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"Live at the Crystal Pistol"
PRANK 042-1 LP $8.55
PRANK 042-2 CD $9.00
Live and raw as hell in 1983 at a Tulsa cowboy bar, this is the classic early '80s hardcore outfit's first release, originally out on cassette only, and completely unavailable since. With liner notes by singer Jeff Klein. (PRANK)

"The Sound of the Streets"
GTA 024-2 CD $10.40
Anthemic, anti-fascist, skinhead oi from Holland. Active from 1981-88, they recorded these 32 tracks in 5 sessions from 1982-86; this is their entire recorded output. Lots of photos, lyrics, graphics, and a band history in the 16 page booklet. (GRAND THEFT AUDIO)

"Awkward y Borracho Core del Todo"
FEPCD 1-2 CD $11.30
An everchanging kaleidoscope of heavy beats, tribal drumming, intricate percussion, techno sampling, hip hop rhythms, wailing guitar, all-out funk, cynical lyrics and experimental noise. (FLYING ESOPHAGUS)

"I Hate Everything"
RBFI 2005-2 CD $13.65
Fine, catchy, melodic garage punk with sing-along vocals, lots of energy and great attitude. Japanese import. (RBF INTERNATIONAL)

SMILE 05-2 CD $11.30
Japan's answer to Jawbreaker and Jawbox (re: tighter and better recorded) are here with their latest full length. Hot on the heels of their split record with J Church, this full length continues their tradition of melodic punk and hardcore. A limited amount of these at the "nice" price. Japanese import. (SNUFFY SMILES)

"Switch Blade Knaife"
MAX 5-4 cassette $7.45
Russian punk with a very heavy Sex Pistols influence; the singer often snarls exactly like Johnny Rotten. Anarchy in the USSR? God save Gorby?? Produced with and benefitting the Moscow Rock Laboratory, an organization of their more uncommercial artists. (MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL)

PURE 22-2 CD $8.00
Diverse noise and power electronics from Lithuania, ranging from quiet subsonics to whirlwind cacaphony. (PURE)

"Bitter Youth"
SKIP 16-1 LP $8.25
SKIP 16-4 cassette $7.45
SKIP 16-2 CD $9.00
After a few very well received 7", their first full length continues the early 80's raging hardcore style. The bonus track is on the LP and cassette, and the LP is on red vinyl. (BROKEN REKIDS)

"March March Alive"
SKIP 73-1 LP $8.85
SKIP 73-2 CD $10.50
This recording captures on of their best-ever shows of politically charged melodic punk rock, professionally recorded at Gilman Street in '96. (BROKEN)

"March March Along"
SKIP 76-1 LP $8.85
SKIP 76-2 CD $10.50
The 3rd and final installment of NAKED AGGRESSION reissues from Broken Records, this is NOT to be confused with "March March Alive." This is their 2nd studio full length, their rawest most hardcore political recording, featuring a cool cover of KIM WILDE's "Kids in America." See them in the film "Decline of Western Civilization Pt 3"! (BROKEN)

"Naked Regression: Recordings 1991-1994"
SKIP 70-1 LP $8.85
SKIP 70-4 cassette $7.45
SKIP 70-2 CD $10.50
The first in a series of NAKED AGGRESSION reissues, consisting of the first 2 7"s on Broken, an EP on Mighty and 5 songs from comps, what many consider to be their best, all collected in one place for the first time. Watch for a new CD, and feature in "Decline of Western Civilization, Part 3." (BROKEN REKIDS)

"They Can't Get Me Down"
SKIP 7-7 7" $4.00
Early 80's, political hardcore sound with female vocals that are occasionally reminiscent of the Avengers. (BROKEN REKIDS)

BEP 931218-1 LP $8.40
This North Carolina outfit intensifies the catchier thrash-funk sound of Anthrax or Faith No More by incorporating monstrous grindcore sounds and hardcore tempos. Italian import. (BREAK EVEN POINT)

AVAN 004-2 CD $19.55
Dark, spacious, and often ambient noise, seldom sounding like it was produced by conventional musical instruments. The players this time were John Zorn, Bill Frisell, Wayne Horvitz, Fred Frith and Joey Baron. Japanese import. (AVANT)

AVAN 1-2 CD $19.55
Very eloquent musical interchanges and free jazz-stylee spazz attacks by John Zorn, Yamatsuka Eye, Bill Frisell, Wayne Horvitz, Fred Frith, and Joey Baron. Elegant fold-out packaging with lots of naughty bondage photos. Japanese import. (AVANT)

AVAN 003-2 CD $19.55
Though they don't outright say so, I'd guess the 19 songs here, ranging from jazz to various varieties of rock (all fairly twisted, by the way) were inspired by stuff heard on the radio. Cited inspirations range from Conway Twitty to Agnostic Front. Eclectic and definitely swinging. Japanese import. (AVANT)

"Torture Garden"
SHIMMY 39-4 cassette $7.10
Psycho gung-fu jazz spun by the likes of John Zorn, Fred Frith, Yamatsuka Eye, Bill Frisell, Wayne Horvitz and Joey Baron. 21 short, sharp, white-hot splinters of pure, panting let-it-all-hang-out. This one screams. (SHIMMY DISC)

SMALL 11-1 LP $7.80
The first album from one of those obscure but very creative Colorado industrial outfits. These folks use tapes, metal percussion, vocals and conventional instumentation to form dreamlike soundscapes that seem to emanate directly from the unconscious. (SMALL TOOLS TRADITION)

"Age of Fire"
NPR 025-2 CD $13.80
A killer sophomore effort from these Swedish heavyweights. A blasting, evil, perverted celebration of militant satanic grind and atmospheric black metal with military fanfare, steeped in obscure Egyptian mythology. The last 2 ambient/spoken word tracks present a surprise ending that is sure to delight followers of LaVeyan satanism. Austrian import. (NAPALM)

NPR 015-2 CD $13.80
Elite black metal from Sweden, heavy in to Egyptian demonology and death heads, and heavy, brutal and dark like Darkthrone, this is a classic, extremely evil sound, recommended for those who like it raw and thrashy. Austrian import. (NAPALM)

"Livin' la Weeda Loca"
BOS 20-1 10" $12.00
Five new tracks recorded in July 2000 by the well-known Argentine stoner rock combo. Limited edition, with the first 500 copies on green vinyl. Italian import. (BEARD OF STARS)

"Unreleased Dopes"
BOS 006-2 CD $12.00
Ten tracks of early recordings and alternate takes by this heavy outfit from Argentina, well-known in the US. Italian import. (BEARD OF STARS)

"Bass Creator!!"
CFY SUB2-1 12" EP $6.00
Electro-funk hip hop with a 10 ton bass. (CFY RECORDS)

"National Health"
GET 568-1 LP $12.55
This is progressive rock at its finest. Complex time signatures, great jamming, inclusion of rare sounds such as vocal harmonies without lyrics, cellos, multiple keyboards, etc. A spin-off band of HATFIELD AND THE NORTH (as well as having members from HENRY COW and MATCHING MOLE), this is a re-release of their legendary 1st album from 1978, very jazzy at times, hard prog rock at others. Gatefold sleeve, 180 gram virgin vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"This = Everything"
FT 36-1 LP $9.70
FT 36-2 CD $10.20
Expansive, meticulously constructed songs with guitar and bass lines that ebb and flow, sensual vocals and chilling soundscapes. (FILE 13)

GERN 9-7 7" $4.00
Excellent poetic hardcore, sweepingly powerful and lyrical, with complex song structures and tempo changes, and some very well-thought-out words. One of the best punk singles we've heard in a while; get this! (GERN BLANDSTEN)

"Lower G.I. Bleed"
GERN 24-7 7" $4.00
Two songs written before the "Bread" 7" but recorded later, showing off their patented angst-driven, nervous anger and introspection. (GERN BLANDSTEN)

"self titled"
GERN 4-7 7" $4.00
Good 'n crunchy, semi-melodic hardcore from New Jersey. The singer sounds like he's been in psychoanalysis most of his life. (GERN BLANDSTEN)

"Split EP"
BCR 029-7 7" $3.65
Punk is alive and well in Armenia, and here's the proof. Nato does a charming ska-punk tune, complete with sax and keyboards. Roe Dae Woo's "Tanks," not for the faint of heart, is a really raw live take where the levels go up and down with wild abandon. (BEER CITY)

"self titled"
HN 014-1 LP $8.40
A basement filled with wires, fishfinders and other shit makes up the props for this year-long collection of improvised "songs." Moldy silk screened covers, no two are alike. Torso plus Caroliner? (HANSON)

"I Like Legos (Lincoln Logs Suck)"
DUCK RD1-7 7" $5.15
Fresno sillycore; 1-sided 7" on blue vinyl in a multi-colored silkscreened package. Numbered, limited edition of 500. (DUCK BUTTER)

"Split EP"
SPIN 005-7 7" $4.15
Two songs from each, recorded live on stage at CBGB's in New York on April 9, 1995. The Neanderthals do "Werewolf from Outer Space" and "Ooh My Soul," the Kaisers do "Don't Come Back" and "Peanut Butter." (SPINOUT)

"Arula-Mata-Gali"/"Girl and a Hot Rod"
SPIN 004-7 7" $4.15
Two blasts of primitive lo-fi rock'n'roll from 10,000 BC, including Tarzan yodel! (SPINOUT)

"The Latest Menace to the Human Race!"
HOHIT 018-1 LP $9.90
All their greatest hits on one LP. Primitive stompin' lo-fi garage from America's favorite primates. Jungle beats, monster sounds, caveman sing alongs, and dino-bite guitar twang! UK import. (NO HIT)

"Werewolf from Outer Space"/"Betty Lou's Got a New Tattoo"
SPIN 001-7 7" $4.15
The stunning debut from America's stone age family, this rocks hard and raw, with Eddie Angel of Los Straitjackets and Takashi Manabe of the Panasonics and Planet Rockers trading hot guitar licks. (SPINOUT)

"(do the) Global Twist"
HR 23-7 7" $4.15
Last seen rockin' the hell out of the audience at Las Vegas Grind, this Japanese quartet lays down some of the most sparkling, be-bop-a-lula twisting, dead-on Merseybeat this side of the KAISERS! (HILLSDALE)

"Let It Burn"
TP 010-2 CD $7.90
From the folks who brought you BRUJERIA comes this mind-bending slab of crushing hard rock, featuring ex-members of well-known Man's Ruin sonic detonators FU MANCHU. 6 extended tracks of pummeling heaviness from the depths of space, ending with NEBULA'S magnum opus, "Raga In The Bloodshot Pyramid!" (TEE PEE)

"Spider Fingers"
ITR 45-1 LP $8.70
ITR 45-2 CD $10.70
Screaming full-length splatter-rock debut from one of the sickest, noisiest bands around. Features Steve Pallow from the Beguiled and James Arthur from Fireworks. (IN THE RED)

"The Sicko Inside Me"
ITR 61-1 LP $8.70
ITR 61-2 CD $10.70
The 2nd album from this garage/psych/noise gang of mind-warpers, after their 1997 debut. (IN THE RED)

"Thrill Pill"
CRYPT 059-7 7" $3.80
An evil, noisey, caterwauling, utterly fucked-up satanic blend of garage belch and 77-era, Human Fly-era Cramp basement sludge-rock. (CRYPT)

"Stay Away From Me"
ITR 057-7 7" $4.00
Two new poundings from the reigning kings of over-amped fuzzrock: a sick new original plus an appropriately twisted cover of an IKE TURNER tune. (IN THE RED)

"Hit Me"/"Bad Boy"
SFTRI 508-7 7" $4.00
A dirty, trashy slice of mutant rock'n'roll mayhem comparable to the Grifters, the Oblivians, '68 Comeback, or even R.L. Burnside. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Swinging Drive"
ALLIED 58-7 7" $4.00
Two short, sharp, emo-tinted shocks to the system from this new Berkeley band who have become fixtures at Gilman St. and other low-key East Bay venues. (ALLIED)

SA 61-7 7" $4.55
Ron and Seymour make noise. Electronics, prank phone calls, odd stuff lifted from records, loops, etc. (STOMACH ACHE)

"Rozz & Negative Trend: The Pop Sessions"
WNR 003-2 CD $7.75
The very first, short-lived version of this seminal San Francisco punk band recorded 9 songs in the studio before singer Rozz Rezabek-Wright went on to other projects. The tapes have lain buried for 20 years, but here they are now for the first time ever! A somewhat different sound than the 2nd incarnation that recorded the very dark, fierce "We Don't Play, We Riot" EP a few months later, this is fast, angry, burn-it-down-smash-it-up '77-style anarcho-punk with an attitude...what it's like to live the chaos. (WHITE NOISE)

"A Big 10-8 Place"
SEE 003-2 CD $10.80
Pursuing their sound and ideas to an epic extreme, this 3rd album is magical and intense. Elaborate packaging, hand assembled by band members. (SEELAND)

SEE 017-2 CD $10.80
Their first stand-alone studio album since 1993, this media parody-fest has something to do with a certain soft drink (which cannot be named in print without a lawsuit), as well as the world of advertising in general. A bit more manic than their previous work, good to here. (SEELAND)

"Escape from Noise"
SEELAND 006-2 CD $10.80
The CD re-release of NEGATIVLAND's best-selling recording. If any release by NEGATIVLAND could be considered to be a "hit", this is it. "Christianity is Stupid," "Car Bomb," "Time Zones," "Nesbitt's Lime Soda Song," ...they're all here. (SEELAND)

"Fair Use: The Story of the Letter U and the Numeral 2"
SEE 013-2 book + CD $16.35
An overwhelming and very funny look at corporately "owned" culture. The 272 page book tells the whole grisly story to date of Island Records' suppression of the "U2" EP and SST Records' suppression of Negativland's response, the "Letter U and the Numeral 2" CD & book. The full length CD has a new 45 minute piece called "Dead Dog Records," about creative appropriation, plus Crosley Bendix on US copyright law. (SEELAND)

SEE 009-2 CD $10.20
Their first all-new, album-length studio release in years! Suburban junk culture in a blender, with highly entertaining stuff on convenience stores, torture, Cadillacs, firearms, the Bible, interstate trucking, geriatric discomfort, bicycle safety, alcohol, big dogs, driving in circles, death, organ buttons, religious dialectics and the truth about our national anthem. (SEELAND)

"Happy Heroes"
SEELAND 018-2 CD5 $8.15
Celebrity-saturated, 8-song EP featuring "Jolly Green Giant," "OJ and His Personal Trainer Kill Ron and Nicole" and Co. Sanders losing his mind amid "Chiken Diction," plus a fabulous 1998 Remedia Megamix of "Happy hero" from the Dispepsi CD! (SEELAND)

"Jamcon '84"
SEE 004-2 CD $10.20
Negativland turns the 1984 election inside out and examines the entrails of the rotting beast. A "live remote" from a convention of jammers, this is edited down from the 5-hour radio show that coined the term "cultural jamming," and is in turn derived from a cassette originally on the SST label. Two new sections (not on the cassette) have been added: Crosley Bendix delivers Negativland's stockholder's report during a picnic at the Universal Bemusement Park, and Negativland deconstructs Ronald Reagan's 2nd inaugural address live, as it happens. Too, too much. (SEELAND)

"Over the Edge Vol. 3: The Weatherman's Dumb Stupid Come-Out Line"
SEELAND 019-2 2xCD $13.75
Once available only on cassette, this deals with the subject of gay repression as only NEGATIVLAND would think to do it. Includes a special 10-page Weatherman dictionary that will help you learn the true meanings of all those strange words he's been using for the last 20 years. (SEELAND)

"Over the Edge Vol. 4: Dick Vaughn's Moribund Music of the '70s"
SEELAND 022-2 2xCD $13.75
A CD reissue of this long out of print title, updated and expanded! Edited from NEGATIVLAND'S weekly radio show, this version has its most perplexing host, Dick Vaughn, bringing the world's first ever '70s nostalgia show. Prank phone calls of the classic variety, an audio evolution to the heights of the DJ world, and Dick's patented ability to ruin his own shows highlight everything wrong with music radio (if you're an unfunny jerk). (SEELAND)

"Over the Edge Vol. 5: Crosley Bendix, the Radio Reviews"
SEE 010-2 CD $10.20
Culled from Negativland's long-running weekly radio show, Crosley Bendix, Director of Stylistic Premonitions for the Universal Media Netweb, delivers 10 of his uniquely warped and wacky cultural reviews. (SEELAND)

"Over the Edge vol. 6: The Willsaphone Stupid Show"
SEE 011-2 2xCD $13.25
The life story of the Weatherman and his family, taken from live performances on Negativland's 12 year old weekly radio show. If you're at all familiar with Negativland, you'll know that the Weatherman is one of the funniest and most outrageous characters they've ever created. Guaranteed to be great! Comes with a 12 page, 4 color booklet. (SEELAND)

"Over the Edge Vol. 7: Time Zones Exchange Project"
SEE 012-2 2XCD $14.55
The Universal Media Netweb, its mysterious founder C. Elliot Friday, his Howland Island headquarters, and his fantastic project to simulcast programming with Radio Moscow, designed to ease the transition to free market thinking in Russia. American materialism, sellng ethics, lots of Mertz commercials ("Mertz makes up your mind"), Russian rock and the lust for commodities, and Friday's attempt to manipulate history, time and balck holes! This very funny 2-CD set also includes a full-size 1938 movie poster and 28 page booklet. (SEELAND)

"Pastor Dick: Muriel's Purse Fund"
SEE 016-2 CD $10.80
More extracts from the "Over the Edge" radio show make it to CD, including accused thief Pastor Dick trying to recoup his losses with a promise to get drunk on the air, Pastor Dick's Fellowship Dinner stand-up routine, the problems of driving a Dodge Demon, and expanded Bible Quiz, and Pastor Dick's exposj on the cult of Mormonism, with the wacky sound mix by Negativland continuing throughout. (SEELAND)

SEE 002-2 CD $10.20
At long last, their 2nd album, unavailable for a few years, is re-released on CD. (SEELAND)

"Self Titled"
SEE 001-2 CD $10.80
The CD of their first album is vintage suburban-electronic-junk culture-folk noise/music, packed in a box with do-dads and adorned with wallpaper samples and evidence of suburban culture and commerce. Each is different! (SEELAND)

"Sex Dirt"
SEE 015-2 CD $10.80
More stuff from their "Over the Edge" weekly radio show, but all music and no talk as the band and friends improvise live music, noise, loops and sounds around the themes of sex, dirt, and sex dirt. Do you know about GERMS? (SEELAND)

"The Starting Line"
SEE 014-2 CD $11.40
In another installment from their weekly live radio show, Dick Goodbody, the Weatherman and an auto trivia champion broadcast live from Dick's Auto Hive as they match wits with real callers along the radio superhighway. Rototillers, callers reaching for stardom as they sing along with Dick's selections, life's unanswered questions and mucus galore. The package also includes a big, 14x23 poster and a Dick's Auto Hive fluorescent vinyl keychain! (SEELAND)

"These Guys are From England and Who Gives a Shit"
SEELAND 021-2 CD $11.30
10 years ago this September, Bay Area culture jammers NEGATIVLAND found their latest record sued out of existence by the powers that be. Now, ten years later, this has been delivered to Seeland Records in a brown paper wrapper with no explanation. Here is the historical audio archive of apparently illegal acts involving unwilling guys from Ireland (though it says they are from England). A legally impossible compilation of studio and unreleased live radio and concert versions of their most sued work; a definitive collection of their most criminal music. (SEELAND)

"Truth in Advertising"
EERIE 12-7 7" $4.00
A radio talk show gets hacked up for a funny look at both talk shows and people's attitudes to advertising; the flip side has another media cutup piece and a nutty song about Pepsi ads. (EERIE MATERIALS)

"The ABCs of Anarchism"
SEELAND 020-2 CD5 $7.85
A collaboration between these 2 bands, done in face-to-face meetings, tape trading, email and sound files sent over the internet. Three tracks, including the 13-minute title track which explores an often-misunderstood political philosophy. Comes with a full color children's storybook pamphlet. Expect soundbites, sound manipulations, melodies, and lots of cut-ups with a sharp but humorous viewpoint. (SEELAND)

"Now Hiring Smiling Faces"
VC 10-7 7" $3.80
Sarcastic, thrashy punk songs covering several social issues from this San Diego band's third release. 5 songs. (VINYL COMMUNICATIONS)

VC 1-7 7" $3.80
Crisp guitar and ironic, socially conscious lyrics in riffy punk songs on their first release. 3 songs. (VINYL COMMUNICATIONS)

"Negative Attraction"
SW 48-1 LP $9.15
SW 48-2 CD $9.30
Finally, a new full length from this ten year old San Diego hardcore outfit. Totally blistering, angry, lightning quick, pummeling, mammoth destruction, and some of the fastest vocalizing ever heard! This is one of the best hardcore punk rock bands in the business, no doubt! (SIX WEEKS)

"The More Money One Has, the More Important is One's Life"
SW 32-2 CD $7.85
A re-release of the 2nd CD by this amazing hyper-speed thrash band from San Diego, which the band originally released on their own label in 1998. These 14 furious, blindingly fast songs go by in only 17 minutes, but all the intelligent and very political lyrics are printed in the booklet just in case you missed the meaning. (SIX WEEKS)

OO 8-2 CD $11.30
Electric chamber music, also featuring Robert Dick, George Lewis, Gordon Gottlieb, and the New York New Music Ensemble. (O.O. DISCS)

"Pays Tribute to Princess Diana"
PPR 024-7 7" $4.55
"NEIL HAMBURGER pays tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales, in this commemorative release recorded on his recent international tour." For side 1, Neil does his worst in front of an underappreciative audience, including a new version of his infamous "Zipper Shtick." Side 2 is a moment of silence for the late princess, which can double as a moment of silence for Sonny Bono if you play it at 78 RPM. Limited edition black "In Mourning" vinyl, includes free tissue in case you feel like shedding a tear. (PLANET PIMP)

"Master of Puppies"
RAZOR 1-7 7" $3.65
More loud, crude and rude rock & roll from some of the guys that used to be in the infamous Stevie Stiletto. These guys are into heavy trash. 4-song (RAZOR RECORDS / TRUTH ABOUT FONZI)

"Sociopathic Pleaures"
MLNNW 01-1 LP $7.80
Acoustic guitar-based neo-goth from the netherworlds of Oakland CA. Female vocals (Wendy Van Deusen of the notorious "Primal Chaos" magazine), with one of the Dwarves and one of the Thinking Fellers as guest musicians. (MISC. LABELS)

"Enter the Abyss"
SSE 5001-2 CD $11.30
Wendy Van Dusen's long-running goth/horror project, with layers of distant, moody keyboards, melancholy acoustic guitar strumming, and of course Wendy's own brittle, child-like vocals. Features settings of poetry by CHARLES MANSON, E.A. POE, and contributions by MONTE CAZAZZA, THINKING FELLERS' Brian Hageman, and other Bay Area goths. Delicate, haunting, spooky. Japanese import. (SSE)

"Bring Our Curses Home"
POLLUTE 044-1 LP $8.25
POLLUTE 044-2 CD $9.00
Severely crushing evil HC from Michigan, 16 songs of pulverizing guitars, crazed vocals (and intelligent lyrics!). LP contains 16-pg booklet, CD contains all their EP appearances. Punishing to say the least! (SOUND POLLUTION)

"This World"
SFTRI 365-2 CD $9.65
With lo-fi aesthetics and a multidimensional sailboat of electric guitars, bass, drums, organ, tapes, crackling wires and analog synthesizer, this 10 year old San Diego outfit makes musical mythology and epic visionary poetry. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Ask Any Mermaid"
SFTRI 376-7 7" $4.00
These girls may have the rough talent of the Shags, but the heart and soul of the Ventures in their prime. Three new garage surf charmers. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Dig Thee Phantom 5ive"/"Hollow Grinders are Go!"
SFTRI 575-7 7" $4.00
Hey hey hey! Teen America's #1 all-girl surf band is back with a new single! Two all-new original rippin' surf instro rockers dedicated to their fave boy surf bands: Nashville's THEE PHANTOM 5IVE and New Zealand's THE HOLLOW GRINDERS. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Let Them Eat Tuna"
SFTRI 536-2 CD $9.65
The '90s version of JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS, mixing and mangling surf instrumental music into an eerily glowing concoction that only the brave dare drink: the perfect ambient music for your next blackout. Yes, the stagnant instro purists and the cigar smoking cocktail set can kiss their asses goodbye. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Neptune in Furs"
SFTRI 510-7 7" $4.00
The surf-instro soundtrack to your next beach party gone bad, sporting a Dali rip-off painting by Pamita Neptuna herself on the sleeve. Three SINewey numbers to make sure you're the life of the luau. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Scratch and Surf"
SFTRI 388-2 CD $9.65
Debut CD by this surf-flavored girl trio from Long Beach. The first pressing has a secret scratch & sniff spot for your nose pleasure. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

SFTRI 352-7 7" $4.00
Long Beach all-girl-surf-instro-punk-noise-lo-fi-teen-idols. Scruffy and cool. Dig it. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"I Wanna Kill Your Plastic Slut"
SCR 001-7 7" $4.35
Offensive, vulgar and violent pretty much describes these guys, who go in for the GG ALLIN brand of hardcore punk in a big way, including covering his "I Wanna Rape You." 4 songs, Italian import. (SCAREY)

"Hijack the Radio!"
RUR 015-1 LP $11.35
The definitive vinyl collection from this great late-'70s Texas punk band! "My Girlfriend is a Rock" being the obvious focal point, some other songs fit in between the DILS and GEARS sounds. All their studio tracks, plus good live recordings material from a 1979 show in Austin. Extensive liner notes by "Punk Diary" author George Gimarc and rare photos. Italian import. (RAVE UP)

"25th Anniversary"
PENN 10002-1 10" $13.65
The official vinyl re-issue of the 1976 power pop classic "Hangin' on the Telephone," plus two studio bonus cuts from 1977: 6 great songs total! The band included Paul Collins (later to form THE BEAT), Peter Case (later of THE PLIMSOULS), and Jack Lee (of solo fame), which is probably why it's so damn expensive. Remastered from the original tapes, with rare photos, liner notes, and a reproduction of the band's tour poster. Spanish import. (PENNIMAN)

"Music from Hell"
SUB 21-1 LP $7.60
A veteran L.A. electronic punk-grunge outfit with lots of raunchy, funny and downright weird ideas. No guitars, but lots of wonderful tasteless perversion. (SUBTERRANEAN)

"Enemy of the Sun"
VIRUS 134-1 LP $8.85
VIRUS 134-4 cassette $7.45
Further sountracks to the apocalypse as provided in pseudo-metallic tones by this popular Bay Area group. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"Pain of Mind"
VIRUS 146-4 cassette $7.45
A re-release of their first, long-out-of-print album from 1987 on the defunct Alchemy label, this is fast, noisy hardcore of the peace punk variety. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"Souls At Zero"
VIRUS 109-1 LP $8.85
VIRUS 109-4 cassette $7.45
Metallic hardcore with orchestral embellishments (real cello, flute, trumpet, and violins). Soundtrack for the apocalypse, holding wide appeal for the currently dying. Amazing stuff. 2 extra songs on cassette & CD. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

KNIT 125-2 CD $10.70
This unabashedly jazz quintet uses trumpet, electric and acoustic bass, violin, alto and baritone saxes and drums, played with all the precision, artistry and pure burn soul that the genre demands. (KNITTING FACTORY WORKS)

"Freemason Love Triangle"
PNMV 03-7 7" $4.00
Find out for yourself why this band has delighted the Northwest for years with their style of slightly out-of-tune, loose pop music. (PUNK IN MY VITAMINS)

CA 13-1 LP $8.10
CA 13-2 CD $10.70
Portland's Bicycle Nation breaks into the music world with this lo-fi, lovably sloppy pack of homebrew tunes. (CANDY ASS)

"TNB Est Mort!"
TESCO 22-2 2xCD $30.15
A deluxe double CD with 4 tracks comprised entirely of previously unreleased material, both studio and live, spanning all the way from 1982 to 1994. Indescribably alien sound constructions that may remind one of AMM, though with a spookier mood and elements of noise and musique concrete. Includes collaborations with ORGANUM, NIHILIST ASSAULT GROUP, FERIAL CONFINE, and VORTEX CAMPAIGN. The two jewel boxed CDs are packed in a beautiful, full color, hand-numbered, oversized box with a huge full-color booklet containing photos, manifestos, discography and text. German import. (TESCO ORGANISATION)

"(Gotta Gotta) Sinking Feeling"
SFTRI 319-P 7" pic disc $5.25
A cut from their upcoming Crypt album, plus an exclusive, revved-up version of Motorcycle Boy's "Feel It." Classic punk at breakneck speed from the kings of Ohio punk. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

CRYPT 032-1 LP $8.85
CRYPT 032-2 CD $10.20
A roaring barrage of nihilism and enthusiasm that's roaring and aggressive, yet avoids sounding like a pack of 77 retreads. This is as real and in your face as Garage Rock gets. If you don't jump around to, sing along with and generally love this record, you're wrong - WRONG. Totally fucking classic. Their avalanche of a debut LP - grasp it or be lame! (CRYPT)

"Information Highway Revisited"
CRYPT 049-1 LP $8.85
CRYPT 049-2 CD $10.20
The Turks mucho hot 2nd album, released Dec '94, featuring a whopping 39 and a half minutes of non-stop hammering action! If you can't get your clock tickin' to the awesome whomp of tunes such as the Stooges-on-speed roar of "Id Slips In", the hyperactive anthem of "Fingernail Chomp", the mega-rip roarin' pummel of "Bullish On Bullshit", the Little Eva-filtered-thru "Funhouse" grind of "T.A.S.", etc., then you'd best call the doctor cuz you're probably dead! (CRYPT)

"Pissing Out The Poison"
CRYPT 058-1 2xLP $11.50
CRYPT 058-2 CD $10.20
A super-swank, 26-song, 76-minute collection of a wide variety of Turks' rarities, featuring tracks from out-of-print 7" singles (all re-mixed and souped up), some ace unissued scorch including a smokin' cover of the New York Dolls' "Bad Girl". The vinyl version is a double-LP, gatefold-sleeved monstrosity; The CD has a 12-page foldout booklet. But, baby, we ALL know WHY you gotta get this; it's to sit there (or attempt to sit!) and scratch yer head wondering: How in hell did they do such a wack cover of that Stones' song "Summer Romance"?! (CRYPT)

"Snap Decision"
SFTRI 533-7 7" $4.00
This severe 7" proves Columbus, Ohio's favorite rag-tag sons are the original bargain basement rock gods. Grab yourself a copy and try not to make too big of a mess in your pants. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"So Young, So Fair, So Debonair"
MT 228-7 7" $4.00
Piledriver, steamroller punks from Columbus, who also have an album out on Crypt Records and a single on Get Hip. (eMpTy RECORDS)

"Trying to Get By"/"Last Lost Fight"
SFTRI 228-7 7" $4.00
Everyone's hot new band does an adrenalin punk blast on the A side, and a full blown punk epic burner on the B side. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Split EP"
ANY 049-7 7" $4.65
"All the Right Places" b/w "Lowered Pentangles," respectively. You already know who they are. (ANYWAY)

"Groovy Times"
MR 7144-7 7" $4.85
Two new songs by these Australian punk legends, featuring RADIO BIRDMAN vocalist Rob Younger, and yeah, it's got that big, roaring BIRDMAN sound to it. Spanish import. (MUNSTER)

"There's a New Dawn"
AK 152-1 LP $17.25
AK 152-2 CD $13.00
Soft rock, ballads, fuzz guitar and a country-style rhythm section from this Salem, Oregon band originally out on the Hoot label in 1970. Original artwork, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (AKARMA)

JT 1062-1 2xLP $10.90
JT 1062-2 CD $10.20
In 4 months time, this band went from a phone conversation theory to the studio to ready their first album. Jonah Matranga (ONELINEDRAWING, FAR), Norman Arenas (TEXAS IS THE REASON), drummer Charles Walker (CHAMBERLAIN), and bassist Scott Winegard (TEXAS IS THE REASON) form a solid combination of everything that made the aforementioned bands so compelling. As raw as it is calculating, shuffling from high energy rock to meticulously crafted pop and VELVETS-styled melancholy; all of this executed seamlessly and unapologetically. (JADE TREE)

HED 703-7 7" $4.00
Sonic Youth meets Live Skull, the Swans and Killdozer for a late lunch in Sarasota. (HEADHUNTER)

"The New Mix"
AK 2016-1 10" $12.55
A re-issue of a quite BEATLES-like psychedelic rock/pop album of vocal harmonies and blended keyboards, originally out on United Artists in 1968. 10 tracks, Italian import. (AKARMA)

MLNMAI 01-4 cassette $9.55
MLNMAI 01-2 CD $14.55

FACTUS 8-1 12" EP $8.60
The EP released in between "Movement" and " Power...", in 1982. Songs include: Temptation, Hurt, Everything's Gone Green, Procession and Mesh. The original Factory release, still in print, licensed to the Bologna label Base. Slight ring wear on some covers. All the original packaging. Italian import. (BASE)

FACT 150-1 LP $8.60
The 4th LP, from 1986. Songs include: Paradise, Weirdo, As It Is When It Was, Broken Promise, Way of Life, Bizarre Love Triangle, All Day Long, Angel Dust, and Every Little Counts. The original Factory release, still in print, licensed to the Bologna label Base. Italian import. (BASE)

"Low Life"
FACT 100-1 LP $8.40
The 3rd LP, from 1985. Songs include: Love Vigilantes, The Perfect Kiss, This Time of Night, Sunrise, Elegia, Sooner Than You Think, Sub-culture and Face Up. The original Factory release, still in print, licensed to the Bologna label Base. All the original cover art. Italian import. (BASE)

HELL 36-7 7" $4.35
New wave revival power pop featuring Laura Milligan from Velveeta Underground and Steve McDonald of Red Kross. Three tracks of irresistable sing-along anthems, one of which is used on a Comedy Central show. (HELL YEAH)

"All Ages Show"
SHREDR 34-2 CD5 $7.00
A Bay Area 3-piece known for pure ballsy 3-chord punk, these guys have '77 punk and the late '80s East Bay sound as obvious influences. Six songs with hooks you can hang your hat on. (SHREDDER)

"Did You Hear That We Fucked...?"
TMU 076-2 CD $9.00
Most of HARRIET THE SPY plus some of PARTY OF HELICOPTERS picks up where the former band left off, with textures and melodies like early SONIC YOUTH on their hardcore roots, angst and sarcasm. This is their debut album. (TROUBLEMAN)

"Not Even a Virgin"
JR 038-7 7" $4.25
Bit of a throwback to '70s R&R on this one, with something that could've come from the NEW YORK DOLLS on the A side, and a genuine ZZ TOP cover on the flip. Red vinyl. (JUNK)

"self titled"
JR 030-1 MLP $6.85
JR 030-2 CD $7.15
Portland's kings of sleaze follow their already-infamous Estrus 7" which is on this 6 song EP. NY DOLLS and IGGY POP meet up at a crossdressers' ball. 12" is pink vinyl, limited edition. (JUNK)

"Digging It Harder From Afar"
VICTO 28-2 CD $11.90
This wind ensemble is made up of master musicians Robert Dick, Ned Rothenberg and J.D. Parran, who use various flutes, saxes and clarinets in these 6 free jazz romps in which they undertake to expand the expressive options of their instruments. Canadian import. (VICTO)

"New York Art Quartet"
ESPCD 1004-2 CD $11.90
Recorded in 1964, this album features Roswell Rudd, John Tchicai, Lewis Worrell and Milford Graves, with an appearance by poet/playwright LeRoi Jones in "Black Dada Nihilismus." Dutch import. (ESP-DISK)

"New York Art Quartet"
GET 1034-1 LP $12.55
Originally released in 1964 on the ESP label, this album featured Roswell Rudd, John Tchicai, Lewis Worrell and Milford Graves, and LeRoi Jones in "Black Dada Nihilismus." 180 gram audiophile vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Actress: Birth of the New York Dolls"
GET 60-1 LP $12.55
GET 60-2 CD $11.90
The earliest demo recordings by the seminal proto-punk outfit, recorded in 1972. 11 tracks, with the vinyl in a gatefold sleeve on 180 gram virgin vinyl. Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Endless Party"
MR 201-1 2xLP $17.40
The very first recordings, studio demos from 1973, by the seminal, pioneering band, unreleased until now. Mastered from the original tapes, this has many of their classic songs plus seldom-heard tunes, spiced with between-song jokes and banter. And finally, a re-issue that includes the elusive songs "Frankenstein" and "7 Day Weekend." Pressed on heavy 220 gram vinyl, in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with rare photos. Spanish import. (MUNSTER)

"From Paris with Love, L-U-V!"
SFTRI 682-2 CD $10.80
They came from the outer limits of NYC dressed like women, turned their amps up to 11, and gave a moribund Manhattan music scene its first great rock'n'roll band since THE VELVET UNDERGROUND. This 11 track set was recorded by Radio Luxembourg in 1974, and was originally released by Red Star. It has also been remastered, comes with a 20 page booklet, and features THE DOLLS at their peak! (SYMPATHY)

"New York Tapes 1972-1973"
MR 167-1 10" $9.60
MR 167-2 CD $11.90
Seven studio cuts from 1972-73, featuring the line-up of Thunders, Johansen, Sylvain, Kane and Nolan performing "Looking For A Kiss," "Don't Start Me Talking," "Personality Crisis," "Don't Mess With Cupid," "Human Beeing," "Bad Girls" and "Pills." Spanish import. (MUNSTER)

"Teenage News"
MR 135-1 LP $12.55
Live tracks recorded in 1974 in Paris and Los Angeles. Limited edition of 1000, pink vinyl, Spanish import. (MUNSTER)

"About Time"
GET 589-1 LP $12.55
Documenting GONG founder Daevid Allen's 1979 visit to New York, this throws together psychedelia, new wave and even punk influences with the early '70s attitude of the original band and the musical sensibility of the downtown New York jazz/rock scene. Other musicians on here include Bill Laswell (bass), Gary Windo (sax), Michael Beinhom (keyboards), and Fred Maher (drums). Original artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Play the Fool"
RPATALL 8-7 7" $4.25
A new project from Mike of SPENT IDOLS fame, with two blasts of basement/rec-room style '77 pogo punk. (RAPID PULSE)

"Go Away"
TKOROUND 65-1 LP $8.85
TKOROUND 65-2 CD $10.50
A new album from the originators of the New Jersey streetpunk/Oi! sound that spawned bands like BLANKS 77, THOSE UNKNOWN, and THE WRETCHED ONES. (TKO)

"Self Titled"
FLYSQ 4-4 cassette $4.70
An amalgamation and transformation of found sound sources from the Austin radio show of the same name. The sounds, like the tape, tape box and images, have all been recycled. Nothing is original. 45 min. (FLYING SQUIRREL)

"self titled"
FGAO 11-2 CD $10.85
Simple, honest and hooky pop songs delivered in a very unaffected manner, very much in the vein of some of the Sarah bands from England. (FEEL GOOD ALL OVER)

GET 68-1 LP $12.55
13 tracks recorded live in Manchester in 1980, including many of her best known songs. Gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"(Black) Emanuelle's Groove"
RED 101-1 LP $12.55
RED 101-2 CD $11.90
Naughty, horny soundtracks from this infamous Joe D'Amato mid- '70s film. The CD version is encased in slip-case jacket with black-on-black silhouette of Laura Gemser. Booklet includes liner notes and array of film clip photos. The LP version is pressed on 180 gram audiophile vinyl, packed in a gatefold sleeve. Italian import. (DAGORED)

"It's an Idiot's Life"
INS 018-1 LP $10.75
A collaboration between guitarist/bassist Nicodemus and Michigan noisemongers Gravitar. This ranges from heavy psych rock to completely blotto whooshes of abstract sound, organized mostly in extended slabs of jam-ness with the odd bizarre sound effect. (INSIGNIFICANT)

"Bossa Per Due Remix"
SC 326-1 12" $9.60
The first in a series of remixes from Conte's "Jet Sounds" album, this has THIEVERY CORPORATION taking a crack at "Bossa Per Due," while KYOTO JAZZ MASSIVE from Japan does a treatment of "The In Samba." Italian import. (SCHEMA)

"Bossa per Due"
SC 312-1 12" $9.60
Two easy bossa jazz tracks from this sophisticated producer: the title track plus "Mission a Bombay." Italian import. (SCHEMA)

"Forma 2000"
SC 325-1 12" $9.60
The title track digs deep into the late '60s Brazilian sound, with dreamy female vocals and soft samba percussion, with "Jazz pour Dandin" working out with a big band, sax-enhanced nu-jazz theme. Italian import. (SCHEMA)

"Jet Sounds"
SC 317-1 12"+7" $14.90
Brazilian and psychedelic jazz, space-age Mereilles with a fast jazz samba beat, coupled with a sitar funk tune on the flip, plus a bonus, limited edition 7" with two cool atmospheric jazz tracks from the upcoming album. Plenty of vibraphone, flute, swinging percussion and baritone sax. Italian import. (SCHEMA)

"La Coda del Diavolo"
SC 334-1 12" $9.60
More great bossa jazz with this entry in the CONTE remix series, this has "La Coda del Diavolo" remixed by KARMINSKY, plus "Missione a Bombay" remixed by URSULA 1000. Italian import. (SCHEMA)

"New Standards"
SC 336-1 12" $9.60
Two tracks of nu-jazz from producer/turntablist CONTE and trombonist PETRELLA. Italian import. (SCHEMA)

"Plastic Sonic Pill"
DION 729-7 7" $4.35
Italian psychedelic garage, trippy purple marbled wax (DIONYSUS)

"Riding Shotgun"
P 063-2 CD $10.20
American music done the Swedish way! Fans of ZEKE, HIVES, CELIBATE RIFLES, and THE STOOGES: you don't need to hide your 8 ball tattoos any longer! (SCOOCH POOCH)

"Gardens of Delight"
VC 13-1 LP $8.25
Thundering, brooding, nerves on the edge rock pervaded by an over-whelming dread. The total effect is awesomeness incarnate. (VINYL COMMUNICATIONS)

ARCD 84-2 CD $18.40
Something like 19 years after the group's birth in 1966, this was released on LP in 1985 by Steve Stapleton's United Dairies label. Noisier and more aggro than ever, they bash out totally anarchic, tumbling avalanches of pure squonk onto their largely punk audience. Japanese import. (ALCHEMY)

"Era of Sad Wings"
PSFD 31-2 CD $15.65
Another of Keiji Haino's projects, this one an extension of an earlier solo album of the same name. Exceedingly spacey, enigmatic and atmospheric sounds, dreamy and very beautiful, hazy and obscure, unearthly and moody. Japanese import. (PSF RECORDS)

"Transglobal Friends and Relations"
TRANS 0103-2 2xCD $12.50
24 tracks (4 studio, 19 live, and 1 interview) recorded between 1994 and 2000, this is a must for fans of Nik's seminal band HAWKWIND, or anyone interested in spaced-out rock'n'roll. You get what you would expect here: a blend of saxophone, flute, violin, and otherworldly synthesizers, dancing with crushing guitars and drums, then taking off into the farthest dimensions of sound and space. You get something else that you might not be expecting though... its great! A perfect example that prolonged substance abuse is not always a bad thing. 12 page booklet of full color photos! (TRANSPARENCY)

"The Bluest Sky"
BBP 1-1 LP $7.80
BBP 1-4 cassette $7.00
BBP 1-2 CD $9.50

"Grandson of Ham"
SCRATCH 6-2 CD $11.00
Domestically available re-release of a popular Japan-based grunge-band; Matador-styled noise-rock recalls the best NY outfits like Cop Shoot Cop, the Unsane, Circle X, Pussy Galore, etc. Heavy torturous bass, thundering drums, mad-dog vocals blended with runaway abandon; gotta get this! (SCRATCH (CANADA))

"self titled"
SCRATCH 22-2 CD $10.70
A somewhat radical departure for the band, where bassist/composer Tim Olive records a series of duets live in Japan with Masahiko Ohno (Solmania), Seiichi Yamamoto (Boredoms, Omoide Hatoba), Kosei Yamamoto (ambient/fusion/new age artist), and Kazuhisa Uchihashi (Altered States, Ground Zero, etc.). The tapes were then sent to Nimrod's vocalist/sound manipulator Zev Asher in Vancouver, who thoroughly messed with them, adding sounds, murky narration and effects. The result is a great free form collage of sound, highly experimental music and noise. (SCRATCH (CANADA))

"The Mighty Hunter"
SCRATCH 16-2 CD $10.70
Two Canadians and an American who divide their time between Vancouver and Osaka make this really strange, screwy sort of low-tech grind that defies the conventions...even the avant-conventions. The full-color pic disc is limited, of course. Canadian import. (SCRATCH (CANADA))

"If the Devil Don't Like It, He Can Sit on a Tack"
RUNT 05-1 LP $8.40
RUNT 05-2 CD $10.10
Stoopit-ass sing-along melodic punk songs (including a Supercharger cover) with titles like "Kill Ben Weasel," "Dork," or "Booger Booger Booger." These guys are from Ohio, so I guess that explains it. Italian import. (RUNT)

"Once Again, Saving the World Takes a Back Seat to a Good Beer"
DD 0127-2 CD $10.85
The 2nd album from this good-time punk rock'n'roll band out of Akron. Obnoxious, fun and melodic, these guys have been performing non-stop since 1991. (DOCTOR DREAM)

"Little Girl Blue"
GET 2003-1 LP $12.55
A re-issue of the singer/pianist's first recording, originally out on Bethlehem in 1957. Emotional and idiosyncratic treatments of a diverse collection of standards, including her first hits, "I Loves You Porgy" (from Gershwin's "Porgy and Bess") and "My Baby Just Cares for Me." Includes 3 bonus tracks, plus new artwork and liner notes. 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Hayseed Timebomb"
CRYPT 047-1 LP $8.85
CRYPT 047-2 CD $10.20
Spewing out raw, brash, straightforward and (pardon the expression but it IS appropriate) KICK-ASS punk rock. A brawling combo knockin' out a raucous blend of punkrock with a solid dose of country but don't go lumping these guys in with such kitsch-camp "cowpunk" crud. A loud-fast-crunchy mating of classic Johnny Cash / Merle Haggard / Creedence and early Ramones/ Motorhead buzzsaw guitar roar with a satirical 3rd person take on the redneck/bible-belt lifestyle. (CRYPT)

"Smokin' Taters!"
CRYPT 027-1 LP $8.85
CRYPT 027-2 CD $10.20
Their 2nd LP, and it's another damn fine piece of Southern Amurikin life testifyin'! 8 blasting originals plus a few pulvanzing covers such as Hank Williams Sr's "Long gone Daddy", Jerry Lee's "I'm On Fire", "Folsom Prison Blues". CD contains their debut LP, "The Mud, The Blood & The Beers". (CRYPT)

"The Mud, The Blood"
CRYPTWH 07-1 LP $8.85
Their debut LP of 1989, reissued on CRYPT because it is fucking GREAT! 14 blasting raw-as-barbed-wire cuts recorded in the same steel shed in Detroit as the first Gories LP. Riding on a fusion of the blood redgrass psychotic hillbilly sound and a Stoogey rock funda-mental-ism, the Hammers write about the Americans that Jay-sus loves. No finesse, no sweetness, no holding back. All 14 cuts from this LP are on the "Smokin' Taters!" CD. (CRYPT)

"Paying Ohmage"
POLLUTE 061-1 LP $8.55
POLLUTE 061-2 CD $9.00
Cleveland's blistering hardcore menace NINE SHOCKS TERROR are back! MOTORHEAD-esque bass lines, iconoclastic riffing, and a totally over the top attack are the trademarks of this Japanese thrash-influenced unit. (SOUND POLLUTION)

TDH 0019-2 CD $7.75
Heavy, thundering thudcore with the screaming, anguished vocals so buried in the sludge that they're almost subliminal. (TOO DAMN HYPE)

"self titled"
OPCD 034-2 CD $12.00
A new project from Tuxedomoon founder Steven Brown, who relocated to Mexico City a few years ago, this combines his penchant for avant rock with all the rich political and social sounds that make up the fabric of modern Mexico. Mexican import. (OPCION SONICA)

ACME 75-7 7" $4.00
Really just one guy (Eric Copeland), THE NINJAS produce noisy guitar racket with a very poppy edge. This is as clangy and lively as their 12", and is a taste of what the upcoming CD will sound like. 2 exclusive tracks! (BLACKBEAN & PLACENTA)

"Rotonde Musique"
RM 7-1 LP $10.00
RM 7-2 CD $11.00
Drop in and tune on! French "library musique" circa 1971: original instrumentals by unknown artists used for background music in commercials, radio, TV, film. Nardini gives us micro-mini dresses, bellbottoms, afros, freedom, Soul Power, and the chase. Psyche rock, latin, sitars and organs, and lots of hypnotic dance party grooves! (DESCO)

"Spara Forte Piu Forte...Non Capisco"
PRCD 104-2 CD $11.60
A not-so-well-known soundtrack by the great NINO ROTA, loved by fans all around the world for his FELLINI soundtracks. This romantic soundtrack from 1966, never before released, features an enchanting love theme for RAQUEL WELCH and mystery music based on a famous Italian folk Tarantella. Evocative, hip, full of surprises. Italian import. (POINT)

"Dirt My Hole"
F 011-7 7" $4.00
Taking the road to rehab, these early 80's punk holdovers learn to harmonize, though not to nerf levels. (FEARLESS)

AE 007-2 CD $13.80
Melancholy darkwave with some black metal vocals, from Poland's version of Penitent and Elend. More grand and majestic than Penitent, but not as over the-top as Elend, Nirnaeth present immaculate neo-classical sonatas accompanied by solemn recitation in their native Pomeranian, with a grim desperation similar to Abigor's screeching vocals. Spanish import. (ABSTRACT EMOTIONS)

"Dedicated to Markos III"
GET 515-1 LP $12.55
Not that Seattle grunge band, but a late '60s/early '70s British pop group. This was their 3rd album, originally released in the US in an edition of only 500 promotional copies, though it charted well in the UK! 180 gram audiophile vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"IV (Lost in the Vaults)"
GET 516-1 LP $12.55
Rare cuts, demos and alternate versions from this late-'60s British pop band. 180 gram audiophile vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Soon the Love Balloon Will Pop"
RRR 80-1 LP $8.20
This noisy Boston band reminds one of a somewhat slicker Pain Teens, dark & sinister but with a distict pop edge. (RRR)

NITPIT 1-1 LP $7.80
Dark, moody and very complex songs from this San Francisco band; sinuously heavy, each song glitters with primal female vocals, noise guitar, growling, fluid bass and explosive drums. Both formats have beautiful but unconventional black & gold fold-out packaging. (MISC. LABELS)

"It Shows in Your Face"
IS 12-7 7" $4.45
Veteran Dutch punk, with former members of BGK and NO PIGS, blasting a fast-paced, classic-punk, devastating sound and intelligent lyrics. (INTENSIVE SCARE)

"John in the Box"
AK 163-2 3xCD $36.20
This set includes all 3 of the 1970s albums by John Nitzinger's Texas blues rock combo: "Nitzinger" (1971), "One Foot in History" (1972), and "Live Better Electrically" (1976). With lots of bonus tracks, plus a booklet of lyrics, photos and liner notes. Italian import. (AKARMA)

AK 163-1 LP $17.25
A re-issue of the John Nitzinger combo's debut album, released in 1971 on Capitol. Original artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (AKARMA)

"One Foot in History"
AK 172-1 LP $17.25
The 2nd album by John Nitzinger's heavy Texas blues rock combo, first out on Capitol in 1972. Includes 2 bonus tracks. Original artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (AKARMA)

"History of Organized Crime"
SONRECNF 01-7 7" $4.15
Heavy and hard-rockin' alterno-punk from Portland with a penchant for tuff hooks and hoarse vocals. 3 songs. (SONIC RECOLLECTIONS)

"She's a Fucker"/"Chinese Junkies"
MLNJU 01-7 7" $4.55
And now for something completely different from Sweden: twisted electro pop tunes with equally bizarre English lyrics. (MISC. LABELS)

"Johnny Got His Gun '78-'82"
WR 1385-2 CD $10.10
26 tracks by this seminal San Francisco punk band led by highly annoying madman Johnny "Genocide" Patterson. This includes all their 7" tracks, compilation cuts, a few live recordings, plus some previously unheard studio collaborations with TOOLS, SICK PLEASURE and CODE OF HONOR guitarist Mike Fox. (WINGNUT)

"Generation of Today"
NAR 001-7 7" $4.20
Tough melodic punk with political lyrics, from this suburban Southern California trio. 4 songs. (NAKED AGGRESSION)

"Everything +"
GTA 013-2 CD $10.40
In the early part of the '80s, in the Southern California suburbs of Orange County, the hard-edged yet melodic punk sounds of the early hardcore beach bands were carrying their own niche. NO CRISIS fell somewhere between the fun-based CROWD and the heavy-handed Huntington Beach party-smasher bands. Their 12", demo and live recordings are included. (GRAND THEFT AUDIO)

"Ashland Ave."
BCR 022-7 7" $3.65
Extra-hard, fast blasts of punk power from Chicago. (BEER CITY)

"Ben Weasel Don't Like It"
SKIP 53-2 CD5 $6.55
This Chicago-style pop punk blast is a re-release of a 1994 single poking a bit of fun at Mr. Weasel, plus three new, unreleased songs recorded with their 1996 lineup. (BROKEN REKIDS)

"Good Luck Makes Me Nervous"
JFR 040-2 CD $9.65
13 years of DIY, melodic, pure punk rock direct from the basements, VFW halls and garages of the Midwest. This CD collects all their hard-to-find singles, plus previously unreleased tracks from various points in their uncompromising but fun history! (JOHANN'S FACE)

"Good Luck Makes Me Nervous"
JFR 040-2 CD $9.65
13 years of DIY, melodic, pure punk rock direct from the basements, VFW halls and garages of the Midwest. This CD collects all their hard-to-find singles, plus previously unreleased tracks from various points in their uncompromising but fun history! (JOHANN'S FACE)

"The Same Mistakes Endlessly Repeated"
JFR 032-1 LP $8.25
JFR 032-2 CD $9.65
It's their 5th album, with pure, intelligent punk in the mold of The Effigies, Naked Raygun, Sham 69 and Stiff Little Fingers. Meat-and-potatoes punk with the accent on melody, straighforwardness and power. (JOHANN'S FACE)

"The Same Mistakes Endlessly Repeated"
JFR 032-1 LP $8.25
JFR 032-2 CD $9.65
It's their 5th album, with pure, intelligent punk in the mold of The Effigies, Naked Raygun, Sham 69 and Stiff Little Fingers. Meat-and-potatoes punk with the accent on melody, straighforwardness and power. (JOHANN'S FACE)

"They Want Whatever"
JFR 010-2 CD $9.65
The 3rd full length from these DIY veterans continues in the tradition of aggro-melodic punk. Includes their 1989 release "Freedom of Flesh," originally on Roadkill Records. (JOHANN'S FACE)

"They Want Whatever"
JFR 010-2 CD $9.65
The 3rd full length from these DIY veterans continues in the tradition of aggro-melodic punk. Includes their 1989 release "Freedom of Flesh," originally on Roadkill Records. (JOHANN'S FACE)

"You're So Smart"
JFR 016-2 CD $9.65
The 4th album from these Chicago vets. Melodic punk coupled with intelligent lyrics and hard-hitting dynamics. (JOHANN'S FACE)

"You're So Smart"
JFR 016-2 CD $9.65
The 4th album from these Chicago vets. Melodic punk coupled with intelligent lyrics and hard-hitting dynamics. (JOHANN'S FACE)

"Split EP"
BCR 010-7 7" $3.65
Two songs each from two of Chicago's best punk outfits. (BEER CITY)

"No Straight Angels"
T 33-1 LP $7.70
T 33-2 CD $9.70
Bad Religion's not-so-evil twin, this Swedish band sings in English. Fast melodic punk for fast melodic punks. (THEOLOGIAN)

BHR 023-2 CD5 $7.35
Two originals and 3 covers (Circle Jerks, Dead Kennedys and Coffin Break) by this Swedish melodic punk band. Swedish import. (BURNING HEART)

BHR 003-2 CD $8.50
Way, way deep into Bad Religion territory, this Swedish band gets sweaty with superfast melodic punk and hooky, croon-along songs. Swedish import. (BURNING HEART)

"Just Another Young Punk Band"
RADIO 005-7 7" $4.00
Four spirited punk anthems that are sure to have all the kids singing along instantaneously. On "'77," "Working Class Hero," "Emergency (infa riot)," and "Out Tonite" the pace is quick, the guitars are cranked and everyone's chanting along mirthfully. (RADIO)

"On a Thin Line"
CY 109-2 CD $10.15
The debut album from this Fresno streetpunk band with influences from SWINGIN' UTTERS, STIFF LITTLE FINGERS and early CLASH. (CYCLONE)

"The End of Space"
DEAFAM 09-2 CD $9.65
This Tokyo trio twists death/grind heaviness into psychedelic stoner melodies, with apocalyptic sci-fi lyrics screamed hoarsely from some ragged edge. CANNIBAL CORPSE and BRUTAL TRUTH in mid-air collision with PINK FLOYD and JIMI HENDRIX. (DEAF AMERICAN)

KNIT 127-2 CD $10.70
An all-star ensemble of downtown improvisors blending the bass-thumping feel of King Crimson with the vocal quality of the Throwing Muses. Zeena Parkins on electric harp, Ann Rupel of V Effect/Curlew on bass, Chris Cochrane on guitar, Tim Spelios of Chunk on percussion. (KNITTING FACTORY WORKS)

"God's Muzak"
PBR 006-7 7" $4.35
This Belgian band goes in for thundrous, heavy, instrumental noisecore like the Melvins, Blind Idiot God or Gore. Belgian import. (PITSBULL)

"Split EP"
PBR 007-7 2x7" $6.00
Belgium's heavy, metallic rockers No Tomorrow Charlie do two tracks; Vancouver's Twerdocleb (the alter ego of Superconductor) get totally demented in their own Zorn-meets-Sun Ra-meets-Hellcows style, over the course of their six songs. Belgian import. (PITSBULL)

"Live from the Battle in Seattle"
VIRUS 250-1 LP $8.85
VIRUS 250-2 CD $10.50
On December 1st, 1999 Jello Biafra, Krist Novoselic (NIRVANA), Kim Thayil (SOUNDGARDEN) and Gina Mainwal (SWEET 75) performed a one-off protest concert against the World Trade Organization, and all that it stands for at The Showbox in Seattle, recorded live on multi-track and mixed by Krist and legendary grunge wizard Jack Endino. Artwork includes lots of W.T.O. info, photos, and a personal journal and reflections by Krist Novoselic. Biafra ties together many ideas from his spoken word albums and adds a few new ones on the opening track. Roughly 15 minutes of spoken word and 25 minutes of music. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"...Want Some More!"
ES 1259-1 LP $9.60
ES 1259-2 CD $11.00
Fourteen tracks of the trashiest Parisian pogo-punk, recorded in true garage-o-phonic glory by famed Toe Rag producer Liam Watson! Anybody into girl-fronted '77-style punk needs to check this out! Their 2nd full album. (ESTRUS)

"Hello World!"
HATE 12-7 7" $4.65
Four tracks from this great French garage punk outfit that aren't on any of their LPs! First issued in 1998 in an edition of 1000, this new pressing adds one more previously unreleased song. Great board sleeve, Italian import. (HATE)

"I'm Not a Fucker"
SKIP 69-7 7" $4.00
'77-era punk rock from France on this 3-song EP, including a STARSHOOTERS cover and two originals. (BROKEN REKIDS)

"self titled"
SKIP 62-1 LP $8.25
SKIP 62-2 CD $10.20
The domestic release of this ultra-trashy French '77-style punk band's album, licensed from Wild Wild Records. Awesome stuff, for real! The LP is limited, and on clear vinyl with black splatters. (BROKEN REKIDS)

"An American Addiction: Drugs, Guerrillas, Counterinsurgency, U.S. Intervention in Colombia"
VIRUS 271-2 CD $10.50
Columbia is now the third largest recipient of US foreign and military aid, the justification for which is the war on drugs. In a clear, concise and sometimes bitterly funny lecture, Chomsky shows us who is getting the money, who is producing and exporting the drugs, and what the war on the ground is really about. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"Case Studies in Hypocrisy: US Human Rights Policy"
VIRUS 242-2 2xCD $12.00
America's foremost social critic tackles the "New World Order" (NAFTA, GATT, MAI, the World Trade Organization and relations with Palestine, Israel, Haiti and China) with his typical penetrating analysis and dry wit. A second talk focuses specifically on American responsibility for the mess in Iraq. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"Class War: The Attack on Working People"
ALLIED 63-2 CD $8.90
America's best known academic rebel and one of the world's most incisive political analysts lays out the facts about the unrelenting war of attrition that the rich are waging on everybody else. Essential survival information for the 90's! Recorded at MIT and produced by David Barsamiam of Alternative Radio, co-released with AK Press. (ALLIED)

"Free Market Fantasies: Capitalism in the Real World"
ALLIED 80-2 CD $8.90
Chomsky decodes the media bullshit and politicians' blather in another of his incisive analyses of the state of the world. This time it's the myth of the "free" market, growing monopolization of the economy by a few giant corporations, taxpayer subsidies and bailouts, and the "take from the needy, give to the greedy" rule that dominates economic policy. (ALLIED)

"Free Market Fantasies: Capitalism in the Real World"
VIRUS 236-2 CD $10.50
Mega-mergers proliferate while monopolies smother competition. Fewer than 10 corporations control most of the global media. The "free" market depends heavily on taxpayer subsidies and bailouts, while corporate welfare far exceeds that which goes to the poor. The captains of industry of today make the robber barons of the 19th century look like underachievers, and the gap between CEO and worker salaries has never been greater. This lecture presents CHOMSKY's compelling argument to change the power structure of America. His analysis is clear, concise, and thought provoking, and his advice is simultaneously pragmatic and radical. Originally released by Allied Records, this has been out of print for some time. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"Propaganda and Control of the Public Mind"
VIRUS 222-2 2xCD $12.00
The newest and perhaps most important lecture so far to appear on CD: an introduction to, and synthesis of, his key thinking on the media, propaganda and its pivotal role in the relentless class struggle being waged daily. Chomsky at his incisive best. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"Prospects for Democracy"
AK 002-2 CD $10.75
The second Noam Chomsky release on AK Press finds him at MIT lecturing on topics such as the fear of democracy, corporate media, and rhetoric vs. reality. (AK AUDIO)

"The Clinton Vision: Old Wine, New Bottles"
AKA 001-2 CD $9.50
In this 56 minute talk, one of the sharpest minds of our time picks apart and lays bare in plain language the hypocrisies, distortions and obfuscations that pass for public debate of real issues, specifically the Clinton administration's actions on NAFTA, health care, crime, labor relations, foreign policy and the economy. (AK AUDIO)

"For a Free Humanity: For Anarchy"
ALLIED 79-2 2xCD $13.10
Chomsky lays down some serious science in his 1995 52 minute talk titled "Capital Rules," which provides a clear picture of how US capital's present direction will lead to a highly polarized society of islands of extreme wealth in a sea of poverty, unless we unite and stop it. An accompanying written interview discusses corporate structure as private tyranny, domestic surveillance of activists, and visions for a new society. UK anarchist band Chumbawamba's 1994 recording "Showbusiness!," made as a benefit for Anti Fascist Action, contains some of their best songs, and the accompanying written interview goes into their musical and political history, and their attempts to introduce politics into pop culture. (ALLIED)

"Short Songs for Short Attention Spans"
HR 611-1 LP $8.45
HR 611-4 cassette $7.70
HR 611-2 CD $10.30
Three crazy Colorado guys play sing-along, oi-style dumbshit punk with a fuck-you attitude and lots of fast, raw energy. (HOPELESS RECORDS)

"The Smell of Victory"
HR 622-1 LP $8.45
HR 622-2 CD $10.30
22 more furiously upbeat punk anthems to sing along with, if you can keep up! All the monstrously loud, punchy sound, outrageous enthusiasm and wry, politically incorrect humor you've come to expect from the superheros of Colorado punk. (HOPELESS RECORDS)

"7/10 Split"
SJR 003-7 7" $4.00
Two punchy, smokin' but still melodic Colorado punk outfits trade blasts of energy and upbeat enthusiasm on this bowling-themed 7". Punk anthems and sing-alongs aplenty on these 5 songs. Full color cover. (SODA JERK)

SOL 22-2 CD $11.15
A follow-up to 1995's limited edition LP "Imaginary Time," this is based on rhythmic noise loops and swooping keyboard sounds, supplemented by illegally scanned and digitally reprocessed cellular telephone conversations. A healthy serving of organic crunch, some technological bleep and a scratchy, itchy finish. (SOLEILMOON)

DV 22-2 CD $14.40
A CD re-release of their 1983 LP, this album includes some very TG-sounding live tracks as well as some excellent and distictive studio work emphasizing noisy electronics and percussion. (DARK VINYL)

"Binary Tribe"
STCD 075-2 CD $14.00
Embarking on yet another radical style change, these Nocturnal Emissions tracks all employ short outbursts of sound in a rhythmic way, but still trippy and ambient. Dutch import. (STAALTAPE)

"Blasphemous Rumours"
STAAL 25-2 CD $21.00
Packed in a golden tin can with embossed titles and logos, filled with rock salt and a special print, and then sealed with a specially designed tape. This completely new release continues in the same style as the recent "Cathedral," and the CD is printed using the high resolution full color technique. Dutch import. (STAALTAPE)

EEE 10-2 CD $11.30
A very full 70 minutes of rich, ambient soundscapes by Nigel Ayers, recorded in 1991. Sparkling, often minimalist in form and consisting of a series of looped and layered sound patterns & tones. Italian import. (MUSICA MAXIMA MAGNETICA)

"Drowning in a Sea of Bliss"
TOUCH 4-2 CD $10.85
This re-release of a 1986 LP neatly bridges the group's noisy and ambient phases, and stands today as one of their most interesting and subtle works. (TOUCH)

"Duty Experiment"
SOL 5-2 CD $10.85
A collection of loopy electronic songs from 1980-84 recorded during their early industrial period, yet sharing more ideas with their later "NEo Tantric" sound than you might expect. This CD has 4 songs from the earlier cassette release of the same name, plus 18 previously unreleased pieces. (SOLEILMOON)

SOL 19-2 CD $10.85
More neotantric explorations by Nigel Ayers and Charlotte Bill; swirling layers of sounds and strange loops creating a uniquely textured sonic field and altered mental states. (SOLEILMOON)

"Holy of Holies"
MOOD 3-3 DAT $20.90
Yup, a DAT. What is this world coming to? Well, alot of Nocturnal Emissions, for one thing. Alot being 4 hours in this case. All new, all otherwise unavailable recordings that allow Nocturnal Emissions to fully realize the potential of their unique ambient noise loop style of music. Special order only, and no returns. (SOLEILMOON)

"Magnetized Light"
EEE 16-2 CD $11.30
Softly ambient compositions by Nigel Ayers and Charlotte Bill recorded during 1993, textured and layered, darkly luminescent to warmly wondrous. The deluxe booklet has color photos of 6 of Ayers' machine/junk sculptures. Italian import. (MUSICA MAXIMA MAGNETICA)

"Mouth of Babes"
SOL 16-2 CD $10.85
Based on sounds made by infants; esoteric and mysterious. (SOLEILMOON)

"Songs of Love & Revolution"
DV 19-2 CD $14.40
This 1985 recording is just what the title says it is, with electronically generated melodies and rhythms backing vocals by Nigel and Caroline. (DARK VINYL)

"Viral Shedding"
DV 11-2 CD $14.40
Way into a heavy dance beat, overlain with samples, electronics, effects and voices, weaving in & out to create a steamy, pumpedelic sexbeat. (DARK VINYL)

PRAXIS 6-1 12" EP $6.70
Rock-hard gearcrush techno, stripped down to the bare, flayed core of rhythm; heavy, deepgrind acidic urban noise on five dark and dangerous tracks. UK import. (PRAXIS)

"No Man's Land in the War Against Entropy"
IG 01-7 7" $4.15
A crazed lab experiment, live in '95. Violinist Michael (of hardcore band Behead The Prophet) is the old mad scientist prodding, prickling, scraping and zapping away, while guitarist Eric is the sorcerer's apprentice, concocting his bubbling potions, gooey oil slicks, and stormy oceans of ever-shifting sound. The result is telepathic, dynamic, entertaining. (IGNIVOMOUS)

"Space Needle"
TR 1222-1 LP $9.30
This Pacific Northwest guitar-violin improv duo has been crawling around for a few years now, impressing healthy-kneed audiences with gallon after fiery gallon of pure, radiant screech. Guided by nothing but arbitrary intuition and ever-reliable central nervous systems, Eric and Michael slide across the free improv grid like hospital gurneys on wet linoleum. 2 extended tracks, totally out there. All sleeves hand printed and painted. (TRACKSHUN)

GET 1-2 CD $13.15
These 1966-68 recordings document one of the pioneers of Italian psychedelic blues, and include 12 songs recorded live, plus 4 studio cuts. If you ever dug THE BLUES PROJECT or PAUL BUTTERFIELD, this is likely your cup o' tea. Extensive liner notes in English. Italian import. (GET BACK)

"We Had to Let You Have It"
GET 595-1 LP $12.55
The one and only album by this British prog band, originally released in 1971 on the Dawn label, and featuring Barry Ford (later of CLANCY and MERGER). Original artwork, 180 gram audiophile vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"The Towers are Burning"
S 003-1 LP $7.65
2 harrowing, screeching, crashing, thundering side-length sonic apocalypses from this incredible Oakland quartet of guitar, bass, tapes/sampling, and "film". Crusty vocals over an intense, heavy wall of sound more noise than crust, that gives way to more ambient and mysterious soundscapes. (ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF SOLITUDE)

"Made in Japan"
MR 102-1 LP $9.60
This sweaty, action-packed performance went down in their native Sweden (sorry, not Budokan!), was broadcast on Swedish national radio, and features some of THE NOMADS greatest blasting hits and also a few ultra-rocking covers of THE DICTATORS, ALEX CHILTON, and THE LYRES! The title and cover art are a joke, parodying DEEP PURPLE's "Made in Japan" album. Spanish import. (MUNSTER)

"Split EP"
BANG 5-7 7" $4.85
THE NOMADS roar through a heavy blues stomper instro called "Trucker Speed," and JOHNSON and his band turn in a nasty version of the classic "2000 Lb. Bee." Blue vinyl in a heavy, full color board sleeve. Spanish import. (BANG)

"Big Sound 2000"
ES 1252-1 LP $9.60
ES 1252-2 CD $11.00
The Swedish punk invasion continues with 12 high-power blasts for 1999 from this extremely popular outfit. (ESTRUS)

SFTRI 305-2 CD $9.65
The sixth album by Sweden's premier garage-punks, and the first released in the US since 1985. 10 smokin' originals plus 4 choice covers including "Fire of Love" and the Wipers' "Better Off Dead." (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Primordial Ooze"
SFTRI 189-7 7" $4.00
Sweden's undisuted kings of garageland weigh in with 3 classic, noisy tunes. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Raw & Rare"
ES 112-2 CD $8.90
Ten of the rawest, most primal cuts ever done by Sweden's infamous garage/punk luminaries. Over half were culled from their first recording sessions back in 1983, plus some of their coolest but hard to find cuts from various singles and EPs released over the years. (ESTRUS)

"Showdown! 1981-1993"
SFTRI 333-2 2xCD $12.00
Two hours & 24 tracks of intense guitar-driven bliss from Sweden's premier garage punk group. All of their best and classic songs, plus rarer stuff from singles, compilations and previously unreleased tracks. 90% of this has never been on CD before. The 24 page booklet has lots of photos and details from their 13 year, 6 album career. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

SFTRI 678-2 CD $10.80
The 9th album by these Stockholm rock and roll legends. 11 tracks penned by the band, a track by Nick Royale of HELLACOPTERS, "You Ain't Gonna Bring Me Down" by Javier Escovedo of THE ZEROS, plus guest appearances by Nick Royale, Chips Kiesbye, Bobba Fett, and free jazz saxophonist Ken Vandermark. (SYMPATHY)

VIRUS 98-1 LP $8.85
VIRUS 98-4 cassette $7.45
VIRUS 98-2 CD $10.50

"Dance of the Headless Bourgeoisie"
VIRUS 215-1 2xLP $9.70
VIRUS 215-2 CD $10.50
The 5th album for Alternative Tentacles from these well-known north-of the-border punks. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"Live and Cuddly"
VIRUS 97-1 2xLP $9.70
VIRUS 97-4 cassette $7.45
VIRUS 97-2 CD $10.50

"No One"
VIRUS 248-1 2xLP $9.70
VIRUS 248-2 CD $10.50
The 9th studio album from this post-modernist hardcore monster. This one displays their jazz influences with a cover of MILES DAVIS's "Bitches Brew." (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"Oh Canaduh"/"New Age"
ALLIED 10-7 7" $4.00
Covers of 2 famous songs by DOA and the Subhumans, and a benefit for the Prisoners Rights Group. (ALLIED)

"Power Of Positive Thinking"
VIRUS 81-1 12" EP $7.35
English pressing only EP with 2 songs recorded during the "Wrong" period and a remix of a Hendrix cover from way back. Very limited supply, and a bit overpriced if you ask me. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"Sex Mad"
VIRUS 56-1 LP $8.85
VIRUS 56/86-4 cassette $7.45
VIRUS 56/86-2 CD $10.50
Tight, fast, jazzy dissonances and hard rock set this Victoria, B.C. band apart. Inventive lyrics focussing on the personal. Their 1st U.S. release. Cassette and CD include the EP "You Kill Me." (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"Small Parts Isolated and Destroyed"
VIRUS 63-1 LP $8.85
VIRUS 62/63-4 cassette $7.45
VIRUS 62/63-2 CD $10.50
From the same sessions as the "Day Everything Became Nothing" EP, more truly brilliant material from one of North America's top acts. The cassette and CD both include the EP. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"The Day Everything Became Nothing"
VIRUS 62-1 12" EP $6.45
VIRUS 62/63-4 cassette $7.45
VIRUS 62/63-2 CD $10.50
Song/stories chronicling the nightmares of everyday life set to sparse, driving tunes. Intense and haunting, and we think one of the band's best. The CD or cassette includes their "Small Parts Isolated & Destroyed" album. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"The Worldhood of the World (As Such)"
VIRUS 171-1 LP $8.85
VIRUS 171-4 cassette $7.45
VIRUS 171-2 CD $10.50
More like their earlier "Wrong" album than later efforts, this has lots of short, barbed songs to fuel the punk thirst. The Wright brothers are joined here by the guitarist from the Hanson Brothers, and a 2nd drummer also from the Hanson Brothers. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"Why Do They Call Me Mr. Happy?"
VIRUS 123-1 LP $8.85
VIRUS 123-4 cassette $7.45
VIRUS 123-2 CD $10.50
Victoria B.C.'s Wright brothers are back with their 6th album, with the two of them playing four instruments. This one finds them back in one of their more somber and introspective Joy Division-like moods, but still plenty intense. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"Would We Be Alive?"
VIRUS 207-1 12" EP $6.45
VIRUS 207-2 CD5 $7.00
More fun than a fishing trawler blockade, eh! What can be said about Canada's finest export that hasn't been said already? Four songs never before available in the U.S., sure to please NOMEANSNO's legion of loyal fans. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

VIRUS 77-1 LP $8.85
VIRUS 77-4 cassette $7.45
VIRUS 77-2 CD $10.50
The third album from these folks continues to define the cutting edge of hardcore. This one emphasizes heavy, demonic funk with a good dose of dismal reality, interspersed with moments of true beauty. Cassette and CD have extra tracks. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"You Kill Me"
VIRUS 86-1 12" EP $6.30
VIRUS 56/86-4 cassette $7.45
VIRUS 56/86-2 CD $10.50
Available again at last, this is the re-issue of the famous 2nd EP from Canada's finest, a classic in it's time, impossible to find otherwise. The cassette and CD also include the entire "Sex Mad" album. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"Happy Wretched Family"
VICTO 33-2 CD $11.90
Two LA-based multi-instrumentalists, Joseph Berardi and Kira Vollman, make strange, complex, constantly shifting music like a chamber orchestra playing neo-beat-avant-cabaret. They've previously worked with folks like Congo Norvell, the Fibonaccis, Stan Ridgeway, Fat & Fucked Up, and James White & the Blacks. Canadian import. (VICTO)

"30 Seconds of..."
OFF 1-7 7" $4.00
7 tracks in an astounding 30 seconds; 30 seconds of noisecore mayhem and innovation of format, playable at any speed. This one sided 7" leaves the listener as satisfied as Frank Zappa did with 2 LPs worth of material on "Freak Out!" What the hell can you really do with 10 minutes of noisecore that you can't do with 30 seconds, anyway? (PERPLEXING)

"Teaspoons of Sin"
FSR 003-2 CD $9.20
Into this age of bland, formulaic "alternative" rock comes this unique, off beat punk five-piece from LA, whose debut CD features 19 incredibly catchy and outrageously sarcastic songs (not counting the 2 hidden tracks). (FYOOG STATE)

"Embraced by the Anti-Self"
SAH 30-7 7" $4.00
Wade right into the heaviest sludge, death and grind with this South Bay trio. Very limited quantities. (SLAP A HAM)

"Failing Early, Failing Often"
SAH 63-2 CD $11.30
A big heap of primo oozing sludgecore from this great South Bay band of the early to mid-'90s. This collects tracks from tons of 7", split 7", and compilation releases, plus their legendary "Kashyyyk" demo sessions! Hideously deformed, cranium crushing, molasses-paced doom, hate and loathing for all! (SLAP A HAM)

"Split EP"
S 002-7 7" $4.00
Noisy Death Metal entries from the San Jose-Cambell-San Mateo axis. Agents Of Satan somehow skirt a pat description with their punk-inspired spasticness. Noothgrush are heavier, sorta like side 2 of "My War," but displaying with the traditional metal distrust for all things X-tian. (100 YEARS OF SOLITUDE)

"self titled"
SLUMB 51-1 LP $8.70
SLUMB 51-2 CD $8.90
This Baltimore guitar/drums duo is minimal by design, with layered guitars wrapped around medium-tempo, deeply melodic songs, not unlike the Go Betweens, Palace Brothers or Bedhead. (SLUMBERLAND)

"Harte Nachte"
NORMA 01-1 LP $8.40
Great German hardcore outfit that tosses off some neat riffs (but minus a coupla points for ripping off the Dead Boys without so much as a thank-you). Import (MISC. LABELS)

"Always Ultra with Wings"
STCD 085-2 CD $14.00
The four musicians in this Dutch progressive ambient/trance outfit confront the listener with the disturbed relationship between humanity and the environment. Eleven atmospheric tracks use their considerable academic, performing and deejaying experience. Dutch import. (STAALTAPE)

STLP 004-1 MLP $11.90
Extended dance remixes from their last CD "Always Ultra With Wings," this has two versions of "Psychotronics" plus one version of "Colt .45," ranging from acid to club to ambient. Dutch import. (STAALTAPE)

"Biggest Player"
POPBUSNB 01-7 7" $4.00
Touch & Go style noisy throb rock, with a cover of the Damned's "Neat Neat Neat" on the flip. (POP BUS)

"Love Song for the Dead Che"
TASK 6-1 12" EP $7.25
TASK 6-2 CD5 $7.15
This UK Sarah-oid band features 3 ex-Field Mice members, & has a more ambient feel than the old Field Mice material. Includes two dreamy, dubby versions of a song by the 60's US west coast band United States of America. UK import. (VINYL JAPAN)

"A Taste of Honey"
RABID 9-7 7" $3.35
A pre-LP release of the star track and a great cover as well. (RABID CAT)

"For a Few Dollars More"
RABID 2-7 7" $3.35
More great music from Austin, with elements of punk, garage, and country ballads. Sincerity and loads of energy. 3 songs. (RABID CAT)

"Self Titled"
RABID 8-1 LP $8.10
A combination of strong melodies, rhythms and superb production by Spot prove this Austin band has the abilities to write exceptional songs. Diverse rock with country tinges. (RABID CAT)

"Rocketship to Canada"
JFR 028-2 CD $9.65
Meaty, melodic hooks and deep, dark punk angst make up this Chicago quartet's 2nd release. The Replacements meet Naked Raygun and beat the hell out of each other. (JOHANN'S FACE)

"Rocketship to Canada"
JFR 028-2 CD $9.65
Meaty, melodic hooks and deep, dark punk angst make up this Chicago quartet's 2nd release. The Replacements meet Naked Raygun and beat the hell out of each other. (JOHANN'S FACE)

"Twin City Obituary"
JFR 018-1 LP $8.25
JFR 018-2 CD $9.65
Full to the brim with brooding, introspective pop-punk; raw hooks and somber, intelligent lyrics make for a powerhouse release. (JOHANN'S FACE)

"Twin City Obituary"
JFR 018-1 LP $8.25
JFR 018-2 CD $9.65
Full to the brim with brooding, introspective pop-punk; raw hooks and somber, intelligent lyrics make for a powerhouse release. (JOHANN'S FACE)

"Notes from the Underground"
AK 032-1 LP $17.25
AK 032-2 CD $16.60
An extremely versatile band that fused '60s psychedelic, jazz, folk and rock, this Berkeley outfit released this album on the Vanguard label in 1968. 180 gram vinyl LP, digipak CD. Italian import. (AKARMA)

"What a Wonderful World"
DUM 004-2 CD $7.45
Eight blasts of melodic hardcore from this Bay Area band. Previous split LP (with THE LILLINGTONS), plus songs on the "Bay Area Checking In" and "This Ain't Rocket Science" comps. (DUMMYUP)

"Power Trips Down Lovers' Lane"
KOKOPOP 1-1 LP $7.90
KOKOPOP 1-4 cassette $7.10
KOKOPOP 1-2 CD $11.60
Roughly divided into songs about girls, politics and life in the little Southern California suburb of Upland, with lots of hooks, buzzy guitar & snappy drums. (KOKOPOP)

"Swivelchair"/"Blooming, Buzzing"
KOKO 1-7 7" $4.25
KOKO 1-2 CD5 $8.00
Situationist pop that sounds like Jonathan Richman from Southern California; wordy, hooky and fun. CD has 1 extra song. (KOKOPOP)

"Freak Show"/"Everyday"
SMILING 7-7 7" $3.65
Melodic garage pop with female vocals. (SMILIN' EAR)

MASO 0084-2 CD $11.90
An extraordinary meeting of two immensely different musical languages: Pakistani Qawwali singing and Gregorian chant. Nusrat's unbelievable voice has become widely known in recent years through his very popular recordings, and this collaboration with the masters of early music Novum Gaudium (recorded at the Time Zones Festival in Bari, Italy) is something not to be missed. Italian import. (MATERIALI SONORI)

"Watch for Today"
ITR 076-1 LP $8.70
ITR 076-2 CD $11.30
Tim Kerr rears his legendary head once again with this all-star soulpunk lineup of Lisa from THE BELLRAYS on vocals, Alex from BLACKTOP on bass, and Debbie and Steve from THE GOSPEL SWINGERS on organ and drums. (IN THE RED)

"Absolute Heaven"
NUXDNA 01-2 CD $11.30
Yet another lame distributor returns a handful of these out-of-print, much in-demand CDs. First come, first serve! (NUX ORGANIZATION)

"Ultimate Material III"
MANCD 02-2 CD $10.70
Two half-hour tracks of mutant, in extremis guitar sounds (that mostly doesn't sound a bit like guitar) and percussion laced with ominous chanting and harsh sonic reverberations by Zeni Geva guitarist Kazuyuki K. Null. No synth or samplers, just lots of Null's inventive use of guitar noise and studio processing. (MANIFOLD)

"The Great Brain Bake-Off"
SV 24-2 CD $8.00
This aptly named dumbcore outfit began life as long ago as 1984, and seems to have become only more totally retarded over the years, as this new recording so clearly shows. Amazingly stoopid brain damage. (SMOG VEIL)

"Modesty Blaze"
ID 074556X-7 7" $4.35
Four awesome fuzz-drenched tracks from this UK primitive garage band, with cover art by "Simpsons" staffer Andrew Balanou. (DIONYSUS)

"Cemetary Chemistry"
FMR 005-7 7" $5.20
Four raw, ravin' songs from this infamous British garage psych group that sound (and look) like they just got back from 1966. Italian import. (FOR MONSTERS)

"San Lorenzo's Blues"
TMU 036-1 LP $8.25
TMU 036-2 CD $9.00
Their first release in 3 years, with a drastically changed sound: sadder than ever, with a quite visible country element, smoother, softer and more intricate. (TROUBLEMAN)

"self titled"
MC 002-7 7" $3.65
Somewhat arty swirlpunk with more pissed-off snarl than your typical whiners. Silkscreened sleeve, color vinyl and inserts. (MOLLY CODDLE)

"Devil's Desert"
DBR 98002-2 CD $12.80
This Belgian quartet does a ten song set of all-instrumental western trashabilly with a unique blend of surf and flamenco. Plenty of horns, twangy guitars and reverb leaving the listener in need of another cigarette. Very intense, powerful and refreshing. Belgian import. (DRUNKABILLY)

CPA 014-2 CD $10.10
A spin-off of legendary underground heroes MX-80 (subtracting vocalist Rich Stimm and adding 2nd lead guitar Jim Hrabetin), this new CD (their first studio recording in 6 years) spins a dense web of brutal 6-stirng leads and thundering bass, ranging from slow burn to breakneck-panic improv through its 11 tracks. (ELECTRO MOTIVE)

"Kick Your Ass"
SFTRI 412-7 7" $4.00
The three bonus tracks from the CD version of the "Sympathy Sessions" album make it to vinyl. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Play 9 Songs with Mr. Quintron"
CR 082-1 LP $8.85
CR 082-2 CD $10.20
MR. QUINTRON adds his magic organ and percussion to these soul-powered rockers. Five originals plus 3 gospel covers, including BLIND CHARLES WHITE's cryptic "How Long," plus JESSIE YOUNG's soul-stompin' "Mary Lou." (CRYPT)

"Popular Favorites"
CRYPT 065-1 LP $8.85
CRYPT 065-2 CD $10.20
A 16-cut album from this Memphis raunch trio! This damn record heat-welds together an ungodly melting pot of 50's r&b, rockabilly, punkrock, blues, and garage punk in a way rarely ever touched, never mind steamrolled into a red hot fireball, as the Oblivians do it here! Choice cuts from a recording session at Jerry Teel's Funhouse studio in Dec 95 and live-to-2-track at Easley Studios in Memphis in January. This is their "Hot Shit 16." (CRYPT)

"self titled"
SFTRI 304-1 10" $7.25
Three real gone cats from Memphis (including a member of '68 Comeback) dish up 8 new tracks of lo-fi crunch, mud and wild, lurid, psychotic garage punk. Enuff to put fans of the Mummies, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion & the like in hawg heaven. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Six of the Best"
SFTRI 383-1 10" $7.70
Their 2nd Sympathy 10", this has 7 blistering bursts of unsurpassed lo-fi, hi volume garage raunch. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Soul Food"
CRYPT 055-1 LP $8.85
CRYPT 055-2 CD $10.20
A full-length album showcasing the primal gutter-blast of Memphis' 2-guitar/ drum/ no bass garage/ punk/ blues/ slop masters, THE OBLIVIANS, baby! This here 15-song LP/16-song CD collects together the 5 tunes issued on their rare 7"s on the Goner/ In The Red/ Crypt labels, tosses in ace alternate takes of 2 more 7" tunes and then another 8 previously unissued crack tunes such as the fast-paced "Mad Lover", "Cannonball" and the grimey blues grind of "Big Black Hole." (CRYPT)

"Strong Come On"
CRYPT 052-7 7" $3.80
This is a cool beastie, consisting of 3 non-lp cuts, the too-dirty-fer-LP inclusion results of an illicit late-nite no-fi "session" in a Kung Fu palace! "Strong Come On" plus "Let Him Try" & "Black September." (CRYPT)

"Sympathy Sessions"
SFTRI 406-2 CD $9.65
A celebration of the devil's own music, wild and primitive, this CD brings together 16 tracks from therir two Sympathy 10"s, plus an additional 3 tracks from a son-to-be-released 7". (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"The Best of the Worst (93-97)"
SFTRI 584-1 2xLP $10.90
SFTRI 584-2 CD $9.65
25 tracks that didn't fit on the official releases or were too wild to let loose on the public, captured both live and in the studio. Includes covers of favorites THE MONKS, UNCLE BEN, LOVE, BO DIDDLEY, TRIO, ROYAL PENDLETONS and a buncha originals, too. Msr Jeffrey Evans contributes a fine, greasy essay detailing the history of the band, and lovely D'Lana is depicted lounging topless with some record players on the cover. (SYMPATHY)

"Shoot Me a Waco"
JFR 020-1 LP $8.25
JFR 020-2 CD $9.65
Album number 2 for these wacky speed-core popsters. 10 songs that will have you singing for days. (JOHANN'S FACE)

"Shoot Me a Waco"
JFR 020-1 LP $8.25
JFR 020-2 CD $9.65
Album number 2 for these wacky speed-core popsters. 10 songs that will have you singing for days. (JOHANN'S FACE)

"Stop Thief"
JFR 013-1 LP $8.25
JFR 013-2 CD $9.65
Fast, ultra-catchy and near-psychedelic punk: this is their debut album, and the CD includes their 2 prior 7"s, "Full Blown Grover" and "Product." (JOHANN'S FACE)

"Stop Thief"
JFR 013-1 LP $8.25
JFR 013-2 CD $9.65
Fast, ultra-catchy and near-psychedelic punk: this is their debut album, and the CD includes their 2 prior 7"s, "Full Blown Grover" and "Product." (JOHANN'S FACE)

"Split EP"
JFR 034-7 7" $4.00
Two songs from each band. Chicago's Oblivion delivers quick, melodic punk blasts, like Cheap Trick on speed but with better lyrics. The first release by God's Reflex, their half of this split showcases their brand of intense emo punk and irresistable hooks. (JOHANN'S FACE)

"Split EP"
JFR 034-7 7" $4.00
Two songs from each band. Chicago's Oblivion delivers quick, melodic punk blasts, like Cheap Trick on speed but with better lyrics. The first release by God's Reflex, their half of this split showcases their brand of intense emo punk and irresistable hooks. (JOHANN'S FACE)

"Oblivion / Man Dingo"
DSR 67-2 CD $9.65
Chicago's OBLIVION are similar to the BOLLWEEVILS in style but also throw in a little DEVO and maybe THE DICKIES. MAN DINGO epitomize the "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" mentality. Laid back, relaxed, a little drunk and a lotta high (on life). (DR. STRANGE)

ESPCD 2000-2 CD $11.90
A very stoned artifact from 1969, this trippy acid-blues-rock-jazz combo used catchy melodies, impressive musicianship, and lyrics with disconcerting social commentary. Dutch import. (ESP-DISK)

"A Guide to Modern Living"
EONCD 2-2 CD $10.35
Mod pop meets '90s alternative pop noise for some giddy, catchy stuff that sounds like the Who inhabiting the bodies of Jawbreaker or J Church. (EIGHT ONE NINE PRODUCTIONS)

"Split EP"
GI 006-7 7" $3.80
An appropriate number of these were ordered based on a decision that people would either know what this is or actually want to buy it. (G.I. PRODUCTIONS)

"About Time"
EON 2-4 cassette $6.60
Hi-energy Mod revivalists from San Jose; very similar to "In The City" era The Jam. Stirring youth anthems with power heavy guitars & ringing dance beats say, "Go!" (EIGHT ONE NINE PRODUCTIONS)

S1 3-7 7" $4.30
Three energetic, amphetamine-driven songs from one of the West Coast's premier Mod groups, including a Buzzcocks cover. (SIDE ONE)

"Steely Darkglasses"
GERN 060-1 LP $8.00
GERN 060-2 CD $9.65
Representing the "Boogie Down" Bronx to the fullest! GANG STARR and TRIBE CALLED QUEST style beats and rhymes for those who are not united to a particular race, but to the color and culture crossing vibrations of intelligence. Kick it! (GERN BLANDSTEN)

"Hangdog Blues"
SFTRI 543-7 7" $4.00
Germany's finest r'n'b punk trio give us 2 exclusive songs for their first American release. They got the rhythm and the blues, they got the soul, they got the punk and they rock and roll. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Off Da Pigs"
PR 21-1 12" EP $5.45
Mission District rapper BIG DOG hooks up with members of punk bands HICKEY, FAGGZ, 50 MILLION, and ARTEMIS PYLE in this punk/hip hop fusion project that unites Chicano gangstas and scruffy Mission punks around a common hatred of the cops and love of loud, aggressive music. (PROBE)

"Endless Struggle"
RABID 5-4 cassette $7.35
Classic thrash tunes in the best Offenders style. Tough words, great production by Spot and a full color cover by Carlos Lowry. (RABID CAT)

"The Official Wafer Face Album"
WAFER 3-1 LP $8.40
An orchestra led by by tENTATIVELY, a cONVIENCE, this collective of improvisers use specific sets of restrictions and instructions to guide their otherwise freeform playing. Sounds like tuning up and practicing but in a way that most symphonies would give you the axe for. Includes an exhaustive 28 page booklet. (WAFER FACE)

"Stoccaggio Armonia e Meccanica 1983-1994"
KFM 006-2 CD $13.90
This large Italian musical-theatrical-political group is sometimes called "industrial," but in a manner that's distinctly theatrical, ironical and latin, kind of like Laibach crossed with a comedia del'arte marching band. The 24 page booklet is loaded with photos, lyrics, explanations, etc. Italian import. (KOM-FUT MANIFESTO)

"Live at the Mabuhay Gardens"
VAMP 02-2 CD $10.30
The late-'70s ska-punk pioneers are caught live in 1980 in this quality recording made for radio broadcast at San Francisco's premier punk venue. 20 songs, plus sarcastic intro and outro by punk MC Dirk Dirksen. Liner notes include a band history, discography and filmography. (VAMPIR)

"Self Esteem"
MR 073-1 10" $6.65
The title track plus "Burn It Up" and "Jennifer Lost the War" taken from a couple of early albums. Full color sleeve, Spanish import. (MUNSTER)

"Missing Part One"
SFTRI 263-2 CD $9.65
Innovative, heavy, decibel-overload punknoise mayhem, a studio recording accurately capturing the spastic intensity of their live sound live and it maintains a frantic pace throughout. Likened to the ferocious stance of Icons of Filth and Rudimentary Peni but the twist here is the powerful vocals are delivered by a wisp of a girl named Beth who also thickens the soup with frantic makeshift percussion. This along with the hammering guitars pounding rhthym section create a gloriously orchestrated racket on the verge of explosion. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

THEOL 9-7 7" $4.15
Oiler delivers another hoarse, raw screamer; Bakamono gets almost as hoarse, but with an odd twisted distortion & broken rhythms. (THEOLOGIAN)

"Can You Keep Your Sanity"
EBM 008-1 LP $8.10
EBM 008-2 CD $8.35
Tragic, violent back and forth female/male hollering, and brutal musicianry give OJOROJO that extra ounce of diversity to set them ever so slightly apart in the sea of doom they call crust. (EAST BAY MENACE)

"Split EP"
PGR 8-7 7" $4.00
Bleak, angry, super-heavy social-political hardcore, 2 songs each from Oakland's rockers-with-brains OJOROJO (known for their releases on East Bay Menace) and Midwest screamers-extraordinaire INFLICTED. (POWER GROUND)

"OGD EP/San Fran666co Bootleg"
HECTIC 001-2 CD5 $7.75
Their vocal styles range from traditional 80's metal lyrics to more death metal cookie monster vocals. Songs like "Urine Angel" on their first release and "The Highs that Bind" on their EP are among the many that will pull you through a sometimes ecstatic, sometimes terrifying ride that is always metal to the core. Satanic overtones a plus. (HECTIC)

OWR 0013-2 CD $10.70
Through the slew of transient San Francisco trends Old Grandad has stuck by their guns and even when no one cared they gave to their lord and master by the name and spirit of Heavy Metal. Over the past decade they have become San Francisco metal legends. Their shows are known for hypnotic sets with epic songs and a head-banging crowd. (HECTIC)

"self titled"
INSNOI 01-7 7" $4.15
Recorded live in 1990 at a record store in Huntington Beach, on a cheap tape deck in totally bitchin' mono. Loud, raucous & rockin' punk. 3 songs, colored vinyl. (INSTA-NOISE)

"The Giant Day"
DRUG 002-7 7" $4.35
Before they won over the hearts of people worldwide, toured with Beck and became just plain recognizable, this was their 2nd release. The original pressing is long gone, but this repressing should help fill the demand. (DRUG RACER)

"There's No Stopping Us"
OLJE 01-1 12" $6.00
Title song from the rap movie "Breakin'". (MISC. LABELS)

"self titled"
LOAD 13-2 CD $10.30
One of the most unusual and exciting bands today, OLNEYVILLE SOUND SYSTEM has to be heard to be believed. Somewhere between the JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION and TEENAGE JESUS, this is inspired, gritty no wave blues with trance-inducing odd-time riffs on fuzz bass and punishingly loud drums, totally gone vocal screaming, and distorted blues harmonica. (LOAD)

"Unity in Multiplicity"
BRD 030-2 CD $11.30
Live performance by Positive Knowledge reed player Thomas and Splatter Trio percussionist Robair. Five improv duos that range from quiet and introspective to raging, furious free jazz. (RASTASCAN)

"The Spy-Fi Sounds of the Omega Men"
MUSICK 0003-1 LP $7.65
MUSICK 0003-2 CD $9.20
A perfect blend of retro British invasion, Memphis soul and surf with '90s energy and a suave secret agent's taste, this groove is rockin', pulsing, dynamic, swanky, and impossible to resist. Mostly instro, but a scattering of cool vocals including a great cover of Love's "She Comes in Colors." (MUSICK)

"?Syntax Error"
VC 116-1 12" $8.85
This is gabber, which is not normal. It lies somewhere between Delta 9 and Merzbow, where the listeners' faces contort into a pained expression of masochistic satisfaction. Screaming synthesizers, no audible 303s, and BPMs from 180 to 250+. (VINYL COMMUNICATIONS)

"Split CD"
VC 145-2 CD5 $9.00
OMNIBOT does five tracks of gabber techno hard and scalding enough to make Alec Empire's DIGITAL HARDCORE crew whimper into their samplers; KID-606 finishes off with 8 tracks of lo-fi gabber shenanigans. (VINYL COMMUNICATIONS)

"Black Hawaii"
ARCD 50-2 CD $18.40
Brand new & hot off the presses, here's their third album! Twelve totally wigged jazzbo-noise-improvcore super-hipster romps that'll tend to leave you breathless, no kiddin'. Very highly recommended! (ALCHEMY)

BMR 010-2 CD $10.10
Finally, an affordable US pressing of the 4th CD from the Boredom's guitarist's "other band!" Another winner from one of the most creative and technically adept bands around, the songs on this one jump from crazy Spike Jones-oid take-offs to tunes that sound like they could be out-takes from the Beatles "Abbey Road" sessions, and that's only the beginning. Lavish, full color art by M. Ohno of Solmania, plus an exclusive track not on the Japanese version! (BIRDMAN)

ENLP 001-1 LP $14.50
Their first vinyl album, this has 17 songs, including 3 which are not on the CD (on the Meldac label). Limited edition of 1000, Japanese import. (EARTH NOISE)

MECI 28001-2 CD $27.00
Another winner from one of the most creative and technically adept bands around, the songs on this one jump from crazy Spike Jones-oid take-offs to tunes that sound like they could be out-takes from the Beatles "Abbey Road" sessions, and that's only the beginning. Lavish, full color art by M. Ohno of Solmania. Japanese import. (MELDAC)

PBCD 5-2 CD $10.70
Yet another extravaganza and another progression for this amazing Japanese trio that always seems to be able to improve itself. Unclassifiable but very coherent and musical strangeness on their 4th album. Eye Yamatsuka guests on vocals. (PUBLIC BATH)

"Suichu Joe"
ARCD 31-2 CD $18.40
The latest release by this very strange and intense Japanese improv rock outfit. Fans of some of the noisier downtown New York outfits should love this. (ALCHEMY)

"Thinking Man's World"
NEM 14-7 7" $4.15
5-song (NEMESIS)

"self titled"
OR 90-1 MLP $8.10
These Italian hardcore rappers quote Chuck D and Huey Newton, put the Black Panther logo on the cover, and thank everybody from Angela Davis to Sergio Leone in the liner notes. Italian import. (ASSALTI FRONTALI)

"I Think This is My Exit"
TMU 056-7 7" $4.00
Here's another installment in the Solo Singles Series. After 5 years of writing songs as ONE AM RADIO, Hrishikesh Hirway has returned to vinyl with these hauntingly beautiful and sparse songs, complete with delicate violin, cello, and piano orchestrations, bringing to mind Nick Drake's "Five Leaves Left" LP. This edition of 500 hand numbered copies also features a cover of THE WEDDING PRESENT's "Sports Car." (TROUBLEMAN)

"The Efficiency of the Free Enterprise System"
GERN 1-1 LP $7.70
This Canadian band gets down & dirty with some very specific political issues and straight-ahead punk; no middle class moaning here. Big, 24-page booklet with lyrics, photos, and solid information about the real world. (GERN BLANDSTEN)

"Freedom Not Fascism"
EBM 007-7 7" $3.35
Say it if you feel it and smash the silence! Turn this Louisiana Cajun-punk fucker up, 'cause punk's not fashion, it's a way of life! (EAST BAY MENACE)

"Bootlegger's Son"
ROUND 1-7 7" $4.35
Anthemic, melodic and gritty all at once, this tough San Francisco street punk band kicks hard in the style of Sham 69 or Stiff Little Fingers without sounding like either. (TKO)

"Dead End Stories"
ADELINE 001-1 LP $8.85
ADELINE 001-2 CD $10.50
The first album from a band widely known and highly praised as one of the outstanding street punk groups. 12 songs of still-stuck-in-your-head-days later punk rock, loaded with hooks and harmony. (ADELINE)

"Last Word Spoken"
ADELINE 006-1 LP $8.85
ADELINE 006-2 CD $10.50
The long-awaited 2nd album by this East Bay streetpunk band, who have spent the intervening year an a half since their debut "Dead End Stories" touring with folks like JOE STRUMMER, SWINGIN' UTTERS, DROPKICK MURPHYS, RANCID, etc. Produced by Billie Joe Armstrong. (ADELINE)

"Shooting Blanks"
CHAPTER11 007-7 7" $4.00
Confidence and inspiration just pour out of these four incredibly tight and energetic hardcore blazers. Huge guitar growl, uptight drum whackin', and utterly maniacal vocals that seethe with anger while somehow managing to squeeze in the mouthfull of anti-patriotic lyrics and hit spot-on melodies that will have evryone singing along in no time! Textured two-color sleeve with great W.C. FIELDS photo. (CHAPTER 11)

"Breaking the Silence"
NEM 24-1 12" EP $7.00
NEM 24-CV-1 12" EP $7.30
NEM 24-2 CD $10.30
6-song (NEMESIS)

NEM 41-7 7" $4.00

"Sound of a Restless City"
ADELINE 015-1 LP $8.85
ADELINE 015-2 CD $10.50
Raw and intense punk-flavored rock from veterans of Bay Area bands like SCREW 32, ST. JAMES INFIRMARY, and FURY 66. (ADELINE)

"All Systems Go"
GET 211-1 LP $9.60
A re-issue of the debut album by these UK hardcore pioneers, originally out on Anagram in 1982, and including the singles "Give Us a Future" and "Jerusalem." Includes innersleeve with complete lyrics. Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Gutter Box"
GET 21-1 3xLP $21.00
Box set contains the albums "All Systems Go" and "Writing on the Wall," plus a previously unreleased singles collection, with the original art. 34 tracks! The CD titled "The Best of One Way System" is on the Anagram label with 19 of the same tracks. Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Waiting for Zero"
GMM 160-2 CD $10.65
The first full-length release in over 10 years from one of the bands that helped kick off the early-'80s UK streetpunk/Oi! scene. Part DISCHARGE flavored hardcore, part classic Oi!, fast'n'punchy all the way. With 12-page lyric/photo booklet. (GMM)

"Writing on the Wall"
GET 212-1 LP $9.60
Their 2nd and final studio album, originally out on Anagram in 1983. Includes innersleeve with complete lyrics. Italian import. (GET BACK)

"self titled"
MISTY 037-1 LP $9.60
A Dutch R&B-beat-garage-punk outfit in an authentic, upbeat and groovin' '60s vein. This is an impressive first album, complete with wailin' Farfisa and mouth harp! Italian import. (MISTY LANE)

"Ravishing a Universe for Love"
PNMV 08-7 7" $3.80
Unfettered, snot-blowing, weenie-hating punk rock ala SoCal circa 1985, but wouldn't you know they're from that other cesspool of self-indulgence, Olympia. (PUNK IN MY VITAMINS)

CRISIS 5-1 LP $7.70
CRISIS 5-2 CD $9.70
A Connecticut supergroup of sorts, with members from 76% Uncertain, Bad Attitude, Violent Children, Reflex From Pain and others. Comparisons to Husker Du, Minutemen, Meat Puppets & Rhythm Pigs. (CRISIS)

"Naked Songs for Contortionists"
RALPH 9100-2 CD $10.40
Strange acoustic goofiness w/ Eugene Chadbourne on a few cuts. (RALPH T.E.C. TONES-ELEMENTAL MUSIC)

"The Romantic Warped"
MLOAMR 01-1 LP $7.60
This large group of nerdy, neurotic, somewhat warped individuals plays a huge variety of acoustic instruments and sound-producing objects. Kind of a jug band from the 4th dimension. (MISC. LABELS)

MR 191-1 LP $12.55
Rare material, early demos and outtakes from this very influential UK band. Glen Tilbrook of SQUEEZE joins in on 3 tunes. First out in 1984 and unavailable for many years on vinyl, this includes all the songs on the Anagram CD from 1993. Heavy 220 gram vinyl, Spanish import. (MUNSTER)

CHCD 28-2 CD $10.70
Darkly beautiful atmospheres from this Japanese female trio first heard on Charnel's "Land of the Rising Noise 2" comp and PSF's "Tokyo Flashback 4" comp. Haunting, ethereal vocals, slow, pulsing bass, and textural guitar are topped off by electric violin to create their distinctive sound. (CHARNEL HOUSE)

"Allan Murray"
KEBAB 010-7 7" $4.55
Australia's most feared punk rockers chug thru 3 killer tunes that actually are quite catchy even though the guitar sound like it's making your speakers bleed. Includes SEX PISTOLS "Problems," a absolutely perfect cartoon sleeve that will grab anyone's attention, and special clear vinyl. Swiss import. (SHEEP)

"Beer Gut"
ANDA 185-7 7" $4.00
The 80-second, Aussie beer-drinkin' anthem now re-issued for all to swill down! Backed with the 2-minute, 3 chord screamer "Run Amok." (AU GO GO)

"Get Shitfaced with the Onyas"
ANDA 196-2 CD $9.65
Raw Aussie male shennanigans that invoke the spirit of the Saints, the beer barreled gusto of the Cosmic Psychos, and the speedy fervor of the New Bomb Turks. Their first album, after a few 7" releases. (AU GO GO)

"Live for Rejection"
MR 030-7 7" $4.65
Supercharged Aussie punk with a pair of beer-fueled, anti-establishment anthems. (MAN'S RUIN)

ANDA 239-2 CD $8.45
A 12-song, 20 minute mini-album recorded in Holland, raw and savage as hell, but better sounding than their last album, and most importantly... it's faster and faster! (AUGOGO)

ADOR 401-2 CD $14.00
Calling themselves "the new wave of short wave," these folks use radio transmissions, various percussion instruments, samples and other found sounds, moving from groove terrorism to strange hypnotic tones. UK import. (D.O.R.)

"Universal Standard 84000"
VC 162-2 CD $10.20
Their 2nd full album, this release combines the live-performance computer music group's custom, homemade software with a new mathematically precise method of sound production and a whole load of silly tech blather. (VINYL COMMUNICATIONS)

VC 160-2 CD5 $6.55
To achieve the company goal of "four billion reinformed" by the fourth fiscal quarter of 1999, Dr. Markus P. Spanglestein, Dr. Everett T. Spectt, Dr. Za Za Triplex and Dr. Dale Braino (who also serves as chief technology officer in MAN...OR ASTROMAN?) have wielded their computers and synthesizers to encapsulate the fundamental rudiments of reinformation theory and present them in a simple, easy-to-follow way. (VINYL COMMUNICATIONS)

"2 - The Last Waltz From Distorted Honky-Tonk"
GODMT 004-2 CD $19.20
Master avant-keyboard guru Hoppy Kamiyama returns with his posse of Knitting Factory regulars for another wild & wooly sound exploration, much more free-form than their last. Japanese import. (GOD MOUNTAIN)

GMCD 014-2 CD $17.20
Their 4th album, this is divided into 4 completely different improvised sessions featuring Hoppy Kamiyama, Reck, Yoshihide Otomo, and Masafumi Minato. The interplay of these four strong individuals produces eruptions of creative power. Japanese import. (GOD MOUNTAIN)

"self titled"
REV 31-4 cassette $6.00
Punchy, hard as nails, dark & desperate. 4 songs. (REVELATION)

BBPTCOC 01-2 CD $8.90
Technology meets the sensitive boy and enables him to record multitracked albums in his bedroom. A somewhat bizarre cross between ultra-twee and some rather disturbing lyrics; that cuddly thing has TEETH. (BLACKBEAN & PLACENTA)

"Observations of Tomorrow and Today"
BBPCT 14-1 12" EP $7.80
Nine sweet, goosebump-inspiring tunes from lo-fi psychedelic pop maestro Jim Rao. Limited edition of only 200, minimal packaging. (BLACKBEAN & PLACENTA)

"Let's Go, Gore Girls!"
SCR 002-7 7" $4.35
Snotty, fast, '80s-style punk a bit like early ANGRY SAMOANS from these Italian guys who sing in English. 5 songs, and a severely gory photo on the cover. Italian import. (SCAREY)

XK7 2-4 cassette $8.00

"Epicurean: A Soundtrack"
SARAH 611-4 cassette $7.00
A collection of all their singles, guaranteed full of the dreamy, hooky tunes and male/female vocals they're known for. (SARAH RECORDS)

SARAH 66-2 CD5 $7.75

"Animi Aegritudo"
PRO 47-2 CD $11.45
Domestic pressing of the CD originally on Italy's Musica Maxima Magnetica label. (PROJEKT)

"Solstitii Temporis Sensus"
PRO 46-2 CD $11.45
Domestic pressing of the CD originally on Italy's Musica Maxima Magnetica label. (PROJEKT)

"Distant Hills"
UV 007-1 LP $17.25
UV 007-2 CD $13.00
An acoustic masterpiece spanning the gap between experimental avant-jazz and new age ambience. This was the 3rd album by the ethnic jazz combo, first released in 1973 by Vanguard. 180 gram virgin vinyl LP, CD in gatefold folder. Italian import. (UNIVERSE)

"In Concert"
UV 025-2 CD $13.00
In this aggressive and animated 1975 live performance, the acclaimed world jazz combo throws together classical, African and jazz elements in a broad range of colors, rhythms and textures. Original artwork, Italian import. (UNIVERSE)

"Music of Another Present Era"
UV 003-1 LP $17.25
UV 003-2 CD $16.60
Melding classical, Oriental, Middle Eastern and jazz, this 1970s quartet created some amazing and timeless music. Originally released by Vanguard. LP is 180 gram virgin vinyl. Italian import. (UNIVERSE)

UV 009-1 LP $17.25
UV 009-2 CD $13.00
This collaboration was originally released in 1976 on the Vanguard label. 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (UNIVERSE)

"self titled"
KNIT 115-2 CD $10.70
Augmented by sax and trombone, Bloedow's band explores an arty fusion of rock, soul, funk and jazz, sorta like Van Morrison interpreted by the Lounge Lizards. Witty, hip, swingin' stuff. (KNITTING FACTORY WORKS)

CPCD 9401-2 CD $11.00
Led by David Jackman, this legendary UK avant-noise outfit's first album, released as a limited edition LP of 500 copies on the United Dairies label in 1987, is finally out on CD. Features performances by Nurse With Wound's Steven Stapleton, with Andrew Chalk and Dinah Jane Rowe. Haunting drones, moans and tortured screeching, as well as flute, bowed cymbal, environmental sounds, bells and mysterious acoustics. (COMPLACENCY)

"Suburban Primitive"
BRCD 5005-2 CD $10.30
Kickin' garage punk led by Brother JT himself, steeped in the tradition of classic '60s garage and pumped up '90s-style. Catchy vocals sit atop simple but great riffs and swingin' rhythms, with lots of raw, primitive guitar and cool, vintage organ swirls. Wry lyrics abound. (BLOOD RED VINYL)

"Fritz the Cat"
MIE 003-1 LP $17.25
The original soundtrack recording for RALPH BAKSHI's famously raunchy feature length cartoon. Score by ED BOGAS, played by MELVIN SPARKS, MERL SAUNDERS, CAL TJADER and others, plus tracks by BO DIDDLEY, BILLIE HOLIDAY and ALICE STUART. Original artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram virgin vinyl, Italian import. (MOVING IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT)

"Heavy Traffic"
MIE 004-1 LP $17.25
The original soundtrack recording for this famous 1973 animated feature. The score is by Ed Bogas and Ray Shanklin (with help from Merle Saunders), and features performances by DAVE BRUBECK, SERGIO MENDES & BRASIL '66, THE ISLEY BROTHERS, and CHUCK BERRY. 180 gram virgin vinyl, Italian import. (MOVING IMAGE) (MOVING IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT)

"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"
MIE 001-1 LP $17.25
This release of Jack Nitzsche's original soundtrack contains the full versions of all the songs (which were originally cut down to be shorter on the original edition) plus a bonus track, bringing the total to 15 minutes of extra music for this, the Academy Award winning soundtrack to one of the world's most amazing, unforgettable films. Original artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram virgin vinyl. Italian import. (MOVING IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT)

MIE 002-1 2xLP $25.60
ISAAC HAYES's original soundtrack to the motion picture. (MOVING IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT)
Includes exceptional tracks like "Theme From Shaft," "Do Your Thing," "Walk From Regio's" and more! 17 tracks in all. Original artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram virgin vinyl. Italian import.

"Surfari with the Original Surfaris"
SURFARI 101-1 LP $8.40
Believe it or not, there was another LA surf band called the Surfaris, before that other band had a huge hit with "Wipe Out." These guys recorded their first single in 1961, and put out a string of singles until 1965. Here's 18 vintage recordings, raw and primitive as hell, of one of the genuine first surf bands alongside the Bel Airs, Dick Dale and the Revels! (SURFARI)

"The Beauty of Silence"
OO 6-2 CD $11.30
The music of Cuban-American composer Garcia, also featuring Joan LaBarbara, Jan Williams, Joseph Celli and the Gregg Smith Singers. (O.O. DISCS)

"Town Hall, 1962"
GET 1002-1 LP $12.55
Recorded on Christmas evening of 1962, with David Izenzon (bass), Charles Moffet (percussion), and a string ensemble. Pressed on 180 gram virgin audiophile vinyl. Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Town Hall, 1962"
ESPCD 1006-2 CD $11.90
With David Izenzon (bass), Charles Moffet (drums), and a string ensemble, recorded on Christmas evening, 1962. An important release documenting a point of change in Coleman's work. Dutch import. (ESP-DISK)

"Town Hall, 1962"
GET 1002-2 CD $13.00
With David Izenzon, Charles Moffet, and a string ensemble, recorded on Christmas evening, 1962. Limited edition of 1000 numbered copies, in cardboard sleeve. Italian import. (GET BACK)

"The Complete Orpheus"
AK155-2 2xCD $24.90
One of Alan Lorber's "Boss-Town Sound" bands, ORPHEUS distinguished itself with a more singer/songwriter-folk-soft rock sound and a wider appeal. This 2CD set collects the tracks from all 4 of their albums released on MGM and Bell from 1968 to 1971, plus bonus tracks, complete bio and lots of rare photos. Italian import. (AKARMA)

TUMOR 04-2 CD $11.30
A series of 12 short compositions apparently based on medical phenomena, using a full range of experimental/industrial techniques, including metal percussion, power electronics, samples and found sounds to create a compelling emotional commentary. The results of this Ontario duo's efforts range from very harsh and violent to softly terrifying, often within the same piece. (MALIGNANT)

"Luminous Bipeds"
RIFT 10-1 LP $7.90
A weird distortion of Red Crayola, Pere Ubu and Pigbag with the precision of Defunkt, featuring Rebby Sharp (check out her excellent solo album on Shimmy Disc!). Produced by Fred Frith. (RIFT)

"Asristir Vieldriox"
TMU 093-1 LP $8.55
TMU 093-2 CD $9.00
This duo consists of Mick Barr (CROM-TECH) on guitar and vocals, and Josh Blair (ABCS) on drums. Musically, this is even more intricate than CROM TECH, and takes more of a "metal" approach, with it's very intense, fast, free jazz inspired, sometimes incomprehensible, prog-hardcore, and comes as a 99-song one-sided, etched 12", or 99 song CD! No shit. The etching was done at the mastering lab by Mick himself. A truly original record by a truly original band. (TROUBLEMAN)

"Musica #1"
KIP 004-2 CD $12.00
This Lisbon trio uses exclusively acoustic sounds, with no amplification or electronic manipulation. Instruments are played in unorthodox and unusual ways and with different structures, resulting in a noticeably poetic mood. Dutch import. (KORM PLASTICS)

AUM 006-2 CD $12.35
A landmark jazz recording, made by a group of modern-day jazz masters fully a part of the lineage of greats. "NOW!" was the Lead Review in the May issue of JAZZIZ, the largest circulation US jazz magazine, but for those of you who don't already know, this collective quartet (featuring Roy Campbell Jr. on trumpet, Daniel Carter on saxophone, William Parker on bass, and Rashid Bakr on drums) exquisitely reflects the energy/reality of the moment while unfolding the rich history of jazz as a vibrant tapestry of sound spontaneously before years. (AUM FIDELITY)

"Incidents Out of Context"
OTHER M1-1 LP $8.40
Integrates the gamelan of OTHER MUSIC with an amalgam of acoustic, electronic and electric instruments. All the selections utilize the stunning clarity of just intonation and combine musical concepts and performances in new ways. The result is polyrhythmic, tonal in the truest sense of the term, and eminently listenable. Very evocative. (OTHER MUSIC INC.)

"(Don't Look Back) Behind the Shack"
DS 001-1 LP $9.90
DS 001-2 CD $11.00
If funk is your bag, it's time to fill it up with a heaping portion of this here. An advanced course in J.B. inspired instrumentals: if you're looking for overproduced disco-soul, light-ass fusion, smooth RnB, look somewhere else, cause this is strict, straight-up, Godfather funk directly from the old school. Super thick vinyl in a super heavy jacket: the real deal! (DESCO)

MISTY 015-7 7" $4.55
Two songs each from these famous Italian garage psych bands, all with a raw, Vox-soaked mid-60's sound, all unavailable elsewhere. Italian import. (MISTY LANE)

"Going Around with the Others"
MISTY 027-7 7" $4.85
Four songs by Italy's premier garage psych outfit, who somehow got frozen in time in 1966. Total purists, these guys use Byrds-like twangy guitar, bucketfuls of Farfisa and echo-drenched harmonies like hardly anybody else. Italian import. (MISTY LANE)

"So Far Out!"
MISTY 038-1 10" $9.00
This great, well-known Italian beat-psych-garage band draws its influences from the Outsiders, Painted Faces and the Byrds, with a fresh, authentic sound that transcends the origins of a 30-year tradition. Italian import. (MISTY LANE)

"Last Call"
UV 014-2 CD $13.00
The classic blues pianist recorded live in Boston in 1970, just 3 weeks before his death from liver cancer. Some gritty, intense playing here, with notable assist from Luther "Snake" Johnson on guitar and his wife Lucille Spann on vocals. With 4 previously unreleased bonus tracks and new artwork. Italian import. (UNIVERSE)

"self titled"
ACME 1A-2 CD $7.75
The Real Fucking Thing Not Some Crossover Mach Metal Funky Mixed Up Excuse For HC. The closest thing you can get to an airplane crash and surviving from this Boston band and their razor-blade gargling vocalist, influenced by the likes of THE DEAD BOYS, BLACK FLAG, and THE FREEZE, and not influenced by FUGAZI! (ACME)

"self titled"
LOW 005-1 LP $8.70
This loud 'n fast punk outfit is mainly known for being GG Allin's occasional backup band. Brutal, screamin' hardcore! (LOWELL)

"Eye Caramba"
T 48-1 LP $7.70
T 48-2 CD $9.70
Their third album of frenetic Southern California ska-core, full of killer horns and organ, tight playing, and the over-the-top energy, speed and power that successfully blends punk thrash and roots skank. (THEOLOGIAN)

"Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress"
T 24-2 CD $9.10
The 2nd album from this popular Hermosa Beach ska-core outfit pours on the energy with a great horn section, killer organ and a unique blend of ska, punk, soul and jazz. (THEOLOGIAN)

"self titled"
THEOL 6-2 CD $9.10
Two-tone style skapunk! Seven guys! Horns! Keyboards! Everybody sings! Great skankin'! (THEOLOGIAN)

"Friendly Green"
CRISIS 3-2 CD $9.10
Heavy heavy metalpunk from Cleveland. 10-ton throbbing bass, ringing vocals, the works. Even dips into reggae beats on one tune. (CRISIS)

"Breaking In"
AK 108-1 LP $17.25
AK 108-2 CD $13.00
Their 2nd album released in 1969 on ABC/Bluesway, home of the electric blues. An important blues group of the late '60s-early '70s, for fans of CANNED HEAT, BUTTERFIELD BLUES BAND and THE SIEGEL-SCHWALL BAND. 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Outlaw Blues Band"
AK 107-1 LP $17.25
AK 107-2 CD $13.00
Originally released on ABC/Bluesway in 1968, this is the long awaited re-issue of the 1st album by this psychedelic quintet lead by Phillip John, a very talented guitarist, who on this album gives a hot version of B.B. KING's "Sweet Sixteen." A few jazz-oriented songs and others influenced by early SANTANA complete an album strongly recommended to rock-blues fans. 180 gram vinyl, gatefold sleeve, Italian import. (AKARMA)

"Split LP"
MR 02-1 LP $11.35
Two hot, kick-ass early-mid '80s Massachusetts hardcore bands split this LP. With liner notes and vintage photos. Italian import. (MINDLESS)

"North Hollywood, Capital of Pornography"
HELL 9-7 7" $4.35
Hi-energy 3-chord garage-isms on the title track, Paul Revere & the Raiders meets the Undertones on another, and winding up with a psychedelic feedback cover of Link Wray's "Rumble." (HELL YEAH)

"self titled"
HELL 13-1 10" $8.10
Nitro-charged rockin' and droning hypnotic tunes imbued with feedback, from this LA-based quartet led by Eric Arn (ex Crystallized Movements) and Lee Joseph (ex Yard Trauma). Trippy, full-color art and a limited edition of 2000. (HELL YEAH)

"Six Point Six"
HELL 25-1 LP $9.10
HELL 25-2 CD $10.80
This LA band spews cacaphonous psych-punk that gets compared to sounds as diverse as New Bomb Turks, Velvet Underground, Blue Cheer and Spacemen 3, with flashes of 60's garage, 70's & 80's punk and Middle Eastern music. Produced by Geza X and Quick guitarist Billy Bizeau during the LA quake. (HELL YEAH)

SKIP 41-1 LP $8.25
SKIP 41-2 CD $10.20
Their 2nd album, this is edgy, distorted, Gang of Four style guitar with tight, funky rhythms and strong, melodic female vocals. (BROKEN REKIDS)

"Heal Me"/"Shark"
SKIP 27-7 7" $4.00
Two cool songs from this San Francisco trio with previous releases on Shimmy Disc and Imp, sounding a bit like an earlier, funkier Gang of Four with loads of distrotion and feedback. (BROKEN REKIDS)

"Three Chords and a Cloud of Dust"
DION 1221-2 CD $10.80
Ragin' Tucson psych from the name-shortened Marshmallow Overcoat. (DIONYSUS)

"The Worm"
BT 00195-7 7" $4.25
High energy, fast, catchy and brimming with passion, this Croatian trio plays melodic punk that the kids all love. Lyrics in English, too. Italian import. (GOODWILL)

"Feeling Happy"
INSNOI 009-7 7" $4.15
Three great songs from this young SoCal melodic punk band. Crunch, out front vocals, anthemic riffs. (INSTA-NOISE)

"The Witch Doctor"/"Rev. Jay"
SF 002-7 7" $4.65
A re-issue of a 1972 funk classic! Two slow, heavy, atmospheric soul-funk boilers, one a great spoken-vocal number ("Baby, you on fire!"), and the flip a too-cool instro with a drum'n'bass intro that begs to be sampled! Co released with Deluxe. Sorry, just like the original, there's no picture sleeve. (SOUL FIRE)

"Split CD"
FORCE 007-2 CD $8.90
Spain's OVERTHROW turns in 15 songs of spastic, psychotic thrash, and then San Francisco's WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? commits 12 acts of bludgeoning hardcore violence. There's a CD-ROM track on here, too. Spanish import. (SOULFORCE)

"It's Tomorrow"
SFTRI 177-7 7" $4.00
Husker Whu? About as far from Sympathy as Antioch is from Long Beach. Guitars galore with melodies to boot! (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

PRC 043-2 CD $10.20
OWEN is Mike Kinsella, Chicago music scene veteran and former member of CAP'N JAZZ, JOAN OF ARC, and OWLS. But it's AMERICAN FOOTBALL that he's most closely associated with, being the primary songwriter, singer, and guitarist of that group. OWEN takes AMERICAN FOOTBALL through its next logical progression, with all the hooks and charm completely intact, all instruments played by Kinsella on this recording. (POLYVINYL)

JT 1059-1 LP $8.85
JT 1059-2 CD $10.20
The original members of famed CAP'N JAZZ have reunited to form Chicago's new band OWLS. Tim Kinsella (JOAN OF ARC), Mike Kinsella (JOAN OF ARC, AMERICAN FOOTBALL), Victor Villarreall (GHOSTS & VODKA), and Sam Zurick (JOAN OF ARC, GHOSTS & VODKA), have retained the obtuse song structures of their previous bands, while sonically stripping down to the basics of simple rock. These 8 songs were recorded at Steve Albini's Electrical Audio Studios. (JADE TREE)

"Six Hard Years"
PCCD 01-2 CD $10.80
The CD that everyone has been waiting for!! A full discography of NY's original Oi!Oi! skinheads, OXBLOOD. 22 tracks from all of their classic out of print material. Eight page booklet includes lyrics and tons of photos. (PUNK CORE)

"The Balls In The Great Meat Grinder"
PATH 7-2 CD $10.70
Both LPs, "Fuckfest" and "King of the Jews", on one CD. (PATHOLOGICAL)

"Beware, Poisonous!"
KOEP 071-7 7" $4.30
Oi! Oi! 'Ere's 4 more great singalong streetpunk anthems for yer listening enjoyment! German import. (KNOCK OUT)

"Crisis Identity"
KOEP 072-7 7" $4.30
If you aren't already clued into the fact that these guys are one of the world's top oi bands, here's more inescapable proof. Three songs, strong melodies, chant-along lyrics, great production. German import. (KNOCK OUT)

"Fuck the Nineties... Here's Our Noize!"
GMM 107-2 CD $10.65
These guys may be German, but they sound like a UK oi band and sing in English. Great sing-along hardcore street punk and oi, anthemic and powerful. Lyrics in the 8-page booklet. (GMM)

"The Pack is Back"
CY 110-1 LP $9.20
CY 110-2 CD $10.40
The US release of the 2nd full length by one of the top bands in the international street punk scene, with 14 wild anthems. (CYCLONE)

CY 111-1 MLP $8.60
CY 111-2 CD $8.00
The fresh-out-the-box follow-up to their 2nd album, with 6 kick-ass street punk anthems. (CYCLONE)

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