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"Pussycat Fever"
AK 635 book $5.70
You know the story: sex, death, sex, degradation and sex among the young and obsessed. Illustrations by Diane DiMassa and Freddie Baer. 75 pages. (AK PRESS)

"Ecstatic Incisions: The Collages of..."
AKPRESS 600 book $9.60
A graphic artist and illustrator who's, for over the last decade, collage works, ranging from the bitingly political to the sublimely surreal, have appeared on numerous magazine covers, t-shirts, posters, and album sleeves. English import 8.5"x 11" 73 pages (AK PRESS)

AK 422 book $5.15
A new collection of essays from the author of "TAZ: Temporary Autonomous Zone." Art, imagination, the unmediated experience and more, in this slim but very densely radical volume. 60 pages. (AK PRESS)

"Social Anarchism or Lifestyle Anarchism: An Unbridgeable Chasm"
AKP 96 book $7.25
A new polemic from one of the elder statesmen of American anarchism contrasts the vision of the struggle for justice and a society radically transformed with the trendy nihilism, primitivism and emotional childishness of many current anarchist writers. This means you, Zerzan. 86 pages. (AK PRESS)

"No Pity"
AKPRESS 465 book $10.20
A collection of short stories from the leading light in the Richard Allen plagiarist movement, hack pulp-writing about sex 'n violence that is cleverly redundant and feverishly contradictory. Take the stories at face value, like more than a few reviewers (mainstream and otherwise) have done, and you'll have something to fret about. A few of the 9 stories: "Frenzy of the Flesh," "Grrrl Power," "Anarchist," and "Bondage Boy." English import, 143 pages. (AK PRESS)

"Red London"
AKPRESS 120 book $10.20
Fellatio Jones and his crew shoot, shag, stab, bludgeon and plunder their way from the mean streets of Miles End to aristocratic Belgravia. The Skinhead Squad are a new breed of malcontent whose class anger explodes from the rotting heart of the inner city, as corpse is piled upon corpse and the roads run red with blood. An authoritative novel of sex, violence and pathological sadism that wells over into total mania as the plot races towards its cataclysmic conclusion. Read this book and discover why the rich bastards want it banned. 158 pages, 5.5"x8.5" UK import. (AK PRESS)

"End Time: Notes on the Apocalypse"
AKP 95 book $7.75
In this novel of California's near future, civil war rages across the former Soviet Union, the US is fighting a war in southern Mexico against the Zapatistas, the draft has been reinstated, the city of Oakland rises in anger, becoming the 21st century's Paris Commune, and a small group of anti-war college students in Marin build a nuclear weapon against a backdrop of spreading violence, confrontation and repression. (AK PRESS)

"Tales from the Clit: A Female Experience of Pornography"
AKP 94 book $9.00
True stories by some of the world's most pro-sex feminists, including topics like how the various authors discovered porn, what it means to a blind and deaf woman, running a sex magazine, starting a sex shop, and what contributors wuold actually like to see. 144 pages. (AK PRESS)

"Four Letter World"
AKP 93 book $6.65
Perhaps best viewed as a running narrative on one man's undoing, this honest and telling portrait of the author's sorely misdirected passions and self-destructive emotional landscape focus on his illicit affairs, travels abroad, and uncomfortable return to the city of his birth. (AK PRESS)

"The Philosophy of Punk"
AK 430 book $7.25
Originally written as a university thesis, this way-academic exploration of punk, loaded to the gills with references and pithy quotes, deals with the art-movement aspect, anarchist politics, skinheads and racism, fanzines, media distortions, peace punks, straight edge and more. Loads of band photos from the past few years, plus the inevitable bibliography. 148 pages. (AK PRESS)

"Portraits of Anarchists"
AKP 91-2 book + CD $17.30
Photographer Orr takes portraits of anarchist writers, artists and activists from Europe and America, printed on heavy gloss paper alongside short quotes. Chumbawamba wrote and recorded six songs in response to both the photographs and interviews; these are on the CD. 76 pages. (AK PRESS)

"The Great British Mistake: Vague 1977-92"
AKP 90 book $9.60
A collection of the best from this great, radical UK punkzine. A fourteen and a half years' struggle against lies, stupidity and cowardice, a reckoning with the destroyers of the punk rock movement. Don't say we didn't warn you. 114 pages. (AK PRESS)

"Televisionaries: the RAF Story"
AKPRESS 473 book $6.65
The story of Europe's most notorious "terrorist" organisation, the Red Army Faction, from its origins in the 60's through the bombing of Stammheim prison this last April. Chock full of graphics, photos and quotes from their many communiques, well-researched, historically accurate and referenced, the book was compiled and written by Tom Vague, the guy behind the underground cultural primer Vague Magazine. 112 pages, printed in U.S. (AK PRESS)

"September Commando"
AKYATES 2 book $9.60
The pop (culture) gun behind the magic bullet theory. The breakfast of shenanigans. The choice of a new (de)generation. Bold images lifted from advertising and the media are framed with big-print captions to make politically charged satire, bad guy scrutiny and incendiary social commentary. Also included is a section of his artwork for record and book covers. 96 pages. (AK PRESS)


"Esoterrorist: Selected Essays 1980-1988"
ALECTO 01 book $12.00
The original cyber-shaman takes us on a roller-coaster ride along the fringes of culture and sexuality. Collision, collage, cut-ups and hyperdelic vision melt linear conceptions, attack control systems and reveal holographic webs. Features several drawings and collages by the author. 45 pages. (ALECTO)

"Thee Psychick Bible"
ALECTO 00 book $12.25
Compiled for the first time, dozens of out-of-print manifestoes, essays, quotes, drawings and other writings, plus never-before-published material. A call for self-actualization through rebellion, eso-terrorism and healing the barrier between the conscious and unconscious minds. 175 pages. (ALECTO)


Located in Los Angeles, not to be mixed up with Amok Press.

"The Trial Of Gilles De Rais"
AMOKB 03 book $11.40
French philosopher and surrealist George Bataille presents and analyzes the legendary crimes, trials, and confessions of the most infamous villain in the Middle Ages: the 15th century homosexual child-murderer, sadist, alchemist, necrophile and practicioner of the Black Arts - Gilles de Rais. He began his remarkable place in history as lieutenant to the devout martyr and saint Joan of Arc; after her execution he returned to his estates in the French countryside where he ritually slaughtered hundreds of young children. After his arrest and subsequent trials, he was hanged and burned at Nantes, France on October 25, 1440. Includes the actual text from Gilles de Rais' trials, translated from the ecclesiastical Latin by Pierre Klossowski and annotated by Bataille. (N-380i) (AMOK BOOKS)

"The Garbage People: The Trip from Helter Skelter and Beyond with Charlie Manson and the Family"
AMOKB 07 book $11.40
Random murder, savage overkill, mind control and bad trips, satanism and witchcraft, cursed glamour, the Haight-Ashbury, rock & roll, biker gangs, sexual rebellion, con games, and dune buggies tearing across the desert. A gripping account of Manson and the Family, including many graphic and gruesome photos of the Tate-LaBianca murders. 178 pages. (AMOK BOOKS)

"Howard Street"
AMOKB 06 book $8.55
Originally published in 1968, and written by a convict inside a New Jersey state prison, this is a powerful, street-smart insight into the motivations and lingo of the most desperate inhabitants of America's ghettos. The pimps, ho's, junkies, dope dealers, winos, corrupt cops and hoods are vivid and very real. 245 pages. (AMOK BOOKS)

"Neue Slowenische Kunst"
AMOKB 05 book $42.40
Neue Slowenische Kunst was founded in 1984 by the musical group Laibach, the group of painters Irwin and the theatrical group Gledalisce Sester Scipion Nasice. The union of the three groups was based on a common program which demanded of every single member to consciously renounce their personal taste, judgement, belief and to agree with free depersonalisation and voluntary acceptance of the role of ideology...and the unmasking and recapitulation of regime "post-modernisme." Facts about the book: 284 pages, 282 color and 229 black and white photo reproductions, covering the period from 1980 to 1989, hard bound. Expensive but worth it. (Q-284i) (AMOK BOOKS)

"My Sister & I"
AMOKB 01 book $9.00
The revised and updated edition of Nietzsche's suppressed final work, including new textual research supporting its authenticity and a translation of his last letters. Written in the mental institution at Jena following his celebrated mental collapse in Turin, and smuggled out by a fellow inmate to avoid the tyrannical eye of his sister (with whom he confesses to an incestuous relationship), MY SISTER AND I is Nietzsche's confessional and reflective conterpoint to the megalomania and stridency of ECCE HOMO. (D-330i) (AMOK BOOKS)

"Amok Journal: Sensurround Edition"
AMOKB 03 book $15.50
Compiled from forensic, medical, psychiatric journals; new scientific research; declassified government documents; interviews; with visual support in the form of explicit graphics. Topics covered include autoerotic fatalities, psychedelic self-trepanation (holes drilled in the skull), infrasound weapon technology, amputee fetish literature, a conversation with the originator of the "Shockumentary" (Mondo Cane director Gualtiero Jacopeti), and more. 474 pages, 7"x10" (AMOK BOOKS)


Hailing from New York, not to be confused with Amok Books. Are we confused yet?

"Michael: A Novel"
AMOKP 00 book $6.55
At the time the young demagogue Joseph Goebbels published MICHAEL he was Hitler's Gauleiter, using his brilliant oratory to win Red Berlin (don't forget that socialism comprised half the formula of National Socialism.) The novel is partly autobiographical: in a powerfully constructed diary form Michael, returning from the war to university, meets and falls in love with Hertha in a Germany racked by guilt and revolutionary fevor. In its first English translation, this book shows why Goebbels' ideals made him such an uncomfortable bedfellow for the other Nazis. (D-131) (AMOK PRESS)


"Dr. Madd Vibe's Comprehensive Linkology"
AMB 067 book $11.50
Writings, personal reflections, drawings, and rare photos from the versatile FISHBONE leader. A companion to the "Linkology" CD, the book is limited to 500 copies only. (ASIAN MAN BOOKS)


"Granddad's Wonderbook Of Chemistry"
ATLAN G1 book $15.50
The original 19th Century methods of home manufacturing for everyone. Make herbal extracts, essential oils, acids, gasses, alkaloids, etc. Make most of the chemicals from easy-to-get raw chemicals. Plus, a complete course in laboratory glass blowing. Reprints these books: Dick's Encyclopedia of Practical Receipts and Processes, 1872; the Medical Student's Manual of Chemistry, 1889; Chemical Magic 1920; How to Make and Use a Small Chemical Laboratory, 1926. (S-418ix) (ATLAN FORMULARIES)

"The Poor Man's James Bond Vol. 4"
ATLAN P4 book $15.50
Sapper!: about specialist who lays, detects, and disarms mines. Special Forces Handbook, 1965: Operating in enemy country. Viet Cong Mines & Booby Traps: 80% of U.S. casualties were by these. Field Expedient Handbook. Engineer Soldier's Handbook: on field fortifications. etc. Modern Gunsmithing, Clyde Baker, 1933: The best and most detailed gunsmithing course ever written. Handloader's Manual, Earl Naramore, 1937: The science of powders and cartridges: expert course on overall reloading. (S 464ix) (ATLAN FORMULARIES)

"The Survivor Vol. 1"
ATLAN S1 book $15.50
Money making and saving; Hundreds of ideas for cottage industry, trades hobbies, cut food bills; never hunger, burglar proof your home, surviving a nuclear winter, make soy milk, sprouts, tofu. Toy making for fun and profit. Making imitation gold and silver. Make a 1 or 2 horsepower windmill from scrap. Foot-powered lathe. Make see-through mirrors. Black powder, how to make the best. Set up a home foundry. Build concrete furniture. (S-480ix) (ATLAN FORMULARIES)


A small group from England aiming to produce revolutionary propaganda that is both relevant and accessible.

"Breaking Free: The Adventures Of Tintin"
ATTACK 00 book $6.70
Tintin, the well-known english comic character, has been hijacked and put to better use in this story of love, struggle and radicalization that leads to general strike. A plausible story and well-done comics helps make this a subversively wonderful book. Printed in the UK. (A5-174I) (ATTACK INTERNATIONAL)

"The Free"
ATTACK 03 book $8.45
There's one thing Linda knows about, and thats the longing to be free. Everywhere she turns, she's hemmed in: by her teachers, by her Dad, by everyone who labels her a "bad girl." But when she floors Sister Bernadette with a right hook, things really start to change...This book charts The Free's rise and their eventual fate in a stunning tale of love and longing, anger and rebellion. And along the way it gives a glimpse of the brilliant new world waiting to be built on the ashes of the old. This book ain't no great work of political theory but it is an inspiring and uplifting read. (A5-150) (ATTACK INTERNATIONAL)


"Lend the Eye a Terrible Aspect"
AUTOMAT 00 book $8.45
This provocative collection of essays, short fiction & artwork by Americans and Canadians confronts the issues facing North America at the end of the 20th century. Addressing topics from prostitution to drive-by shootings, from domination to deforestation, from homophobia to the decay of human relationships, these authors demand freedom of thought and speech, and freedom to choose their own identities. Full color cover, sharp layout, 165 pages. (AUTOMATISM PRESS)

"Death's Garden"
AUTOMAT 02 book $14.90
Lydia Lunch, Mason Jones, Mark Gunderson (Evolution Control Committee) and many others explore the world's cemeteries in text (over two dozen essays) and photos (over 200), from the US to Lithuania, Japan, Argentina, and many other places where people die. 188 pages. (AUTOMATISM PRESS)


These people are responsible for the excellent Semiotext(e) series and other accessible but demanding literary works.

"The Lizard Club"
AUTONO 0002 book $6.00
A meta-novel written by a lizard? Or a market research coder? Does he eat his boss? And those bands playing certain San Francisco anarcho homocore clubs - are they really ancient spermographic Gnostic sects? The horror, humor and licentiousness of the 90's underground counterculture, where lizards join 12-step Saurian Recovery Leagues and Lubricated Goat is on the menu at the 9th & Folsom diner. 159 pages. (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"Hannibal Lecter, My Father"
AUTONO 683 book $5.15
"This writing is all fake (copied from other writing) so you should go away and not read any of it." Several short pieces plus an interview. (K-148) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"For/Za Sarajevo"
AUTONO 010 book $8.70
A tribute to Bosnia, with first-person accounts of Sarajevo under seige, reports from "ethnically cleansed" villages, selections from classic Bosnian texts, interviews, essays by Bosnian writers and lots more. Parallel text in English and Serbo-Croatian, with lots of photos and artwork by Bosnian artists. 170 pages. (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"The Daughter"
AUTONO 861 book $6.30
A well-known visual and conceptual artist as well as a writer, Allen presents a series of 38 vignettes, simple yet mysterious and deeply emotional, sparkling with vivid imagery. Illustrated by the author. 4.5 x 7", 114 pages. (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"Sadness At Leaving"
AUTONO 578 book $6.00
Finally, a realistic espionage novel. No Bond bimbos, gadget circle jerks, or deformed villians, but real believable characters in the murky Cold War world of double agents. This book also paints a vivid picture of life in Manhattan during those post-McCarthy, pre-Kennedy days of the late 1950s. (K-238) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"God And Plastic Surgery: Marx, Nietzsche, Freud And The Obvious"
AUTONO 411 book $8.45
An unusual and intensive examination of the work of the intellectual progenitors of contemporary Western thought, with a battery of insights into how to and how not to think, act, feel, eat, dress, dance, take tea, or make love. A text written with an eye on the concept of justice, intended to provoke, upset, and transfigure modern culture. (N-227) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"The Ecstacy of Communication"
AUTONO 365 book $5.15
"Obscenity begins when there is no more spectacle, no more stage, no more theater, no more illusions, when everything becomes immediately transparent, visible, exposed in the raw and inexorable light of information and communication. We no longer partake of the drama of alienation, but are in the ecstacy of communication." 107 pages, pocket book. (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"Fatal Strategies"
AUTONO 500 book $8.45
A major work offering "fatal alternatives" to the failure of radical responses to postmodernity. Topics range from modes of political representation and strategies of refusal to aesthetic theory and commodification, situationist theory, seduction, gambling, and obesity. (N-191) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"Forget Foucault"
AUTONO 101 book $5.15
Sets out to de-mythologize Foucault the writer. "Foucault's writing is perfect in that the very movement of the text gives an admirable account of what it proposes: on one hand, a powerful generating spiral that is no longer a despotic architecture but a filtration of en abyme, coil and strophe without origin (without catastrophe, either), unfolding ever more widely and rigorously... There's no vacuum here, no phantasm, no backfiring, but a fluid objectivity, a nonlinear, orbital, and flawless writing." Also includes a transcript of a converstion between Baudrillard and Sylvere Lotringer. (K-137) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"In The Shadow Of The Silent Majorities"
AUTONO 004 book $5.15
"The whole chaotic constellation of the social revolves around that spongy referent, that opaque but equally translucent reality, that nothingness: the masses. A statistical crystal ball, the masses are swirling with currents and flows, in the image of matter and the natural elements. So at least they are represented to us." (K-123) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

AUTONO 002 book $5.15
"The very definition of the real has become: that which it is possible to give an equivalent reproduction...The real is not only what can reproduced, but that which is always already reproduced...the hyperreal, which is entirely in simulation." (K-159) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"Friendly Fire"
AUTONO 896 book $6.35
This infamous marginal-about-town has managed to insult or incite seemingly every lousy little anarchist/libertarian/leftist shuck and jiverster there is simply because he differentiates between anarchy and anarchism. It might also be because his critiquisms (i.e. literary rampages) so eloquently serve facefuls of diss. A rope stretched over the abyss between Friedrich Nietzsche and Sid Vicious. 282 pages, pocket book. (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"The Touch"
AUTONO 0003 book $6.00
Brownstein's novel tackles the relations between identity, sex and power, where Hermann Hesse and the Marquis de Sade jointly confront AIDS and the New Age. Startling and sinister, profoundly disturbing and moving. 122 pages. (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"Clipped Coins, Abused Words, And Civil Government: John Locke's Philosophy On Money"
AUTONO 276 book $8.45
Starting from the political crisis arising from the "clipping" of silver currency by monetary pirates in 17th-century England, Caffentzis opens out into an original & very provocative critique of John Locke's economic belifs, his theories of language, and his philosophy of history and the state. Virtually all of the standard critical work on Locke is "undone" through Caffentzis' ampliative treatment - which also extends to intervine in the leading debates in the monetary theories of the present day. (N-246) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"First and Last Emperors"
AUTONO 772 book $6.00
the first part of this fascinating discourse examines the rise of the Chinese empire two millenia ago, with an eye to the development of the absolutist state and despotism. The second part examines the rise of the imperial presidency in the US as exemplified by the media-managed reign of Ronald Reagan and the technocratic obfuscation of George Bush. 208 pages, pocket book. (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"On the Line"
AUTONO 012 book $5.15
"All sorts of questions - minority, linguistic, ethnic, regional, sexual, juvenile - are re-emerging...instead of betting on the impossibility of revolution and the fascist return of the war machine, why not think that a new type of revolution is becoming possible..." 115 pages, pocket book. (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"Film And Politics In The Third World"
AUTONO 314 book $8.45
The only anthology of it's kind in English, with critical articles - most of them written by Third World writers - on leading figures and national cinemas, including analyses of important single films, political/aesthetic manifestoes, and interviews with directors from Africa, China, India, Turkey, Iran, the Arab World, the Philippines, Cuba, Latin America, and more. (N-317) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"Trotskyism And Maoism: Theory And Practice In France And The U.S.A."
AUTONO 292 book $8.45
An important examination of the critical heritage of Trotsky and Mao in the two Western national contexts, focusing on the multitudinous parties and sects and their positions on national and international issues, racism, sexism, party / worker positions, gay rights, and students movements. Charts of organizational histories. (N-363ix) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"Columbus And Other Cannibals"
AUTONO 705 book $8.45
Forbes, Professor of Native American Studies at the University of California at Davis, examines the subjects of aggression, violence, imperialism, rape, etc. from a Native American perspective free from "assumptions created by the very wetiko (cannibal) disease being studied... Imperialists, rapists, & exploiters are not just people who have strayed down a wrong path. They are insane (unclean) in the true sense of the word. They are mentally ill, and, tragically, the form of soul-sickness which they carry is [contagious]..." 160 pages, 6x9". (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"Foucault Live"
AUTONO 322 book $6.00
Essential a long interview with the French philosopher, this candid talk allows Foucault to elaborate at length on some of the sexual and social theories that have made him famous. (K-336) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"Remarks On Marx"
AUTONO 330 book $6.00
In an extensive series of interviews with Italian Marxist journalist Duccio Trobadori, Foucalt discusses his early history in the French Communist Party, his relationship with Althusser and Sartre, his encounters with the work of Marcuse, Horkheimer, Adorno, and the Frankfort School, his place in the events of "Mai '68" and other events in recent political histroy, and the often-hostile reception accorded his own work from the more traditional political culture of the left. (K-187) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"I Shot Mussolini"
AUTONO X027 book $11.40
A hallucinogenic novel, mysterious, challenging and violent, by the editor of the Canadian avant-garde literary magazine, IMPULSE. In his remarkable meditation on history, Garnet explores questions of memory and terrorism and the way in which communication manipulates truth. (N 190i) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"Te Bwe Win: Stories By An Ojibway Healer"
AUTONO X85X book $11.40
By turns haunting, humorous, fantastic and powerful, stories that explore the traditional spiritual world of the Ojibway, as experienced by a healer and guide from the Neguagon Lake Indian Reservation on the border of Minnesota and Ontario. Te Bwe Win ("Truth") moves from the mysterious and eternal symbols of his people's spritual heritage to the world of snowmobiles, outboard motors and all-star wrestling on the VCR. Additional stories by filmmaker Judith Doyle. (N-174) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"Communists Like Us"
AUTONO 217 book $6.00
The goal of this book is: "To rescue communism from it own disrepute." The author states that the present form of communism has failed and then set about to restructure the ideology into a more workable form. (K-176) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"Cassette Mythos: Making Music At The Margins"
AUTONO 691 book $9.60
Essays, reports, stories, and Manifestoes from the real musical underground, where the medium of the tape cassette has made it possible for individuals and groups to produce and distribute their own music in their own style and for their own purposes, free of the censuring, perception-clogging nets of cash and commerce. (S-194i) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"Magpie Reveries: The Iconographic Mandalas Of..."
AUTONO 918 book $8.45
44 one sided pages reproducing the work of this amazing collage artist. Full color cover, with intro by Hakim Bey. 9 x 12". (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"Sick Burn Cut"
AUTONO 853 book $5.15
Another in the Semiotext(e) Native Agents series, Ludd takes us for a walk on the wild side. Seamy characters, decaying cities and transvestites with revolvers. What more could you want? 4.5 x 7", 187 pages. (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

AUTONO 659 book $7.00
A collection of essays on the theme of cultural control - control by, of and through culture - as conducted by multi-national corporations, industrial capital, mass media conglomerates, artistic elites, dominant cultural ideologies, and the like. Profusely illustrated, and a bi-lingual edition, with all material in Portuguese as well as English. (Q-126i) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"This Is Your Final Warning!"
AUTONO 888 book $6.00
Metzger writes anarchist horror fiction, shotgun weddings of high art and low culture. This volume contains the complete rants and the nasty little religious tracts of his Ziggurat Press, along with other horror fragments of high-rictus humor and post-gnostic disgust. Pocket book, 181 pages. (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"Horsexe: Essay On Transsexuality"
AUTONO 209 book $8.45
A study of transsexual desire, with chapters on the female drive in psychosis, SheMales, the sex of the angels, the Skoptzy sect of Eastern European transsexual castrati, sex-change operations, and much more, by a Lacanian psychoanalust and professor at the University of Paris. (N-143i) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"New Enclosures"
AUTONO 640 book $5.50
Eleven essays assessing the development of the new "common denominator of proletarian experience across the globe," which the Midnight Notes Collective examines from China, Nigeria and Zurich to Maine, Massachusetts, and New York's Lower East Side, covering issues like homelessness, union struggles, debt crises, racism, self-reproducing automata, and "jubilee." (S-100i) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"Walking Through Clear Water In A Pool Painted Black"
AUTONO 616 book $5.15
Mainly famous as an actress in John Water's movies, this book exposes Cookie as an author as well. Mostly tales of the underground, this book contains vivid descriptions of living in the Haight/Ashbury during the Summer of Love, a vicious meeting with a rapist along a Maryland highway, daily life on the set of Pink Flamingos and other funky episodes from the edge. (K-151) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

AUTONO 632 book $6.00
A collection of short works, prose poems, and interviews with one of Germany's most powerful contemporary writers, Heiner Muller. These works contain overwhelming, almost monolithic images with all the strength of a Wagner opera. Very, very German. (K-254) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"Not Me"
AUTONO 675 book $6.00
"It's not the poor, it's not the rich, it's us. And improved public transportation. And cable TV. I'm giving up the idea of writing a great poem. I hate this shitty little place. And a dog takes a bite of the night. We realize the city was sold in 1978. But we were sleeping. We woke and all the victors were all around us, criticizing our pull-chain lights. And we began to pray." (K-202) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"Marx Beyond Marx: Lessons On The Grundrisse"
AUTONO 25X book $8.45
A key figure in the Italian "Automedia" Movement reads Marx's GRUNDRISSE, developing the critical and controversial theoretical apparatus that informs the "refusal of work" strategy and many other elements so crucial to this "heretical" tendency in Marxist theory. A provocative challenge to both capitalist and/or socialist apologists for waged slavery, whether by private business or the State. (N-248) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"Assassination Rhapsody"
AUTONO 543 book $5.15
An experimental text that loosely revolves around the Kennedy assassination. With skewered writing and graphics this book is both illuminating and obscuring at the same time. (K-121i) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"On (An)Archy And Schizoanalysis"
AUTONO 39X book $7.25
Using the "anti-oedipal" insights of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari's CAPITALISM AND SCHIZOPHRENIA, Perez argues for "anti-fascist strategies in everyday life," & reads philosophy, literature, films and popular culture to critique deep political sympathies and antagonisms. Treats writers form Kafka to D.M. Thomas, filmmakers like David Lynch, punk and post-punk music, Nietzche and radical philosophy, feminism. (N 144) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"How I Became One of the Invisible"
AUTONO 985 book $6.00
Another in the "Native Agents" series, Rattray's book takes us on a literate, spacey ride through bohemian speculation and self-examination spanning the last 3 decades. (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"If You're A Girl"
AUTONO 608 book $6.00
Short stories that are mainly tales of New York and other urban environments, many done in an experimental style. Doing acid with Timothy Leary, swapping partners, and painful hospital scenes. (K-270) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"Gone to Croatan - Origins of North American Dropout Culture"
AUTONO 926 book $9.90
America, founded as a land of dropouts, almost at once produced its own crop of dissidents - visionaries, utopians, escaped slaves, white and black "Indians," buccaneers, tax rebels, angy women, crank reformers and isolated communities. Here are their stories, by 32 writers and illustrators. 384 pages. (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"#14: SF"
AUTONO 438 book $9.50
A lip-smackin' collection of great over-the-edge science fiction in the vein of Harlan Ellison's "Dangerous Visions." Cyberpunkish, cybergnostic; by turns filthy, mean and angry, freakish and foul, sensuous and sexy, vile, visionary, and altogether beyond compromise. William Burroughs, J.G. Ballard, William Gibson, Philip Jose Farmer, Bruce Sterling, and many more. (N-384i) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"#15: Architecture"
AUTONO 845 book $13.35
No, this ain't a book of house plans! What you get is a very large book of utterly freeform graphics and text on the themes of space, living and freedom. No lightweight picture book (altho there's plenty to look at), this gives the reader a huge amount of stuff to ponder. 160 pages, 11 x 17". (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"About Face: Race In Postmodern America"
AUTONO 357 book $8.45
Joining the theoretical insights of postmodernist critics and philosophers like Lyotard, Baudrillard, Derrida and others with work in Afrocentric ethnology, psychology, and anthropology, Simone examines the ethics and politics of race and racial experience in contemporary America. (N-247) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"Model Children: My Soviet Summers At Artek"
AUTONO 179 book $8.45
The son of long-time French Communist Party chief Maurice Thorez recounts his post-war childhood experiences at Artek, the prestigious Crimean summer camp for children of the Soviet elite, where he saw aspects of Russian political culture rarely revealed to the West. Photos and maps. (N-189i) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"A Day In The Life"
AUTONO 226 book $7.25
An anthology of writings from the Lower East Side of Manhattan circa 1940 - 1990. Some of the big names like Alan Ginsberg, Cookie Mueller, and Gary Indiana are in this volume, but there are also a number of lesser known and almost forgotten names as well. Together they form a moving portrait of an urban bohemia always teetering on the edge of collapse. (N 168i) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"Looking Back On The End Of The World"
AUTONO 462 book $5.15
A series of essays on the theme of the end of the world. Baudrillard, Gebauer, Kamper, Lenzen, Morin, Treusch-Dieter, Virilio, and Wulf. (K-121) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"Wild Children"
AUTONO 837 book $4.55
Written by and for kids 0-18, this collects rebellious & subversive poems, stories, drawings, rants and a marvelous sabotage manual for your school. 8.5 x 11, 64 pages, with a full color cover. (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"Enrages And Situationists: In The Paris Movement, May '68"
AUTONO 0004 book $8.45
The best book on a subject near and dear to us - the Paris revolt (riots?). Proves that in Spring our thoughts DO turn to love. This is the authoritative Situationist account of the near-revolutionary events of May 1968, in Paris, written immediately on the scene by one of the participants, a true insider's history, complete with scores of photographs, cartoons, maps, posters, & additional documents and manifestoes. 160 pages. (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"Aesthetics Of Disappearance"
AUTONO 42X book $7.85
From infantile narcolepsy to the illusion of movement in speed, the author examines the "aesthetic" of disappearance: in film, in politics, in war, in the philosophy of subjectivity, and elsewhere. (N-120) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"The Lost Dimension"
AUTONO 73X book $8.45
The French urban planner and cultural theorist examines aspects of post modern society ranging from space travel to time and the physical sciences. (N-146) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"Popular Defense And Ecological Struggles"
AUTONO 055 book $5.15
"Ecological catastrophes are only terrifying for civilians. For the military, they are but a simulation of chaos, an opportunity to justify an art of warfare which is all the more autonomous as the political State dies out. At this point, all civilian populations are helpless victims of the scam, of this ransacking of the world's resources." (K-112) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"Speed And Politics"
AUTONO 241 book $5.15
"The loss of material space leads to the government of nothing but time...The violence of speed has become both the location and the law, the world's destiny and it's destination." (K-162) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"Still Black, Still Strong - Survivors of the War against Black Revolutionaries"
AUTONO 748 book $6.35
Interviews, essays, trial transcripts, and FBI documents illuminate the US government's deadly campaign to destroy the Black Panther Party and other Black revolutionary groups. 272 pages. (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"Scandal: Essays In Islamic Heresy"
AUTONO 144 book $8.45
A search for the "poetic facts" of heresy in Islamic history, ranging from "sacred pederasty" in Persian sufism and forbidden imagery in Islamic art, to the inner teachings of the Assassins, the heretical influences on "Shiite terrorism," and the mystical uses of wine, opium and hashish, by the of author of DRUNKEN UNIVERSE and ANGELS: AN ILLUSTRATED STUDY. (N 244i) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"Metatron: The Recording Angel"
AUTONO 071 book $5.15
"The old philosopher's stone could convert base metals into gold. Now humans, real estate, social relations are converted into electronic signs carried in an electronic plasma. The dream of magical control has never been exorcised. Perhaps, after all, modern capitalism is a great factory for the production of angels." (K-169) (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))

"Future Primitive"
AUTONO X000 book $6.65
Perhaps the prime exponent of so-called "primitivist" anarchism lays out his thorough, far-reaching and extreme critique of human society in this collection of essays, in a followup to his first famous book, "Elements of Refusal." 185 page pocketbook, with an introduction by Lev Chernyi. (AUTONOMEDIA / SEMIOTEXT(E))


Publishers of books by radical theorists and visionaries promoting anarchic change, sometimes with a situationist twist.

"Hungary '56"
BAR 641 book $4.45
Also known as "How To Spit On The Floor At Red Bastard Gods And Why You Should." The Hungarian Revolution was far more than a national uprising or an attempt to change one set of rulers for another. Its object was a fundamental change in the relations of production, in the relations between ruler and ruled in factories, pits, and on the land. The so-called elimination of private property in the means of production had solved none of these problems. The concentration of political power into the hands of a bureaucratic "elite" had intensified them a thousandfold. (D-138i) (BLACK AND RED)

"Objectivity and Liberal Scholarship"
BAR 098 book $8.40
Written in 1969 at the height of the Vietnam War, Chomsky attacks the reigning "corporate liberal" scholars who backed the war, and draws important historical parallels with establishment views of the Spanish Civil War of the late 1930s. Read this as a companion to THE EX's "1936" book + CD for a very sharp analysis of how "conventional" views of the world are shaped by the powerful. 142 pages. (BLACK AND RED)

"Society Of The Spectacle"
BAR 671 book $5.60
One of the key texts of Situationist anarchism, this shows modern life as voyeurism, the individual as trivialized spectator. "In Society where modern conditions of production prevail, all of life presents itself as an immense accumulation of spectacles. Everything that was directly lived has moved away into a representation." This is NOT more Leftist idealogical bullshit! (D-119) (BLACK AND RED)

"Worker-Student Action Committees: France, May '68"
BAR 691 book $3.65
"This booklet is divided into weo parts. The first part consists of articles which are attempts to understand the events as they took place and to define the perspectives behind the actions ...the second a critical evaluation of our actions and perspectives; it is and attempt to answer why our actions did not lead to the realization of our perspec-tives...Why did the escalation of the movement reach a certain point and go no further?" (D-96i) (BLACK AND RED)

"We Called A Strike & No One Came"
BAR 681 book *$2.60
A humorous but devastating parody of the "ideas can change the world" approach to revolution appears in the form of a collage of famous European paintings and bubbles which contained succinct presentations of the various outlooks held by SDS members who were calling on Western Michigan Univ. students to strike. (D-46i) (BLACK AND RED)

"Against His-story, Against Leviathan!"
BAR 831 book $6.40
In the modern world, having exterminated the communities of outsiders, our Technological Wonder is generating outsiders within itself, replacing zeks (forced labor squads within its body) with machines, creating pockets of interal exiles. Having consumed everyone and everything, leaving only itself for reference, Leviathan entertains itself, exploits itself, wars on itself. It has nothing left to progress against except itself. (D-302i) (BLACK AND RED)

"The Continuing Appeal Of Nationalism"
BAR 852 book *$2.60
Nationalism not as a force opposed to imperialism but its internal equivalent. Sort of a history lesson for future "leaders," and anyone else who is interested. (D-58i) (BLACK AND RED)

"Incoherence Of The Intellectual: C. Wright Mills' Struggle To Unite Knowledge And Action"
BAR 702 book $4.55
A great a part of Fredy's theoretical and practical struggle was an investigation of the process of alienatiion and fragmentation by which human beings surrender their autonomy and participate in their own suppression. It is thus appropriate that he should provide this constructive critique of Mills work.argues that Mills was led away from his search for an agency to bring about social change by the constraints of academia. (D-117i) (BLACK AND RED)

"The Reproduction Of Daily Life"
BAR 692 book *$1.80
Deals with the alienation of living activity, fetishism of commodities, the transformation of living activities into capital, the accumulation of human activity, culminating in the realization that "men who were much but had little, now have much but are little." (D-24) (BLACK AND RED)

"Having Little, Being Much: A Chronicle Of Fredy Perlman's Fifty Years"
BAR 891 book $5.00
With care and respect Lorraine outlines many of the experiences, discussions, and explorations which he embodied in his prose. From descriptions of their travels in the U.S. and Europe, to accounts of the Black & Red Printing Co-Op, to reports of their interactions with other Detroit dissidents (the Fifth Estate, etc.), she fills in many of the details which can round out our understanding of the life behind his text. (D-155i) (BLACK AND RED)

"On The Poverty Of Student Life: Ten Days That Shook The University"
BAR 661 book *$1.80
The pamphlet that sparked the May 1968 riots and almost toppled a government. Still as relevant as it was two decades ago. "The student is a stoical slave; the more chains authority heaps upon him the freer he is in phantasy." (D-24) (BLACK AND RED)

"Wildcat! Dodge Truck, June 1974"
BAR 742 book *$1.80
"We were excited by the collective decision of thousands of Chrysler employees to deny the authority of daily wage labor and, for even four days, to say no to the demands of the alarm clock, the production line, bosses, union bureaucrats, judges, and cops." (Q-32i) (BLACK AND RED)

"Beyond Bookchin: Preface for a Future Social Ecology"
BAR 099 book $8.40
If Murray Bookchin is the Elmer Fudd of American anarchism, Watson is its Bugs Bunny. Part polemic and part scholarly, massively-befootnoted critique, Watson's thoughts here on technology, culture and spirituality take pioneering eco-anarchist Bookchin to task, proposing a visionary ecology that's holistic, primal and modern. 248 pages. (BLACK AND RED)


"Seditious Mandibles"
BLASWA 3 book $3.35
From one of the Chicago Surrealists, a nifty little book of poems and drawings. 8.5 x 7", 24 pages. (BLACK SWAN PRESS)

"Arsenal: Surrealist Subversion 4"
BLASWA 4 book $10.20
Numerous texts, poetry, rants, criticism, analysis, manifestos and countless examples of surrealist artwork. Well over a hundred such examples combine to document the state of radical, revolutionary surrealism at the end of the 80's. An incredibly diverse and absorbing, encyclopedic look at perhaps the most thoroughly subversive cultural/philosophical movement of the 20th century. (S-215i) (BLACK SWAN PRESS)


"Grace Beats Karma"
BLASTB 003 book $10.20
One of the Beat originals who inspired writers like Ginsburg, Kerouac and Kesey, Cassady was busted in 1958 and given a prison sentence of 5 to life for selling 3 joints to a narc. These are his collected prison letters to his wife Carolyn, his 3 children and his godfather, revealing much about his life and thoughts. (BLAST BOOKS)

BLASTB 004 book $8.45
The semiautobiographical experiences of a doctor who rescues a patient from a remote Swiss mental hospital, and then embarks on a hallucinatory series of adventures from revolutionary Russia to Berlin to the Amazon. What Indiana Jones might be if invented by Celine or Beckett. Foreward by Henry Miller. (BLAST BOOKS)

"Comics Underground Japan"
BLASTB 16 book $11.40
The wild, subversive world of Japan's best underground comics artists is explored in these 14 selections from their work, fully translated into English. Richly imaginative, with a great range of graphic style. (BLAST BOOKS)

"Ken's Guide to the Bible"
BLASTB 17 book $7.25
Going where traditional Bible guides fear to tread, this takes you directly to the Good Book's naughty parts, skipping all that boring religious stuff and laying bare all the sex, gore and lunacy with hammerhead precision and pig-iron wit. 143 pages. (BLAST BOOKS)


"Lustmord: The Writings and Artifacts of Murderers"
BLOAT 01 book $11.40
"A compilation of essays, short stories, drawings and other works, created by serial killers, mass murderers, cannibals,..." An all-star bad dream team featuring Albert Fish's naughty letters, the obvious fibs of Mary Bell, the Japan-to-Paris cannibal concept of Issei Sagawa, the clay figurines of Mr. Brown, the testimonial and drawings of Charles Starkweather, 56 pages of meanest-man-alive Carl Panzram's autobiography, philosophy and analysis of crime-prevention, plus dozens of others, preface by serial killer Herbert Mullin, and not a peep out of Charles Manson. 6"x9", 324 pages. (BLOAT)


"Raw Zed & the Condor"
BLODP 01 book $8.45
The mastermind behind the Haters writes a novel. Well, sort of. This not likely like any novel you've read before. Poetic, highly literate and thoughtful, and not always easy to grasp, as anyone who has ever encountered his surrealist-dada philosophical discourses can testify. 153 pages. (BLOODPRINT PRESS)


"This is Our Music"
SINCLA 01 book $9.00
A limited facsimile reprint of Sinclair's first book of poetry, originally published in 1965. This edition is only 500 copies, printed on heavy brown stock, and features a 1965 photo of Sinclair with jazz cornetist Charles Moore on the cover. A few of these have been signed by Sinclair. (BOOK BEAT)


"The Relevance Of Rexroth"
BPS 2 book $4.55
An appreciation and critique of the late poet, essayist, and social critic Kenneth Rexroth (1905-1982). Part I reviews Rexroth's life, from his bohemian youth in the Chicago Jazz Age of the 20s to his influential role in the San Francisco Renaissance of the 50s and 60s. Part II examines various influences on his life philosophy. Part III discusses Rexroth's anarchist and antiwar activities, his social criticism, and his views on the political and cultural revolts of the 60s. With notes and bibliography. (D-88x) (BUREAU OF PUBLIC SECRETS)

"Situationist International Anthology"
BPS 1 book $11.40
Over 80 texts: filmscripts and articles on urbanism, psycho-geography and the creation of situations, critiques of art, culture and everyday life, analyses of the society of the spectacle and its bureaucratic pseudo opposition, documents from the May 1968 revolt in France (which situationist tactics contributed toward provoking), and internal debates. With notes and bibliography. (D-406x) (BUREAU OF PUBLIC SECRETS)


"Anarchy after Leftism"
CALPRES 002 book $7.85
An intelligent, witty and compelling demolition job on both Murray Bookchin's atrocious "Social Anarchism Vs. Lifestyle Anarchism" and his overall philosophical and radical pretensions. 176 pages. (C.A.L. PRESS)


"The History of Formerly Salty Areas"
CATBOX 01 book $9.60
Bizarre, visionary art with roots in the Northern Renaissance masters such as Durer, Bosch and Breughel, as well as the imagery of authors like Melville, Lovecraft and Arthur Birdsley. This San Francisco artist has contributed to Answer Me!, Primal Chaos and Black Flame, as well as being exhibited in museums and galleries on both coasts. 67 black & white plates. (CAT BOX)


"Publishers of anti-establishment literature since 1886" who keep early radical writings alive and introducing new ones as nature calls. Subversive literature for the entire family.

"Haymarket Heritage: Memoirs Of Irving S. Abrams"
KERR 176-X book $8.45
Active as an anarchist, Wobbly, and freethinker in his younger days, Irving Abrams later made his mark as a lawyer, an organizer for needle-trades' unions, and as the last surviving member of the Pioneer Aid & Support Association - the group founded in 1887 to care for the widows and children of the Haymarket martyrs, and which later maintained the famous Haymarket Monument at Waldhiem Cemetery. Here is the candid, colorful life-story of an old-time labor radical who devoted his life to keeping the Haymarket Heritage alive. Also included are two Haymarket-related articles by Abrams (from the IWW's INDUSTRIAL WORKER and the English anarchist paper FREEDOM), a useful biographical glossary and many rare illustrations. (S-64i) (CHARLES H. KERR)

"The New Radicals In The Multiversity And Other SDS Writings On Student Syndicalism"
KERR 177-8 book $5.15
During the late 1960's, when students all over Anerica were practicing "participatory democracy" on campus by waging massive student strikes and taking over their university buildings, the three essays collect for the first time in this volume were among the most widely read pieces of student radical literature. (D-63) (CHARLES H. KERR)

"Bye! America: The Labor Cartoons Of Huck & Konopacki"
KERR 155-7 book $7.85
150 hilarious class-struggle cartoons by today's finest labor cartoonists. "The title is just the first of dozens of hardhitting verbal and visual puns in this sterling collection...Both artists are forceful, thick-lined, black and-white styles thatvigorously prosecute their staunchly held opinions: not for them the lame, gray ironies and irrelevant moralizing of the ruck of contemporary editorial doodlers." (S-112i) (CHARLES H. KERR)

"Them: More Labor Cartoons By..."
KERR 204-9 book $7.85
Do you ever get the feeling your'e living in a classic horror movie? That all the unimaginable terrors of the silver screen are as real as daily life? If fighting back against having to "star" in such a spectacle is easier if you maintain your sense of humor, this book will help. (S-112i) (CHARLES H. KERR)

"The Autobiography Of..."
KERR 166-2 book $10.20
"'The most dangerous woman in America': That's what employers and politicans called Mother Jones. But rebellious working men and women lover her as they have never loved anyone else, before or since. Today more that ever those who are struggling for a truly free society are inspired by her exemplary courage and devotion to the cause of solidarity and freedom." (K-312i) (CHARLES H. KERR)

"Rebel Voices: An I.W.W. Anthology"
CHK 1204 book $17.25
The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), known as the Wobblies, welcomed women, Blacks, and immigrants long before most other unions, and from the start were labor's outstanding pioneers and innovators, unionizing hundreds of thousands of workers previously regarded as "unorganizable." Wobblies organized the first sitdown strike, the first major auto strike, the first strike to shut down all three coalfields in Colorado, and the first "no-fare" transit-workers' job-action. With their imaginative, colorful and world-famous strikes and free speech fights, the IWW wrote many of the brightest pages in the annuals of working class emancipation. Lots of songs and comics are included. 8.5 x 11", 464 pages. (CHARLES H. KERR)

"The Right To Be Lazy"
KERR 181-6 book $6.00
Brilliant, scathing and humorous refutation of the "right to work" done in 1883 by the son-in-law of Karl Marx. The first modern pamphlet for the leisure of the worker. (D-77i) (CHARLES H. KERR)

"Haymarket Scrapbook"
CHK 1220 book $12.00
This profusley illustrated anthology by many of today's finest labor historians focuses on the most world-reverberating event in American labor history: the Haymarket Affair of 1886-87, and on the vast, incredibly varied and enduring influence it has exerted in the U.S. and across the globe. 8.5 x 11", 256 pages. (CHARLES H. KERR)

"Cultural Correspondence #10-11: Surrealism & Its Popular Accomplices"
KERRCC 11 book $4.55
Dozens of surrealists past and present on popular culture: H.P. Lovecraft, Tex Avery, George Herriman, Carl Barks, Bugs Bunny, Ernie Kovacs, Lord Buckley, blues, jazz,film, TV, T-Bone Slim, Yiddish poets, slang, nonsense and much more. (S-120i) (CHARLES H. KERR)

"Lamps Hurled At The Stunning Algebra Of Ants: New Poems"
KERRROS 1 book $4.55
"These new poems shake rattle and roll the dice of revolt, humor and erotic passion, pointing to the revolutionary reintegration of humankind and wilderness in a life made livable at last. (N-48i) (CHARLES H. KERR)

"Mr. Block: Twenty Four IWW Cartoons"
KERR 062-3 book $4.55
Beautiful facsimile reprint of the first radical comic book, originally published by the IWW in 1913. (Q-36i) (CHARLES H. KERR)

"The Port Huron Statement"
KERR 134-4 book $5.15
The single most influential document in the early history of the American New Left, THE PORT HURON STATEMENT was the "manifesto" of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) in its formative years. (D-80) (CHARLES H. KERR)

"On The Duty Of Civil Disobedience"
KERR 130-1 book $4.00
"One of the greatest and most influential classics of American radicalism, Thoreau's CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE was written as a lecture for the Concord, Mass. lyceum in January 1848." (K-64) (CHARLES H. KERR)

"IWW Songs: 1923 Edition"
KERR 189-1 book $3.65
Reprint of a classic edition of the Wobblies' famous "Little Red Song Book." Most of the songs here by Joe Hill, T-Bone Slim, Laura P. Emerson, Ralph Chaplin and many others were favorites on the picketlines and in hobo jungles "to fan the flames of discontent." (A6-64) (CHARLES H. KERR)


"Cranked Up Really High"
CODEXP 03 book $11.40
The prophet of scuzzpunk gets down again with this loud, fast and short celebration of the superdumb sleazebag thud of bands like the Saints, Eater, the Snivelling Shits, the Germs, Child Molesters, Raped, Crisis, the Last Resort, Skrewdriver, Bikini Kill, Huggy Bear, and more. 128 pages, UK import. 5 1/2"x 81/2" (CodeX)


"Blood, Carnage & the Agent Provocateur"
CONREP 1 book $3.50
The story of the LA riots as told by this researcher and reporter who carefully analyses the events and follows the footsteps of provocateurs, spies and cover-up artists to present a chilling picture of a secret war against LA's minorities. Includes a comparative postscript on the invisible government's activities in the 1965 Watts riot. Well documented, with source notes. 80 pages, lots of photos. (CONSTANTINE REPORT)

"The Florida/Hollywood Mob Connection, the CIA and O.J. Simpson"
CONREP 2 book $4.00
Oh boy, another wacky conspiracy theory! This one links some favorite targets like the CIA and organized crime to the meaningless media circus event of the decade, the O.J. Simpson trial. Unlike most such plot spinners, Constantine at least does his homework, with numerous, well researched sources, even if it is all circumstantial. 40 pages. (CONSTANTINE REPORT)


"The Gas"
SAVOY 023 book $10.20
An accident at a secret germ-warfare laboratory allows an aphrodisiac vapor to infect all of Southern England, and within 24 hours the British countryside has exploded into an uncontrollable nightmare of lust, perversion, violence, and insanity, as men, women, and children act out their deepest and weirdest obsessions and compulsions in Charles Platt's unique and explicit underground sci fi/disaster novel of sex and degeneration. Forward by noted science fiction author Philip Josť Farmer. 166 pages. (CREATION BOOKS)

"Rapid Eye Volume 1"
CRERAP 01 book $13.75
Re-press of the "finest example of sub-cultural writing to emerge during the eighties," Kathy Acker explores the psyche of an 1800's murderess, William S Burroughs enumerates the fall of art, and many more write much more, being by or about Charles Manson, Genesis P-Orridge, Jim Jones, Stewart Home, gosh. 248 pages. 8 1/2" x11" (CREATION BOOKS)

"Rapid Eye Volume 2"
CRERAP 02 book $13.75
And in this corner, an introduction to Richard Kern, cut-ups and Magick by Genesis P-Orridge, numerology and serial killers, cattle mutilations, and "The Garden" by Derek Jarman. 248 pages. 8 1/2 x 11" (CREATION BOOKS)

"Rapid Eye 3"
CRERAP 03 book $13.75
Painters, cyberpunks, dog-boys, mad scientists, occultists, neoists, performance artists, filmmakers, writers, leopard-girls and voodoo horsemen hack into the new virtual geography with articles on Robert Heinlein, Gilbert & George, William Gibson, pornography, freak film, Kenneth Anger, Stewart Home, the K Foundation, and much more. 17 articles, 250 pages. (CREATION BOOKS)


"Critical Vision: Random Essays & Tracts Concerning Sex, Religion and Death"
CRIVIS 01 book $14.90
A collection of the best articles from rare, early issues of Headpress magazine, fully updated, with new material special to this book. Two decades of pornographic comics, the Sunset Strip murders, letters to porno mags, hookers for Jesus, sex and violence, the Black Plague, the truth about Evelyn Waugh, and lots more really outrageous shit. 252 pages. (CRITICAL VISION)

"Slimetime: A Guide to Sleazy, Mindless Movie Entertainment"
CRIVIS 02 book $14.90
Reviews of over 400 seriously warped spools o' trash from around the world, all in one volume! Sci fi, schlock, women-in-prison, Japanese monsters, biker gangs, brazen gals, mindless men, kung fu mischief, bad music, flower power, puppet people, horror, gore, blaxploitation, Puchalski and his friends have seen them all. Lots of movie poster reproductions, too! 199 pages. (CRITICAL VISION)


"The Review of the American Section of the S.I., June 1969"
EXTPRS 01 zine $4.25
A historical document more than anything else, this was produced by a small New York situationist group in the late 60's, and is chock full of (and totally immersed in) the petty squabbles and personality disorders of the time. A bit heavy on the jargon & rhetoric that was so popular in 1969, but still good for a few yucks (i.e., John Sinclair rechristened as "dopey"). 46 pages, 8.5 x 5.5". (EXTREME PRESS)


Having escaped from domestication and become wild...

"The X-Rated Bible: An Irreverent Survey of Sex In The Scriptures"
FERALH 55 book $12.00
Weird and steamy action! When first published in 1985 by the Atheist Foundation, "The X-Rated Bible" caused a national furor, complete with scathing newspaper editorials, major book chain blacklisting and isolated praise, like Playboy who wrote, "a witty but scholarly examination and analysis of all the sexual activity that fundamentalists tend to overlook in the King James Bible." Now that we approach the millennium, this controversial book has been enlarged and revised, and its new printing deserves a more considered reassessment. "Everything you wanted to know about the holiness-horniness nexus, but they wouldn't tell you." George Carlin. (FERAL HOUSE)

"The Secret Life Of A Satanist: The Authorized Biography Of Anton Lavey"
FERALH 03-H hardback book $14.90
FERALH 12-S book $10.20
This fascinating and indispensible book reveals what has previously been hidden from public view. Complete with documents and articles by LaVey, and many never-before-published photographs, this assembles the stimulating memories, dreams and reflections of a notorious heretic. (D 262i) (FERAL HOUSE)

"Beneath the Underground"
FERALH 21 book $5.00
One of the leading lights of the DIY anarchist underground, Black has a reputation as an uncompromising, shoot-from-the-hip polemicist. This book is a collection of rants and reviews taken from his writings in (unfortunately unnamed) zines over the last several years. Corrosive, subversive, and always provocative. REDUCED PRICE. 190 pages. (FERAL HOUSE)

"Sex American Style: An Illustrated Romp Through The Golden Age of Heterosexuality"
FERALH 046 book $13.60
The '70s was a time saturated with sex: fern bars, nudism, porn theatres, hot tubs, couple-swapping, swingers' retreats, compliant stewardesses and mass market titillation. Filled with archival images and bizarre tidbits, step back into a world of innocence and decadence, of sexism and feminism, of great truths and greater lies. Lavishly illustrated, this revisits the charmingly naive but sex-crazed period of American history. 247 pages. (FERAL HOUSE)

"Guy Debord: Revolutionary"
FERALH 044 book $11.80
Reaching back into the ferment of Paris, France in the mid-1950s, Bracken traces the life of the major force behind the Situationist International (known for its intellectual intensity, systematic use of insults and ability to create big effects with small gestures and few people) from his initial days as a filmmaker to the occupation of the Sorbonne in the 1968 Paris riots. An engaging biography of a unique man who became something of a cult figure, and despite his attention-getting derision of authority and other avant-gardes, he eschewed celebrity status and remained in the margins. And the book's subtle revelation: Debord was against avant-garde art and totalitarianism for the simple, noble reason that he was being old fashioned. 267 pages. (FERAL HOUSE)

"Rollerderby: The Book"
FERALH 38 book $12.60
The most beautiful woman in the world gets her well deserved first book wherein she unleashes the choicest material from her infamous zine's first 16 issues. Articles and interviews with uncouth neighbors, brazen hussies, and wild characters, wonderfully illustrated with silly drawings and America's semi-naked youth. 8 1/2"x 11" 166 pages. (FERAL HOUSE)

"Cosmic Retribution - The Infernal Art Of..."
FERALH 06 book $17.10
One of the most disturbing artists of our time, Coleman's work and psyche are explored in this amazing book. Illustrations and reproductions galore, with quite a few in full color. 136 pages. (FERAL HOUSE)

"Psychic Dictatorship In The U.S.A."
FERALH 28 book $10.30
Bombing minds rather than bodies is the warfare of the new millennium. Constantine helps uncover the terrifying extent of electromagnetic and biotelemetric mind control experimentation on involuntary human subjects in America today. Funded under the euphemism of "Non-Lethal Technology," the Pentagon has developed the ability to transmit voices, and inflict pain, madness, even death with the push of a button. The wide range of contents goes from the use of cults by C.I.A. as "cover" for arms sales, the non-chalante debunking of the McMartin pre-school and other child abuse cases, River Phoenix and the Children of God cult, the history and effects of Nutrasweet and much more. The first major book to take on the smarmy background of "non-lethal technology." 220 pages, 5 1/2"x 8 1/2" (FERAL HOUSE)

"Virtual Government: CIA Mind Control Operations in America"
FERALH 045 book $11.80
Mind control dwells in that twilight zone of American paranoia along with alien invasions, zombie killers, cult murder/suicides, remote viewing, and assassination theories. Constantine connects the dots on such crimes as CIA experiments on children, the rise of Timothy McVeigh from robot to bomber, the infestation of American media by intelligence operatives, and the integration of Nazis in U.S. government to produce another scary classic of a secret world gone mad. "The Truth Is Out There." 304 pages. (FERAL HOUSE)

"Influencing Minds: A Reader in Quotations"
FERALH 25 book $10.20
This volume assembles concentrated granules of commentary on that most delicate project, shaping the human mind. Famous figures of literature, politics, religion, and the sciences dispense the pithy quotes. (FERAL HOUSE)

"Tales of Times Square"
FERALH 17 book $10.30
The author spent seven years getting to know the lonely, scared, proud, haunted people of New York's Time Square, pervert mecca of the western world. Featured are burlesque-show owners, swing-club operators, porn store managers, the girls who work the peeps, brain damaged evangelists, 300-pound hooker, the popeyes, and guilty business men who keep the place in business. The ambience and history of the last hundred years is also described well. 202 page, 5 1/2"x 8 1/2" (FERAL HOUSE)

"Monsters Are Attacking Tokyo: The Incredible World of Japanese Fantasy Films"
FERALH 47 book $13.75
Mushroom men! Gargantuan space turtles! Evil brains from outer space! Colossal cuttlefish! They're all here, with more than 200 cool photos and 50 interviews with the brilliant madmen behind and in front of the camera. From the goofy to the grand, with behind-the-scenes info on the wildest, nuttiest film genre of them all! 6x9" 320 pages (FERAL HOUSE)

"Cold-Blooded: The Saga of Charles Schmid"
FERALH 31 book $10.50
A cross between Elvis Presley and Charles Manson, Schmid was charismatic, psychopathic and totally bizarre, winning the hearts of teenage girls along Tuscon's Speedway strip, and then murdering the ones he no longer had any use for. The author has also written "Severed," about the Black Dahlia murder, and "The Garbage People," about the Manson family. 117 pages. (FERAL HOUSE)

"Nightmare Of Ecstasy: The Life Of Edward D. Wood Jr."
FERALH 24 book $12.00
Ed Wood is the transvestite B-movie auteur who wrote and directed "Glen or Glenda" and "Plan 9 From Outer Space", among many other classic representations of what is now referred to as "psychotronic" films. Ten years in the making, Rudolph Grey's definitive and colorful biography unearths the amazing saga behind this bizarre genius and his unique circle, which included Bela Lugosi, Vampira, Criswell, Tor Johnson, and other major figures from the subterranean world of B movie making in the 1950's. Includes hundreds of rare photos, many never seen before. (N 231i) (FERAL HOUSE)

"The Bomb"
FERALH 37 book $10.55
First published in 1909, this novel tells the story of the 1886 Haymarket bombing from the viewpoint of the never-caught bombthrower. Praised as a masterpiece by Aleister Crowley, and although speculative on the identity of the bomber, this captures the tenor of the times with extreme realism and clarity. Includes an introduction to the 1963 edition by John Dos Passos, and an afterword to the 1996 edition by John Zerzan. 213 pages. (FERAL HOUSE)

"Grossed-Out Surgeon Vomits Inside Patient!: An Insider's Look At Supermarket Tabloids"
FERALH 042 book $10.60
A fascinating account of the hairy underbelly of tabloids, those sleazy, devil-take-the-hindmost papers that occupy supermarket checkout stands. No longer the object of derision, they've evolved into a mainstay of American media. Drawn from Hogshire's own experience working for a prominent tabloid, he examines the history and development of sleaze, the uses to which tabloids are put to by the intelligence community, and more. A somewhat misleading title, this isn't a review of sensationalist stories, but rather an insightful and sensible study of their role in modern culture. 147 pages. (FERAL HOUSE)

FERALH 053 book $14.40
A fiendish investigation into America's love affair with pills: marketing, art, history and consumption of the little devils, from Quaaludes and Prozac to Desoxyn and Viagra. Everything from the contents of celebrity medicine chests to weird ads, pill reviews, famous pill deaths, pill laws, acquisitional tips and more more more. 248 pages. (FERAL HOUSE)

"Death Scenes: A Homicide Detective's Scrapbook"
FERALH 29 book $15.20
Lose your lunch! "The purpose of this collection of homicide pictures is to show the work of the peace officer and his problems..." and from 1921 to the early 50s, Jack Huddleston did that work in the Los Angeles area. Here are all the actual homicide scenes, corpses lying where they were found plus morgue shots, car accidents, suicides, and mug shots for each type of criminal. Also photos of various human tragedies like rabies and elephantiasis. Intro by Katherine Dunn and edited by Sean Tejartchi. 8"x10", 157 pages. (FERAL HOUSE)

"Loser: The Real Seattle Music Story"
FERALH 27 book $13.25
The Seattle scene was not invented in a plush penthouse by corporate packagers in 1992, that's just when it became everybody's favorite new plaything / easy target. This insider's perspective is an obsessively researched chonology, mainly from 1976 to 1994. Designed by Art Chantry with mucho art, photos, flyers, posters, epherma. A favorable comparison to "Hardcore California" could be made. 260 pages, 8 1/2" x 11" (FERAL HOUSE)

"Secret and Suppressed; Banned Ideas & Hidden History"
FERALH 14 book $10.20
Much like the psychopolitical half of "Apocalypse Culture", this grab bag of wild and woolly speculations confronts the reader with disquieting revelations on mind control, secret societies, media disinformation, cults, and elite cabals. For those not satisfied with conventional explanations of history, this expose raises intriguing issues and answers. And if you believe ingnorance is bliss, this book is sure to make you very unhappy. 315 pg illus. 5.5 x 8.5" (FERAL HOUSE)

"The Devil's Notebook"
FERALH 11 book $9.45
Musings, rants, essays, and "insane ramblings" by LaVey on such topics as whoopie cushions, noncomfority, occult faddism, erotic politics, demoralization, the merits of artificiality, and other delightful and unexpected excursions. 147 pages, 5.5 x 8.5". (FERAL HOUSE)

"Satan Speaks"
FERAL 660 book $10.55
The notorious founder of the Church of Satan died days after his final contribution to this collection of 60 unorthodox, paradoxical and humorous essays by the most misunderstood man in America. Foreword by MARILYN MANSON. 179 pages. (FERAL HOUSE)

"The Satanic Witch"
FERALH 00 book $10.85
In this one-of-a-kind work, LaVey illuminates the dynamics of erotic seduction, informed by a lifetime of inspired observation, especially taken from his own carny and burlesque house adventures with rubes, Stage Door Johnnies and sawdust vixens. A "satanic witch" is a woman who knows what she wants and knows how to get it. Men, take note! Introduction by Anton's bewitching daughter, Zeena. (D-274) (FERAL HOUSE)

"Apocalypse Culture: Expanded And Revised Edition"
FERALH 05 book $10.20
First published in 1987, this infamous book immediately touched a nerve. Alternately excoriated and lauded as epochal, it had begun to articulate what many sensed - the fear-inspired upsurge of irrationalism and faith, tha clash of irreconcilable forces, and the ever-looming specter of FIN DE RACE. This new, enlarged edition takes on new perpectives on our crisis, with pertinent revisions of many articles from the original edition. Forty bizarre, crazy, disturbing, obscene and strange views, not for the weak of stomach, heart or will. (D-362i) (FERAL HOUSE)

"Cult Rapture"
FERALH 22 book $12.00
The rapturously cultic experiences of the panic-stricken middle class ecsaping the apocalypse. The true story of Walter and Margaret Keane, Christian patriots do armed revolution, wierd sex cults, underneath the sheets of Archeangel Uriel, driving Highway 61 with the ultimate conspiracy theorist James Shelby Downard, SWAT team member unveil plans for the future, mind control technology, and much more. All but 3 pieces are by Parfrey, no filler, great photos. 370 pages, 6"x 9" (FERAL HOUSE)

"The Magician's Dictionary"
FERALH 01 book $10.20
A trenchant, humorous, and encyclopedic guide to contemporary occultism. Kenneth Grant meets Ambrose Bierce. We tend to imagine that it's just the childlike, fairytale belief in the ability to work miracles - as though ordinary reality isn't miracle enough. Or even worse, we act as though Magic were just another toy that we confidently expect some giant cosmic Santa Claus to deliver once we have achieved purity on some pinnacle of self-hypnosis. This book is as much a work of art as a work of research. (D-301i) (FERAL HOUSE)

"The Making of a Serial Killer"
FERALH 40 book $11.55
Convicted murderer Rolling and his girlfriend London tell the story of the killer's life and crimes in gruesome detail, including the murders of 5 Gainesville, Florida students in 1990, and his alleged experiences with demonic entities. Includes an introduction by Colin Wilson and many drawings by Rolling. 201 pages. (FERAL HOUSE)

"Killer Fiction"
FERALH 043 book $11.80
As told to Sondra London. Recently killed in prison, Schaefer was originally sentenced as a result of his stories and illustrations depicting serial crime, which are reproduced here, making this a book unlike any other. Schaefer's repulsive but readable style, influenced by literary mentor Harry Crews, provides the most tangible and terrifying depiction of serial murder in print. 291 pages. (FERAL HOUSE)

"Cad: A Handbook For Heels"
FERALH 09 book $12.00
Slick cats, hip chicks, exotic sounds, etchings, G-men, B-girls, stag parties, stogies, Spanish fly, German beer, 3 a.m. ... CAD time-trips to 1957, creating a total environment of tease and prurient mystery, a stunning evocation of devilish bachelorhood. CAD belongs on every male's nightstand right next to the little black book. Contents include: The Trumpet and the Spike by Chet Baker; Shot Caller by Terry Hammonds; Headshrinking the Dirty Joke by Adam Parfrey; Sounds of Seduction by Dick Blackburn; Frankie and Johnny by Daniel Clowes; Bally Girls by D. Thomas; Leeteg of Tahiti: Modern Master of Black Velvet by Charles Krafft; How to Cultivate Your Wolf Whistle by I.M. Frencher; Hunke Meets Kinsey by Don Kennison; Poems for Men by Damon Runyon; Tina Louise, a stunning pictorial; Hangover Cures by Virgil Partch; Russ Meyer, the Interview by C. Schneider. A totally bitchin' cover photo by Russ Meyer. (S-148i) (FERAL HOUSE)

"The Octopus: Secret Government and the Death of Danny Casolero"
FERALH 39 hardcover book $15.15
Investigative reporter Casolero is found dead in a hotel room in 1991, an apparent suicide. But why, just after phoning his wife that he was near a breakthrough on the Inslaw scandal? And why were his notes missing? One of the darkest, most impenetrable, wide-ranging and least investigated scandals of the Reagan-Bush years, Inslaw involves Attorney General Ed Meese, the CIA, the Mafia, and a whole raft of equally unsavory characters and organizations. This book brings together what is known of Casolero'sinvestigation, together with court and congressional records, and numerous references. 181 pages. (FERAL HOUSE)


Since 1886, this English anarchist/ libertarian socialist group of volunteer propagandists has been continuously publishing journals and literature, as well as encouraging others to do the same.

"Why Work?: Arguments For The Leisure Society"
FREEDOM 62 book $9.80
The title of this collection is meant to be provocative - the distinction is between useful work and useless toil; between pleasurable work and boring, well-paid, useless employment. The point is to abolish work for private profit, putting in its place work for real needs. Contributions by Bertrand Russell, William Morris, Peter Kropotkin, and eleven others. Includes 6 large pull-out illustrations of collective living. (D-210i) (FREEDOM PRESS)

"Wildcat Strikes Again"
FREEDOM 476 book $5.30
Anarchist cartoons featuring that aggravating kitty, Wildcat, and her adventures. Witty and delightful, devilish and insightful. Printed in England. 8 x 6", 48 pages. (FREEDOM PRESS)

"Anarchy In Action"
FREEDOM 71 book $8.20
"Suppose our future in fact lies, not with a handful of technocrats pushing buttons to support the rest of us, but with a multitude of small activities, whether by individuals or groups, doing their own thing?...Wouldn't that be something to do with anarchism?" (D-152) (FREEDOM PRESS)


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