"In A Time Of Hate"
CONVER 10-4 cassette $7.00
Hard-as-nails buzzsaw thrash with angry lyrics about coping with life in cruddy, confusing times. (CONVERSION)

"Run for the Money"
SD 004-2 CD $10.30
This 10-piece Olympia band plays a brand of ska rooted in its Jamaican origins, but with a driving soul feel, traditional, modern and radio-friendly at once. (SIMMER DOWN)

"Bear Catching Fish"
CZ 068-1 LP $8.00
Toggling between thick, heavy bombast and sparse minimal passages, Seattle post-emo kids were Seattle's answer to SLINT in their day. Comes in a four color hand-silk-screened chip-board cover hand-numbered in a limited edition of 847. Recorded by Mr. Albini. (C/Z)

"Heater Sweats Nails"
TMU 008-7 7" $4.00
A thick, juicy and very heavy slab of guitar meat on side one; the flip has a slow, dark and creepy instrumental. Slick sleeve with great artwork. (TROUBLEMAN)

PRCD 121-2 CD $11.60
The maestro's highly memorable, quirky and downright odd music for the 1972 Richard Burton film, plus his themes from the 1969 film "La Monaca de Monza." Italian import. (POINT)

"D'Amore si Muore"
PRCD 106-2 CD $11.60
Romantic piano and orchestra themes for this 1972 film; also includes music from another 1972 romance, "Le Due Stagioni Della Vita." Italian import. (POINT)

"Giornata Nera per L'Ariete"
RED 136-1 LP $12.55
RED 136-2 CD $11.90
The original soundtrack recording for the 1971 crime movie known in the US as "The Fifth Cord" or "Evil Fingers," this starred Franco Nero and was directed by Luigi Bazzoni. An epic score, lush, hypnotic and memorable, this release includes previously unreleased bonus tracks and new artwork. 180 gram vinyl, gatefold sleeve, Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Giu' La Testa"
MDF312-2 CD $13.00
The unforgettable original 1972 soundtrack for the classic Sergio Leone spaghetti western, known in the US as "Fistful of Dynamite" or "Duck, You Sucker." With previously unreleased tracks. Vinyl version available on the Dagored label. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

"Giu' La Testa"
RED 114-1 LP $12.55
The unforgettable original 1972 soundtrack for the classic Sergio Leone spaghetti western, known in the US as "Fistful of Dynamite" or "Duck, You Sucker." Great artwork including a free poster, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Gli Intoccabili"
RED 126-1 LP $12.55
RED 126-2 CD $11.90
The original soundtrack for an obscure 1969 Italian crime movie, released in the US as "Machine Gun McCain" and starring John Cassavetes, Peter Falk, Gena Rowlands and Britt Eklund. 15 tracks, including 4 previously unreleased cuts. The LP is on 180 gram vinyl with a gatefold sleeve. Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Gli Occhi Freddi della Paura"
RED 119-1 LP $12.55
RED 119-2 CD $11.90
The soundtrack for the 1971 Italian erotic thriller known in the US as "Cold Eyes of Fear." Truly bizarre sounds from beginning to end, with wild and free improvs from GRUPPO DI IMPROVVISAZIONE NUOVA CONSONANZA. With 7 previously unreleased tracks! Liner notes and cool artwork! LP in gatefold sleeve on 180 gram vinyl. Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Holocaust 2000"
CDCR 20-2 CD $11.60
Kirk Douglas starred in this futuristic drama of murder and nuclear power, and Morricone's soundtrack is appropriately tense, eerie and unrelenting. Also included is his creepy score for "Sesso in Confessionale," which apparently had something to do with the creepy sexual picadillos of Catholics. Italian import. (BEAT)

"Il Diavolo Nel Cervello"
RED 135-1 LP $12.55
RED 135-2 CD $11.90
The original soundtrack recording for a 1971 thriller directed by Sergio Sollima, with previously unreleased bonus tracks and new artwork. 180 gram vinyl, gatefold sleeve, Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Il Gatto a Nove Code"
PRCD 101-2 CD $11.60
From 1971, a compelling, masterful blend of electric and classical instruments, sentimental lullabies from distant angelic voices, and tense, spooky avant-garde teeth-chattering angularities and dissonant washes. Always inventive and fresh, surprising. Italian import. (POINT)

"Il Gatto a Nove Code"
RED 111-1 LP $12.55
RED 111-2 CD $11.90
From 1971, a compelling, masterful blend of electric and classical instruments, sentimental lullabies from distant angelic voices, and tense, spooky avant-garde teeth-chattering angularities and dissonant washes. Always inventive and fresh, surprising. 3 previously unreleased bonus tracks on the CD, LP on 180 gram virgin vinyl in gatefold sleeve with free poster. Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Il Poliziotto della Brigata Criminale"
RED 116-1 LP $12.55
RED 116-2 CD $11.90
Original soundtrack for this 1975 French crime thriller, known in the US as "The Night Caller," which starred Jean-Paul Belmondo. Liner notes by Roberto Zamori. 180 gram virgin vinyl, gatefold sleeve, Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Il Prefetto di Ferro"
CDCR 19-2 CD $11.60
This 1977 film told the story of an early 20th century Italian lawman who runs afoul of the Mafia. Morricone's soundtrack evokes both the period and the folk music of Sicily. Also included is his treatment for the film "Il Mostro (The Monster)," directed by Luigi Zampa. Italian import. (BEAT)

"Indagine Su di un Cittadino al di Sopra di Ogni Sospetto"
RED 138-1 LP $12.55
The original soundtrack recording for this 1970 Italian thriller by Elio Petri, known in the US as "Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion." A haunting set of themes played on vibes, plucked strings and some very odd-sounding instruments, this score has the dreamy and minimally melodic style that made Morricone famous, plus the vocals of Edda DellOrso. New artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Indagine su un Cittadino al di Sopra di Ogni Sospetto"
MDF 311-2 CD $13.00
The original soundtrack recording for the 1971 thriller from director Dario Argento, with vocalist Edda Dell'Orso, 2 previously unreleased tracks and liner notes. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

"L'Assoluto Naturale"
MDF 310-2 CD $13.00
The original soundtrack recording for the 1969 drama by director Mauro Bolognini, digitally remastered, with liner notes. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

RED 129-1 LP $12.55
RED 129-2 CD $11.90
A dramatic, intense score for an obscure 1972 French-Italian political thriller directed by Yves Boisset and starring Jean Seberg and Roy Scheider. Nice art, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (DAGORED)

"L'Uccello dalle Piume di Cristallo"
MDF 313-2 CD $13.00
The original soundtrack recording for the 1969 cult masterpiece by director Dario Argento, known in the US as "The Bird with the Crystal Plumage." Digitally remastered, with previously unreleased material and liner notes. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

"La Donna Invisibile"
PRCD 116-2 CD $11.60
Romantic and sentimental, yet with that unmistakable MORRICONE touch of angularity, dissonance, and dryness, this 1969 soundtrack was composed, orchestrated, conducted, and prepared for release by MORRICONE himself. 10 tracks feature mellow bossa nova rhythms and sweet harmonies on piano and strings, sounding like a more varied and strange version of BURT BACHARACH. Italian import. (POINT)

"La Donna Invisibile"
RED 109-1 LP $12.55
RED 109-2 CD $11.90
Romantic and sentimental, yet with that unmistakable MORRICONE touch of angularity, dissonance, and dryness, this 1969 soundtrack was composed, orchestrated, conducted, and prepared for release by MORRICONE himself. Mellow bossa nova rhythms and sweet harmonies on piano and strings, sounding like a more varied and strange version of BURT BACHARACH. 4 previously unreleased bonus tracks on the CD, LP on 180 gram virgin vinyl in gatefold sleeve. Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Le Foto Proibite di una Sigorna per Bene"
RED 106-1 LP $12.55
RED 106-2 CD $11.90
The original soundtrack for an obscure 1970 Italian thriller, plus a previously unreleased track. A must for all serious MORRICONE fans. 180 gram audiophile vinyl, gatefold sleeve, Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Metti Una Sera a Cena"
MDF 309-2 CD $13.00
The original soundtrack recording of this 1969 cult movie, with a dreamy bossa nova influenced main theme that's been covered countless times. With previously unreleased tracks. Vinyl version available on the Dagored label. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

"Metti Una Sera a Cena"
RED 122-1 LP $12.55
The original soundtrack recording of this 1969 cult movie, with a dreamy bossa nova influenced main theme that's been covered countless times. 9 tracks, great artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Morricone 2000"
RED 105-1 LP $12.55
RED 105-2 CD $11.90
Sixteen tracks from the soundtracks to 8 films that the noted composer scored. A diversified collection, it features everything from acid rock to orchestral psychedelia to spaghetti western sounds to sweet, majestic pop tracks. Liner notes by Alan Bishop of SUN CITY GIRLS. The LP is in a gatefold sleeve and on 180 gram virgin vinyl. Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Morricone 2001"
RED 125-1 LP $12.55
RED 125-2 CD $11.90
15 groovy lounge-sexploitation-mood-erotica tracks culled from ten different original soundtracks from the late '60s and early '70s, with track listing and liner notes by Alan Bishop of SUN CITY GIRLS. The 180 gram vinyl LP is in a gatefold sleeve with a nice big poster. Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Piazza di Spagna"
PRCD 107-2 CD $11.60
This romance soundtrack from 1991 is a wealth of the same qualities that make his '60s and '70s work so unmistakable. Rock and classical styles and instruments are combined in a startling way, sentimental and intriguing at once. Composed, orchestrated, and conducted by MORRICONE. Italian import. (POINT)

"Quattro Mosche di Velluto Grigio"
MDF 325-2 CD $13.00
The original soundtrack recording for the 1970 thriller by Elio Petri, with 2 previously unreleased tracks and liner notes. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

"Quattro Mosche di Velluto Grigio"
RED 139-1 LP $12.55
The original soundtrack recording for this 1971 thriller by director Dario Argento, known in the US as "Four Flies on Grey Velvet." One of Morricone's best scores, a milestone of a soundtrack, with orchestra conducted by Bruno Nicolai. New artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (DAGORED)

RED 112-1 LP $12.55
RED 112-2 CD $11.90
The dramatic, original soundtrack for the obscure 1972 Italian crime story, known in the US as "Blood in the Streets." Cool artwork, liner notes by Roberto Zamori, with the LP in gatefold sleeve on 180 gram vinyl. Italian import. (DAGORED)

RED 118-1 LP $12.55
RED 118-2 CD $11.90
The complete soundtrack for this 1965 cult Italian spy movie, with a super suave score including the surf-spy-ski theme, Arabian parlor music, hippie bongo suspense, orchestral moods, cocktail blues, roller rink electric guitar, and more. Beautiful artwork, with LP in gatefold sleeve on 180 gram vinyl. Italian import. (DAGORED)

"The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"
RED 130-1 2xLP $14.30
The classic original soundtrack to the groundbreaking 1966 spaghetti western directed by Sergio Leone, this is Morricone's most famous by far, and the soundtrack that cemented his worldwide reputation. This release includes 10 previously unreleased outtakes, is digitally remastered, and comes with the usual stunning Dagored artwork. Gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (DAGORED)

"The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"
CDCLUB 7001-2 CD $13.00
The classic original soundtrack to the groundbreaking 1966 spaghetti western directed by Sergio Leone, this is Morricone's most famous by far, and the soundtrack that cemented his worldwide reputation. This release includes 10 previously unreleased outtakes, is digitally remastered, and comes with new artwork and liner notes. Italian import. (GDM)

"Un Esercito di 5 Uomini (Five Man Army)"
CDE 76-2 CD $11.60
This 1965 Italo Zingarelli western starred Peter Graves (of "Mission: Impossible"), and Morricone's soundtrack is notable for the diversity of its themes. Also included is his dark, sinister treatment for the thriller "Extrasensorial (The Link)." Italian import. (DUSE)

"Una Lucertola con la Pelle di Donna"
RED 110-1 LP $12.55
RED 110-2 CD $11.90
Original soundtrack for this 1971 cult movie (shown in the US as "Lizard in a Woman's Skin"), the score perfectly matches the psychodrama thriller involving LSD, psychoanalysis, lesbianism and extremely gory dream sequences. 6 previously unreleased bonus tracks on the CD, LP on 180 gram virgin vinyl in gatefold sleeve. Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Dalle Ardenne All'Inferno (The Dirty Heros)"
CDCR 18-2 CD $11.60
Original soundtrack for this 1967 World War II thriller directed by Alberto De Martino, which mixed battlefield action between Allied troops and the retreating Wehrmacht in Holland in 1945 with spy operations and diamond smuggling. Also included is the Morricone soundtrack for another 1967 film, "Il Sorriso del Grande Tetatore." Italian import. (BEAT)

"The Antichrist"
CDCR 17-2 CD $11.60
The original soundtrack to this Alberto De Martino Exorcist-style horror film features frantic, demonic violins sawing away at your nerves. Also included is the totally different score by Morricone to the historical drama "Sepolta Viva," with a stylish, expansive modernization of 18th century baroque music. Italian import. (BEAT)

"My Hands"/"Sins of Release"
OGBT 002-7 7" $4.00
Slow, ultra-sludge hardcore crust from New York with an almost minimalist feel; the drums are way up front, with the vocals a little back and the guitars even further back. Strange... (O GREAT BLUE THING)

"Il Grillo"
NT 6725-2 CD $11.60
Seven virtuoso players of the traditional clay ocarina recreate the music of centuries past in traditional dances and transcriptions of famous classical arias, with life and fun. Italian import. (NEW TONE)

"Everything is Temporary"
FT 808-1 LP $12.55
A 15 track collection of studio outtakes, radio broadcasts and home recordings from the massive tape archive of this cult figure. Liner notes by Nikki Sudden. Gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (FRUIT TREE)

"Other Animals"
TMU 081-1 LP $8.55
TMU 081-2 CD $9.00
This San Francisco-based band has stumbled upon a shaky, shared vision of organized chaos with a beat; no wave, new wave, now wave, whatever wave. Prepare for choppy washes of jerked rhythms, guitar lines that wrap and cinch like copper wire around the brain, weaving vocals of calamity and croon, all anchored by sharp-edged tin can drum beats. (TROUBLEMAN)

"For What We Are About to Receive"
CHIRP 06-1 LP $7.25
CHIRP 06-2 CD $10.10
Avant psyche blues from some kind of twisted perspective that maybe Chris Cutler would be into or sort of like the Crazy Backwards Alphabet. (SILLY BIRD RECORDS)

"Split LP"
SILLYB-1 LP $6.65
Two sides of guitar-oriented, Big Black inspired rock-n-thrash. Mallemuck uses a drum machine to Babylandish effect, contrasted with Erasergun's "real" drummer pushing them towards a lo-fi Foetus realm. The Silkscreened cover can get you high in 24 states. (SILLY BIRD RECORDS)

"Twice His Size"
BSICD 2-2 CD5 $6.55
Specializing in (and simultaneously extending) the kind of quirky, offbeat jazz/rock made famous by Frank Zappa, these guys do four inventive compositions ranging from frenetic to atmospheric, including a cover of Mingus' "Moaning." Limited edition of 500, Italian import. (BURP SONIC INVENTIONS)

"Erector Set"
RAVE 27-2 CD $8.90
Closely associated with Superchunk, these folks do ultra-catchy pop melodies mixed with raw, garage rock guitar and energetic female/male vocals. Dissonance, melody, noise collisions! (RAVE RECORDS)

"'Bout Changes & Things, Take 2"
VANGUARD 79236-1 LP $17.25
VANGUARD 79236-2 CD $13.00
Long out of print, this 1967 album contains full-band versions of the songs originally released on his 1966 acoustic release "'Bout Changes and Things." These songs are regarded as some of the most accomplished and poetic by this famous folk performer. Original artwork, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (VANGUARD)

"A Country Dream"
VANGUARD 6540-2 CD $13.00
First out in 1968, this country-western influenced album was his last for Vanguard before moving to Warners. Original artwork, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (VANGUARD)

"More Hits from the Tin Can Alley"
VSD 79271-1 LP $17.25
VSD 79271-2 CD $13.00
A re-issue of the 1968 album by this innovative West Coast singer/songwriter, this also features AL KOOPER, AMOS GARRETT and DAVID BRIGGS. The LP version includes a booklet and a gadget that was originally included in the very rare first edition. 12 tracks, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (AKARMA)

"From Yardbirds to Bluesbreakers"
GET 540-1 10" $10.20
GET 540-2 CD $11.90
9 tracks including the last known recordings made by Clapton with the YARDBIRDS in 1964, plus material recorded at Jimmy Page's home in 1965 with Page, Brian Auger, Bill Wyman, Ian Stewart, Mick Jagger, Penny Piercey, and Chris Winters. White vinyl 10", digipak CD. Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Eric Kinsey & His Tip-Top Daddies"
SHAKE 519-2 CD $10.30
The debut release from a rootsy, fresh and vibrant hillbilly boogie combo that combines the best of country and rockabilly. (SHAKE IT)

"The Stones of the Threshold"
GF 002-2 CD $7.75
A solo release by the founder of SYLLYK, and very much like it in its spacious use of dynamics and tone. Brilliant and sensitive atmospherics. (GROUND FAULT)

"When You Wish Upon a Scar"
PVRCD 03-2 CD $9.50
Solo stuff 1983 to 1991, unique vocal degenerations and collisions of lo-fi field recordings from the main guy in pioneering American noise unit BOY DIRT CAR, including live recordings, a video soundtrack, and pieces taken from some of his cassette and vinyl releases. Also includes a 16 page booklet of writings, diagrams, photos, and introductions by Jeph Jerman and Joe Colley. (POVERTECH)

"Melodie e Canzoni"
NT 6717-2 CD $11.60
31 of Satie's famously unpretentious, elegant songs are performed on piano and voice. The 12-page booklet has the original French lyrics and an Italian translation. Italian import. (NEW TONE)

TESCO 036-2 CD $11.50
A dark, intense soundscape of destruction and apocalyptic noise to celebrate the end of (city)zivilisation from this US artist. Deluxe, oversize, full-color printed folder packaging, limited to 800. German import. (TESCO)

"The Bed You Sleep In"
TOTE 2-2 CD $10.90
The soundtrack to Jon Jost's film of the same name is quite symbiotic to it. Featuring Beth Custer on clarinet and composer Wold on piano, the music provides an unspoken narrative that works extremely well on its own. (TABLE OF THE ELEMENTS)

"A Cid Symphony"
AK 090-1 3xLP $36.30
Originally released in 1967 as a private pressing of only 1000 copies, this was recorded by two University of California at Berkeley students and members of the Free Speech Movement. Very unusual and uncommercial, this mixes acoustic material with blues, flamenco guitar improvisations, Indian ragas, Native American chants and some spoken work segments. A significant document of Berkeley's political and psychedelic-underground history, this repressing has each LP on a different color (yellow, purple and green), with exceptionally beautiful packaging. Italian import. (AKARMA)

"An American Emperor"
AKARMA 042-1 LP $17.25
AKARMA 042-2 CD $16.60
An ultra-rare solo album from 1967, with Ernie trying his best, cheesiest (and unintentionally hilarious) TOM JONES/NEIL DIAMOND impersonation, fringed jacket and all. The LP is 180 gram vinyl in textured sleeve, and the CD is in a nice digipak. Italian import. (AKARMA)

MLEJ 01-2 CD $10.10

"Hokmah Nistarah"
ANOM 4-1 LP $7.25
Aptly titled, these folks create fantastic, otherworldly soundscapes using violin, trumpet, guitar, bass, samples, sheet metal, vocals and lots of effects. (ANOMIE)

"Flashin' Red '63-'65"
BA 04-1 LP $9.10
BA 04-2 CD $10.80
A collection of material, released and unreleased, from this Pomona surf band that played around Southern California through the early and mid 60's. The LP has their first single, rehearsals, and a radio station performance; the CD has bonus material from their later incarnations. (BACCHUS ARCHIVES)

LOCUST 2-2 CD $11.90
Upright bass, guitars and musique concrete style voice collages from the duo of Roger Tellier-Craig of GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR and FLY PAN AM, and Alxeandre St-Onge of UNDO and SHALABI EFFECT. A drifting, hypnotic epic where continuously unraveling ribbons of sound shape-shift into a sonic surprise of otherworldly cinematic proportions. (LOCUST)

TONE 2-2 CD $12.75
Four romantic/existential sound-poems on the interlocking themes of love & death. Full color photo & lyric booklet. (TOUCH)

"Mutations et Protheses"
MLEBMP 01-7 2x7" $7.80
A very strange little item, no info on the sleeve, but haunting washes of noise and assorted sounds spread over 9 pieces on these red vinyl discs. French import. (MISC. LABELS)

SFTRI 327-2 CD $9.65
Led by UK cartoonist/madman Savage Pencil and including all of Rocket From The Crypt, Andy Seven of Trash Can School, Jon Wohl of Claw Hammer and members of The Mystery Band, these guys dish up a mix of free jazz, acid and punk rock, fractured folk, sampled chaos and filched spoken word, using a heap of spectacularly diverse instruments. Artwork by Cal Schenkel, who was responsible for most Mothers of Invention covers. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"The World Goes Ska"
TROJAN 312-2 CD $11.70
Formed in the last days of the Jamaican ska movement, the Ethiopians actually were one of the first rock steady & reggae groups. This is some of their finest recordings made between 1967 and 1971. Good liner notes. UK import. (TROJAN)

"Welcome Back to the Coast"
BDR 2-7 7" $3.65
Neo-folkie Euge does a couple of songs in a very Kerouac mode, singing of moody ramblers looking for life on the road. (BIG DOG)

"Blood Links and Sacred Places"
IKEF 01-1 LP $12.55
IKEF 01-2 CD $11.90
Poet Redmond, a substantial figure in the '60s black cultural arts movement, lets loose with 12 streetwise raps in this 1973 live in the studio recording, accompanied by Jimmy Daniels on guitar, Ed Jefferson on percussion, and Ike Paggett on sax. Redmond is the founder and editor of Drum Voices Revue, has worked with Amiri Baraka, Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, David Nelson of THE LAST POETS, and many others, and has won numerous literary awards. 180 gram vinyl, gatefold sleeve, limited to 500 copies. Italian import. (IKEF)

"Oil of Hate"
JACK 5-7 7" $3.00
Eugene does 3 anti-war songs in his inimitable, fucked up, goof-ball style: one by himself, one an updated version of a Country Joe song, & one from 1981 with David Licht & Shep the Hep. (BLACKJACK)

"Terror Has Some Strange Kinfolk"
VIRUS 119-1 LP $8.85
VIRUS 119-4 cassette $7.45
VIRUS 119-2 CD $10.50
Psycho, out-of-control blues & country rockin' noise from these two master down-home geetar pickers, including a cover of Billy Ray Cirus's "Acky Breaky Heart." (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"Split EP"
BLAHL 3-7 7" $4.15
Crazed buzzsaw hard rock garage punkabilly attack from two downright scary Mississippi bands. It will slice your ear. With such hits as "Rock n roll teenage vampire killers" and "Rumble at Rockdale High." (BLAHHLL!!)

"Hashin' It Out"
JT 1054-1 LP $8.85
JT 1054-2 CD $10.20
The 2nd album from this acclaimed Chicago power-duo, augmented again by many friends (including people from JOAN OF ARC and TORTOISE) and many varied instruments. They even sing on this one. (JADE TREE)

"The Calendar of Unlucky Days"
JT 1041-1 LP $8.85
JT 1041-2 CD $10.20
Beats-heavy avant-instrumentalism from HEROIC DOSES drummer Ryan Rapsys and bassist Nick Macri. Complex, melodic, adventuresome. (JADE TREE)

"Jet Age"
SFTRI 519-2 CD $9.65
From Oslo and sharing a guitarist with TURBONEGRO, this Norwegian national phenomenon are an instrumental-pop orchestra with an obvious preference for '60s and '70s pop culture and rock showmanship. 15 tracks of delinquent chic caught somewhere between MAN OR ASTROMAN? and THE PHANTOM SURFERS. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Living Heck"
RUBR 8605-1 12" EP $5.60
Three piece rock group out of Edmonton, Alberta from 1986. Better than average post hardcore burnout for that year, with usual symptoms of malaise. One fan of the record called it, "Angst-driven Canadian death-howl." Six songs. Canada import. (RUBBER RECORDS)

"Rollin' Thru the Night"
VIRUS 47-1 LP $8.85
VIRUS 47-2 CD $10.50
Straight-ahead rockabilly from a veteran of the genre. CD with 3 extra tracks. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"United Empire Loyalists"
CLEO 9-1 LP + CD $11.20
With screamin' but still very tuneful garage punk, their first full-length hits it just right with these 17 songs. The nutty package includes both LP and CD versions of the album, a special gatefold 24x24 fold-out cover with photos and extensive liner notes, plus hilarious ambush interviews with Dan Quayle and Alice Cooper. Canadian import. (NARDWUAR)

"Split LP"
MRL 030-1 LP + CD $9.00
Vancouver's 2 most outrageous bands push the wackiness up yet another notch on 20 songs, most clocking in at less than 2 minutes. THE EVAPORATORS do cartoony, perfectly crafted pop with hilarious lyrics, while THEE GOBLINS are a synth and drum duo that do goofy SILVER APPLES-y instrumentals when they aren't doing ska with their alter ego, THEE SKABLINS. Also includes an uproarious 8 1/2 minute interview of IGGY POP by EVAPORATORS front-nut Nardwuar! Also includes a free CD version of the entire album inside! (MINT)

"These Last Days"
GRAVITY 28-7 7" $4.00
Getting further and further away from pop, with a transitional LP in the works. (GRAVITY)

"Fair Play"
LM 012-1 LP $8.75
A San Diego melodic punk outfit similar to Screeching Weasel or Fifteen, with a limited vinyl release that includes all the songs from their previous "Fair Play" CD plus seven unreleased songs exclusive to the vinyl edition! (LIBERATION)

SKENE 038-7 7" $4.25
Passionate, high energy punk, grabber choruses and harmonies, and melodies that will fill your head with memorable tunes. (SKENE)

"William Tell Burroughs"
WANTAGE 011-7 7" $4.00
Missoula MT scuzz-princes lay down three gritty, catchy, high energy garage punk blasts. Their debut. Appropriately rough 2-color silkscreened covers, multicolor vinyl. (WANTAGE)

"Everyhead, a Rock Opera"
AK 069-1 2xLP $25.60
AK 069-2 CD $13.00
This previously unreleased rock opera was recorded live in Los Angeles in 1975. Gatefold sleeve, 180 gram virgin vinyl, digipak CD. Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Lick It"
JFR 059-2 CD $9.65
Thirteen new, ball busting, riff heavy anthems from these two ladies, plus 2 CD ROM videos. Recorded by Dave Trumfio (WILCO, BILLY BRAGG, TRISTEZA, APOCALYPSE HOBOKEN), it is hard to believe that all of this thunder was achieved with only drums and bass. (JOHANN'S FACE)

"Still Smells Like Christmas Spirit"
JFR 060-2 CD $9.00
Bob Weston (SHELLAC) produces, and the BRASSHOLES (an all star quintet of string players from the Chicago Symphony) back up the EVIL BEAVER girls to bring you the heaviest Christmas ever. Wince and slosh down some eggnog, as EVIL BEAVER mutilates your favorites, and adds two new Yuletide oriented originals. (JOHANN'S FACE)

"Split EP"
BIRDMAN 4-7 7" + magazine $4.15
These two noise bands do a trans-Atlantic tribute ot the splatter classic "Blood Feast." Commode Minstrels do a horror soundtrack / early electronic music hybrid, and Evil Moisture does his famed quick-splice juxtapositions inspired by video tape hiss. Packed in genuine old Clive Barker "Hellraiser" comics! (BIRDMAN)

"The Tentacles of the Octopus"
PURE 31045-2 CD $8.00
A collaborative effort from two of the unsung heroes of cut-n-splice noise on 20 bite-sized tracks of well-tuned noise contraptions and effects. (PURE)

"Big Wyoming!"
ECC-4 cassette $6.55
Mark and his family go skiing, and the result is this tale of the wonders of the wild west, serenities split by casio cacaphonies and hanger symphonies. Packed in a pouch made from photos from the trip. (EVOLUTION CONTROL COMMITTEE)

"Compact Discstructions"
ECC-2 book + cassette $20.20
This explores the nature of CDs as an instrument of musique concrete. The 37 page manual, in a large black binder with color cover, shows you just how to fuck with CDs to create loops, skips and other effects, which are further illustrated by the cassette. An old CD is included in the package for you to experiment with. (EVOLUTION CONTROL COMMITTEE)

"Double the Phat and Still Tasteless"
ECCDTP 01-2 CD $11.30
More great, caustic, funny media manipulations on their first CD release. Watch out Negativland, John Oswald, Tape Beatles, etc.; the ECC has it down. Packaged in a 5" computer floppy disk sleeve. (EVOLUTION CONTROL COMMITTEE)

"Double the Phat and Still Tasteless"
ECCDTP 02-S CD + drive $21.40
Same CD as the regular edition, but this one comes with it's own, very real floppy disk drive. The ones we have are various scavenged Qume, Mitsubishi and Toshiba drives, and average about 3 lbs. in weight. Supposedly only 60 made. (EVOLUTION CONTROL COMMITTEE)

ECC-4 cassette $7.65
Packed in an old 8-track shell, Mark Gunderson's 14-lawsuit cassette opus takes up the torch that Bono knocked from Negativland's hands. Better than "Plunderphonics," sez I. (EVOLUTION CONTROL COMMITTEE)

"Rebel Without a Pause (Whipped Cream Mixes)"
THEME 04-7 7" $4.00
Chuck D's vocals are lifted from 2 songs and are placed on top of 2 Herb Alpert instruments in a plunderphonic manner for which we are not legally responsible. (EERIE MATERIALS)

"Rocked By Rape"
EERIE 14-7 7" $4.00
AC/DC with DAN RATHER on lead vocals. After obsessively taping the evening news every night for what must be at least a year, ECC has edited together isolated bits into a kind of "DAN RATHER'S Greatest Hits" barrage of sex, drugs, violence or destruction. Then the rock'n'roll is supplied by a screwed-up regurgitation of "Back in Black." (EERIE MATERIALS)

ECCSUB 01-4 cassette $8.00
Reaching new heights of quickie silliness, this tape mixes together many self help and subliminal tapes, letting you lose weight, stop smoking, improve your ESP and more, all in one listen! Side 2 reverses the messages, so you can gain weight, start smoking, lose creativity and so forth, if you're so inclined. No other subliminal tape has this important feature! (EVOLUTION CONTROL COMMITTEE)

"The Last Mall"
ECC-4 cassette $7.65
A quasi-documentary audio collage about the scouge of the suburbs, with tape loops, manipulations and samples from ad copy, interviews with mall rats, and crank phone calls, backed by ominous, creepy synth moaning. Authentically packed in a little shopping bag with cash register receipt. (EVOLUTION CONTROL COMMITTEE)

"Split EP"
KR 006-7 7" $3.65
Ack, have THE EVOLUTIONS sold out? I mean, you can almost (yeah, almost) tell those are guitars, not power mowers heard over a bad phone connection! THE SMUTS take the trend even further, since they have an actual drummer! Extra credit for "Sooprize Package for Mr. Lowery." (KRYPTONITE)

"The Evolutions"
KR 004-7 7" $3.65
Ultra-raw, ultra-no-fi, sub-neanderthal rawk from the deepest garage! If yer into the most primitive howling, bashing and screeching, check out this product of two Wisconsin morons! 3 originals, plus a "cover" of THE HUNS' "Busy Kids!" (KRYPTONITE)

"1936: The Spanish Revolution"
ALLIED 92-2 book + 2xCD3 $16.60
Finally the CD re-issue of the EX's 1986 book and double 7" set detailing the Spanish revolutionary struggle from 1936-'39. The set, bound again in hardcover, contains two 3" CD singles with two Spanish anarchist songs and a couple of new originals by these anarcho-agitators. The photo booklet has 100 plus pages of photos and text in both Spanish and English. (ALLIED)

"1936: The Spanish Revolution"
VIRUS 253-2 2xCD3 + book $16.75
A re-re-issue of THE EX's 1986 book and double 7" set (first on CD in 1998 on Allied) detailing the Spanish revolutionary struggle from 1936-39. The set, bound in hardcover, contains two CD three inch singles with two Spanish anarchist songs and a couple of new originals by these anarcho-agitators. The photo booklet has 100 plus pages of photos and text in both Spanish and English. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"Big When Far, Small When Close"
KPCD 001-2 CD $11.30
The girls dump the guitars for this amazing recording, mostly using only their voices, plus some percussion. Multi-tracked and manipulated, you can hear everything from Eastern European vocal chorales to scat singing to Kurt Weill to Tibetan chants to super-intricate multi-part vocal gymnastics, all of which will tend to blow you away. As usual, produced by Hoppy Kamiyama. Japanese import. (KIKIPOO)

"Disco 3000"
KPPD 001-1 12" pic disc $15.50
Three songs, "Disco 3000," "Spangle," and "Space Mushroom," on a full color 12" picture disc. Japanese import. (KIKIPOO)

"Heppoco Pou"
PAR 50016-2 CD $13.65
Three cute girls from Tokyo grab elements of PRIMUS-style heavy funk, no wave extra-heavy percussion, early video game soundtracks, sugary pop melodies, and VIOLENT ONSEN GEISHA-like noise, melding them into their own tight, unique songs. Guest appearances by OTOMO YOSHIHIDE and famed keyboard wizard HOPPY KAMIYAMA, who also produces. Japanese import. (KIKIPOO)

"Kero! Kero! Kero!"
PAR 50020-2 CD $13.65
EX-GIRL is what happens when you drain all the pretense, stuck-upness and meanness out of no-wave and pump it full of wild'n'wicked day-glo whimsy. These three Japanese girls have a unique thing going on here that's getting a great response from critics, djs and audiences from all over. As bassist Kirilo says, "Kero kero kero is ribit ribit ribit! Please welcome to Planet Frog!" This is their 2nd CD. Japanese import. (COMPOZILA)

"Pop Muzik"
PQ 10010-2 CD5 $13.65
More total insanity from Japan's rockin' girl trio from Planet Frog! First they do a frantic cover of the '80s new wave hit by M, "Pop Muzik," followed by a 7-minute full-on disco remix featuring Robin Scott samples, and then pull out the stops for two completely crazed 5-minute originals, "Tozka" and "Swanky Spunky Slinky!" Japanese import. (HIBOOM)

"The Legend of the Waterbreakers"
KPCD 005-2 CD $10.10
The soundtrack to what must be a pretty bizarre film by Naoko Nozawa, with songs and theme music written especially for it by EX-GIRL and HOPPY KAMIYAMA, some sounding alot like what you'd expect from the band, but others in styles as diverse as orchestral, operatic, lounge jazz, electronic, bachelor pad pop, and more. Japanese import. (KIKIPOO)

"Pure Pop for Punk People"
SFTRI 652-2 CD $9.65
Punked up California pop akin to THE FASTBACKS and NIKKI AND THE CORVETTES. THE EXCESSORIES prove that power pop can be loud, raucous, and of course a whole lot of fun. Featuring Melanie Bruck (SLUTS FOR HIRE) on guitar and vocals, Rich Coffee (TOMMYKNOCKERS/GIZMOS) on lead guitar, ex-REDD KROSS/SUPERKOOLS Janet Housden on bass, and Roy J. Morgan (NEUROTICS/COUNTDOWNS) on drums. Nothing succeeds like excess! (SYMPATHY)

"Critical Exploder"
POLLUTE 064-1 LP $9.15
POLLUTE 064-2 CD $9.00
The long-awaited debut full length from Tokyo's masters of high speed HC fury. Prepare to crap your pants in disbelief at the raw amount of energy contained in these 17 tracks. This rocks like fuck, more hooks in this speed onslaught than was thought humanly possible. EXCLAIM steamrolls through changes and tempos while the screamer goes off. The motherfucking fuzzed out thrash record of the year! CD version contains the amazing debut "Out of Suit" EP. (SOUND POLLUTION)

"Divided We Fall"
PESS 27-1 LP $8.70
PESS 27-2 CD $10.70
After studying the classic moves and searing agony of early NAPALM DEATH and EXTREME NOISE TERROR, ET have strategized for certain victory with the most over-the-top, down-tuned, dual-vocal grind/crust ever to hit the battlefield! So fast and heavy that the drummer ruptured his appendix during the sessions. (PESSIMISER)

"self titled"
PESS 51-2 CD $10.70
Fierce, violent, political crust/grindcore, ranging from hyperspeed blast beats to slow, downtuned but intense grooves, with guttural roar/high scream vocals and doom-laden lyrics full of pessimism and absolute distrust of authority. Their tracks on the very popular "Cry Now, Cry Later" compilations, as well as countless Southern California shows have gotten solid attention. (PESSIMISER)

"Split EP"
PESS 64-7 7" $4.00
Six rotting, oozing chunks of the most brutal crust-thrash around. Check it out. (PESSIMISER)

"self titled"
CHA 9-2 CD $10.70
Two Olympia girls (and token guy on drums) play guitars (no bass) & sing in their own version of the rockin', noise-drenched Sarah/Slumberland sound. (CHAINSAW)

"14093 Steps to My House"
MT 287-7 7" $4.00
Former members of Kill Sybil, Nubbins and Witchypoo combine forces for a punky power pop ride that's been called the screaming daughter of Hole and Buffalo Tom. (eMpTy RECORDS)

"Mother of God, It's Expando Brain!"
VACANT 1-1 LP $6.35
A bunch of goofy, energetic tunes about thyroid glands & stuff like that. (VACANT LOT)

"Prouder than Chowder"
VACANT 5-7 7" $3.35
Frantic garage-rock energy pours out of this 5-song EP. (VACANT LOT)

SFTRI 279-2 CD $9.65
Sonic Boom returns with a new experimental ambient noise project, the first in a series featuring a constantly changing coterie of noisicians drawn from AMM, God, My Bloody Valentine, Spectrum and Spacemen 3. Hallucinogenic mood music for the 90's! (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"self titled"
MR 001-1 10" $8.00
Sonic Boom from Spacemen 3 and Kevin from God are joined by Tom Prentice and Scott Riley for three journeys into sound. (MAN'S RUIN)

"The Koner Experiment"
USCD 666-2 CD $10.70
The early recordings of Mr. Sonic Boom are embellished by folks like Eddie Prevost of AMM, Kevin Martin of Techno-Animal and Ice, and Kevin Shields, and then handed over to composer/experimentalist Thomas Koner for remixing and further tweaking of the beautiful tundra landscape. (SPACE AGE)

"Electric Power"
RIPOFF 046-7 7" $4.35
The debut release from this combustible new Canadian band, with 2 seriously rockin' songs. Features an ex-member of THE LEATHER UPPERS. (RIP OFF)

"Live in Japan"
CMD 006-2 CD $7.85
Original punk rock legends getting crazy in the Land of the Rising Sun! 19 songs recorded in concert at Club Citta in Kawasaki, Japan in June, 1991. (CREATIVEMAN)

"The Explosion"
JT 1047-2 CD5 $6.55
This year-and-a-half old Boston outfit plays '77-style jams with elements of street punk and oi with the attack of hardcore. Think THE CLASH, BUZZCOCKS, MISFITS, SEX PISTOLS, STIFF LITTLE FINGERS, NAKED RAYGUN and even THE WHO. (JADE TREE)

"Flash Flash Flash"
JT 1051-1 LP $8.85
JT 1051-2 CD $10.20
Attitude-fuelled punk from Boston, with a street-tough, headstrong approach, raw power and catchy melodies. (JADE TREE)

"Exploring Biology"
BS 06-2 CD $10.50
Extreme free jazz for 2000! Tar Pit (THE UNSHOWN, ex-SKUMKID) on alto sax, Weasel Walter (FLYING LUTTENBACHERS, BOBBY CONN, etc.) on tenor sax and bass clarinet, Joe Shrapnel (ROYAL.SPACE.FORCE, PRIX) on synth, and Billy Sides (VxDx, ABORT PROTOCOL) on drums. A full hour of freeform carnage! (NO SIDES)

"Confederacy of Ruined Lives"
PESS 35-1 LP $8.70
The first new studio album in over 4 years from the veteran New Orleans crust outfit. Expect brutality. (PESSIMISER)

"Broke My Heart"/"Too Late"
SFTRI 483-7 7" $4.00
A three-piece all-female garage punk band from Albuquerque, who released a much-raved-about single in 1996 under the name Psychodrama. Two catchy, energetic punk songs with sassy lyrics. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

SFTRI 484-2 CD $9.65
Short, fast, 3-chord anthems with the spirit of the Ramones by this Albuquerque all-girl punk band. High-energy, poppy punk with a tongue-in cheek playfulness that won't go over anyone's head. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Do the Zombie"
SFTRI 518-7 7" $4.00
Just in time for Halloween, an infectious pop-punk explosion recorded at Poop Alley. "Zombie" is the soundtrack for a new dance craze currently knockin' 'em dead in the wastelands of New Mexico. REVILLOS cover on side B. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

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