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Below is listed by artist, in alphnumeric order, everything that we have. (May 20th 2002)
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---VIDEOS & DVDs---

A note about videos:
There are 3 different and incompatible standard video systems used by various countries - NTSC (US, Canada & Japan), SECAM (France), and PAL (the rest of the world). Except where it says "PAL Video," all our videos are N.T.S.C. ONLY, which means that if you're in a non-NTSC country you'll either have to get them transferred or get a special tri-system deck. We do not have the means to transfer them ourselves. And believe it or not we still have some Beta videos available.

A note about DVDs:
The DVDs that we sell work on players in all regions (unlike early DVDs that would only worked in a few countries that it was specially coded for.)


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