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"Live in Japan"
CMD 005-2 CD $7.85
Original punk rock legends getting crazy in the Land of the Rising Sun! 17 songs recorded live at Club Citta in Kawasaki, Japan in April, 1991. (CREATIVEMAN)

POLLUTE 013-2 CD $9.00
Originally released in 1992, one of the greatest HC bands to ever come out of Sweden, like someone listening to ABBA and then a 747 crashes into their house. (SOUND POLLUTION)

ZPOINT 12-2 CD $11.50
New CD of un-abrasive noises (singing chimney, swallows, TV mosquitoes) calmly collaged by this Swiss artist; Runzelstirn & Gurglestock's antithesis. (ZABRISKIE POINT)

"Yack Park"
ZPOINT 6-2 CD $11.50
Industrial noise, but done quietly, with a thoughtful use of silences. Electronics with percussive bangs, clanks, thuds and ripping scrapes float and dance in an isolated aural space. (ZABRISKIE POINT)

"Black Acura"
JK 801-1 12" $6.00
Slammin' hip-hop beats, spooky electronics on this 1997 release, only a few of which remain. Check it. (FUNCTION 8)

"self titled"
ECC-4 cassette $7.65
Improvised music, flowing between ethereal ambience and harsh, sandy grit; lo-fi noise meets ambience featuring Evolution Control Committee guru Mark Gunderson and two friends. Packed in a pouch formed by big, oversized playing cards. (EVOLUTION CONTROL COMMITTEE)

"This One"
POLLUTE 028-1 LP $8.00
POLLUTE 028-2 CD $9.00
Legendary all-woman Japanese hardcore maniacs at their best. Half studio, half live in California with awesome sound that really captures their energy. (SOUND POLLUTION)

"777: 1991-1997"
POLLUTE 038-2 CD $9.00
A collection of 17 recordings from 1991-97 from this legendary female Japanese hardcore powerhouse, including the highly sought-after "Women's Liberation" tracks and other out-of-print and hard-to-get vinyl. (SOUND POLLUTION)

"Split EP"
702 20-7 7" $3.80
Fast, energetic powerpop to the max from these two bands, who contribute 2 songs each. The GAIN you know from their many other releases over the past few years, and Reno outfit CRUSHSTORY is coming up fast. (702)

ZIKS 012-2 CD $13.65
Driving, relentless Tokyo noisepunk with female vocals, sounding a bit like early Lydia Lunch, but on speed, not junk. Japanese import. (ZK RECORDS)

TSPH 200-1 2xLP $15.65
TSPH 200-2 CD $13.00
Debut full-length for this Japanese artist with several compilation cuts on various Easy Tempo releases. Eight originals plus a cover of the UFO TV series theme. Vinyl in gatefold sleeve. Italian import. (RIGHT TEMPO)

"Rock N Roll Space Wrestlers from the Outer Limits!!"
REPENT 4509-7 7" $4.00
Bay Area garage surf/punks don Mexican wrestling masks and have THAT sound. We're talkin' ultra-raw Lucastone, complete with Bigfoot stomp n' howl. (REPENT)

AK 158-1 LP $17.25
AK 158-2 CD $13.00
The first and only album by this Australian progressive band, released by Polydor in 1971. Very diverse, ranging from innovative, psych-tinged songs with lots of fuzzy guitar breaks, bluesy hard rock, a country-flavored song, jazz-pop, and a nice ballad with a flute solo. Original artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (AKARMA)

"A Day Without the Sun"
AK 008-1 LP $17.25
AK 008-2 CD $16.60
Recorded during the band's 2nd incarnation in the mid-'70s, and engineered by Tom Markham, with 2 bonus cuts. The LP is on 180 gram audiophile vinyl. Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Self Titled"
GALAXY 01-4 cassette $5.30
Outer space funknboogie to soulful. (MISC. LABELS)

"Very First Stone"
AK 085-1 2xLP $25.60
AK 085-2 CD $13.00
Two previously unreleased albums recorded in 1979 and 1984 from this all female prog/psych outfit, the same band that recorded 1976's "Day Without the Sun." Gatefold sleeve, 180 gram virgin vinyl, Italian import. (AKARMA)

DSR 52-7 7" $4.00
DSR 52-2 CD5 $6.55
The mighty band is back, faster paced, more energetic and a little quicker than before. Three songs on the 7", and 5 on the CD. (DR. STRANGE)

DSR 65-2 CD $9.65
Dontcha just luv it (part 2)? Their first release, originally out in 1993 but unavailable for years, now rereleased to catch some of the juice from their new one on Revelation. (DR. STRANGE)

DSR 71-2 CD $9.00
21 songs (including 15 that are previously unreleased) dating from 1990-97, and including both of their now out of print 7"s. Expect a little more aggressive and raw sound than their newer stuff. (DR. STRANGE)

"self titled"
DSR 36-7 7" $4.00
DSR 36-2 CD5 $6.55
This popular Orange County outfit punches out their own brand of melodic pop-punk. (DR. STRANGE)

"Three to Get Ready"
DSR 38-1 LP $8.25
DSR 38-4 cassette $7.45
DSR 38-2 CD $9.00
Their 2nd full-length, catchy pop punk with an edge, is all upbeat and all punchy, hummable tunes. (DR. STRANGE)

"Goin' My Way"
ES 73R-7 7" $4.00
Originally released in 1990, this features loud blasts of short, fast power trio punk from Mono Mort & friends in his pre-Mono Men days. Limited edition of only 800. (ESTRUS)

"Split EP"
ACME 95-7 7" $4.00
ROSE FOR BOHDAN tweak through 3 twisted tracks, with a shocking cover of a HEAVENS TO BETSY classic. GANG WIZARD play 2 shrill numbers that establish what garage would sound like if it were good. (BLACKBEAN & PLACENTA)

"I Wonder"
RPM 202-2 CD $13.00
First time on CD, this white frat-rock group from Mississippi who developed into a stirring US pop rock band through the writing of their leader Sid Herring. A blend of PAUL REVERE and THE BEATLES' "Rubber Soul," this collection features tracks from their 1963-67 output on the Liberty label (3 albums and 7 singles). 30 tracks, UK import. (RPM)

SFTRI 34-7 7" $4.00
1930s big band jazz from a famous animated cartoon of the time is sampled and mutated with lotsa heavy percussion by a gang including Clint "Foetus" Ruin. One sided 7" with a totally tripped-out etching on the 2nd side. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Safari to Mum Booba"
SFTRI 134-1 10" $7.25
Jim "Foetus" Thirlwill and the Pizz team up again for a veritable cannibal stew of cartoon jungle stomp mayhem, the likes of which have been rare since the acid-drenched, silly symphony days of the Raymond Scott Orchestra and Carl Stalling. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"self titled"
GERN 010-1 LP $7.70
GERN 010-2 CD $9.35
Emotional, driven melodicore from Long Island. (GERN BLANDSTEN)

"Split EP"
RSVR 004-7 7" $4.00
These two New York bands each do a song in the tough styles they are famous for. Garden Variety is more melodic, but Hell No is as charged, outraged and over the edge as ever. Great full color cover. (RESERVOIR)

"Perverts on Parade"
OTR 001-2 CD $8.90
The late "El Duce," main offender of the infamous MENTORS, did this, his final recording, while laying low in Florida to avoid getting thrown in jail by California authorities for various sex violations. 9 lessons in sex, drugs, and repulsion, including "Senior Citizen Sodomizer," "First Shit of the Morning," "Clitoctomy," and some MENTORS classics, backed by the absolutely brutal metal-punk attack of GARDY-LOO, complete with dissonant guitar crunch and double-bass drums. Not for the squeamish! Liner notes by Heathen Scum of THE MENTORS. (OFF THE RECORDS)

DUCK 20-7 7" $5.70
Horror fiction is the most underrated art form, say these anonymous tricksters. A brief, creepy crawly rock instrumental in a fancy package with a big silkscreened poster, stickers, tracts, etc. Numbered, limited edition of 222 on clear yellow vinyl, one sided. (DUCK BUTTER)

"Without End"
SFTRI 140-2 CD $9.65
San Francisco's Gargoyles have their roots firmly in the leather jacketed Stooges/MC5 Detroit sound. Their first full-length. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Best of"
ARCD 53-2 CD $18.40
Fat, smelly, rude & crude, the ugliest band in Japan is back with a collection of their dirtiest ditties. Japanese import. (ALCHEMY)

"Ninniku Night"
CAP 1024-2 CD $12.10
Remember these guys from their Public Bath 7"? Big, smelly tubs-o-lard that play big, smelly lardcore punk. Definitely high-calorie, bathless entertainment! (CAPTAIN)

"self titled"
PB 4-7 7" $4.00
Smellypunk from Osaka, played by a bunch of lardasses that might even outweigh Poison Idea. One of their four songs is about sumo wrestling, too. (PUBLIC BATH)

"Greats Volume 1: The Kickstands vs. The Knights"
AVICD 5018-2 CD $11.45
Vocalist/songwriter Usher was right in the middle of the early 60's California hot rod/vocal surf music scene, and this CD has two complete LPs, The Kickstands' "Black Boots and Bikes" and The Knights "Hot Rod High," both released in 1964. Lots of great songs, mostly in that classic Beach Boys/Jan & Dean style, with a few instrumentals. Detailed liner notes. (AVI)

"Integrity, Technology and Service"
MT 181-4 cassette $7.45
MT 181-2 CD $9.65
A "Link-Wray-of-the-'90s" sort of sound; a non-stop, breathless punk romp through the swampy underground they are so famous for dominating. The LP version includes the Gas Huffer comic book! (eMpTy RECORDS)

"Janitors of Tomorrow"
MT 145-1 LP $8.85
MT 145-2 CD $9.65
Needing no introduction, we're sure! (eMpTy RECORDS)

"The Shrill Beeps of Shrimp"
MT 271-7 7" $4.00
Three scorching, hillbilly-fueled punk hits and one rock ballad, recorded just after their 1993 tours. (eMpTy RECORDS)

"Split EP"
SFTRI 294-P 7" pic disc $5.00
Gas Huffer covers the Red Aunts' "Teach Me How to Kill," and the Red Aunts return the favor with a cover of Gas Huffer's "Cupcakes." (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Two Women"
ES 794-7 7" $4.00
Truck stops, warm beer and big-ass guitars from this pile-drivin' trio from the bad side of Philly, with some hi-octane, Gretsch-infected twang that's one part Merle Travis, one part Flat Duo Jets and two parts pure sweat. (ESTRUS)

"Fuel Stereo Shit"
RON 019-7 2x7" $6.35
Fast, loud n' furious garage punk from France! This is their debut release, with 8 outta control, motormaniac songs. Italian import. (ROCKIN' BONES)

ES 1243-2 CD $9.50
Quit yer primpin'n'preenin' Pauline 'cause Japan's premier double ray-gun guitar slayers GASOLINE are set to burn your playhouse down with their incendiary Estrus debut. This feedback infused firebomb of fortuitous fury blends the manic buzzsaw squawk of mod r'n'b with the primal slop-tone attack of vintage MC5. 14 blazing tracks of nitro-laced pyro-maniac combustorama! (ESTRUS)

"I Just Low"
ES 7103-7 7" $4.55
This Japanese trio rips with a 4-song frenzy of feedback that mixes equal parts stripped down raw power and fuzz-heavy blue cheer. (ESTRUS)

"Step on the Gas"/"Afro Cow"
ES 7145-7 7" $4.65
Mod-fucked megaton fuzz attack, '60s garage style, sort of, from Japan's fire-spewin' smash'n'bash raygun revolutionaries. (ESTRUS)

"Drome Triler of Puzzle Zoo People"
SAH 46-1 LP $8.70
SAH 46-2 CD $10.70
Their debut full-length, with 16 songs that hover in the non-existent, nebulous middle ground between power violence, sludge, noise and Captain Beefheart. As aggressive and heavy as humanly possible, yet still completely unpredictable. (SLAP A HAM)

"In Search of the Mystery"
ESP 1049-2 CD $12.00
Recorded in New York in March 1967 for ESP, with help from Calo Scott (cello), Norris Jones (bass) and Bobby Kapp (drums). Barbieri plays ferocious solos on four of his own compositions, with the intense tone of his early days when he was fully absorbed in the jazz avant-garde. Digitally remastered from the original tapes, with the original artwork. Italian import. (ESP-DISK)

"In Search of the Mystery"
GET 1039-1 LP $12.55
In the vein of ALBERT AYLER's "Spiritual Unity," this 1967 ESP release shows BARBIERI as a credible avantgardist. 180 gram audiophile vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Good Bad Happy Sad"
BOHGGB 01-7 7" $4.15
Side 1 of this Columbus band's single takes off in a way Pagans mode, and side 2 goes off with a very Husker Du-like melody and guitar distortion. (BAG OF HAMMERS)

"self titled"
PRANK 09-7 7" $4.00
Japanese hardcore legends deliver devastating speed fueled by over-the-top energy. Five of their most classic songs recorded live on their 1996 tour, plus one new song from the upcoming album. (PRANK)

"Bohemian Special"
REASON 3-2 CD $10.70
An even mixture of hi-fi noise-pop rock and lo-fi home-recorded sonic rock from this San Francisco guitar/drums duo. The mostly instrumental songs use thick, dense guitar, analog synthesizers for that "new wave" feel, and complex, powerful drumming. (CHARNEL HOUSE)

"I Want It to Sound Like a Monster or a Boombox"
360 001-2 CD $8.90
At times thrashy, at others psychedelic and spacey, these San Francisco iconoclasts mix lo-fi synth and loud acoustic drums with super-fuzzed-out guitars and effects in these (almost) all-instro tunes. Fans of TRANS AM, THE CHAMPS and TORTOISE will be delighted. Previous release on Charnel Music. (360 DEGREE STEREO ABUSE)

"self titled"
GAYBARB 1-7 7" $4.00
Ecstatic space psych from San Francisco with huge MBV guitars, slow & heavy drums and distant Moogs and organs. Two dreamy, sprawling songs with just-barely-audible vocals for a surreal effect, produced by Bay Area noise celebrity Mason Jones (Charnel Music, TRANCE, SUBARACHNOID SPACE). Orange vinyl. (MISC. LABELS)

"Punk Rock Ambulance"
HELLO 401-2 CD $7.15
After a very successful joint US tour in 1999, these two great hardcore outfits continue their collaboration with this shreddin' joint release, each contributing three songs. (HELLO)

"Singles Collection"
CNR 01-2 CD $10.10
This collects 11 songs from this Ohio streetpunk outfit's three 7" releases on Transparent, plus 2 from their 1997 self-released CD, 2 more from compilations, and 1 previously unreleased studio track. (COSA NOSTRA)

"Rockin' at Ground Zero"
BA 1130-1 LP $9.10
BA 1130-2 CD $10.80
This quintessential LA late 70's punk/pop/surf group, irrepressibly bouncy and upbeat, is captured here on the most rockinest album to come out of the final days of the original LA punk explosion of 1977-80. Simple, melodic, but urgent pogo punk with a tinge of rockabilly influence. Out of print on LP for 19 years. (BACCHUS ARCHIVES)

"A Consommer Sans Moderation"
SSSGN 01-4 cassette $5.90
Post-industrial cold mech-anical rhythms & layered manipulations from the Permis De Consruire label in Nancy, France. Part 1 of the French Trilogy. C 45 (SSS)

"Quality Time"
MLGEL 01-1 LP $7.55
MLGEL 01-4 cassette $6.45

"All the Way"
ARCD 60-2 CD $18.40
One of Japan's best punk bands with 11 new songs. Tuff, tight and intense as hell, with just the right combination of melody and street grit. Japanese import. (ALCHEMY)

"Desert Island Disc"
ARCD 30-2 CD $18.40
Ragin' mosh punk from the gray industrial town of Nagoya; a great example of "Japcore." (ALCHEMY)

ARCD 1-2 CD $18.40
Raw street-punk sounds from Nagoya, the Detroit of Japan, played the way punk is supposed to beuncomplicated, sparse, hook-filled and intense as fuck. This CD combines several of their early recordings from 1984-5, some live tracks from the legendary Eggplant in Osaka, and several previously unreleased tracks. (ALCHEMY)

"Genbaku Headquarters"
ARCD 3-2 CD $18.40
Their first CD; driving melodic power-punk similar to 999 or the Ramones, but with a psychedelic twist & Hendrix-style guitar leads. Well-produced, slammin' stuff, sung in English. (ALCHEMY)

"Nuclear Cowboy"
ARCD 76-2 CD $18.40
A CD re-issue of their legendary first LP from 1985, this is rockin' primitive punk from the industrial burg of Nagoya. Japanese import. (ALCHEMY)

"On Time"
ARCD 19-2 CD $18.40
Live recording from Nagoya Japcore standouts. (ALCHEMY)

"Quality Control"
ARCD 074-2 CD $18.40
One of the tightest, rockin'est punk bands on the planet presents a collection of the best tracks from three of their previous CDs: "Genbaku Headquarters," "Desert Island Disc," and "All the Way." Japanese import. (ALCHEMY)

"Self titled"
PB 9-7 7" $4.00

"Surfer's Mood"/"Surf Bunny"
BA 06-7 7" $4.35
An obscure 1963 surf classic, this great, raw recording features a moody, jungle reworking of Link Wray's "Rumble," plus a stompin' workout with ragged guitar, aggro drumming and surfer calls! (BACCHUS ARCHIVES)

"K.M.D. Sweet Revenge"
MR 160-1 LP $12.55
The 3rd GENERATION X studio album, recorded in 1979 but never released, this features the lineup of Billy Idol, Tony James, Bob Andrews and Mark Laff. Gatefold cover, limited edition of 1000, 220 gram virgin vinyl, Spanish import. (MUNSTER)

"Dead at 16"
TKOROUND 54-7 7" $4.65
OC meets UK style punk from this 4 year old outfit, with one song from an upcoming LP and another that's an ANGELIC UPSTARTS cover. (TKO)

"State of the Nation"
TKOROUND 80-2 CD5 $7.25
Great street punk from L.A., with 6 new studio tracks and 2 live cuts from their performance at the USA Holidays In The Sun show, 2001. This enhanced CD also contains a video for "Down in the City." (TKO)

TKOROUND 67-1 LP $8.85
TKOROUND 67-2 CD $10.50
The 3rd album from the Los Angeles street-punk heroes, hailed by many as one of the best out there. (TKO)

"Sick of the World"
RUR 016-1 LP $11.35
Featured on Killed By Death #12, this collects this Boston band's rare 1979 7", 5 previously unreleased studio tracks, and a hot live performance. Liner notes by the band, with rare photos. Italian import. (RAVE UP)

"Technical Comfort Formalistic Style Features"
SA 27-7 7" $4.25
Electronic sounds and dialog in various languages, mostly soft but occasionally not. Side 2 overlays abstract but complex piano with unintelligible, mushed-together voices. Intriguing and strange. (STOMACH ACHE)

AVAN 014-2 CD $19.00
Lewis plays trombone, Roscoe Mitchell plays sax, and they both improvise with a computer program called Voyager which generates very complex musical responses to the humans' playing in real time. The result is something like an improvising orchestra, and it works. Japanese import. (AVANT)

"Dragon Lady"
SFTRI 384-7 7" $4.00
Walking the line between bittersweet country and reverb-drenched madness, this popular LA group delivers two new songs. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Get Thee Gone"
SFTRI 314-1 10" $7.70
Dreamy, rain-soaked croons of heartache and desire, from these folks that have toured with Beck, and collaborate with him here on one of the 7 tracks. Mad violins cutting through thick, bowed bass and brazen guitars, churning to the gut-wrenching lyrics of obsession, sorrow and sweet country love. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"What Part of 'Get Thee Gone' Don't You Understand?"
SFTRI 481-2 CD $9.65
A re-issue of the tracks from the 1994 10" release, plus 9 additional tracks of previously unreleased live, radio and oddities. Dreamy, rain-soaked croons of heartache and desire, from these folks that have toured with Beck, and collaborate with him here on one of the 7 tracks. Mad violins cutting through thick, bowed bass and brazen guitars, churning to the gut-wrenching lyrics of obsession, sorrow and sweet country love. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Ad Lib"
SC 329-1 2xLP $15.65
The debut album from mixmaster Frisina takes classic bossa and jazz, spicing it up with lots of samples and loops. Great for fans of the new Brazilian beat. Italian import. (SCHEMA)

SC 327-1 12" $9.60
Two tracks of Latin jazz from an upcoming album by Frisina. Italian import. (SCHEMA)

TPR 005-7 7" $4.15
Three more fast, rough, in your face punk tunes (including a RAMRODS cover) from this Cincinnati band, a little like NEW BOMB TURKS. (TOM PERKINS)

"Cat's Clause"
MR 025-1 10" $9.60
Ten songs recorded live in 1979 and 1980 by the notorious LA punk band, with a big, 12-page, 10x10 booklet of photos, interviews and commentary, plus a complete discography. Spanish import. (MUNSTER)

"Senzuri Fight Back"
HACHIMITSU 100-7 7" $4.20
In their ultra-shit "rock" mode, these infamous perverts pound out 14 bass/drums/voice turds of brutal noise. Truly bowel-moving excretions of sonic slime. (HACHIMITSU)

"No Sound"
VC 77-7 7" $4.00
The veteran Japanese noise outfit does something that sounds a bit like a watherfall of broken glass. (VINYL COMMUNICATIONS)

"More Shit"
BABY 3-7 7" $3.65
No shit. Shit. No shit. Shit. More shit. No shit. Shit. This could go on all day, huh? Shit. You know these guys. No shit. Japan's crudest, lewdest, shittiest. No shit. Shit. More shit? Shit. (BABY HUEY)

"Split EP"
MLGFPO 01-1 10" $6.60
The Pissed Officers (apparently the brains behind this nutty project), offer up some of the skronkiest hardcore around, every song possessed of the same ridiculous tempo and flipped-out vocal madness. Flip this over and it gets even weirder as Gerty Farish goes beyond insane, ranting odes to grasshoppers and eggs as Casio keyboards and completely overloaded drum machines dominate. But to get to this record, you have to peel open the specially-scored-and-printed box, which you can then assemble into a genuine ant-evacuation-of-Earth rocket ship! Also check out all the goofy inserts, posters, postcard, patch, etc. that comes in the box. Incredible! (MISC. LABELS)

"The Get Hustle"
GRAVITY 40-7 7" $4.00
Trippy, interesting mood music from Portland sort of in the vein of NICK CAVE, with drums and dual piano stripped down, backing up theatrical female vocals. (GRAVITY)

"Rock & Roll Terrorist"
MR 175-1 2xLP $14.90
A huge, 47-track shitpile of raw, brutal, rough and bloody stuff, including his best and rarest with various bands! Spanish import. (MUNSTER)

"A Haunting We Will Go-Go"
TR 033-1 LP $8.85
Spooky! Swingin'! Way Out! Weird! THE GHASTLY ONES, dressed as undertakers and taking their inspiration from '60s surf and creepy monster flicks, belt out spook-a-fied, haunted house, reverb-drenched sounds guaranteed to make you shiver and shake. Yes, the CD is out on Geffen, but for those who prefer cool sounds on cool vinyl, we got it right here. (TELSTAR)

"Temple Stone"
PSFD 37-2 CD $15.65
This is a live album of Ghost's acid-folk-psych, recorded in spiritual places with lots of ambient echo. Japanese import. (PSF RECORDS)

"Ghost Rider"
AKARMA 047-1 LP $17.25
AKARMA 047-2 CD $16.60
A psychedelic combo from California, this album also includes previously unreleased live tracks. The LP is on 180 gram audiophile vinyl. Italian import. (AKARMA)

"O Quieta e Dolce Mattina d'Ottobre"
MASO 90061-2 CD $11.60
Three pieces for piano, percussion and spoken word by this avant garde composer noted for his interest in minimalism and theater. Italian import. (MATERIALI SONORI)

"La Morte Accarezza a Mezzanotte"
ET 902-1 2xLP $14.90
ET 902-2 CD $13.00
Great soundtrack recorded in 1972 for one of the best '70s detective movies filmed in Italy after Dario Argento's success. If you have Easy Tempo vol. 1 & 2 you already know GIANNI FERRIO's Funky-Jazzy sound. 17 tracks, gatefold sleeve, Italian import. (RIGHT TEMPO)

"Tony Arzenta / Big Guns"
ET 917-1 2xLP $15.65
ET 917-2 CD $13.00
The original, breath-taking soundtrack for this 1972 Italian crime thriller starring Alain Delon as a Mafia hitman. 21 tracks, with vocalist Ornella Vanoni on the opening tune. LP in gatefold sleeve, Italian import. (RIGHT TEMPO)

"Una Farfalla con le Ali Insanguinate"
ET 918-1 2xLP $14.90
ET 918-2 CD $13.00
The 2nd work by FERRIO to be released on the Right Tempo label, this is the score for an Italian crime movie (starring HELMUT BERGER) from the mighty early '70s. The double LP has only 3 sides recorded but on the 4th you get an exclusive etching by master painter SYMEONI. Italian import. (RIGHT TEMPO)

"Some Music"
BENT 5-2 CD $10.70
Independent SF filmmaker provides mostly instrumental soundtracks for his visuals, with an eye to spacious and imaginative sounds. (BENT)

"Memphis Sol"
SFTRI 176-2 CD $9.65
Recorded at Sun Studios in Memphis, where these lo-fi crunchmeisters were joined by Jon Spencer. A totally whacked-out array of styles and attitudes. The ghost of Elvis dropped his popsicle, gasped in horror and went into epileptic fits... (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Winter in America"
GET 8004-1 LP $12.55
One of the essential, milestone albums of American jazz, this very popular 1973 release combined Scott-Heron's scathing indictment of Nixon/Watergate with some of the most memorable jazz melodies ever. Original artwork with liner notes. Gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"self titled"
LOW 007-7 7" $4.25
Iron Maiden-type metal histrionics; loud guitars, party-dude vocals and all the trimmings. (LOWELL)

"High Heels"
ES 118-1 10" $8.10
Moody, fuzz-fucked desperation from Seattle's sires of soul-squawk. 8 fired-up broken-bottle blasts of lo-grade, street-junk punk that'll leave you begging for the electric chair. (ESTRUS)

"Other Destinations"
BRD 4-2 CD $11.30
A solo sonic fantasy for percussion, voice, theramin and tape; a remarkably imaginative and coherent vision of sound and music. The specially printed fold-out packaging is a delight to the eye. Definitely recommended! (RASTASCAN)

"Singular Pleasures"
BRD 023-2 CD $11.30
On his 2nd solo recording, Robair focuses on new ways of playing the drum set using files, battery powered motors, and motorized kitchen implements as well as drumsticks and mallets. Best known for his work with Splatter Trio, Club Foot Orchestra, and Anthony Braxton, he here delves into the more extreme timbres, including a South East Asian piece, industrial appliances and vocalized scraping. This is percussion that bubbles, grinds and swells like nature intended. For fans of Zappa's "Black Page" or Varese's "Ionisation." (RASTASCAN)

"Tribute to Someone"
RW 104-1 LP $12.55
Originally released on Clan in 1964, this features GATO BARBIERI and FRANCO AMBROSETTI and several others joining double-bassist Azzolini on 6 cuts of primo '60s cool jazz. Italian import. (REARWARD)

"New American Shame"
MT 204-1 LP $8.85
MT 204-2 CD $9.65
The newest album from these Tacoma legends taps influences from British Invasion to punk to Northwest fuzz garage. (eMpTy RECORDS)

"Stomp and Shout and Work It On Out!"
DION 1218-1 12" EP $6.45
This Tacoma band does a tribute to their fave 60's bands of the Pacific Northwest. Super energetic versions of the Sonics, the Kingsmen and others. 6 songs. (DIONYSUS)

"Work That Crowd"/"Granny's Pad"
MT 184-7 7" $4.00
The band teams up with another Tacoma denizen, an 82 year old go-go dancer! (eMpTy RECORDS)

"Without"/"Cold Shoulder"
ID 074570-7 7" $4.35
Each band covers one of the other's songs. Original idea, huh? They also steal each other's artwork. Wow. (DIONYSUS)

"Kings and Queens"
SKIP 44-1 LP $8.25
SKIP 44-2 CD $10.20
Their first studio recordings, done back in 1987-88, are made available on vinyl and CD for the first time, with the addition of 3 awesome live cuts. These lean, hungry, classic, fresh and powerful songs feature their crushing, melodic, hardcore punk with Mia Zapata's great bluesy vocals. (BROKEN REKIDS)

"Seafish Louisville"
SKIP 87-1 LP $9.70
SKIP 87-2 CD $10.50
Powerful, previously unreleased studio material, a remixed version of the first, limited GITS EP, and stunning live recordings. (BROKEN)

"Second Skin"/"Social Love"
SKIP 4-7 7" $4.00
Seattle's answer to the Creamers! (BROKEN REKIDS)

"Spear & Magic Helmet"
MT 152-7 7" $4.00
Seattle punk w/ great female vocals. (eMpTy RECORDS)

ESP 1013-2 CD $11.90
His 2nd album for ESP, originally released in 1965. The innovative free jazz saxophonist is joined by Milford Graves, Don Pullen, Eddie Gomez and Reggie Johnson for these energetic and colorful recordings. Digitally remastered from the original tapes, with liner notes and photos. Dutch import. (ESP DISK)

"Giuseppi Logan Quartet"
ESPCD 1007-2 CD $11.90
Originally released in 1964, this fine debut album featured Logan on tenor and alto sax, with Don Pullen (piano), Eddie Gomez (bass) and Milford Graves (drums and tabla). Dutch import. (ESP-DISK)

"Giuseppi Logan Quartet"
GET 1030-1 LP $12.55
Originally released in 1964 on the ESP label, this fine debut album featured Don Pullen, Eddie Gomez and Milford Graves. 180 gram audiophile vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"1975-1977 Demos & Rehearsals"
GULCHER 402-2 2xCD $11.30
54 previously unreleased tracks from the early Midwest punk pioneers, including Krazee Ken Highland's 1975 demos, Ken and Eddie Flowers (as THE ROCKABILLY YOBS) accidentally discovering swamp-trash-punk, Rich Coffee's stoner-rock band CERBERUS joining the first GIZMOS rehearsal, Maryland Marine-era song demos by Ken, Ted Niemiec's demos for the 1977 GIZMOS sessions, many unheard tunes and more. The 20-page booklet is packed with detailed notes by Ken, commentary by Eddie, and lots of unpublished photos. (GULCHER)

"1976: The Rockabilly Yobs Session"
VULCHER 0003-1 LP $11.20
Actually pre-GIZMOS, this was Ken Highland and Eddie Flowers' almost-band in 1976, doing primitive, raw, inspired and deranged swamp-trash-punk that would much later be echoed in '90s bands like THE OBLIVIANS. This collects all their recordings, for the first time on vinyl. Limited edition, Italian import. (HATE)

"1976-1977: The Studio Recordings"
GULCHER 401-2 CD $8.00
This collects the tracks from all three 7"s (including the underground hit "Muff Divin'"), plus 11 previously unreleased outtakes, by these for-real legendary Indiana proto-punk, proto-nerd-rock wonders who were influenced by THE DICTATORS, MC5, THE STOOGES, VELVET UNDERGROUND, '60 garage and '50s rockabilly. 16-page booklet with unpublished photos, Richard Meltzer's original liner notes for the first 7", and extensive new liner notes by singer Eddie Flowers. (GULCHER)

"1976-1977: The Studio Recordings"
HATE 20-1 LP $12.55
The vinyl version of the Gulcher CD (there are two similar titles,) this collects the tracks from all three 7"s (including the underground hit "Muff Divin'"), plus an unreleased outtake, by these for-real legendary Indiana proto-punk, proto-nerd-rock wonders who were influenced by THE DICTATORS, MC5, THE STOOGES, VELVET UNDERGROUND, '60 garage and '50s rockabilly. Lots of photos, and liner notes by singer Eddie Flowers. Italian import. (HATE)

"The Midwest Can Be Allright"
GULCHER 501-2 CD EP $6.55
Seven songs recorded in New York in 1981, just before the final incarnation of this legendary '70s Indiana proto-punk group disbanded. Only the title track has been previously released, on the long-out-of-print 1981 compilation "Red Snerts." (GULCHER)

"Hide Your Love Away"/"Hate Fuck"
STAR 1-7 7" $4.25
Barbara Manning and Seymour Glass do another collaboration, this time happily mutilating a Beatles song on one side & just plain ranting on the other. Good stuff, no shit. (STARLIGHT FURNITURE COMPANY)

"Northern Exposure Will Be Right Back"
STAR 04-1 LP $8.70
STAR 04-2 CD $10.70
Barbara Manning and Bananafish mastermind Seymour Glass collaborate on slow-moving montages of atonal loops, sound effects, disembodied voices, harmonious lullabyes and folky nursery rhymes, mysterious interruptions and a Beegees cover, all fortified by contributions from Masonna, CCCC, US Saucer, Michael Morley of Dead C, Thinking Fellers and more. (STARLIGHT FURNITURE COMPANY)

"Who's Who in Hospitalization"
ST 06-2 CD $10.70
San Francisco's GLANDS collaborate with Scotland's PRICKS under the guidance of TO LIVE & SHAVE IN L.A.'s TOM SMITH. Hilarity and noise for all, we're sure. (STARLIGHT FURNITURE COMPANY)

"Self Titled"
TOUCH 33.8-4 cassette $7.60
Choral music of the USSR, from the westward trek of the villagers of Pik Grandiosnyy (near Mongolia) during the Great Famine of 1932. Soaring, sublime expressions of the human voice. 40 minutes. (TOUCH)

"Squeeze the Tail, Suck the Head"
ALLIED 36-7 7" $4.00
ALLIED 36-2 CD5 $6.45
A stripped-down rock trio from Rhode Island in the vein of Jesus Lizard, Tar or Rapeman; Chicago-esque noise guitar with minimalist nihilism. (ALLIED)

"Hot Horny & Born Again"
PERV 90001-2 CD $10.10
Glen is the only 6'7" gay Christian country-punk performance artist, looking like a mad hick MORRISSEY and sounding like a cock-crazed GOMER PYLE, with an established fan base from more than a decade of performing and recording. Booklet includes original artwork by MARK MOTHERSBAUGH of DEVO. (PERVERTIDORA)

"This Little Girl's Gone Rockin'"
RPM 182-2 CD $13.00
She never had a hit, but this superb vocalist is credited with some of the finest performances of the '60s. Produced by Joe Meek and backed by Meek's session crew including THE OUTLAWS, this includes all the singles, 4 unissued tracks and a biographical booklet written by Meek's biographer John Repsch. 28 tracks, UK import. (RPM)

"Songs '77-'79"
ALP 43-2 CD5 $8.55
Two studio recordings by Branca's group The Static from 1979, and 6 live and studio recordings by his other group Theoretical Girls from 1977, 1978 and 1979. Both were part of the late 70's New York "no wave" noise-rock scene. (ATAVISTIC)

"Symphony #6 (Devil Choirs at the Gates of Heaven)"
ATAV 10-2 CD $11.20
An orchestra of ten electric guitars soar, chant, drone and throb through the five movements of Branca's 6th. (ATAVISTIC)

"Symphony No. 2 (The Peak of the Sacred)"
ATAV 5-2 CD $11.20
Recorded live in New York in 1982, and featuring Z'ev on metal percussion and concert bass drum, and Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo, Al Arthur, Craig Bromberg, Barbara Ess, Sue Hanel, Robert Harrison and David Linton on mallet guitars (built especially for this performance by Branca), and with Jeffrey Glenn on bass and Stephan Wischerth on drums and cymbals. A fascinating meeting of Z'ev's metal percussion improvisations and Branca's symphonic and highly structured score. (ATAVISTIC)

"Symphony No. 5 (Describing Planes of an Expanding Hypersphere)"
ALP 15-2 CD $11.20
Recorded in 1984 but never before released, Branca's guitar army wields mallet guitars, refretted guitars, electronic harpsichord, violin, bass and drums, producing an otherworldly cacophany that's part ambience and part pure din. (ATAVISTIC)

"Symphony Nos. 8 & 10 (The Mysteries)"
ALP 12-2 CD $11.20
Branca conducts his guitar army in these two interlocking symphonies. The soaring, shimmering sounds evoke the titles of the four movements: "The Passion," "Spiritual Anarchy," "The Final Problem," and "The Horror." (ATAVISTIC)

"The World Upside Down"
ATAV 16-2 CD $11.20
Performed here by the New York Chamber Sinfonia, Branca's 1990 orchestral piece consists of wonderfully shimmering, phosphorescent sheets of sound and lyrical excursions, at once calming and invigorating. (ATAVISTIC)

"Human Mistakes"
BCR 054-7 7" $3.65
This Montreal spiny-letter grindcore quartet could not be more earnest in being as heavy as possible, and it's a treat not to be missed. 5 songs give us plenty of anti-Nazism, vegetarianism and double bass drums. (BEER CITY)

EEE 27-2 CD $11.30
A shamanic synthesis of ancient music and new technology, this uses an interplay of violin, trumpet and kettledrums juxtaposed with sublimely textured samples, nontraditional guitar and aggressive bass, resulting in psychedelia-tinged trance laden with atavistic percussion and ecstatic vocal chants. Italian import. (MUSICA MAXIMA MAGNETICA)

"self titled"
DG 107-1 LP $7.25
DG 107-2 CD $9.50
Atmospheric, ritual/dirge sonic transports along the lines of early Current 93 or Sleep Chamber, yet done in an understated manner devoid of pretense, using female vocals & a Peter Murphy sound-alike. Surprisingly powerful stuff from the Detroit underground. The CD has 3 long bonus cuts, and the vinyl is limited. (DOGDAY)

"self titled"
eee 22-2 CD $11.30
A re-release of the out of print first album by this Detroit group. Atmospheric, ritual/dirge industrial goth along the lines of early Current 93 or Sleep Chamber, often described as ethereal, entrancing, hypnotic and haunting. Italian import. (MUSICA MAXIMA MAGNETICA)

"Dig a Hole in the Sky"
WIDE 14-1 LP $9.90
WIDE 14-2 CD $11.60
Rough-edged & growling, but intricate & tight stuff with tortured vocals; if Nirvana could play more than two chords, they might sound like this. Italian import. (WIDE)

"Leading Stolen Horses"
INSIGHT 1-1 LP $6.65
Cold-wave from a uniquely Third World perspective; the singer is from Sri Lanka. This glistens like some deadly jewel. Very well-produced and appropriately gloomy. (INSIGHT)

"A Meat Music Sampler"
AK 114-1 LP $17.25
AK 114-2 CD $13.00
A psychedelic blues-rock studio project by Linden Hudson, released on the Texas Revolution label in 1969. LP on 180 gram virgin vinyl with gatefold sleeve. Italian import. (AKARMA)

"The Lost Songs"
AK 920-2 CD5 $10.70
Six rare outtakes from the seminal 1969 album by this Texas psychedelic blues-rock outfit led by Linden Hudson. Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Just Glue It"
FOO 5-7 7" $4.00
Hardware store punx do the funky eggbeater, the cement mixer and the old TV tube on the brain trick. (FEARLESS)

"The Scene is Not For Sale"
F 016-1 LP $8.60
Fierce, rockin' Southern California hardcore, including 9 originals plus a Germs cover, a Wasted Youth cover, and a Simpletones cover. (FEARLESS)

"Get That Psycho Out of My Head"
MR 7128-7 7" $5.70
Two rawkin' motorpsycho garage punk screamers, both previously unreleased, from Norway's finest: a killer original plus a STATUS QUO cover. Great full color cover art, too! Spanish import. (MUNSTER)

"Violent Mind / Peaceful Heart"
MAR 008-1 LP $9.60
One side of slow, toxic deathgrindsludge, and another of explosive, outta control thrash. Crusty, radical and uncompromising songs, with the lyrics printed on the inside of the gatefold jacket. (MISANTHROPIC)

"Live at the Mermaid Lounge"
ALP 303-2 CD5 $8.55
Recorded live in New Orleans, Styler sings 5 of his pretty darn traditional lounge-jazz-pop songs, accompanying himself on guitar. Though it says 1996, this little time warp could just as well have been from 1956. (ATAVISTIC)

"Baby You're a Suicide"
GNASH 1-4 cassette $5.35
ALL RIGHT! These Oregon shitkickers know how to lay down some heavy fuckin' jams. We did some asking around and found that they're actual mustached leather wearin' biker dudes. Timeless themes of suicidal biker sluts, YOUNG love, and general hatred. This cassette release is an edition of 75 copies in spraypainted foil sleeves & lyric insert. 3 songs (DON'T TAKE NO SHIT FROM NOBODY)

"Reflections of Dreams"
PSFD 71-2 CD $15.65
There's a genuine late-night quality to most of these 14 tracks, delicate and almost hesitant in places, gorgeously lyrical in others, with a surreal, dreamlike naivité. Hirano permorms solo on all but one track, on piano, pianica, organ, windchime, glockenspiel, percussion and voice. Japanese import. (PSF RECORDS)

"Long Distance"
SLUMB 36-7 7" $4.00
Rose from Tiger Trap and Amy from Henry's Dress release their 2nd single, and yep, it's right in their groove of jangly pop. Includes a cover of Sacramento pop-punk legends Nar's "Blue Sky." (SLUMBERLAND)

"Got It Made"
ES 741-7 7" $4.00
This Philly-based band is a little like X meets CCR, or maybe early Del Fuegos or Pontiac Bros., and already have 2 LPs and several singles out. Neat 3 color sleeve by "Rockin' Bones" creator Darren Merinuk. (ESTRUS)

"I'm In Pittsburgh and It's Raining"/"You're Gone"
ID 074593-7 7" $4.35
The GO DEVILS bang out '60s garage sounds like no other teenage girls we've heard. The A side is an upbeat cover of '60s Pebbles rockers THE OUTCASTS "I'm in Pittsburgh..", while the flip is more moody and haunting. Not bad for two generations removed. (DIONYSUS)

"Go Nuts With..."
ES 753-7 7" $4.00
If superhero food music is the latest craze, these folks are dedicated to making the world safe for snacking. Does that make sense? No? Trashy, lo fi, fast-food entertainment for the whole family! (ESTRUS)

"World's Greatest Super Hero Snak Rock and Gorilla Entertainment Revue"
PPC 022-2 CD $9.80
A.K.A. "self titled". These four snack-attack superheros break out with their first album, after singles on Estrus and Planet Pimp, and a simultaneous 7" on Lookout. A total traveling, singing, guitar-slinging merch bizarre bazaar, they occasionally shed their secret identities as members of the Phantom Surfers, Untamed Youth and The Dave & Deke Combo for the colorful caped costumes of our defenders of truth, justice and high sugar content. Coming soon to a vending machine near you! (PLANET PIMP)

"Buio Omega"
MDF 304-2 CD $13.00
The original soundtrack recording for the 1979 cult horror film from director Joe D'Amato, known in the US as "Blue Holocaust" or "Buried Alive." Spooky terror and bone-chilling horror are evoked by the score for this necrophiliac love story. Includes previously unreleased bonus tracks and liner notes. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

MDF 340-2 CD $13.00
The soundtrack for a 1980 sci-fi cult horror film by Luigi Cozzi (think "Alien" meets "Quatermass"), a psychotronic gore-fest well suited to GOBLIN's sometimes creepy, sometimes goofy pop-rock score. Includes 5 previously unreleased bonus tracks. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

"Dawn of the Dead"
MDF 308-2 CD $13.00
The original soundtrack for the 1979 George Romero horror classic. With previously unreleased tracks. Vinyl version available on the Dagored label. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

"Dawn of the Dead"
RED 117-1 LP $12.55
The original soundtrack for the 1979 George Romero horror classic. Liner notes by Roberto Zamori, with beautiful new artwork and a poster insert. 180 gram virgin vinyl, gatefold sleeve, Italian import. (DAGORED)

"La Via della Droga"
MDF 319-2 CD $13.00
The original soundtrack recording for the 1977 crime thriller by director Enzo Castellari and starring David Hemming. With a score reminiscent of '70s TV cop shows, it's heavy with stripped-down, funky guitar-bass grooves, with an occasional percussive attack or minimalist synth riff; the main theme features a David Gilmour-esque guitar solo. Includes previously unreleased material and liner notes. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

MDF 320-2 CD $13.00
This score for a 1982 spy thriller features a main theme that sounds a bit like a funkified "James Bond," and the even funkier "Bass Theme." Includes 7 previously unreleased bonus tracks. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

MDF 330-2 CD $13.00
A supernatural horror soundtrack to the 1978 Australian cult classic, composed and performed by creepy avant-progressive group GOBLIN, especially for the Italian release of the film. This also includes 10 previously unreleased tracks! Italian import. (CINEVOX)

MDF 303-2 CD $13.00
The original soundtrack recording for the 1987 horror movie from director Dario Argento, with 12 previously unreleased tracks. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

"Profondo Rosso"
LPMDF 200-1 LP $12.55
A must for all Dario Argento and Goblin fans: a special limited edition vinyl LP of Goblin's masterpiece comes with a beautiful gatefold cover recreating the original 1975 release (with slight graphic variations) and original 7-track sequencing. Also includes an alternative version of "Deep Shadow" which is similar to the original but with a totally different guitar mix. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

MDF 307-2 CD $13.00
One of the very few GOBLIN releases not composed for a soundtrack (though two of the tunes here did make it into "Suspiria"), this 1976 album is still way over on the creepy side of the fence, but also a great example of tripped out psychedelic prog rock complexity that easily rivals any others in the genre. Booklet includes the story of how the group was formed, plus a complete discography. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

"Squadra Antigangsters"
MDF 324-2 CD $13.00
Here's a really bizarre one for all GOBLIN fans: this 1979 soundtrack for a gangster comedy features some straight up disco tracks (sung by Indian disco diva Asha Pulthi), a countrified car chase track that would be at home in "Smokey and the Bandit," a cowbell-paced reggae cut, a fast jazz-funk track, some bachelor pad lounge sleaze, and more. Kooky! Includes 3 previously unreleased bonus tracks. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

MDF 305-2 CD $13.00
The original soundtrack recording for the 1977 cult horror movie by director Dario Argento. With previously unreleased tracks. Vinyl version available on the Dagored label. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

RED 127-1 LP $12.55
The original soundtrack recording for the 1977 cult horror movie by director Dario Argento. In a gatefold sleeve with beautiful new artwork and a free poster. Italian import. (DAGORED)

MDF 302-2 CD $13.00
Issued under the names Simonetti, Morante and Pignatelli, the main members of GOBLIN, this is the original soundtrack for the 1983 cult horror film, one of the most violent and scary from director Dario Argento. Includes 11 bonus tracks not available on the vinyl version! Italian import. (CINEVOX)

RED 131-1 LP $12.55
The original soundtrack for this 1983 Italian cult horror film, one of the most violent and scary from director Dario Argento. Great new art, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (DAGORED)

"The Best of Goblin, Vol. 1"
MDF 336-2 2xCD $13.65
Here's a real treat for all fans of creepy music! The first disc features 15 themes from soundtracks composed for the horror films of Dario Argento, from 1975's "Profondo Rosso" to 1984's "Phenomena." The 2nd is a rare recording of GOBLIN live in concert in 1979, crystal clear and never before available! Liner notes in English by Claudio Fuiano. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

"Profondo Rosso"
MDF 301-2 CD $13.00
The original soundtrack recording for the 1975 cult horror masterpiece by director Dario Argento (known in the US as "Deep Red"), with 40 minutes of previously unreleased material! The original LP sold in the millions, they say. With liner notes. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

"Profondo Rosso"
RED 137-1 LP $12.55
The original soundtrack recording for the 1975 cult masterpiece by horror director Dario Argento, known in the US as "Deep Red" and starring David Hemming. One of the most terrific and intense scores ever, this sold millions of copies when it was first released. New artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (DAGORED)

"The Shametree"
WIDE 3-1 LP $9.90
Guitar-driven punk 'n metal with lots of abrupt tempo changes a la Nomeansno, sung in English. (WIDE)

"Comrade General"/"Chromolox"
LHR 7-7 7" $4.00
The newest from this Ohio cult of the loud, noise-smeared guitar will come down on your ears like a ton o' bricks. (LOVEHAMMER)

"History Volume One"
RAVE 26-1 LP $7.80
RAVE 26-4 cassette $7.00
RAVE 26-2 CD $10.10
Buzzsaw, swirling guitar reminiscent of early Husker Du. The CD also includes their entire first album, "Industry Standard." (RAVE RECORDS)

"How Low Can You Go?"
SFTRI 130-7 7" $4.00

"Kill the King"
VIRUS 152-1 LP $8.85
VIRUS 152-4 cassette $7.45
VIRUS 152-2 CD $10.50
Minnesota's powerhouse weigh in with their first album for Alternative Tentacles. Dark-edged, satirical musings backed by their guitar-heavy, no apologies rock. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"self titled"
ALLIED 52-2 7" $4.00
ALLIED 52-2 CD5 $6.45
Straight-edge anti-hero Dan Mahoney, ex of 411, No For An Answer, Carry Nation and Voicebox, makes truly pissed-off, heavy hardcore noise with 411 guitarist Kevin Murphy. Think Rollins Band meets Helmet. (ALLIED)

"An Appeal to Reason"
RUNT 03-7 7" $6.00
Four new songs of fast noisy punk, strident attitude, radical feminist politics, DIY stance and total lack of compromise. Italian import. (RUNT)

"Mir Shlufn Nisht"
AVAN 032-2 CD $19.00
This buncha NYC freaks do their well-known anarcho-sexual noise/chaos meldown thing on several of their own songs, but also do versions of Finnish, Yiddish, Hebrew, Russian, Swedish and Gaelic traditional songs. Japanese import. (AVANT)

"Straight Not"
OUT 8-4 cassette $7.00
OUT 8-2 CD $10.70
Lo-fi, trashola slash & burn anarchy on a disc, confrontational and full of capital "A" attitude from NYC. The totally slop presentation masks a very tight musicality, which includes Elliott Sharp and Fred Lonberg-Holm in the lineup. (OUTPUNK)

"Full Throttle"
RBFI 2003-2 CD $13.65
Do these guys sound exactly like Mr. T Experience, or what? Well, maybe not as goofy, but you get the idea. First class melodic punk! Japanese import. (RBF INTERNATIONAL)

"A Brief Lesson in Affection"
JFR 039-2 CD $9.65
A young band from Rockford IL who create complex, emotional and melodic songs bringing to mind JAWBREAKER and THE PROMISE RING. (JOHANN'S FACE)

"A Brief Lesson in Affection"
JFR 039-2 CD $9.65
A young band from Rockford IL who create complex, emotional and melodic songs bringing to mind JAWBREAKER and THE PROMISE RING. (JOHANN'S FACE)

"Mischief is Its Own Reward"
BMR 011-2 CD $6.55
The powerful debut from these San Francisco Bay Area geek terrorists who've done ample time in bands like JACK ACID, HALF EMPTY, and JÜKE, combining mischief, politics and solid musicianship into a distinctive punk sound. (BAD MONKEY)

"Scenes from a Motel Seduction"
JFR 049-2 CD $9.65
Melodic, dynamic, floor-shaking rock on this band's 2nd album. (JOHANN'S FACE)

JFR 048-7 7" $4.35
Four songs of their own brand of emo/indie pop-rock, priming us for their 2nd album, due out in May. Limited to 500 copies on white vinyl. (JOHANN'S FACE)

"Saturday Morning Power Violence"
SLAP 44-7 7" $4.25
11-song deity-pummeling vehicle from this guitarless (bass-drums-vocals) Bay Area duo. (SLAP A HAM)

GET 1017-1 LP $12.55
Only a label like ESP-disk would allow a band as extreme as this to make more than one album. This is their 2nd album, as extreme as the 1st, and as good. Released in 1967. Pressed on 180 gram audiophile vinyl. Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Contact High With the Godz"
GET 1014-1 LP $12.55
THE GODZ were part of the Lower East Side scene that produced post-Beat avant-hippie rockers/performance artists THE FUGS and THE HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS, as well as beat performers like ALLEN GINSBERG. Sounding a like a prototype for HALF JAPANESE or THE SHAGGS, THE GODZ play as if they discovered their instruments 10 minutes before the tape started rolling. Their first album, released 1966. Pressed on 180 gram audiophile vinyl. Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Pass on This Side"
GET 1037-1 LP $12.55
Previously released as "Thorton, Fradkin & Unger and the Big Band" and later as "Godz Bless California," this features appearances by PAUL and LINDA McCARTNEY, DAVID PEEL and others. This reissue has the originally intended title and cover art, and is pressed on 180 gram audiophile vinyl. Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Third Testament"
GET 1016-1 LP $12.55
This is their 3rd, released in 1968, with the same lack of technical merit and a growing psychedelic sound. Pressed on 180 gram audiophile vinyl. Italian import. (GET BACK)

ESP 1047-2 CD $11.90
The 2nd album by the New York avant-noise/junk anarchic rock band. Dissonant psychedelic noise improv with wailing unmelodic vocals, weird solos and odd background noises, seemingly made more to annoy than entertain. Digitally remastered from the original tapes, with liner notes and photos. Dutch import. (ESP-DISK)

"Contact High with the Godz"
ESPCD 1037-2 CD $11.90
Part of the Lower East Side scene that produced post-Beat avant-hippie rockers/performance artists THE FUGS and THE HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS, as well as beat performers like ALLEN GINSBERG, and sounding like a prototype for HALF JAPANESE or THE SHAGGS, THE GODZ play as if they discovered their instruments 10 minutes before the tape started rolling. Their first album, released 1966. Dutch import. (ESP-DISK)

"Godzik Pink"
TRANS 0020-2 CD5 $6.00
Somewhat nervous, angular songs that manage to keep a playful mood, on the first recording by this Los Angeles avant-instro band, whose 2nd recording was released on the 5 Rue Christine label last summer. (TRANSPARENCY)

"self titled"
SFTRI 522-7 7" $4.00
Instrumental quartet (tenor sax, guitar, bass, drums) fuses busy rhythm structures and noisy, spastic arrangements that recall BEEFHEART or JAMES CHANCE/CONTORTIONS, recorded at Poop Alley in LA. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Split EP"
B 3-7 7" $3.80
Two very different Michigan bands. Godzuki comes off in a very Sarah-like fashion with lilting female vocals, fuzzed-out guitars and sax, while Asha Vida does a tribal chant with percussion, flutes and swirling noise. (BINAUSIC)

"First LP"
GSL 40-1 LP $8.55
A reissue of their 1997 debut on Vinyl Communications, newly remastered, now for the first time on vinyl. More of a collaboration with San Diego noise terrorist SPACEWURM, rooted in a more KRAFTWERK-esqe foundation than any other GOGOGO release. A definite for fans of GANG OF FOUR, THE POP GROUP, and even THE MAKE UP. New cover art by vocalist Mike Vermilion, complete with slick four color jacket. (GOLD STANDARD LABORATORIES)

"GoGoGo Airheart"
VC 122-2 CD $10.20
Debut release by avant rock band known for improvisational spirit, recorded by increasingly popular SPACEWURM. Ambient, quirky pop, harsh noise and dub tracks for fans of XTC, PERE UBU, BRIAN ENO. (VINYL COMMUNICATIONS)

"Love My Life... Hate My Friends"
VC 152-2 CD $10.20
JAMES BROWN-inflicted soul, layered with the pop sensibility of the FALL and the chaoticness of THE POP GROUP. Sort-ofs: TORTOISE, TRANS AM, THE CHAMPS, THE MAKE-UP, GANG OF FOUR. (VINYL COMMUNICATIONS)

"Real Live Kill, Ripe from the Vine"
GSL 53-7 7" $4.65
One long song spread across two sides, this first release featuring their new two-drummer lineup still incorporates the band's trademark elements. Vibrating, dubbed-out bass rumbles here beneath the yelping, stream of consciousness vocals, drawing comparisons to THE CLASH, or even THE HAPPY MONDAYS. (GOLD STANDARD LABORATORIES)

TE 2006-2 CD $8.90
Atlanta based jazz group with an historical side to them; able to leap free jazz at a single blare and do catchy Ellington-esque swingers for older folks everywhere. (THIRD EYE)

"A Power Plant"
GET 539-1 LP $12.55
Fine psychedelic instrumentation and provoking lyrics on this album originally released on International Artists in 1967. Original artwork, 180 gram audiophile vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Shit or Bust!"
ES 7150-7 7" $4.65
The revolution will be amplified! Three blasts of nitro-obsessed, raw-as-fuck garage punk from Glasgow, Scotland. Limited edition of 1000. (ESTRUS)

"Budweiser Shuffle"
GOLSTR 01-1 12" $7.25
This Dutch band is way deep into the 60s mod look and sound. English lyrics 6-song (MISC. LABELS)

"The 24 Kilate Sound"
MR 198-1 10" $9.60
MR 198-2 CD $8.90
"This is the creepy old sound!" Oh yeah!! Totally groovy, early '60s style instros, not surf but with elements of THE VENTURES, DUANE EDDY, THE SHADOWS and more all rolled up into the ultimate cool-monster band! 9 seriously creepy, guitar-twangin', organ-boppin', grin-inducing songs! Spanish import. (MUNSTER)

"Camembert Electrique"
GET 610-1 LP $12.55
Their first proper studio album, this 1971 release is a true classic and a testament to a unique progressive rock that branched out in all directions at once. A mixture of psychedelic rock, spacy sounds and lyrics with doses of jazz with a pop but intense sensibility, it remains undated after 30 years. Original artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Flying Teapot"
GET 569-1 LP $12.55
This album, originally released in 1973, is the first part of what became known as their Radio Gnome Invisible trilogy. As always with GONG, an avant garde collection of sound effects, sax, jazzy improv and comic vocals. This 180 gram virgin vinyl LP comes in a gatefold sleeve with the original artwork. Italian import. (GET BACK)

"The History and the Mystery of the Planet Gong"
GET 577-1 2xLP $17.40
Rare or previously unreleased tracks including obscure material from '60s pre-GONG recordings, radio sessions (including one track with Kevin Ayers), studio outtakes and some '70s live recordings, plus the entire DAEVID ALLEN & MOTHERGONG album "The Owl & the Tree." 19 tracks total. Gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"The Peel Sessions"
TPM 99202-1 2xLP $17.40
All their John Peel sessions from 1971 to 1974, with beautiful artwork by Daevid Allen himself. Gatefold sleeve, 180 gram virgin vinyl, Italian import. (TURNING POINT)

TRCD 12-2 CD $10.10
Six new songs, plus another six from their scarce cassette releases. Vancouver's budget scientists (and Pork Queen's more "accessible" side) make minimalist, lo-fi pop that's a tabernacle of joy, a love song peculiar. Canadian import. (TRACKSHUN)

"Split CD"
JT 1065-2 CD5 $8.45
California's GOOD RIDDANCE produce a political and personally charged melodic hardcore fury. Couple this with the blazing hardcore of NYC's KILL YOUR IDOLS. All tracks are exclusive! (JADE TREE)

BABY 4-7 7" $3.65
Can't quite tell how they make the sounds, but they're qhostly quiet, noise drenched, trance-melodic, wordless, rhythmic and plenty strange. Maybe an electric guitar & tape deck under water? (BABY HUEY)

"Crab Cake"
DD 024-7 7" $4.35
Classy garage-trash from France; these guys have had numerous releases on labels like Sympathy for the Record Industry, Hell Yeah, Au Go Go, Vendetta, Dig, etc. etc. Belgian import. (DEMOLITION DERBY)

"I Can't be True"
ID 074573-7 7" $4.35
US debut by this French garage band who also have a single on Demolition Derby. (DIONYSUS)

"Try to Understand"
SHOT 4-7 7" $4.20
From the ravin' garage psych of a Seeds cover to Link Wray's "Fat Back" and a reverb-heavy original surf instro, this French band has it covered. See also their releases on Demolition Derby, Au Go Go, Sympathy, Vendetta, etc. German import. (SHOT DOWN)

CRYPT 041-1 LP $8.85
Their raw-as-fuck, recorded-in-a steel-shed 1989 debut LP. En route to the Mississippi Delta, this Detroit trio must have taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque: the Gories' harum-scarum version of punk, blues and rockabilly is as beat-up and dented as a roadside wreck. Feedback lion-taming at its best. (CRYPT)

"I Know You Fine"
CRYPT 042-1 LP $8.85
CRYPT 042-2 CD $10.20
Their tough-to-find 2nd LP, reissued at last with a new sleeve. For this LP, the Gories traveled south to Memphis, where they recorded at the original backyard Easly Studios, with Alex Chilton as producer. Imagine the Cramps at their prime with the throb of John Lee Hooker, and you're not close but you're getting there. This LP is so damned powerful and soulful (whereas the first LP was a gutteral ROAR!), and is a goddamn a classic, reissued to ram it down the throats of those that missed out the first time around. Dig it! CD includes all of "Houserockin'." (CRYPT)

"Outta Here"
CRYPT 030-1 LP $8.85
CRYPT 030-2 CD $10.20
Their 3rd and final LP, following a super-fine slew of 2 LPs and handful of 7"s. The Gories were set on self-destruct throughout their career, breaking up about 28 times, but always pulling together to knock out damn great live shows, blazing out a careening stew of 50s blues/R&B, 60s punk - Mick's soulful grunt alternating with Dan's nasal punk snarl, while Peg whomped out a primal thud. (CRYPT)

HELL 39-1 LP $9.10
HELL 39-2 CD $10.80
The hype sez this brings to mind 70's punks like the Subhumans, Stranglers and Damned, 80's Seattleites Blood River, and 60's punk-garage-psych gods Chocolate Watchband. Go figger. (HELL YEAH)

"self titled"
REVELATION 4-4 cassette $4.90
7 songs on the vinyl, 12 on the cassette. (REVELATION)

"Start Today"
REVELATION 12-4 cassette $7.25

MUNSTER 7160-7 7" $4.85
London pub rock meets emerging punk circa 1976, this vintage gem is a reissue of a now very rare Skydog release (only 200 copies pressed back in the day). Spanish import. (MUNSTER)

"7/20/96, Fireside Bowl, Chicago"
VML 032-7 7" $3.85
Hard-charging, slam-athon punk. Four songs, recorded live. (VML)

VC 79-7 7" $4.00
Japanese noise in the Hanatarash vein. US vinyl debut, although they have several cassettes out in Japan. (VINYL COMMUNICATIONS)

"Sporadic Spectra"
GF 004-2 CD $7.75
Unrelenting, harsh electronic noise from one of the leading Japanese noise artists. Clean and precise, like a surgeon's scalpel. (GROUND FAULT)

"Complete History, Volume 2"
DSR 82-2 2xCD $12.60
The LPs "You," "Crash," and "Finally" are combined here with miscellaneous rare and unreleased live tracks; 51 total! A great 15 page booklet and liner notes by singer John Stabb, and great art and photos. Any fan of MINOR THREAT, SOA, or IRON CROSS will need this comp. (DR. STRANGE)

"Complete History, Volume One"
DSR 81-2 2xCD $13.25
A full 80 tracks from one of the most influential bands to come out of the early-'80s DC scene, this includes the "Make an Effort" EP, the "Boycott Stabb" EP, the "Joyride" LP, "The Fun Never Ends" LP, "Give Us Stabb or Give Us Death" LP, the live LP and the self-titled LP, plus comp tracks, live stuff, interviews, and a 20 page booklet with liner notes from Tom Lyle, John Stabb and more. (DR. STRANGE)

"Buildings Are The Purtiest Trees I've Seen"
ZAF 002-7 7" $3.35
The 2nd single from these punk crazies definitely shows their Blatz roots, screeching and banging their way thru 2 songs, and then taking off on a pseudo-country tangent. (ZAFIO)

"Self Titled"
ZAF 001-7 7" $3.35
The troublesome, wilder side of X masquerading as Tribe 8 explored by 2 singers from Blatz, an Operation Ivy drop-out, a sessions drummer for Cringer & the Karnivors and some other misfits. 5 songs. (ZAFIO)

"Split EP"
SCR 004-7 7" $4.35
Italy's most-hated scuzz-punks THE GRABBIES scream their way thru 3 songs, and Torino's WALLY GATORS turn in 3 more tunes of their straight up, tough as nails streetpunk. English lyrics printed inside. Italian import. (SCAREY)

"Another Boring Day"
PTBI 01-7 7" $4.55
Nasty, nasty no-fi hatecore punk thrashin' from Italy, sung in English but forgeddit cause the guy snarls the words like Darby Crash on way too much speed, tho they do give you a nice little insert with all the vile words, just in case you wanna spew along with the singer. Italian import. (PROUD TO BE IDIOT)

"Hate Delirium Fucks My Brain"
PTBI 02-1 LP $9.60
A total, goddamn reeking mess of a record, with lo-fi scuzzpunk, noise, weird effects, dialog samples from movies, severe howling dementia and their own patented hatred of everything and anything, all battling it out for supremacy. Full color cover, lyric/photo insert in English. Co-release with Bad Man Records. Italian import. (PROUD TO BE IDIOT)

"Split LP"
BINA -1 LP $10.20
Both of these Detroit-area noise bands deal in what might be called soft electronic noise. Not ambient, mind you, and not the brutal Japanese variety either, but something in between. Clear vinyl LP in a silkscreened cardboard envelope enclosure. (BINAUSIC)

"Self Titled"
CLM 37-2 CD $10.85
A San Francisco duo whose music covers dance, cabaret, folk, pop and opera, they've previously appeared on both Dr. Death 4 and Dr. Death 5. (C'EST LA MORT)

"Media Sickness"
CHARNK 9-4 cassette $5.30
Fifteen odes to the vilest aspects of the electronic media, constructed with keyboards, guitar, "artifacts" and many samples of the vast wasteland itself. 60 min. (CHARNEL HOUSE)

"Indoctrination / Blast Furnace"
SSS-1 LP $8.40
Grae-Com's work uses electro-collages of noise, tones, found sounds and found vocals; Macronympha practices a very dynamic form of power electronics. (SSS)

"Live at Klooks Kleek Club in London, 1964"
GET 609-1 LP $12.55
An important figure of early '60s British music, Graham Bond led an interesting group that mixed elements of jazz and improvisation with blues, r&b and rock. Future CREAM members Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker were his rhythm section and Dick Heckstall-Smith handled horns. The tracks here document a live 1964 gig; the electricity is here, along with the immediacy, and this LP may be the way to best appreciate this band. Nice artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"My God Has Fleas"
BRD 040-2 CD $11.30
A former member of Camper Van Beethoven spinoff band The Wrestling Worms, Connah has since taken his piano playing and writing in the direction of Carla Bley and Sun Ra's big band. Snaky melodies, tumbling rhythms, and very hot soloing by Ben Goldberg (clarinet), Trevor Dunn (bass), and Rob Sudduth (sax). (RASTASCAN)

"Break A Bone"
ES 126-1 LP $8.10
Blazin' three chord, no bullshit songs in the vein of the Wipers, Dead Moon and Crazy Horse, recorded recently in Seattle. (ESTRUS)

"No Stone Unturned"
ES 1211-1 LP $8.10
Dark melodicism sometimes compared to the Wipers, the Cramps, Crazy Horse or even the Stooges, from a small Puget Sound town. It's their 2nd full-length release. (ESTRUS)

"Pointing Fingers At Faces"
JT 1002-2 CD5 $6.70
The debut from this Boston hardcore band has 2 intense tracks on the 7", plus 4 more on the CD. (JADE TREE)

"Little Love Things"
MR 183-1 LP $9.60
MR 183-2 CD $11.90
The black hole where the desert rock and alien sounds of THE PIXIES, GIANT SAND, DANDY WARHOLS and CALEXICO meets the cozmik buzz of THE 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS, THE RESIDENTS and SUN RA, with current and ex members of THIN WHITE ROPE, GRANFALOON BUS, TRUE WEST, RHYTHM & NOISE and LUNCHBOX. Spanish import. (MUNSTER)

"Chinga su Corazon"
CHARNCD 11-2 CD $10.70
The first full-length from this Michigan trio pounds out the ultra-dense guitar noise and distortion, kinda like the mutant child of the bone-rattling Skullflower and down & dirty Bunny Brains. (CHARNEL HOUSE)

"Freedom's Just Another Word for Never Getting Paid"
Another clangorous, heavy, and above all LOUD release from this long-running Michigan experimental noise-rock group. Like thunder in a bottle, mixed with gasoline and bound for the pavement. (ENTERRUPTION)

CHCD 17-2 CD $10.70
A.k.a. "Self titled." Variously described as noise-rock deconstruction, psychedelic headfuck, or Skullflower meets Fushitsusha in a black hole, you probably get the picture: this is heavy, powerful shit. (CHARNEL HOUSE)

"Now the Road of Knives"
CHCD 24-2 CD $10.70
New album by this psychedelic noise rock band who have been hanging with Nicodemus as of late and his stonededness has rubbed off. Co-produced by Warren Defever, edits abound with quick cuts adding to the confusion, making this the witchiest Gravitar release yet. (CHARNEL HOUSE)

"You Must First Learn to Draw the Real"
MONOCD 03-2 CD $10.70
This thunderous double guitar/drums experimental noise rock trio has made more records than we know about in their long career, but if you like that extra-heavy stuff, here's one put together from some 1996 recordings. (MONOTREMATA)

"split LP"
MGOGMLP 1-1 LP $9.00
Somewhere east of noise and south of heavy rock & roll lies the land these two bands inhabit, where thunderous waves of guitar-freak ceaselessly pummel rocky coasts of frantic drums and the winds howl with painfully psychotic vocalizings. Gravitar's side tends more to the out-of-control noise end, while Universal Indians' is more along the garage-y groove lines. One of those silkscreened covers where the ink colors change alot. (MGOGM)

"Guitar Goddess"
TPRGK 01-2 CD5 $8.45 it really possible for anyone to play this fast? Wake up your dead brain with this cyberspeed shred-fest, for rabid KAT slaves, cyberfreaks & KAT-possessed geniuses! This scantily-clad, red-caped guitar virtuoso dominatrix rips her way thru hellish versions of 4 metal/classical masterpieces, from Sarasate's "Gypsy Violin Waltz" to her own "Feast of the Dead," which like all quality metal will either have you in stitches or scared shitless! (TPR)

"Space Travel"
VMFM 25-7 7" $4.00
Tonie Joy of Moss Icon, Born Against, Universal Order of Armageddon and Men's Recovery Project hooks up with Scott Malat (also ex-UOA) for the debut of this band. (VERMIFORM)

"Faster Than the Bugzapper"
WIG 016-1 LP $9.60
WIGCD 016-2 CD $11.15
Four of the coolest dudes that ever picked up a wallet and said "I think that's mine," plus one hot chick that replied "Take your greasy mitts off my property before I whack you to eternity." Mod-inspired, organ-fueled, '60s style garage raunch with an attitude. Their 2nd album. UK import. (ALOPECIA)

"Get the Buzz"
WIGLP 008-1 LP $9.60
WIGCD 008-2 CD $11.15
Rave-up 60's style garage psych with down n' dirty boy/girl vocals, screamin' mouth harp, swingin' Vox organ and wailin' twang/fuzz guitar. The real shit. Kinda like the Monarchs without suits. UK import. (ALOPECIA)

WIG 003-7 7" $4.55
Four garage screamers, two from their LP and 2 more exclusive to this 7". Proudly recorded in mono! UK import. (ALOPECIA)

"Stayed Up Last Night"
ITALY 009-7 7" $4.00
Straight-ahead, hard-stompin' '60s-style garage punk that can't be beat, complete with wailing harmonica and wild farfisa. (ITALY)

"The Earth Beater"
MR 156-1 10" $8.55
In northern Japan live 3 simple Japanese fishermen...Datsu, Daisaku and Monzawa... nice lads all, who in their spare time create the entity known as GREENMACHINE, a monstrous force of psychotic brutality and cosmic love. For the folk who enjoy their hategrindcore tempered with a hefty dash of Sabbathic sludge. File with: CHURCH OF MISERY, EYEHATEGOD, IRON MONKEY, SABBATH, MELVINS, BORIS. (MAN'S RUIN)

"Head Shop"
SFTRI 513-1 LP $8.25
SFTRI 513-2 CD $9.65
Greg's love for pop, country and soul has been an alchemical counterbalance to THE OBLIVIANS' punk blues for three albums running, and now here is his debut solo offering, highlighting some of his moodier songwriting and guitar playing, simply chorded love and poppy hooks. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"self titled"
SFTRI 534-7 7" $4.00
Limited to 1300, this ain't one Symp release that'll be collectin dust. Mr. Oblivian intended for this to be released pre-LP, but a few hangups kept it from your greedy mitts till today. Exclusive A-side to this 7". (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Dead Letters"
STCD 091-2 CD $14.00
This recording of his famous radio play somehow brings together mis addressed letters, Judy Garland's body, the Rosetta Stone, and the handwriting of the rich, famous and notorious. Set to music by Whitehead, with the text in the booklet. Dutch import. (STAALTAPE)

"Shake Rattle and Roll/Degenerates in Dreamland"
V2 21-2 CD $16.55
Two very different journeys through radio's dreamland/ghostland, with composed, improvised, recycled and performed phonic gyrations. Not just sound, but decay, body dissolution, and the pleasures of degeneracy. Full printed transcript in the very fat and fancy paper and acetate booklet. Dutch import, co-released by V2 Organisation and Staalplaat. (V2)

RRR 77-7 7" $5.45
Two surrealistic pieces by the noted text-sound artist Gregory Whitehead, with appropriately silly liner notes. (RRR)

SHIMMY 59-1 LP $7.90
SHIMMY 59-4 cassette $7.10
Jenny Toomey from Tsunami and Mark Robinson from Unrest got together for this one: shimmering wistfulness as enchanting as a fairy story, for the most part simple acoustic guitar and not-perfect-but-really-sweet vocals, with occasional drums and piano. (SHIMMY-DISC)

"Far From Under"
FER 88806-1 12" EP $6.00
The debut release from San Francisco's own Gresham Taylor, known and appreciated until this release only for his live performances. Abstract hip hop with soul/pop lyrics on one side, and a blues-hop kinda track on the flip. (FUNCTION 8)

DD 019-7 7" $4.35
Great, riff-heavy, hard-charging Motor City punk via Los Angeles, somewhat in the vein of New Bomb Turks, Humpers, Electric Frankenstein, Devil Dogs, or early Dead Kennedys. A couple of CDs out on Japan's 1+2 label, plus several 7"s and various compilation tracks to their credit. Belgian import. (DEMOLITION DERBY)

"Year Zero"
NITR O10-1 LP $10.00
The final and most accomplished work from this sadly missed LA punk rock band, combining the sheer punk power of their previous releases (a la NEW BOMB TURKS) with more balanced songs, not unlike the MINUTEMEN (with star role for guitarist Tony Fate). (NITRO)

"...And Man Will Become the Hunted"
PESS 33-2 CD $10.70
Ominous sludge, bleakness, doom, alienation and an insatiable gluttony for torpor mark this Boston grind outfit's 5th album. You know you love it. (PESSIMISER)

"Miserably After Ever"
PESS 50-1 2xLP $11.35
PESS 50-2 CD $10.70
Some of the slowest, most depressing and pessimistic sounds in the underground rolled into an hour of pure doom, crust, grind, suicide and hatred. (PESSIMISER)

PESS 23-1 2xLP $11.35
PESS 23-2 CD $10.70
One of the most respected and hardest working bands in the doom business. None so grim, none so copied, GRIEF deploy dismally ominous SABBATH-ian riffs and sawed-off harmonies, selflessly wallowing in their own brand of apocalyptic hellishness. Two thuds up. (PESSIMISER)

GRIEF / 16
"Split EP"
PESS 35-7 7" $4.00
Grief come on with depressing doom-hate-sludge, and 16 does their heavy, crunchy "Hellhammer" type thing on the other side. (PESSIMISER)

"Split EP"
T 41-1 10" $6.25
Grief turns out a 9 min. doom-core suicide anthem full of holiday spirit while Soilent Green (feat. Brian of Eyehategod) lays down 2 epic songs of original crust/doom with crazy time changes. If it too slow you're too happy. (THEOLOGIAN)

"The Album"
ARCD 54-2 CD $18.40
These guys sound a whole lot like the early Clash (& do a cover of "Know Your Rights"), with lots of pieces of late-70's-UK-stylee hard rock tossed in. Crunch, melody, pounding beat, th' woiks! Last appeared on the Alchemy hard rock compilation CD "Fear." Japanese import. (ALCHEMY)

"Holmes"/"Junkie Blood"
DARLA 1-7 7" $4.00
Fucked up Gibson Bros. style noise (slightly slickered up) from the bowels of Memphis; blues howls that occasionally condense into something like a song. (DARLA)

"Blank Space"
RAVEUP 09-1 LP $11.35
The definitive album by this great New Jersey psycho-punk band that had 2 cuts on "Killed By Death #10," this features their 2 singles from 1978, plus live recordings and previously unreleased studio tracks. Vintage photos, plus liner notes by singer "Major" Matt Grim. Italian import. (RAVE UP)

"Split LP"
EBM 002-2 CD $8.35
A.K.A. "A Darker Shade of Grey." Great archival recordings from 1993 by two of the crustiest hardcore punk outfits to come out of the prolific and vital East Bay scene. Not studio-floor rejects, but prime tear-it-down, rip-it to-shreds, eat-it-alive CRUST, played fast as lightning and tight as fuck. Sixteen previously unreleased songs, produced by Noah of Neurosis. (EAST BAY MENACE)

"Blacking Factory"
RT 3942-2 CD $10.70
In the nihilistic grind mode of Neurosis, complete with ultra-serious flourishes and growling vocals, comes another Oakland band with their 1st album. (ROUGH TRADE GmbH/OUR CHOICE/EGO)

"Split LP"
PR 18-1 LP $9.00
Can you say "heavy?" The almost-legendary early-mid-'90s East Bay ragers GRINCH (who released 2 full albums on World Service/Rough Trade) present songs from an unreleased 1996 10", and current San Francisco thundermeisters LOST GOAT dish up a full side of their own horrorshow 90 weight, following up their 1998 album on Life Is Abuse and 7" on Alternative Tentacles. (PROBE)

SNS 003-7 7" $4.50
A limited edition, two song offering from Scotland's premiere horror punk band. Featuring ex-members of THE EXPLOITED and GIN GOBLINS, this goes from spooky to fast and furious before you can shake a leg bone. Canadian import. (SOAP & SPIKES)

"Let's Talk About Girls"/"Love Me Baby"
BA 0011-7 7" $4.35
The original 1965 recording by the Grodes (made famous by The Chocolate Watchband), backed by a previously unreleased solo track from the same era by Grodes leader Freiser. (BACCHUS ARCHIVES)

"Let's Talk About Girls"
BA 0010-2 CD $10.80
Great garage and pop from the era of Beatle boots, AM radio, fuzz boxes, hamburger stands and drive-in theaters. Two of the top Tucson bands of 1964-68 (and several of their alternate incarnations), both of whom released many singles at the time, have 28 of their tracks collected and remastered here. (BACCHUS ARCHIVES)

"Self Titled"
VIRUS 49-1 LP $8.85
Australia's horror-grunge-psychedelic group with their first American LP. Pressed on marbled purple vinyl. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"A Claudio Villa"
WIDE 8-1 LP $9.65
Surreal, avant garde juxtapositions of music, noise, speech, effects and more. (WIDE)

FTD 7-4 cassette $6.70
FTD 7-2 CD $10.15
This popular San Francisco techno band went into the studio and came out with a first full-length release that's as slick and intricate as anything Wax Trax has done. Great stuff. (SPIRIT)

SPIRITGR 01-2 CD5 $6.55
Four songs of mega-skruntch techno grunge, their first release since last year's smash "Brown." Fresh out the box and hot. (SPIRIT)

"Slow Motion Apocalypse"
VIRUS 118-1 LP $8.85
VIRUS 118-4 cassette $7.45
VIRUS 118-2 CD $10.50
Heavy industrial grunge from San Francisco, loaded with the kind of samples that seem to define underground boho culture these days. This is their 3rd major release, after last year's extremely popular "Brown" album and this year's very hot "Luddite" EP. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"Memories Better Left Behind"
QLI 005-1 10" $7.20
QLI 005-2 CD $8.20
Debut long player from these Santa Rosa emocore punks whips up seven tales of loss, betrayal and Gilmanesque angst. Features members of Tilt and the Potatomen while sounding like neither; comparisons run to Crimpshrine and early Jawbreaker. Perfect listening for the desperate, introspective skate-rat who attempts to shoplift copies of Cometbus. CD includesh their three 7" releases. (QUALITY OF LIFE)

"Revolutionary Pekinese Opera"
TR-P 909-2 CD $19.15
Turntable wizard Otomo Yoshihide leads this group of Japanese master experimentalists in a re-sampling (with additional instrumentals) of Heiner Goebbels and Alfred 23 Harth's 1984 sampled rendition of a 1960's Maoist "revolutionary Peking opera." Samples of their performance interweave with samples of samples and yet more layers of added instrumentals in this dense maelstrom of musical activity. Japanese import. (TRIGRAM)

"Blues Obituary"
AK 039-1 LP $17.25
AK 039-2 CD $16.60
Originally released on Imperial in 1969, this album was the logical extension of McPhee's side project HERBAL MIXTURE. 180 gram vinyl LP, digipak CD. Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Live at Leeds"
AK 010-1 LP $17.25
AK 010-2 CD $16.60
Recorded April 13, 1971 at Leeds University. 100 promotional copies were pressed for US radio stations, but as the original tape was lost, this was mastered from one of those promos. The LP is on 180 gram audiophile vinyl. Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Scratching the Surface"
AK 038-1 LP $17.25
AK 038-2 CD $16.60
Originally released on World Pacific in 1968, this raw and exciting album was recorded live in the studio with no overdubs. 180 gram vinyl LP with textured sleeve, digipak CD. Italian import. (AKARMA)

AKARMA 041-1 LP $17.25
AKARMA 041-2 CD $16.60
Originally released in 1971, with maybe the hardest electric blues ever recorded, reaching #5 in the UK. Contains the anthem "Cherry Red." 180 gram vinyl, Italian import, nonreturnable. (AKARMA)

"Thank Christ for the Bomb"
AKARMA 040-1 LP $17.25
AKARMA 040-2 CD $16.60
Their most popular and arguably most representative album, released in 1970 and reaching the top 10 in the UK. 180 gram vinyl, Italian import, nonreturnable. (AKARMA)

"U.S. Tour"
AK 073-1 LP $17.25
AK 073-2 CD $13.00
Live recordings from the British blues-psych band's 1972 US tour. LP on 180 gram virgin vinyl. Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Milk Carton"
SFTRI 516-2 CD $9.65
Six 15-year-old girls who refused to allow inexperience stand in their way of creating a genuinely intriguing album. Chalk-board scraping guitars, boom box vocals with a PATTI SMITH mentality, and bass and drums desperately struggling to hold it all together. Rescued from the Sunset Strip by HOLE's Eric Erlandson. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Ode to the B-Dog"
SFTRI 515-7 7" $4.00
An odd mixture of avant garde, remedial rap and punk rock from a gaggle of 15-year-old girls. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Project Ex"
NEM JIS1-7 7" $4.15
The band calls what they do O.C. Garb-Edge. Parody straightedge poking fun at all the easy targets. Put the record on & take it off & put it on again. Go ahead. Everybody does it. 10 songs. (NEMESIS)

"Split EP"
AAJ 2-7 7" $3.35
Ultraboy does a nifty, zingy punk-pop song about robots, Alfred E. Neuman and a bunch of other unlikely stuff, while Gruel dishes out heavy metal-punk riffage. 3D cover art! (ALBERT AYLER'S JUKEBOX)

"self titled"
SHREDR 36-7 7" $4.00
Punked-out underground pop from Starkville, Mississippi, fronted by an ex member of White Trash Superman. Four tunes with lyrics reflecting a wonderfully offbeat view of life. (SHREDDER)

"Inside Yours"
MT 110-1 LP $8.85
MT 110-2 CD $9.65

"Musica Su Schemi"
AMPERE 4-2 CD $12.00
This composers' ensemble was formed in 1964 by ENNIO MORRICONE, with FRANCO EVANGELISTI, GIOVANNI PIAZZA, EGISTO MACCHI, ANTONELLO NERI, and GIANCARLO SCHIAFFINI, and produced music swaying between nearly inaudible whir, clatter and scrape and bubbling blasts of sound, sometimes compared to AMM. The 4 tracks here were first released on the Cramps label in 1976. With previously unpublished photos and liner notes by Evangelisti. Italian import. (AMPERSAND)

"Musica Su Schemi"
GET 6109-1 LP $12.55
This ensemble was formed in 1964 by ENNIO MORRICONE, with FRANCO EVANGELISTI, GIOVANNI PIAZZA, EGISTO MACCHI, ANTONELLO NERI, and GIANCARLO SCHIAFFINI, and the 4 tracks here were first released on the Cramps label in 1976. In gatefold sleeve with liner notes and photos. 180 gram virgin vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"It's an Ugly, Ugly World"
SFTRI 458-1 LP $8.25
SFTRI 458-2 CD $9.65
14 unsavory, '60s infected, organ-drenched globs of garage rock bliss. Their debut album was on Billy Childish's Hangman label, and his continued involvement is stamped all over this one. Maybe the ugliest bunch yet to explode out of London's infamous Toe Rag Studios. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"The Ugly Ones"
SFTRI 353-7 7" $4.00
Reverb and fuzz drenched trash-rock nastiness, produced and certified rave able by Mr. Billy Childish himself. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Vampire on Titus"
SCAT 31-2 CD $10.70
A re-release of 1993's opus by one of the bigger names in the dreadfully trendy "lo-fi" wave which is currently descending upon us (see the cover of the new Option, if you don't believe it). Quirky and altogether whimsical stuff alternates with dreamy but rockin' & fuzzed-out guitar. (SCAT)

"Keoma / Il Cacciatore di Squali"
CHLP 1001-1 LP $15.65
The original soundtracks for these 2 Italian movies, composed and directed by Guido & Maurizio De Angelis. This is their first vinyl release, and it's an audiophile limited edition of 500 copies. 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (CINEDELIC)

"Under the Guillotine"
NR 020-P LP pic disc $14.45
NR 020-2 CD $11.40
Old school thrash metal, with more than a passing resemblance to KREATOR. In fact, Sweden's GUILLOTINE may be just the ticket for the legions of disillusioned-of-late SLAYER fans. The limited-to-500, hand-numbered picture disc features THE GRIM REAPER about to decapitate a less-than pleased priest. (NECROPOLIS)

"Missile Me"/"Let's Get Hurt"
BOH GW2-7 7" $4.15
The title track from their upcoming album with a non-album B side. (BAG OF HAMMERS)

"Run Wolf Run"
CH 5-2 CD $9.65
Now out in a cheap US pressing, the only CD release by these legendary Japanese garage rock monsters! Awesome, gnarly, lo-fi, grungy noise, as filthy and ragin' as you can get! (LESS THAN TV)

"Satisfaction"/"Thunders Guitar"
BOH GW3-7 7" $4.15
More loud snarl from these Japanese wonders, with a trashed-out cover of the much-covered Stones song backed by a trashabilly Link Wray-inspired original. (BAG OF HAMMERS)

"Something Else"/"Red Rockabilly"
BOH-7 7" $4.15
Japan's ultra-filth guitar cretins tackle an Eddie Cochran song plus an original. (BAG OF HAMMERS)

"Cry to Me"
SFTRI 261-7 7" $4.00
Jeffrey Lee Pierce belts out his skull-cracking swamp blues manifestos. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Early Warning"
SFTRI 478SE-2 2xCD $18.00
Special edition version is a hand-numbered edition of 1500 styled after an old '78 record album and contains a color booklet with rare photos and liner notes by original members. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Early Warning"
SFTRI 478-2 2xCD $13.25
Rare, unreleased and live tracks from the early-'80s blues/punk/avant-garde combo. Includes 4 songs from their first-ever recording session, a 13-song live show recorded in Buffalo in the winter of 1982, and 15 songs of band leader/singer Jeffrey Lee Pierce alone with his guitar and a tape recorder. Many songs are previously unheard, or heard here in drastically different form. Snappy, see-thru packaging with an extensive full color booklet and liner notes by 2 original members. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"They Who Laugh Last..."
NEWBLOOD 02-1 LP $9.70
They call this group one of the best of the new British Oi! bands, and it's easy to see why... This kicks major booty! Check it out!! UK import. (NEW BLOOD)

CIPCD 03-2 CD $10.10
The first CD release by this Chicago experimental noise duo, capturing their rich and diverse sounds, from sonorous minimal drones to jarring bouts of electronic noise. Striking silvered pouch packaging. (C.I.P.)

"The Progressive Science of Breeding Idiots for a Dumber Society"
WRONG 14-2 CD $9.00
Sprawling somewhere between Nomeansno and the Germs, this B.C. 3-piece is the result of intense psychological and physical tests performed on hapless human subjects. Seven bonus tracks from Victoria legends Red Tide somehow contaminated the results. Watch for Gus on tour this spring & summer. (WRONG RECORDS)

"11 oz."
HOPLES 601-7 7" $4.00
Straight-forward, tight, well-produced punk from these Southern California favorites. (HOPELESS RECORDS)

DSR 7-7 7" $4.00

"Full Length..."
DSR 9-1 LP $8.25
DSR 9-4 cassette $7.45
The first "full-length" from these hi-energy SoCal punx doing the in-yr-face punk a la Pennywise, Vandals or NOFX. CD with the addition of 9 more songs. (DR. STRANGE)

DSR 5-7 7" $4.00

PRANK 041-1 LP $8.55
PRANK 041-2 CD $9.35
Like they say, songs to disturb the comfortable, songs to comfort the disturbed. Abrasive, thunderingly manic thrash, dark brooding, and the trademark mindbending concepts and outrageous humor of singer Chris Bickel. (PRANK)

"Maximum Smashism"
PRANK 033-1 LP $8.25
PRANK 033-2 CD $9.00
Fast melodic terror, swathed in feedback, crunch and spastic fits of thrash. Chris from IN/HUMANITY, Kevin from .FUCKINGCOM and INITIAL STATE, plus the .FUCKINGCOM rhythm section make frenzied twists of punk anthem and '80s-style hardcore. (PRANK)

SHIMMY 10-4 cassette $7.10
The debut from Richmond's skumdogs of the universe. Herschel Gordon Lewis meets Mad Max meets LSD meets sex, and it's all supposed to come from Antarctica. Go figure. (SHIMMY-DISC)

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