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"From Chaos to 1984"
GET 44-1 LP $9.60
Their final show, recorded in Waterloo's studio in 1984 for fans and friends, featuring Roi of LAST RESORT on vocals. Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Arise Plus Two"
VIRUS 243-1 LP $8.85
VIRUS 243-2 CD $10.50
A re-release, with 2 previously unreleased bonus tracks, of this 1985 proto-crust/grind/power classic from the UK. Unbelievably heavy, dark and doomy. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"Total Chaos"
GET 48-1 LP $9.60
A.k.a. "Chaos UK," i.e. self titled. A bunch of tracks collected from early '80s singles by this classic Bristol hardcore group. The same CD is on the Anagram label, and a cheaper CD titled "Chaos UK" with 4 fewer songs is on the Creative Man label. Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Live '85"
NYHC 1-2 CD $10.70
A show from January 1985 with 12 songs, and another from June 1985 with 16 songs. (NEW YORK HARDCORE)

"Live '85-'86"
NYHC 2-2 CD $10.70
Two shows with 15 songs each, recorded at CBGBs in Sept. 1985 and July 1986. (NEW YORK HARDCORE)

"Drunks With Guns"
NITRO 14-1 LP $10.00
This mid-'80s St. Louis band blended the bottom-heavy riffage of BLACK SABBATH with the fury of hardcore, creating an impressive wall-of sludge that presaged later bands like the MELVINS and MUDHONEY. This re releases their only LP, with new artwork and a previously unreleased bonus track. Belgian import. (NITRO)

"The Spirit of Rebellion"
ELP 002-1 LP $11.20
The 3rd and final album by this early '80s UK streetpunk band, first out in 1984 on Riot City. SHAM 69 style punk, straight out reggae tunes and political protest. Very limited copies, Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)

"Blind Roaches and Fat Vultures: Phantasmagorical Beasts of the Reagan Era"
VIRUS 244-2 CD $10.50
Who are these vain little children?! One of the best punk records of 1984, this New York band's debut album melds thrash, psychedelic drones, bass driven reggae, rap grooves and punk-rock opera in an unlikely but amazingly intense recording. This re-release adds 8 bonus cuts including their ultra-rare singles and previously unreleased material. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"Complete History, Volume One"
DSR 81-2 2xCD $13.25
A full 80 tracks from one of the most influential bands to come out of the early-'80s DC scene, this includes the "Make an Effort" EP, the "Boycott Stabb" EP, the "Joyride" LP, "The Fun Never Ends" LP, "Give Us Stabb or Give Us Death" LP, the live LP and the self-titled LP, plus comp tracks, live stuff, interviews, and a 20 page booklet with liner notes from Tom Lyle, John Stabb and more. (DR. STRANGE)

"In Cold Blood"
MR 142-1 2x10" $14.90
Five studio recordings (originally released in 1983) plus a live album. Limited edition of 750, Spanish import. (MUNSTER)

TATOAO 1202-1 LP $10.60
A re-issue of this Basque band's heavily CLASH-inspired 1987 ska-punk album, including two live bonus tracks. A raw and rockin' '77-style punk attack with ska rhythms, chunky guitars and a bit of hardcore. Spanish import. (TATUAO)

"Babysitters on Acid"
BFFP 52-2 CD $10.40
Five drug-addled New Yawk girls do thrash & bang hardcore. A re-release of their long-unavailable Blast First album. (MISC. LABELS)

DSR 70-2 CD $9.65
This combines their first self-titled LP, their 2nd "A Thousand Words" LP, plus the "Right is Right" and "Second Chances" 7"s. A great look back at this 15 year old street punk/hardcore band. (DR. STRANGE)

"...And Nothing But the Truth"
CF 015-2 CD $8.90
Eleven tracks from the 1992 album, with 3 bonus tracks from 3 different compilations. (COLDFRONT)

"I Was a Teenage Teenager"
CF 011-2 CD $8.90
Classic melodic political punk. This re-issue of the original LP is beefed up with 4 bonus tracks collected from singles and comps. (COLDFRONT)

SKIP 79-7 7" $4.00
Arguably San Francisco's first punk/metal band and Nyna Crawford's first band after she left the VKTMS along with Bob Clic who had just left THE LEWD. Ahead of their time and anticipating the "crossover" scene by a few years; yet these songs are strong, powerful punk songs with tinges of tasteful metal playing (not metal wank). These tracks were mixed off the original 16 track tape. (BROKEN)

"Live at the Crystal Pistol"
PRANK 042-1 LP $8.55
PRANK 042-2 CD $9.00
Live and raw as hell in 1983 at a Tulsa cowboy bar, this is the classic early-'80s hardcore outfit's first release, originally out on cassette only, and completely unavailable since. With liner notes by singer Jeff Klein. (PRANK)

"The Time was Right"
GET 41-1 LP $9.60
The 2nd album by the Welsh Oi! band, originally released in 1984 on Cloak & Dagger Records. Bonus track: the 7" version of "Blind Ambition." Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Sistemados Pelo Crucifa"
VIRUS 249-1 LP $8.85
VIRUS 249-2 CD $10.50
The Brazilian hardcore/crust veterans re-record their entire 1983 debut album (South America's first hardcore LP), with state-of-the-art Y2K production. Also included are 2 re-recordings of songs from their 2nd album, plus a cover of a song by Brazilian punk pioneers AQUIDELROCK. In addition, the CD has the entire original 1983 recording as bonus tracks! (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"Screams from the Gutter"
UP 007-1 LP $9.60
An authorized vinyl re-issue of this classic 1984 Italian hardcore album, with 17 tracks of blistering hi-energy thrash, wailing leads and some of the sickest vocals ever recorded. New cover art and insert. Canadian import. (UGLY POP)

"From the Forgotten Memories of Punks Failed Hopes and Dreams"
MOO SEW-2 CD $7.75
Late-'80s Sacramento drunks' sing-a-long folky punk that protests yet is tuneful, and makes you all giggles and shits. Their entire recorded output (including their Lookout 7" and Very Small release) is regurgitated onto this 36-song disc, with booklet, lyrics and band history. (MOO-LA-LA)

"Tell Us the Truth"
GET 36-1 LP $9.60
The first album, originally released in 1978, by this prototypical UK oi/street punk band. One side studio, one side live. Italian import. (GET BACK)

TMU 059-2 2xCD $12.00
The complete collected discography of this influential early-'90s hardcore band, also including their original demo recordings and 3 previously unreleased songs. (TROUBLEMAN)

"Mouse Ear: Forget Me Not"
TMU 013-1 LP $8.55
A special limited, one-time color vinyl re-issue of their most popular album! They say this is the last time it will be on vinyl! (TROUBLEMAN)

"Teenage Disaster"
SFTRI 437-1 LP $8.25
SFTRI 437-2 CD $9.65
The band that spawned the HUMPERS, one of the most notorious rock-n-roll bands of their era in L.A. Formed in l984 when Scott Drake and Mike Crescione hooked up with transvestite superstar Pinky Flamingo (aka Rik Homan.) From these bastard offspring of THE HEARTBREAKERS and THE RONETTES we get 12 tracks from demos and live sets 1986 to 1988. They played really hard, they lived way too fast and one of them died way too young. (SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY)

"Trash Brats"
I94 002-2 CD $10.10
This CD re-issues the 1991 cassette-only album by this Detroit glam-pop punk band, which has sold over 6000 copies over the years. Remixed and remastered to give it a bigger, full-throttle sound, and with 2 bonus tracks from the original sessions plus some great band photos from the period, this is a numbered, limited edition of 661. (I-94)

"Alle 24 Goed"
NITRO 16-1 LP $11.20
A reissue of this famous and now very rare 1985 Belgian hardcore compilation, with 24 tracks by WR3, CAPITAL SCUM, KOYAANISQATI, VORTEX, DE WULPSE VARKENS, and ZYKLOME A. Mastered from the original master tapes, this is a limited edition of 500 on each format. Belgian import. (DEMOLITION DERBY)

"Carry On Oi!"
GET 42-1 LP $9.60
The third of Gary "Mr. Oi!" Bushell's notorious comps, this features THE BUSINESS, THE PARTISANS, INFA RIOT, PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES, BLITZ, LAST RESORT, EJECTED, 4 SKINS, RED ALERT and more! Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Eye of the Thrashguerilla"
ETG 01-1 LP $11.20
A re-issue of a very rare Japanese brutal hardcore/thrashcore compilation from 1988, with 23 cuts by DEATH SIDE, TETSUAREI, S.O.B., RAISE CAIN, NIGHT MARE, and CROW. Includes all the original artwork, including the lyric insert. Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)

"Not So Quiet on the Western Front"
VIRUS 14-1 2xLP $9.70
VIRUS 14-2 CD $10.50
Re-issue of this classic 1982 Northern California and Nevada punk compilation, originally put together by Maximum Rocknroll founder Tim Yohannan, MRR writer Jeff Bale, Jello Biafra of the DEAD KENNEDYS, and future Mordam Records owner Ruth Schwartz. 47 classic, rare tracks by MDC, FANG, CODE OF HONOR, SOCIAL UNREST, LENNONBURGER, BAD POSTURE, 7 SECONDS, FLIPPER, NO ALTERNATIVE, CHURCH POLICE, WHIPPING BOY, CRUCIFIX, RIBSY, UXB, MIA, VICIOUS CIRCLE, IMPATIENT YOUTH, INTENSIFIED CHAOS, DEADLY REIGN, URBAN ASSAULT, REBEL TRUTH, NAKED LADY WRESTLERS, CAPITOL PUNISHMENT, and lots lots more. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"Oi! Oi! That's Yer Lot!"
GET 46-1 LP $9.60
Another collection of the best of British Oi! Features stuff from THE BUSINESS, ATTAK, ATTILA THE STOCKBROKER, THE OPPRESSED, and many more. Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Secret Records: The Best & the Rest"
GET 12-1 LP $9.60
GET 12-2 CD $11.90
A great collection of 22 tracks from the archives of Secret Records, featuring INFA RIOT, THE BUSINESS, CHRON GEN, THE EXPLOITED, and 4 SKINS, including both classics and rare tracks. Italian import. (GET BACK)

"The Punx"
PUNX 01-1 LP $10.60
Killer Japanese hardcore and punk from the mid-'80s, released at the time only on cassette, and now on vinyl for the first time. Tracks from: GISM, LIP CREAM, GAS, LAUGHIN' NOSE, COBRA, and WILLARD. Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)

"The Punk Singles, 1981-1985"
GET 50-1 LP $9.60
24 tracks drawn from their 7" releases, including British punk classics like "Protest and Survive," "Die for Your Government," "Another Religion Another War," "Massacred Millions," "Soldier Boy," and "Led to the Slaughter." The CD is on the Anagram label. Italian import. (GET BACK)


"Secret Agent Man"/"Shakin' All Over"
AGOR 86-7 7" $5.70
Originally released on Invisible Records in 1986, this showcases two songs by this classic southern California surf/punk trio/Beach Boulevard movers and dark night playboys. On clear vinyl. Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)

"A Date with Elvis"
VENGEANCE 671-1 LP $9.70
VENGEANCE 671-2 CD $11.40
The only album recorded as a 3-piece from 1985, with Poison Ivy doubling on bass. Sociopathic advice, paeans to poontang, and a soulful cover of CHARLIE FEATHER's "It's Just That Song." 4 bonus tracks on the CD include "Get Off the Road" (theme from Z-movie "She-Devils on Wheels") and 3 stark rockabilly ballads including ANDY STARR's frighteningly horny "Give Me a Woman." Knif purple vinyl. (VENGEANCE)

"Big Beat from Badsville"
VENGEANCE 674-1 LP $9.70
VENGEANCE 674-2 CD $11.40
A haul-ass careening monster of a record from 1997 with songs of mutilation, shape-shifting, she-devil-worship and pussy. The CD includes 4 rare bonus tracks: the nutty audio inkblot "Confessions of a Psycho Cat" and Poison Ivy's chilling instro blast "Peter Gunn." LP on blood red vinyl. (VENGEANCE)

"Look Mom, No Head!"
VENGEANCE 673-1 LP $9.70
VENGEANCE 673-2 CD $11.40
Rock'n'roll in full regalia, with celebrations of intoxication and sexual prowess from 1991. Includes "Dames, Booze, Chains and Boots" from the movie "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me," a torchy take on JACK NITZSCHE's slow-fuck blues "Hardworkin' Man," cross-dressing classic "I Wanna Get in Your Pants," and a duet with IGGY POP on "Miniskirt Blues." CD bonus track is the wonderfully sloppy "Jelly Roll Rock." Slime green vinyl. (VENGEANCE)

VENGEANCE 669-1 LP $9.70
VENGEANCE 669-2 CD $11.40
Over-the-top live show from down-under, recorded at the 100th show of the 1986 tour. Released incognito in 1987 on limited import vinyl LP to compete with the glut of CRAMPS bootlegs. Get dixie-fried! CD includes 3 bonus tracks. Strange orange vinyl. (VENGEANCE)

"Smell of Female"
VENGEANCE 670-1 LP $9.70
VENGEANCE 670-2 CD $11.40
Recorded at the famous Peppermint Lounge in 1983. Distills a cross of swampwater, moonshine and nitro down to a dangerous unstable musical substance, captured LIVE like a crazed animal. Extra tracks include out of-control freakouts of "Beautiful Gardens" and "She Said" plus "Surfin' Dead" (from 1984 soundtrack "Return of the Living Dead"). Smello yellow vinyl. (VENGEANCE)

"Stay Sick!"
VENGEANCE 672-1 LP $9.70
VENGEANCE 672-2 CD $11.40
Sex-classic originally released in 1990. The dark side of rockabilly in a jugular vein. Hopped-up hog-wild covers include a version of perverse rarity "Her Love Rubbed Off" (the only song that CARL PERKINS was admittedly ashamed of writing), plus action-packed originals celebrating kamikaze thrill-seeking and scary sexy she-creatures. Pure jungle music. A favorite among rock'n'roll sickos worldwide. The CD now includes a total of 6 bonus tracks (3 new). Turn blue vinyl. (VENGEANCE)

"Breakfast with the Holes"
SV 20-2 CD $8.00
The 2nd album from this Cleveland dumbass-punk outfit, first released in 1985. Chock full of toilet humor and zany covers, with 12 bonus studio tracks (no live stuff) including the first studio recordings with Bob Sablack of THE DEFNICS. (SMOG VEIL)

"Scalpel Party"
WRENCH 18-2 CD $10.70
A collection of the best from this totally insane early '90s UK band, including the entire "Chainsaw Masochist" LP and "Gastro Boy" 7", plus their split 7" with the FELLS and the best from their other 3 LPs and 3 7"s. Super fast, super twisted, super lo-fi-distorto and super funny punk burnouts! UK import. (WRENCH)

"Blood Red River"
SFTRI 675-2 CD $10.80
This collects tracks from 1982-84 (essentially the period after their 1st LP and before their move to the UK) by an outstanding though underrated Australian band on a mission to take rock back to its most basic, primal essence. Includes their "Blood Red River" mini-LP and 9 additional tracks, with amazing photos and extensive liner notes by Kim Salmon. (SYMPATHY)

"Land of the Lost"
GIFT 023-1 LP $11.20
A vinyl re-issue of the 1986 album by the Portland punk/hard rock trio, with lots of Greg Sage's signature ringing power guitar. Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)


"Loose Shoes and Tight Pussy"
MR 174-1 LP $8.90
Chilton does covers of classic raunchy R&B songs of the '40s, '50s and '60s in the studio in New Orleans. Great recording and production. Gatefold jacket, Spanish import. (MUNSTER)

"Lapdance Remixes"
ITR 066-1 12" $7.55
New York hipster remix kings Jim Waters (producer of JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION and DOO RAG) and Jim Thirlwell (FOETUS) each do a lengthy, awesome version of the godfather of porno R&B sleaze's tribute to his favorite pastime. (IN THE RED)

"Owed to Myself"
SCEB 907-1 LP $12.55
SCEB 907-2 CD $13.00
8 tracks recorded in 1974 during Brown's stay in Italy, this includes covers like "Try A Little Tenderness" by Otis Redding and an elegant version of B. Whiters' "Ain't No Sunshine," but the real gems are the originals, full of energy and waiting to be discovered. Track six, "G.R.F.," has been identified as the explosive track, the one most appetizing for Afro/Funk DJs. Italian import. (SCHEMA)

"Har Mar Superstar"
KRS 365-2 CD $11.30
Straight up R&B-hip hop from this sweet-voiced white boy from St. Paul, who also happens to be SEAN NA NA's brother. (KILL ROCK STARS)

"Teenage Tupelo"
SFTRI 581-1 LP $8.25
Recorded in 1995 in Memphis, this is the soundtrack to John Michael McCarthy's trashsploitation classic, "Teenage Tupelo." Limited edition, with deluxe 12x12 booklet featuring full-color photos of D'Lanna Tunnell and others from the film. (SYMPATHY)

"Live at the Olympia"
MUNSTER 197-1 LP $9.60
A document of one of the last performances by the undisputed king of horror rock'n'roll/R&B, and certainly one of the flashiest, most outrageous performers we're ever likely to see. This includes many of his hits, plus a few previously unrecorded tunes, recorded at the Olympia in Paris in May 1998. Spanish import. (MUNSTER)

"Mojo Rhythms & Midnight Blues"
RPM 207-2 CD $13.00
a.k.a "Sessions & Shows 1965-68." The first archive release of excellent live recordings 1965-68 of this British R&B from their Stevie Winwood era, with 19 tracks including all their best songs recorded for BBC broadcast and live in concert. Quality packaging, rare full-color photos and extensive liner notes; a must for all SDG fans. UK import. (RPM)

"Rare L.A. Tracks: West Coast Style Vintage R&B and Doo-Wop, 1958 1964"
BA 1134-2 CD $10.80
Both obscure re-issues and previously unreleased cuts by little-known L.A. R&B and doo-wop groups from the late '50s and early '60s. (BACCHUS ARCHIVES)


"Ultraglide in Black"
ITR 079-1 LP $8.70
ITR 079-2 CD $11.30
The many-talented Mick Collins does his take on '60s soul in this latest DIRTBOMBS opus, with help from BANTAM ROOSTER's Tom Potter among others. Covers of unforgettable classics by MARVIN GAYE, PARLIAMENT, BARRY WHITE, CURTIS MAYFIELD, STEVIE WONDER, SLY & THE FAMILY STONE and many others, plus a few originals, all in that raw-as-fuck DIRTBOMBS style. (IN THE RED)

"Shake Your Monkey"
ITR 080-1 LP $8.70
ITR 080-2 CD $11.30
The 2nd album by another Mick Collins project, it's all blues/R&B covers with extra helpings of menace, bile, danger and dread. IKE TURNER, THE ROLLING STONES, SMOKEY ROBINSON, JOHN LEE HOOKER and many others get the hoodoo treatment. Ex-RED AUNT Terri Wahl helps out on screechy vocals and guitar. (IN THE RED)


"Simply Beautiful"
GET 8003-1 LP $12.55
This compiles 12 classic tracks from the king of early '70s R&B crooners: "Take Me to the River," "Right Now, Right Now," "I'm Glad You're Mine," "Full of Fire," "L-O-V-E," and more. Gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"The Young Mods' Forgotten Story"
GET 8002-1 LP $12.55
Originally released in 1969 on Curtdom, this is Curtis Mayfield's final album with THE IMPRESSIONS. Very outspoken message songs mix with classic and moving Mayfield love tunes. Original artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Three the Hard Way OST"
GET 8007-1 LP $12.55
The original soundtrack recording, first out on Curtom/Buddha, for this 1974 blaxploitation movie directed by Gordon Parks Jr. and starring Jim Brown, Fred Williamson and Jim Kelly. 8 super cool tracks and groovy arrangements, new artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"The Last Poets"
GET 8005-1 LP $12.55
The seminal debut album from one of the prime originators of what would become rap and hip-hop, first out in 1970 on the Douglas label and reaching the top 10 in the US. Politically-charged raps, syncopated rhythms and dedication to raising Black consciousness, this features the classic "When the Revolution Comes." 13 tracks, original artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Let's Party with the Meters"
GET 8006-1 2xLP $17.40
Here's 19 tracks taken from the first 3 albums by this fantastic combo that defined New Orleans funk, all released between 1969 and 1970 on the Josie label and produced by Allen Toussaint and Marshall Sehorn. Mostly instrumentals, the syncopated rhythms and living grooves of guitar and organ create a distinctive, organic, earthy funk that made them New Orleans legends. Great artwork and liner notes, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Little Girl Blue"
GET 2003-1 LP $12.55
A re-issue of the singer/pianist's first recording, originally out on Bethlehem in 1957. Emotional and idiosyncratic treatments of a diverse collection of standards, including her first hits, "I Loves You Porgy" (from Gershwin's "Porgy and Bess") and "My Baby Just Cares for Me." Includes 3 bonus tracks, plus new artwork and liner notes. 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)


"Reggae Injection"
TKOROUND 34-1 LP $8.85
TKOROUND 34-2 CD $10.35
Authentic-style roots reggae with the funky elements of TOOTS AND THE MAYTALS, LEE PERRY's dub-driven beats, and the live energy of SLY & THE FAMILY STONE. Lead Hammond organ, Lesie amps and a heavy heavy sound. (TKO)


"Natty Rebel"
GET 902-1 2xLP $17.40
The best and most highly sought-after tracks from the vaults of Marley's former manager Danny Simms: 16 tracks produced by Johnny Nash and Arthur Jenkins in 1968, and 16 tracks produced by Leslie Kong, the Wailers and Bunny Lee in 1970. With rare and previously unreleased photos, plus a rare interview. Gatefold sleeve, cool artwork, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

GET 901-1 LP $12.55
This legendary reggae album was recorded at Channel One Studio in Jamaica in 1978 and originally released on United Artists. All 7 tracks are remastered from the original studio masters. Gatefold sleeve, original artwork, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)


"Every Night Saturday Night"
SFTRI 646-2 CD $9.65
13 siren songs of death, love and sweet unbridled soul from this houserockin' R&B-laced Austin band. (SYMPATHY)

"Boxing with God"
SFTRI 676-2 CD $10.80
His first release of new material in 5 years finds The Mexican Elvis tackling the religions of the world: Judeo-Christian, Zen Buddhist, Krishna, Jewish, Santeria, Aztec Sacrifice. This is no church picnic! (SYMPATHY)

"Greetings from Buttown"
BW 31991-1 LP $11.20
Mostly acoustic demos recorded by the Ig himself in 1990, plus a version of ALICE COOPER's "Love Transfusion" from "Shocker," full-band demos of "When Dreaming Fails" and "My Baby Wants to Rock & Roll" with SLASH, and a couple other goodies. German import, limited to only 500 copies. (BW)

"Goodbye to Yesterday"
KEBAB 012-7 7" $4.55
Two new songs from this SoCal rock'n'roll institution: a powerful, speed demon rocker (exclusive to this release), and on the flip, their first-ever acoustic recording! Swiss import. (SHEEP)

"Super Touchy Feely"
SKIP 77-2 CD $9.65
Rock band with punk around the edges, with the uncanny ability to rock hard, yet have catchy melodies and vocal harmonies. Call it punk rock, pop punk, noisy pop, or just plain rock this has what you've been jonesing for. (BROKEN)

"Jetboy Blues"
MUNSTER 7151-7 7" $4.85
The 2nd solo 7" from a notorious former member of THE BITCH BOYS, who also played with JOHNNY THUNDERS in the '80s. Expect a good dose of sleazy '70s style rock from this guy. Limited pressing of 300, Spanish import. (MUNSTER)

"Cosmic Smile"
HZ 002-1 2xLP $25.60
Previously unreleased material recorded by Randy California and band between 1990 and 1997. 15 tracks, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (HORIZONS)

"Rush Hour"
VIRUS 251-1 LP $8.85
VIRUS 251-2 CD $10.50
It's Wesley at his most consistently abstract and stunningly original. Recorded in 1993 but never released (except for 5 tracks on his 2 "Greatest Hits" albums, which are not included here), here's one of the most eclectic albums from the WILD MAN FISCHER of Chicago. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)


"Son Of... A Lad From Spain? The CD"
SFTRI 595-2 CD $9.65
Like a monster movie come to haunt you again, EL VEZ's last 10" vinyl release "A Lad From Spain?" has been reborn, remixed, re-mastered and added onto like the Frankenstein Monster it is! EL VEZ has searched his vaults for rare recordings and missing tracks, searching out for personal moments, one time only live sessions, unreleased versions and live radio broadcasts, even phone messages. EL VEZ has even commented on each track in his liner notes; an intimate, personal and often humorous release. (SYMPATHY)

"The Yellow Princess"
VSD 79293-1 LP $17.25
VSD 79293-2 CD $13.00
A great album by the father of American primitive guitar, originally released in 1969. With Jay Ferguson, Mark and Matt Andes, and Kevin Kelley. 9 tracks, original artwork, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (AKARMA)


"Sin City Hotrods"
ID 123373-1 LP $8.85
ID 123373-2 CD $10.80
Las Vegas' premier rockabilly combo, filling the empty space left by THE SHAKIN' DOMINOES and complementing the rockabilly explosion set off by local bands THE RUFFNECKS and THE SHUFFLE-AIRES. High octane, no brakes, no holds barred! (DIONYSUS)

"Original 50's Punk"
VR 705-7 7" $4.65
German ELVIS impersonator, one-man band and general wacko with 8 seriously demented songs. Really minimalist deep-into-it Sun-style rockabilly mixed with sauerkraut and way too much Weiss beer! Swiss import. (VOODOO RHYTHM)

"Eric Kinsey & His Tip-Top Daddies"
SHAKE 519-2 CD $10.30
The debut release from a rootsy, fresh and vibrant hillbilly boogie combo that combines the best of country and rockabilly. (SHAKE IT)

"Fought Back and Lost"
SFTRI 604-1 LP $8.25
SFTRI 604-2 CD $9.65
The soul and depth of American roots music, plus the fire and energy of punk, as if HOUND DOG TAYLOR was sitting in with the STOOGES rhythm section, fronted by the recently-revived corpse of BUDDY HOLLY. Actually, it's John Schooley (ex-REVELATORS) on guitar and vocals, Andy Martin (ex BULEMICS) on bass, and Trey Roblez (ex-YOUNG LOSERS) on drums. (SYMPATHY)

"Drinkin' My Life Away"
SH 516-2 CD $11.00
These recordings span just some of the years HASIL ADKINS has spent in Boone County, West Virginia making his mark on American contemporary culture. Thirteen songs about lost love, drinkin' and doin' the Chicken Wobble from the king of lo-fi downhome backwoods blues, pulled directly from cassettes with no studio enhancements. (SHAKE IT)

"Wise Up, Watch Out"
ID 123372-1 LP $8.85
ID 123372-2 CD $10.80
Roots rock alert! The first album by this Japanese rockabilly quartet fronted by female vocalist Chie Comeda, and featured with a 4-page spread in V/Search's "Swing" book. Produced by Deke Dickerson of UNTAMED YOUTH, this recording is saturated with authentic '50s production and sound. (DIONYSUS)

"Live! In The Bed"
SFTRI 607-1 LP $8.25
SFTRI 607-2 CD $9.65
Ass-slappin' rock'n'roll dance music that'll make you think of songs like "Louie Louie," "Hang On Sloopy," and "Gloria," and performers like LARRY WILLIAMS or JJ JACKSON. Features three SPACESHITS (one a DAYLIGHT LOVER) and a sexy temptress, delivering thawed-out melodies from ages past, musical mating calls for generations young and old! Vinyl limited to 1000. (SYMPATHY)

"I've Lived a Rich Life"
SFTRI 650-1 LP $8.25
SFTRI 650-2 CD $9.65
The leader of THE GIBSON BROS. and '68 COMEBACK, armed only with acoustic guitar and cowboy hat, performs live at Shangri-La Records in Memphis, with rockabilly and '50s-'60s rock'n'roll covers from folks like GENE VINCENT, WARREN SMITH, BUDDY HOLLY and ALEX CHILTON as well as several originals. (SYMPATHY)

"Rockabilly Ladies"
ID 123362-2 CD $10.80
All-acoustic hillbilly rockabilly, with Ray leading a band featuring acoustic guitar, standup bass, dobro steel guitar, mandolin, harmonica, fiddle and spoons! Great choice of classic songs, too! (DIONYSUS)

"Reigning Sound"
SFTRI 656-7 7" $4.00
The first single from GREG OBLIVIAN's new band. Two originals, plus GENE CLARK's "Without You." (SYMPATHY)

"More Bad Habits"
YEP 2012-2 CD $11.60
One of the pioneers of American rock'n'roll (he just turned 60), the Blonde Bomber releases his first US-recorded studio album since the 1960s with this collection of hot, down-home rockabilly tunes. Raw, jazzy and rockin' as hell all at the same time, and it sounds like Ronnie's having so much fun there oughta be a law. (YEP ROC)

"Bad Moon Rising"
SFTRI 643-1 LP $8.25
SFTRI 643-2 CD $9.65
Once again, Jack Yarbrough (a.k.a. Jack Oblivian) is back to heat up the streets of Memphis, TN, and the turntables of trash-obsessed rock'n'roll fans around the world . Bassist Scott Bomar (IMPALAS, BO-KEYS), Bubba Bonds on the drums, and guitarist John Whittemore round out this stompin' roots combo, taking us from Bakersfield-style country to Keith Richards rhythm, glam metal dirges, and some straight ahead American rock! (SYMPATHY)


"Boys from Brutalsville"
TKOROUND 62-1 LP $8.85
TKOROUND 62-P pic LP $10.00
TKOROUND 62-2 CD $10.50
The first album since 1996's "Here to Ruin Your Groove," the undisputed heavyweight kings of scumfuck rock'n'roll unleash a blood soaked death match of a record onto an unsuspecting public. Sizzling slices of country soul and rock'n'roll annihilation! If this record doesn't change your life, it will certainly end it. (TKO)


TMU 038-7 7" $4.00
This is a solo by Kevin Barker from Chicago band ADEN (on Teenbeat). His songs are acoustic and are crafted not unlike NICK DRAKE or NEIL YOUNG, or possibly ELLIOT SMITH. His guitar playing is intricate yet delicate and hook ridden in a melancholy way. A true songwriter. CURRITUCK COUNTY marks the debut of the Troubleman Unlimited Solo Singles Series (tmuSSS), a series of limited 7"s highlighting the solo aspect of song writing. All pressings are one-time only and will NOT be available ever again (no CD compilation). (TROUBLEMAN)

KRS 340-2 CD $11.30
The 3rd solo album from the South Carolina singer-songwriter with a voice like JANIS crossed with PATSY. She's also had singles on Sub Pop and Simple Machines, and toured in support of ANI DIFRANCO, INDIGO GIRLS, ELLIOTT SMITH and WHISKEYTOWN. (KILL ROCK STARS)

"Juggling The Thing of a Thing of a Thing"
TCCD 006-2 CD $10.70
Heavily accompanied singer/songwriter style music, ala TOM WAITES. Hope you brought your whiskey and your razor blade; the soundtrack to very long, or very short (and final) night. (TRUE CLASSICAL)

"Miighty Flashlight"
JT 1066-1 LP $8.85
JT 1066-2 CD $10.20
A shining 10-song debut of home recorded brilliance from RITES OF SPRING bassist Mike Fellows. Done with an acoustic guitar and Powerbook, this record evokes images of him floating in the air, a copy of Neil Young's "On the Beach" in one hand, and Chris & Coseys "Trance" in the other. Tired of simply lending his talents to others (ROYAL TRUX, SILVER JEWS, SMOG), Mike has stepped away from that to give us his own remarkable, personal vision. (JADE TREE)

KRS 342-2 CD $11.30
One of the best so-far unheard songwriters in America today. The type of hip young people who have dug other songwriters like ELLIOTT SMITH and MARY LOU LORD are sure to like this as well as fans of TOM WAITS, NICK CAVE and other great contemporary songwriters. (KILL ROCK STARS)

"The Hand"
SD 04-7 7" $4.55
The first solo recording from the former singer for TARNATION, first released in 1995. Her new solo CD is being released with much hoopla by the Birdman label, with tour to follow. (SUNDAY DRIVER)

TMU 052-7 7" $4.00
Three melancholy, atmospheric songs from this veteran of bands like RODAN, RETSIN, and SONORA PINE, who has also had a solo album on Touch & Go. Hand-numbered, limited edition of 500. (TROUBLEMAN)


78 RPM'S
"New World Chivalry"
DILL 023-2 CD $9.20
The #1 characteristic of this fine album is originality! Two of the 3 songwriters are well-loved from their old ska band SKANKIN' PICKLE, and the 3rd is known from his dark, heavy band THE RUDIMENTS. A new sound is forged, not entirely unlike a drag race on the Planet of the Apes! High caliber "GO" music. (DILL)

AM 056-2 CD $9.00
Energetic, infectious and forceful ska from this constantly-touring Boston outfit. (ASIAN MAN)

"Peace Through Music"
AM 043-1 LP $8.25
AM 043-2 CD $9.00
Mixing the raw energy of OPERATION IVY with the smooth organ drive of THE SPECIALS, this Northern California band tackles political topics from the Korean War to racism with their rocksteady-punk-ska tunes. (ASIAN MAN)

AM 068-2 CD $9.00
The main guy from KING APPARATUS combines reggae, ska and soul sounds on these 4-track recordings of his heartfelt songs. (ASIAN MAN)

"King Apparatus"
AM 051-2 CD $9.00
This Toronto band plays rocksteady, ska and rock'n'roll as in ELVIS COSTELLO meets THE SPECIALS, and they've toured extensively in both Canada and the US, with considerable media exposure. This is a re-release of their 1st album from 1991, with 3 bonus tracks. (ASIAN MAN)

AM 052-2 CD $9.00
A US re-release of this Canadian ska-pop band's 2nd album, originally released in 1993 and out of print since 1995. (ASIAN MAN)

"Present Day Memories"
AM 077-2 CD5 $7.00
Four new tracks from punk trio THE LAWRENCE ARMS and the organ-driven ska five-piece THE CHINKEES (the first from them in nearly 2 years). The songs range from stories that can be depressing, sometimes uplifting, but all with a common theme of a better tomorrow. (ASIAN MAN)

"The Struggle Continues"
AM 054-1 LP $8.25
AM 054-2 CD $9.00
The long-awaited 2nd album from this very popular band, with 14 tracks of blistering punk, soulful ska and aggressive hardcore. (ASIAN MAN)

"Live: Oh Yeah!"
AM 069-2 CD $9.00
This chronicles the 12-year old St. Louis ska-punk band's years of touring and recording, and includes a 36 page booklet listing every show they have ever played. (ASIAN MAN)

AM 039-1 LP $8.25
AM 039-2 CD $9.00
Ska, rock, punk and just great songwriting from the hardest working band in America, having celebrated their 1,OOOth show and this their 4th full album. With all the hype dying down on mainstream ska, it's time for the true bands to shine once again. If you're not familiar with their sound, imagine THE SPECIALS and WEEZER joining forces. One of the pioneers of American ska. (ASIAN MAN)

"Winter Wonderland"
AM 049-2 CD $9.00
After 12 full years, 4 full lengths, a handful of 7"s, compilation appearances, and over 1200 shows in 9 countries on 4 continents, it's time to release a Xmas album. Well, here it is! 10 infectious pop songs done in MU330 fashion to celebrate the holiday season. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!!! (ASIAN MAN)

AM 083-2 CD $9.65
Released to the tune of 100,000 copies sold one year ago in Japan, this, POTSHOT'S 4th album, is their catchiest to date. Adding even more big smiling pop and oohs and ahs to their brassy ska sound, this will appeal to fans of both SCREECHING WEASEL and THE SPECIALS. (ASIAN MAN)

"Freedom and Responsibility"
AM 061-7 7" $4.20
Pop punk ska from Tokyo; this is a preview of their 3rd album. (ASIAN MAN)

AM 038-1 LP $8.25
AM 038-2 CD $9.00
Domo arigato! From Tokyo, Japan, their long-awaited 2nd release is finally here. More of that pop sound that we've grown to love with lots of oohs and ahhs to go with that big brassy ska sound. Imagine SCREECHING WEASEL and THE SPECIALS doing the tango. (ASIAN MAN)

"Sing Along With..."
AM 047-2 CD $9.00
Here's a re-release of the third album by one of the original ska-punk bands! An additional 8 pages have been added to the booklet, plus unreleased photos of the band's seven year career. Out of print for almost a year, this sold over 80,000 copies since its release. Easily their best release as seen by critics and fans, this one will sell itself, so pick it up. (ASIAN MAN)

AM 009-1 LP $8.25
Originally released on CD only in June of 1997, this is a collection of everything SLAPSTICK recorded from 1993-1996. Due to time restrictions, two tracks have been omitted from the vinyl version. After 4 years of requests for SLAPSTICK on vinyl...well, here it is. Enjoy. (ASIAN MAN)

MMP 66-1 LP $11.20
One side collects non-LP 7" tracks 1980-81 (including "Ghost Town" and "Monkey Man"), and the other features live recordings made for radio broadcast in the US in 1980. Heavy 220 gram vinyl, Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)


"Paramaribo Classics / The Unique Sound of Berry Lipman"
ASM 007-2 CD $13.00
This collects the best of Lipman's '60s and '70s groovy lounge pop recordings. One of the best of Germany's exponents of the genre, he mixed a touch of HERB ALPERT and BURT BACHARACH with a jazzy feel and catchy tunes. This has his cult hit "Girls of Paramaribo" plus many other swingin', funky gems. German import. (ALL SCORE MEDIA)

"Sound Book: Part Two"
DOUCE 813-1 2xLP $14.90
More from the archives of the prolific DE WOLFE MUSIC LIBRARY of themes, background and incidental music from the swingin' '70s! 17 smooth, cool, sleaze-o-rama funk, jazz and rock orchestrations for chase scenes and spy themes, shootouts and dramatic moments with titles like "Hard Crust," "Time Machine," and Bernie Stoller's "Cool Character." Gatefold sleeve, Italian import. (IRMA)

"Sound Book: Part One"
DOUCE 812-1 2xLP $15.65
An encyclopedia of the hippest Italian "background sounds," including Latin-flavored jazz, funk-rock with flutes, lazy saxes, prominent percussion, pulsing beats, and everything in between. Song titles like "I'm Feather," "Jazz Rule," "Silver Thurst," and Bernie Stoller's "Funky Spider." Italian import. (IRMA)

"Alfa Bravo Charlie"
SUB 014-1 2xLP $15.65
SUB 014-2 CD $13.00
This German band takes off in a '60s lounge/sleazy listening-type mode, with soundtrack and bossa nova mellowness and female vocals. Not only that, but they bring in folks like STEREO TOTAL, VALVOLA, THE HIGH LLAMAS, MAXWELL IMPLOSION, DJMEDJYOU, EROBIQUE, ELECTRIC SHEEP and more to do special mixes. Italian import. (SHADO)

"The Affair"
IRMA 505204-2 CD $13.00
Jetting out from a Tijuana sunset, suave Londoners Ralph "Chops" Lamb and "Golden" Andy Ross of THE EASY ACCESS ORCHESTRA will mesmerise you with their subtle blend of herbs and spices, silky songs and mellow moments. A luxurious aural pleasurama of chicks that chirp in a groovy whole-tone mode and a fine brandy in a deep velvet London club somewhere in 1966, it's like BURT BACHARACH, LALO SCHIFRIN and HERB ALPERT, having decided that their previous works were just too frantic, lobbing a crateful of valium into their voluptuous vibe. The guys have been busy over the past few years, with work for TV and the movies, and with collaborations with achingly cool London groovers THE HERBALIZER and the legendary neo-imaginary band THE BIG CHEESE ALL-STARS, have already staked their claim in the pantheon of the terminally groovy. Italian import. (IRMA)

"Eden's Island"
MR 187-1 LP $12.55
An album of spacey, jazzy lounge exotica recorded in 1960 by the guy who wrote NAT KING COLE's 1948 hit "Nature Boy." Lush instrumentation, jungle sound effects, and Eden's wiggy poetry make this a winner. Extensive liner notes by Dominic Priore. Heavy 220 gram vinyl, Spanish import. (MUNSTER)

TSPH 200-1 2xLP $15.65
TSPH 200-2 CD $13.00
Debut full-length for this Japanese artist with several compilation cuts on various Easy Tempo releases. Eight originals plus a cover of the UFO TV series theme. Vinyl in gatefold sleeve. Italian import. (RIGHT TEMPO)

"The In Sound from Way Out"
UV 011-1 LP $17.25
A must-have for all fans of lounge, cocktail, incredibly strange music and space age bachelor pad! This 1966 release combines electronic sounds from oscillators and tone generators with feedback loops and conventional instruments to create a "then-futuristic" electronic pop that has been hugely influential ever since. Original artwork, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (UNIVERSE)

"Mah Na' Mah Na': The Remix Project"
MET 201-2 CD $13.00
Remixes of Umiliani's 1969 hit by DJ SMASH, RAPHAEL SEBBAG (U.F.O.), GAK SATO (featuring DJ MASSIVE), THE KARMINSKY EXPERIENCE INC., SWEET DICK WILLY/Z BOUBY/ZEBIA and more, with great cover art. Italian import. (RIGHT TEMPO)

"Mah Na' Mah Na': The Original Mix"
MET 205-1 12" $9.60
MET 205-2 CD5 $9.50
The legendary cheese-filled pop ditty that became a worldwide hit in 1969. 4 tracks on the 12" (including 2 previously unreleased cuts), plus a 5th bonus track on the CD5. Italian import. (RIGHT TEMPO)

ET 930-1 2xLP $15.65
ET 930-2 CD $13.00
Umiliani's work with primitive synth machines and weird recording techniques from 1969 to the late '70s, which fan of MARTIN DENNY, PERRY & KINGSLEY, ANDRE POPP and JEFFERSON AIRPLANE or KEITH EMERSON, standard jazz and space age bachelor pad music should all go ga-ga for. LP in gatefold sleeve, with great artwork. Italian import. (RIGHT TEMPO)

"Ode to Duke Ellington"
ET 935-1 2xLP $15.65
ET 935-2 CD $13.00
Recorded in the late 1960s, Umiliani and his moog work on original material and Ellington compositions like "Take the A Train," "Sophisticated Lady," "Caravan" and others. Italian import. (RIGHT TEMPO)

"Le Zenith de Gainsbourg"
PG 348-1 LP $11.20
This late '80s live performance has him fronting a possibly American R&B pop band in front of what sounds like a huge crowd. Total lack of liner notes makes this a bit of a mystery. Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)

"Master Serie Vol. 2"
PODIS 227-1 LP $11.20
A 16-song collection of stuff from 1968's fuzz guitar "Que est In, Que est Out" (with Brigitte Bardot) to 1984's new-wavish "Harley David Son of a Bitch," and lots in between. Crazy! Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)

"Rock Around the Bunker"
MERC 532-1 LP $11.20
So how about a concept album about Nazis, the World War II kind? GAINSBOURG applied his legendary acerbic wit to this 1975 stick-in-the eye, with songs like the catchy "Nazi Rock," "Tata Teutonne," "Yellow Star," and more. Nobody gets out alive. Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)

ET 926-1 LP $12.55
ET 926-2 CD $13.00
A real funky thing, some on the heavy tip and others chill-out ambient. Italian import. (RIGHT TEMPO)

"Atomic Milk-Throwers"
SEXXX 007-2 CD $13.00
An awesome tribute comp to porn movie soundtracks, with RAFAEL TORAL, ARTO LINDSAY, CHRIS CARTER, STARFUCKERS, ZEEK SHECK, GIANNI GEBBIA and more. 23 tracks, Italian import. (SNOWDONIA)

"Dimensione Jazz"
RTC 810-1 2xLP $15.65

"Groovy Vol. 5"
IRMA 500996-1 2xLP $15.60
IRMA 500996-2 CD $13.00
More rare and groovy jazz, soul and bossa club tracks from the 1970s, including PATSY GALLANT, MTUME, KIMIKO KASAI, CHET BAKER, WILLIE BOBO, EUMIR DEODATO, DORN UM ROMAO, CHARLIE EARLAND and more. (IRMA)

"Harpsichord 2000"
SUB 011-1 2x10" $14.90
SUB 011-2 CD $11.90
A tribute to the harpsichord, clavinet and clavichord sounds of '70s funkadelica, Italian soundtracks, and the '60s "pop barocco" and psychedelica of bands like LOVE, COUNTRY JOE & THE FISH and THE BEATLES. All tracks composed and performed exclusively for this project by artists including MOMUS, MAKE UP, STEREO TOTAL, MICROMARS, VALVOLA and CINERAMA among others. 18 tracks, Italian import. (SHADO)

"Kill Them All!"
MET 701-1 2xLP $15.65
MET 701-2 CD $13.00
Two original versions of a super-heavy cinematic track from 1971 by BERTO PISANO and JACQUES CHAUMONT (one an obscure vocal version with DORIS TROY, and the other an extended, previously unreleased instro), plus a "post-echo" remix by GAK SATO and a "lost in bass" mix by drum'n'bass ensemble MAFFIA SOUND SYSTEM. Italian import. (RIGHT TEMPO)

"Metta Una Bossa a Cena"
SCEB 906-1 2xLP $15.65
SCEB 906-2 CD $13.00
A collection inspired by the famous Morricone soundtrack, with rare vintage tracks from the Italian lounge and bossa scene of the '60s and '70s, featuring Morricone, Armando Trovajoli, Piero Piccioni, Alessandro Alessandroni, Romano Mussolini and more. 20 tracks, beautiful artwork, Italian import. (SCHEMA)

IRMA 499612-1 2xLP $15.65
In the "Mo'plen" tradition, here's more great, sleazy B-movie soundtrack tunes from the '60s and '70s! Rare or previously unreleased tracks by GIANNI FERRIO, ROBERTO PREGADIO, CARLO CORDARA and more, including the main theme from "Kriminal." Italian import. (IRMA)

"Suono Libero: Volume 2, Part 2"
DOUCE 818-1 2xLP $15.65
18 more super-hip ultra-rare '70s jazz funk tunes from Italy, ranging from sexy easy listening grooves to psychedelically-inflected funk and more, collected on two LPs. Includes BLUE SHARKS, FRANCO TAMPONI, FOTRIAFA, FRAMAN, DANIELA CASA, GIULIANO SORGINI, and more. Italian import. (IRMA)

"Suono Libero: Volume 2, Part 1"
DOUCE 817-1 2xLP $15.65
A trip through obscure '70s jazz funk tracks from the Italian music library. 15 tracks, varied and quirky enough to make for fascinating listening, hip and groovy enough for dancing, and smooth and sensuous enough for other uses...GIULIANO SORGINI, ARAWAK, PAOLO CASA, ASTEMIX, FERRARA, NINETY, and many others. Italian import. (IRMA)


"The Smart Set"
ET 908-1 2xLP $15.65
ET 908-2 CD $13.00
Excerpts from 2 seminal soundtracks: "L'Amica Di Mia Madre" and "Lingua "D'Argento." Swinging, jazzy and excellent. Vinyl in gatefold sleeve. Italian import. (RIGHT TEMPO)

"The Optical Sound"
ET 928-1 2xLP $15.65
ET 928-2 CD $13.00
Italian easy listening from the late '60s and early '70s, featuring jazz, funky, Afro and Brazilian themes, cool driving rhythms and unforgettable melodies. With appropriately sleazy artwork, and the vinyl in a gatefold sleeve. Italian import. (RIGHT TEMPO)

"Star Maidens: Original TV Soundtrack"
ASM 003-2 CD $13.00
Available for the first time, this sexy and funky '70s score for British German sci-fi TV series in which Adam leads the Men's Liberation Movement in a fight for freedom from the women of planet Medusa who have made men their servants. Includes disco-style tracks like "Shaft" as well as "Sex World" sung by Toni McVey, spiced up by German dialogue and original sound effects. With a bonus track and two remixes by Ali N. Askin. German import. (ALL SCORE MEDIA)

"Gli Occhi Freddi della Paura"
RED 119-1 LP $12.55
RED 119-2 CD $11.90
The soundtrack for the 1971 Italian erotic thriller known in the US as "Cold Eyes of Fear." Truly bizarre sounds from beginning to end, with wild and free improvs from GRUPPO DI IMPROVVISAZIONE NUOVA CONSONANZA. With 7 previously unreleased tracks! Liner notes and cool artwork! LP in gatefold sleeve on 180 gram vinyl. Italian import. (DAGORED)

RED 118-1 LP $12.55
RED 118-2 CD $11.90
The complete soundtrack for this 1965 cult Italian spy movie, with a super suave score including the surf-spy-ski theme, Arabian parlor music, hippie bongo suspense, orchestral moods, cocktail blues, roller rink electric guitar, and more. Beautiful artwork, with LP in gatefold sleeve on 180 gram vinyl. Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Woman is Sweeter"
KIL 70003-1 LP $8.75
This soundtrack to a film by French avant garde actress Martine Barrat was first released in 1969. Basically '60s lounge jazz with a sometimes funky beat, this features MacDermot on keyboards plus Jimmy Lewis on bass, Idris Mohammad and Bernard Purdie on drums, and Charlie Brown on guitar. Complete original artwork. (KILMARNOCK)

"Profondo Rosso"
LPMDF 200-1 LP $12.55
A must for all Dario Argento and Goblin fans: a special limited edition vinyl LP of Goblin's masterpiece comes with a beautiful gatefold cover recreating the original 1975 release (with slight graphic variations) and original 7-track sequencing. Also includes an alternative version of "Deep Shadow" which is similar to the original but with a totally different guitar mix. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

"Exotic Themes for Films, Radio and TV"
PLASTIC 004-1 LP $13.15
PLASTIC 004-2 CD $14.85
Swingin' jazzy sounds, psych guitar and a funky acid beat by this famous late-'60s, early '70s soundtrack ensemble. This is a "best of" collection taken from their 3 Globevision albums released from 1974-76. Italian import. (PLASTIC)

"Il Dio Sotto la Pelle"
ET 931-1 2xLP $14.90
ET 931-2 CD $13.00
Piccioni at his best, with this previously unreleased score for the Folco Quilici documentary known in the US as "God Under the Skin." Features "It's Impossible" sung by Catharine Howe, plus a bunch of "clubbish" tracks. Italian import. (RIGHT TEMPO)

STN 1012-2 CD $13.00
The music of Piccioni gleaned from soundtracks of various films starring Alberto Sordi, the famous Italian comedy actor, and featuring the original version of "Fantastic Plastic Machine," a cover of "In Viaggio Attraverso l'Australia" and classics like "Finche c'e Guerra c'e Speranza" (orchestrated by Berto Pisano), and also including "Amore, Amore, Amore" sung by Christy (the "Deep Down" singer of the rare Morricone soundtrack "Danger Diabolik"), as well as some never-before-issued ambient themes and four re-mixes of important tracks. Italian import. (STUDIO UNO)

"(Italian Girls Like) Ear-Catching Melodies"
RED 104-1 LP $12.55
RED 104-2 CD $11.90
The definitive collection of Italian "easy" soundtrack tunes, with 16 great, funny and cool tracks from composers like RIZ ORTOLANI, PIERO PICCIONI, ALESSANDRO ALESSANDRONI, FRANCESCO DE MASI, and more. Awesome artwork, with the 180 gram vinyl LPs in a gatefold sleeve. Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Ambiente Elegante"
STN 1006-1 2xLP $14.90
STN 1006-2 CD $13.00
Tracks from '60s and '70s Italian film featuring music by Piero Piccioni, Armando Trovajoli, Piero Umiliani, Giuliano Sorgini and Alessandro Alessandroni, including "Surf Service" by Trovajoli (sounds like "Sessomatto"), the much sampled trip-hop track "Ultima Caccia" by Sorgini, and rare grooves like Alessandroni's bossa nova track "Green Hills" and Piccioni's "Scacco alla Regina," both sung by Edda Dell'Orso, and also featuring the jazz performances of great composer Umiliani playing with Chet Baker on "Blues For Gasmans" as well as 4 cover tracks by Vip 200 (the back-up group of Pizzicato Five's singer's new album). Italian import. (STUDIO UNO)

"Easy Tempo Vol. 9: The Ultimate Cinematic Compendium"
ET 932-1 3xLP $21.00
ET 932-2 CD $13.00
Cool cinematic soundtracks of the past by GOBLIN, GIANFRANCO PLENIZIO, STELVIO CIPRIANI, PIERO PICCIONI, PIERO UMILIANI, BERTO PISANO, BILL CONTI and more. Beautiful artwork by the well-known Guido Crepax, with the vinyl in a gatefold sleeve. Italian import. (RIGHT TEMPO)

"Easy Tempo Vol. 8: Cinematica!! (Different Musical Horizons)"
ET 922-1 2xLP $15.65
ET 922-2 CD $13.00
21 easybeat film soundtrack themes from outstanding composers such as PIERO PICCIONI, ARMANDO TROVAJOLI, BRUNO NICOLAI, LUIS BACALOV, ALBERTO BALDAN BEMBO, GIANNI FERRIO, and more. Italian import. (RIGHT TEMPO)

"Ein Wigwam"
ASM 002-2 CD $13.00
Little known in the US is the German pop culture obsession with Native Americans! For the first time on CD, here's great 1966-79 tracks from the legendary (in Europe anyway) Native American movies of the former East German-owned DEFA film studios. Includes several hit singles by Eastern bloc hero Gojko Mitic and American Dean Reed, plus main themes and score music. 22 tracks, German import. (ALL SCORE MEDIA)

"Harlem Shuffle/The Sound of Blaxploitation"
PLASTIC 001-1 LP $13.15
PLASTIC 001-2 CD $14.85
17 essential tracks from 1970s blaxploitation films, this has stuff from ISAAC HAYES, CURTIS MAYFIELD, BOBBY WOMACK, MELVIN VAN PEEBLES, BOOKER T. JONES, DONALD BYRD, THE BAR KAYS, and LEROY HUTSON, taken from classic films like "Superfly," "Sweet Sweetback's Badass Song," "Short Eyes," "Shaft," "Truck Turner," "Uptight," and "Cornbread Earl!" Italian import. (PLASTIC)

"Loungissima Series: Italian Lounge-Beat Party"
BCR 0100-1 2xLP $15.60
BCR 0100-2 CD $13.00
A collection of tracks from Italian films of the mid '60s to early '70s, with material by the likes of Trovajoli, Piccioni, Alessandroni, Bacalov & more, compiled by the publishers of Il Giaguaro magazine. 18 red velvet tracks, Italian import. (BLACK CAT)

"Loungissima Series: The Psych-Jazzy-Beat of Mark 4"
BCR 0101-1 2xLP $115.60
BCR 0101-2 CD $13.00
The MARK 4 was a jazz-beat quartet whose members had played on various film soundtracks. Featuring Antonello Vannucchi (Hammond C3), Roberto Podio (drums), Maurizio Majorana (bass) and Carlo Pess (guitar), they recorded tracks of many colors like "Max" (tromba beat), "Distortion Mind" (fast-fuzz), "Sambaquarta" (samba allegra), "Rum & Coke" (happy-beat), "Luna" (sospensione jazz) and "Inchiesta Sulla Mafia" (fast mafia beat). Italian import. (BLACK CAT)

"Phase 6 Superstereo"
PLASTIC 005-1 2xLP $16.25
PLASTIC 005-2 CD $14.85
Funky, beat, psycho-beat and lounge tracks from the Vedette label by PETER HAMILTON, DOM BOGA, PUCCIO ROELENS, CAT COLLINS SEXTET, ARMANDO SCIASCIA, and others, all taken from obscure Italian B-movies of the 1960s. Italian import. (PLASTIC)

"She Had a Taste for Music"
RED 103-1 LP $12.55
RED 103-2 CD $11.90
A collection of 15 rare soundtracks from Italian erotic films of the 1970s by ARMANDO TROVAJOLI, NICO FIDENCO, FRANCO DE GEMINI, GIANFRANCO PLENIZIO, TEO USUELLI and others. Easy, hot and groovy sounds from numerous low-budget sex films, with the ultimate in sleazy soundtracks. Beautiful artwork, with the 180 gram vinyl LPs in a gatefold sleeve. Italian import. (DAGORED)

PLASTIC 006-1 2xLP $16.25
PLASTIC 006-2 CD $14.85
16 essential tracks from 1960s film noir, crime and spy films and TV, including LALO SCHIFRIN's "Mission Impossible" and JOHN BARRY's "On Her Majesty's Secret Service," plus stuff from THE SHADOWS, THE HURRICANES, PERCY FAITH, CAL TJADER, EARTHA KITT, OSCAR BROWN JR., DUKE ELLINGTON, PUCHO AND LATIN SECTION, MANDINGO, MARK MURPHY, JJ JOHNSON and more. Italian import. (PLASTIC)

"Stroboscopica Vol. 2"
PLASTIC 007-1 2xLP $16.25
PLASTIC 007-2 CD $14.85
More from the archives of the Cometa label, with psychedelic funk and synth tracks from Italian trash/exploitation films of the '70s, featuring composers like ENNIO MORRICONE, FRANCO MICALIZZI, STEFANO TOROSSI and more. Italian import. (PLASTIC)

PLASTIC 003-1 LP $13.15
PLASTIC 003-2 CD $14.85
16 ultra-rare tracks of late-'60s acid-beat and '70s funk from the Cometa label, full of syncopated rhythms, funky horns, electric keyboard and wah wah guitar from composers like DE MASI, ALESSANDRONI, I GRES, I PULSAR, MICALIZZI and others. Italian import. (PLASTIC)

"The Best of Edgar Wallace"
ASM 005-2 CD $13.00
Lovers of the "Beat at Cinecitta" and "Mo'plen" series take note! This compiles themes from German cult thriller films of the 1960s which were based on the novels of Edgar Wallace. Roaring, seriously groovy themes by Peter Thomas, Martin Bottcher and Nora Orlandi, with previously unreleased material and a cool booklet. German import. (ALL SCORE MEDIA)


"I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You)"
4M 101-1 LP $13.15
The Queen of Soul's amazing first release for the Atlantic label, out in 1967, unleashed her full, unrestrained intensity on the world. Includes the single version of "Respect," the title tune, and more hard soul groovers. With new liner notes by music historian Alec Palao, the original notes by producer Jerry Wexler, and audiophile remastering from the original masters. Original artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (4 MEN WITH BEARDS)

"The Complete Recordings"
RPM 209-2 CD $13.00
For the first time ever, the complete 1960s recordings of this smash soul duo, originally made for the SSS International label, including their smash hits "Lover's Holiday" and "Picking Wild Mountain Berries." All the singles and hits plus their two albums. Compilation and liner notes by Clive Richardson, with rare photos plus album cover sleeves. 21 tracks, UK import. (RPM)

"Bewitched: The Polly Brown Story"
RPM 143-2 CD $13.00
The first collection of the "blue eyed" soul singer includes chart singles from "Pickettywitch," hits from her duo as "Sweet Dreams" and a round-up of solo material assembled by Polly, who also helped write the liner notes. 25 tracks, UK import. (RPM)

"It Takes Two, vol. 1"
RPM 212-2 CD $13.00
24 prime cuts of soul duets by PEGGY SCOTT & JO JO BENSON, LEE DORSEY & BETTY HARRIS, INEZ & CHARLIE FOXX and BARBARA & BRENDA among others, culled from the '60s soul labels Vee Jay, Sansu, Red Bird, SSS International, Fire, Musicor, Curtom and Wand. Compilation and liner notes by Clive Richardson. UK import. (RPM)

"The Fire and Fury of Bobby Robinson"
RPM 210-2 CD $13.00
22 classic tracks by LEE DORSEY, GLADYS KNIGHT & THE PIPS, BUSTER BROWN, TITUS TURNER and many others, produced by legendary New York R&B man Bobby Robinson, who was a key figure in independent NY record production in the '50s and mid-'60s. Notable musicians like King Curtis (sax) and Jimmy Spruill (guitar) give these recordings a great instrumental impact. Compilation and liner notes by Clive Richardson. UK import. (RPM)

"The Toussaint Touch"
RPM 211-2 CD $13.00
22 classic recordings by BENNY SPELLMAN, AARON NEVILLE, IRMA THOMAS, LEE DORSEY and many more, produced by legendary New Orleans soul man Toussaint. Compilation and liner notes by Clive Richardson. UK import. (RPM)


"Split EP"
VGR 012-7 7" $4.70
LA's maximum rock & soul blasters THE BELLRAYS cover a SAINTS tune from 1977, and Washington DC's ADAM WEST cover a CREAM tune from 1967. (VITAL GESTURE)

"Good Thing"
REV 004-7 7" $4.70
Two power-riffing "maximum rock & soul" songs from this popular band that aren't on their album. (REVENGE)

"Grand Fury"
UC 001-1 LP $9.80
UC 001-2 CD $10.60
The long-awaited, crushing 2nd album from the rulers of "maximum rock & soul!" 13 explosive songs that have been blowing people away at their live performances for months now, on record for the first time. Yes, this kicks butt just as much as their debut. (UPPERCUT)

"Wall of Soul"
VGR 006-7 7" $4.35
Lisa wails and shouts on these 3 songs on their 1995 debut 7", none of which made it onto their album. (VITAL GESTURE)

"Love, Life & Leaving"
SFTRI 635-1 LP $8.25
SFTRI 635-2 CD $9.65
Old school soul and R&B fused with ferocious garage punk on their new release. Reformed after their 1997 debut album and subsequent split, they're back with a new album and as much energy as ever. (SYMPATHY)

"Watch for Today"
ITR 076-1 LP $8.70
ITR 076-2 CD $11.30
Tim Kerr rears his legendary head once again with this all-star soulpunk lineup of Lisa from THE BELLRAYS on vocals, Alex from BLACKTOP on bass, and Debbie and Steve from THE GOSPEL SWINGERS on organ and drums. (IN THE RED)

"AM Gold"
JT 1056-1 LP $8.85
JT 1056-2 CD $10.20
Three members of LIFETIME and 3 pals come up with a dance floor calling, hip swinging amalgamation of punk 'n soul. (JADE TREE)


"...4...3...2...1 Morte"
RED 132-1 LP $12.55
The original soundtrack recording for this 1967 cult sci-fi movie by director Primo Zeglio. Astronaut Perry Rhodan's space adventures become bizarre voice-only tracks, outer space electronic themes, and organ-based rhythmic jazzy pieces with a psychedelic feeling. Features the mighty shake music theme "Seli" featuring vocalist Edda Dell'Orso and I Cantori Moderni. 15 tracks, digitally remastered, with beautiful artwork. Gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (DAGORED)

"...4...3...2...1 Morte"
CDCLUB 7002-2 CD $13.00
The original soundtrack recording for this 1967 cult sci-fi movie by director Primo Zeglio. Astronaut Perry Rhodan's space adventures become bizarre voice-only tracks, outer space electronic themes, and organ-based rhythmic jazzy pieces with a psychedelic feeling. Features the mighty shake music theme "Seli" featuring vocalist Edda Dell'Orso and I Cantori Moderni. 15 tracks, digitally remastered, with beautiful artwork and liner notes. Italian import. (GDM)

RED 134-1 LP $12.55
RED 134-2 CD $11.90
The original soundtrack recording for the 1965 horror cult film known in the US as "Tomb of Torture," this is a fantastic and intense score, now with previously unreleased bonus tracks and liner notes by psychotronic film historian Roberto Zamori. This is also its first CD release. 180 gram vinyl, gatefold sleeve, Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Il Profeta"
CNLP 002-1 LP $14.90
The original soundtrack for this 1968 hippie-exploitation comedy, known in the UK as "Mr. Kinky" and in the US as "The Prophet," directed by Dino Risi and starring Ann-Margret and Vittorio Gassman. The composer's "jazzy-beat" themes, coupled with intriguing Indian sounds and obscure themes for orchestra, made this album a must-have. This is its first vinyl release, and it's limited. 180 gram vinyl, great cover art, Italian import. (CINEDELIC)

"La Matriarca"
CNLP 001-1 LP $14.90
The original soundtrack for this 1968 Italian comedy, known in the US as "The Libertine," directed by Pasquale Festa Campanile and starring Catherine Spaak. The various versions of the main theme shows the composer's complexity of styles, ranging through lounge, jazzy, bossa nova, and soft arrangements for orchestra. This is its first vinyl release, and it's limited. 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (CINEDELIC)

"La Matriarca/Il Profeta"
GDM 2026-2 CD $14.90
The original soundtracks to these two 1968 Italian films, together on one CD. Italian import. (CINEDELIC)

"Giornata Nera per L'Ariete"
RED 136-1 LP $12.55
RED 136-2 CD $11.90
The original soundtrack recording for the 1971 crime movie known in the US as "The Fifth Cord" or "Evil Fingers," this starred Franco Nero and was directed by Luigi Bazzoni. An epic score, lush, hypnotic and memorable, this release includes previously unreleased bonus tracks and new artwork. 180 gram vinyl, gatefold sleeve, Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Giu' La Testa"
MDF312-2 CD $13.00
The unforgettable original 1972 soundtrack for the classic Sergio Leone spaghetti western, known in the US as "Fistful of Dynamite" or "Duck, You Sucker." With previously unreleased tracks. Vinyl version available on the Dagored label. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

"Il Diavolo Nel Cervello"
RED 135-1 LP $12.55
RED 135-2 CD $11.90
The original soundtrack recording for a 1971 thriller directed by Sergio Sollima, with previously unreleased bonus tracks and new artwork. 180 gram vinyl, gatefold sleeve, Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Indagine su un Cittadino al di Sopra di Ogni Sospetto"
MDF 311-2 CD $13.00
The original soundtrack recording for the 1971 thriller from director Dario Argento, with vocalist Edda Dell'Orso, 2 previously unreleased tracks and liner notes. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

"L'Assoluto Naturale"
MDF 310-2 CD $13.00
The original soundtrack recording for the 1969 drama by director Mauro Bolognini, digitally remastered, with liner notes. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

RED 129-1 LP $12.55
RED 129-2 CD $11.90
A dramatic, intense score for an obscure 1972 French-Italian political thriller directed by Yves Boisset and starring Jean Seberg and Roy Scheider. Nice art, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (DAGORED)

"L'Uccello dalle Piume di Cristallo"
MDF 313-2 CD $13.00
The original soundtrack recording for the 1969 cult masterpiece by director Dario Argento, known in the US as "The Bird with the Crystal Plumage." Digitally remastered, with previously unreleased material and liner notes. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

"Metti Una Sera a Cena"
MDF 309-2 CD $13.00
The original soundtrack recording of this 1969 cult movie, with a dreamy bossa nova influenced main theme that's been covered countless times. With previously unreleased tracks. Vinyl version available on the Dagored label. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

"Quattro Mosche di Velluto Grigio"
MDF 325-2 CD $13.00
The original soundtrack recording for the 1970 thriller by Elio Petri, with 2 previously unreleased tracks and liner notes. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

"The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"
RED 130-1 2xLP $14.30
The classic original soundtrack to the groundbreaking 1966 spaghetti western directed by Sergio Leone, this is Morricone's most famous by far, and the soundtrack that cemented his worldwide reputation. This release includes 10 previously unreleased outtakes, is digitally remastered, and comes with the usual stunning Dagored artwork. Gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (DAGORED)

"The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"
CDCLUB 7001-2 CD $13.00
The classic original soundtrack to the groundbreaking 1966 spaghetti western directed by Sergio Leone, this is Morricone's most famous by far, and the soundtrack that cemented his worldwide reputation. This release includes 10 previously unreleased outtakes, is digitally remastered, and comes with new artwork and liner notes. Italian import. (GDM)

"The Beyond"
RED 133-1 LP $12.55
RED 133-2 CD $11.90
The original soundtrack recording for this 1981 cult horror movie known for its nauseatingly special effects. A terrific music score for this Louisiana-set creepy story (directed by Lucio Fulci) about cannibalistic zombies, haunted houses, multiple murders and the ever-popular hell. Beautiful new artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Buio Omega"
MDF 304-2 CD $13.00
The original soundtrack recording for the 1979 cult horror film from director Joe D'Amato, known in the US as "Blue Holocaust" or "Buried Alive." Spooky terror and bone-chilling horror are evoked by the score for this necrophiliac love story. Includes previously unreleased bonus tracks and liner notes. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

MDF 340-2 CD $13.00
The soundtrack for a 1980 sci-fi cult horror film by Luigi Cozzi (think "Alien" meets "Quatermass"), a psychotronic gore-fest well suited to GOBLIN's sometimes creepy, sometimes goofy pop-rock score. Includes 5 previously unreleased bonus tracks. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

"Dawn of the Dead"
MDF 308-2 CD $13.00
The original soundtrack for the 1979 George Romero horror classic. With previously unreleased tracks. Vinyl version available on the Dagored label. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

"La Via della Droga"
MDF 319-2 CD $13.00
The original soundtrack recording for the 1977 crime thriller by director Enzo Castellari and starring David Hemming. With a score reminiscent of '70s TV cop shows, it's heavy with stripped-down, funky guitar-bass grooves, with an occasional percussive attack or minimalist synth riff; the main theme features a David Gilmour-esque guitar solo. Includes previously unreleased material and liner notes. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

MDF 320-2 CD $13.00
This score for a 1982 spy thriller features a main theme that sounds a bit like a funkified "James Bond," and the even funkier "Bass Theme." Includes 7 previously unreleased bonus tracks. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

MDF 330-2 CD $13.00
A supernatural horror soundtrack to the 1978 Australian cult classic, composed and performed by creepy avant-progressive group GOBLIN, especially for the Italian release of the film. This also includes 10 previously unreleased tracks! Italian import. (CINEVOX)

MDF 303-2 CD $13.00
The original soundtrack recording for the 1987 horror movie from director Dario Argento, with 12 previously unreleased tracks. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

MDF 307-2 CD $13.00
One of the very few GOBLIN releases not composed for a soundtrack (though two of the tunes here did make it into "Suspiria"), this 1976 album is still way over on the creepy side of the fence, but also a great example of tripped out psychedelic prog rock complexity that easily rivals any others in the genre. Booklet includes the story of how the group was formed, plus a complete discography. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

"Squadra Antigangsters"
MDF 324-2 CD $13.00
Here's a really bizarre one for all GOBLIN fans: this 1979 soundtrack for a gangster comedy features some straight up disco tracks (sung by Indian disco diva Asha Pulthi), a countrified car chase track that would be at home in "Smokey and the Bandit," a cowbell-paced reggae cut, a fast jazz funk track, some bachelor pad lounge sleaze, and more. Kooky! Includes 3 previously unreleased bonus tracks. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

MDF 305-2 CD $13.00
The original soundtrack recording for the 1977 cult horror movie by director Dario Argento. With previously unreleased tracks. Vinyl version available on the Dagored label. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

RED 131-1 LP $12.55
The original soundtrack for this 1983 Italian cult horror film, one of the most violent and scary from director Dario Argento. Great new art, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (DAGORED)

MDF 302-2 CD $13.00
Issued under the names Simonetti, Morante and Pignatelli, the main members of GOBLIN, this is the original soundtrack for the 1983 cult horror film, one of the most violent and scary from director Dario Argento. Includes 11 bonus tracks not available on the vinyl version! Italian import. (CINEVOX)

"The Best of Goblin, Vol. 1"
MDF 336-2 2xCD $13.65
Here's a real treat for all fans of creepy music! The first disc features 15 themes from soundtracks composed for the horror films of Dario Argento, from 1975's "Profondo Rosso" to 1984's "Phenomena." The 2nd is a rare recording of GOBLIN live in concert in 1979, crystal clear and never before available! Liner notes in English by Claudio Fuiano. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

"Profondo Rosso"
MDF 301-2 CD $13.00
The original soundtrack recording for the 1975 cult horror masterpiece by director Dario Argento (known in the US as "Deep Red"), with 40 minutes of previously unreleased material! The original LP sold in the millions, they say. With liner notes. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

MIE 007-1 LP $17.25
MIE 007-2 CD $13.00
The original soundtrack for this 1968 sci-fi/drama directed by Ralph Nelson which won Cliff Robertson an Oscar for Best Actor. Shankar is helped by Tom Scott, Bud Shank, Bill Plummer and Laurindo Almeida. Original artwork, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (MOVING IMAGE)

"Una Sull'Altra"
RED 128-1 LP $12.55
RED 128-2 CD $11.90
The groovy, jazzy original soundtrack to a 1969 Italian thriller known in the US as "One on Top of the Other" or "Perversion Story," directed by Lucio Fulci. With 4 previously unreleased bonus tracks. Gatefold sleeve with the usual great Dagored artwork, poster insert, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Beat vol. 1"
MDF 333-1 2xLP $15.60
MDF 333-2 CD $13.00
A collection of classic 1960s and 1970s soundtracks by the best Italian composers: PIERO UMILIANI, ENNIO MORRICONE, PIERO PICCIONI, GIORGIO GASLINI, MARCO MASI, GOBLIN, FRED BONGUSTO, AUGUSTO MARTELLI, SANDRO BRUGNOLINI, the DE ANGELIS brothers and more. Lots of rare and previously unreleased material from the Cinevox vaults, with detailed liner notes about every track. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

"Beat vol. 2"
MDF 335-1 2xLP $15.60
MDF 335-2 CD $13.00
More '60s and '70s gems from the Cinevox vaults, including film soundtracks and TV themes, by ENNIO MORRICONE (from Dario Argento's "4 Flies on Grey Velvet"), GUIDO & MAURIZIO DE ANGELIS (from the super rare "Ayfon Oppio"), PIERO PICCIONI, AUGUSTO MARTELLI, GIANNI FERRIO, CARLO SAVINA, GIORGIO GASLINI, FRANCO BIXIO, CARLO RUSTICHELLI, and more, including lots of rare and previously unreleased material. With detailed liner notes on every track. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

"Bossa Galore"
MDF 334-1 2xLP $15.60
MDF 334-2 CD $13.00
A selection of bossa nova soundtrack tunes of the 1960s and '70s from the Cinevox vaults, including stuff by ENNIO MORRICONE, PIERO UMILIANI, MARCELLO GIGANTE, CARLO SAVINA, GIANNI FERRIO, FRANCO BIXIO, the DE ANGELIS brothers, PIERO PICCIONI and more, including lots of rare and previously unreleased material. With detailed liner notes on every track. Italian import. (CINEVOX)

ASM 010-1 LP $13.75
ASM 010-2 CD $13.00
Little known in the West, East German studios churned out a series of science fiction movies during the late '60s and '70s, all with socialist themes of course, but also with groovy scores by soundtrack composers like Karl-Ernst Sasse and Guenther Fischer. Here's a collection of highlights from films like "Eolomea," "Signals," and "Stardust," as well as the 1969 hit single "Kosmos!," spiced up with lots of dialog and sound effects. Also included is a medley of East German patriotic "pioneer hymns" with more dialog parts. German import. (ALL SCORE MEDIA)

"Sex World / Dairy OST"
MISA 1-7 7" $4.15
Two offbeat soundtrack excerpts: one from the porn film "Sex World," complete with sleazy listening/lounge wah-wah guitar and oily electric violin; the other is the avant jazz/chamber ensemble music of Tomica Simovic, written for the rather bizarre Croatian film "Dairy." (STOMACH ACHE)

"Wigwam, Western, Weisse Wölfe"
ASM 008-2 CD $13.00
More music from the Native American exploitation movies produced by the East German DEFA studios during the 1960s and 1970s. Includes the opulent scores of Karl-Ernst Sasse, reminiscent of "The Magnificent Seven," plus scores by Wilhelm Neef and three German "saloon songs." All tracks are previously unreleased. Liner notes included. German import. (ALL SCORE MEDIA)


"Tecnica di un Amore OST"
MIE 005-1 LP $17.25
MIE 005-2 CD $13.00
Finally available, a very hard-to-find soundtrack (originally released via BBB) for this obscure 1973 Italian erotic thriller. 11 tracks, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (MOVING IMAGE)

"Il Dio Serpente"
RED 140-1 LP $12.55
A great 1970 lost erotic trashy soundtrack filled with some excellent groovy numbers, with great compressed guitar and Hammond organ plus lots of exotic percussion. New artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Rubare alla Mafia e' un Suicido"
RED 123-1 LP $12.55
The original soundtrack for this 1972 blaxploitation movie known in the US as "Across 110th Street," enjoying renewed interest with Quentin Tarantino's use of the title track in "Jackie Brown." Includes extra instrumentals by J.J. Johnson. Completely new artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Agente Speciale LK Operazione Re Mida"
RED 107-1 LP $12.55
RED 107-2 CD $11.90
The original soundtrack for a 1967 spy comedy by cult director JESS FRANCO, known in the US as "Lucky the Inscrutable," or "Lucky, El Intrepido." This great NICOLAI score uses catchy Hammond organ, guitar and vocal riffs to accompany Franco's goofy pop-art style story of secret agents, beautiful women, mad scientists and fast cars. The CD has a previously unreleased bonus track. 180 gram audiophile vinyl, gatefold sleeve with great artwork, Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Femmine Insaziabili"
ET 929-1 2xLP $15.65
ET 929-2 CD $13.00
Nicolai's first title on the Right Tempo label is the original soundtrack for an early-'70s Italian sex film, somewhat similar to ENNIO MORRICONE's scores from the same period. Cool and groovy, with great artwork, and the vinyl in a gatefold sleeve. Italian import. (RIGHT TEMPO)

"Giu' La Testa"
RED 114-1 LP $12.55
The unforgettable original 1972 soundtrack for the classic Sergio Leone spaghetti western, known in the US as "Fistful of Dynamite" or "Duck, You Sucker." Great artwork including a free poster, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Gli Intoccabili"
RED 126-1 LP $12.55
RED 126-2 CD $11.90
The original soundtrack for an obscure 1969 Italian crime movie, released in the US as "Machine Gun McCain" and starring John Cassavetes, Peter Falk, Gena Rowlands and Britt Eklund. 15 tracks, including 4 previously unreleased cuts. The LP is on 180 gram vinyl with a gatefold sleeve. Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Il Gatto a Nove Code"
RED 111-1 LP $12.55
RED 111-2 CD $11.90
From 1971, a compelling, masterful blend of electric and classical instruments, sentimental lullabies from distant angelic voices, and tense, spooky avant-garde teeth-chattering angularities and dissonant washes. Always inventive and fresh, surprising. 3 previously unreleased bonus tracks on the CD, LP on 180 gram virgin vinyl in gatefold sleeve with free poster. Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Il Poliziotto della Brigata Criminale"
RED 116-1 LP $12.55
RED 116-2 CD $11.90
Original soundtrack for this 1975 French crime thriller, known in the US as "The Night Caller," which starred Jean-Paul Belmondo. Liner notes by Roberto Zamori. 180 gram virgin vinyl, gatefold sleeve, Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Indagine Su di un Cittadino al di Sopra di Ogni Sospetto"
RED 138-1 LP $12.55
The original soundtrack recording for this 1970 Italian thriller by Elio Petri, known in the US as "Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion." A haunting set of themes played on vibes, plucked strings and some very odd-sounding instruments, this score has the dreamy and minimally melodic style that made Morricone famous, plus the vocals of Edda DellOrso. New artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (DAGORED)

"La Donna Invisibile"
RED 109-1 LP $12.55
RED 109-2 CD $11.90
Romantic and sentimental, yet with that unmistakable MORRICONE touch of angularity, dissonance, and dryness, this 1969 soundtrack was composed, orchestrated, conducted, and prepared for release by MORRICONE himself. Mellow bossa nova rhythms and sweet harmonies on piano and strings, sounding like a more varied and strange version of BURT BACHARACH. 4 previously unreleased bonus tracks on the CD, LP on 180 gram virgin vinyl in gatefold sleeve. Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Le Foto Proibite di una Sigorna per Bene"
RED 106-1 LP $12.55
RED 106-2 CD $11.90
The original soundtrack for an obscure 1970 Italian thriller, plus a previously unreleased track. A must for all serious MORRICONE fans. 180 gram audiophile vinyl, gatefold sleeve, Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Metti Una Sera a Cena"
RED 122-1 LP $12.55
The original soundtrack recording of this 1969 cult movie, with a dreamy bossa nova influenced main theme that's been covered countless times. 9 tracks, great artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Morricone 2000"
RED 105-1 LP $12.55
RED 105-2 CD $11.90
Sixteen tracks from the soundtracks to 8 films that the noted composer scored. A diversified collection, it features everything from acid rock to orchestral psychedelia to spaghetti western sounds to sweet, majestic pop tracks. Liner notes by Alan Bishop of SUN CITY GIRLS. The LP is in a gatefold sleeve and on 180 gram virgin vinyl. Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Morricone 2001"
RED 125-1 LP $12.55
RED 125-2 CD $11.90
15 groovy lounge-sexploitation-mood-erotica tracks culled from ten different original soundtracks from the late '60s and early '70s, with track listing and liner notes by Alan Bishop of SUN CITY GIRLS. The 180 gram vinyl LP is in a gatefold sleeve with a nice big poster. Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Quattro Mosche di Velluto Grigio"
RED 139-1 LP $12.55
The original soundtrack recording for this 1971 thriller by director Dario Argento, known in the US as "Four Flies on Grey Velvet." One of Morricone's best scores, a milestone of a soundtrack, with orchestra conducted by Bruno Nicolai. New artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (DAGORED)

RED 112-1 LP $12.55
RED 112-2 CD $11.90
The dramatic, original soundtrack for the obscure 1972 Italian crime story, known in the US as "Blood in the Streets." Cool artwork, liner notes by Roberto Zamori, with the LP in gatefold sleeve on 180 gram vinyl. Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Una Lucertola con la Pelle di Donna"
RED 110-1 LP $12.55
RED 110-2 CD $11.90
Original soundtrack for this 1971 cult movie (shown in the US as "Lizard in a Woman's Skin"), the score perfectly matches the psychodrama thriller involving LSD, psychoanalysis, lesbianism and extremely gory dream sequences. 6 previously unreleased bonus tracks on the CD, LP on 180 gram virgin vinyl in gatefold sleeve. Italian import. (DAGORED)

"The Legend of the Waterbreakers"
KPCD 005-2 CD $10.10
The soundtrack to what must be a pretty bizarre film by Naoko Nozawa, with songs and theme music written especially for it by EX-GIRL and HOPPY KAMIYAMA, some sounding alot like what you'd expect from the band, but others in styles as diverse as orchestral, operatic, lounge jazz, electronic, bachelor pad pop, and more. Japanese import. (KIKIPOO)

"Tony Arzenta / Big Guns"
ET 917-1 2xLP $15.65
ET 917-2 CD $13.00
The original, breath-taking soundtrack for this 1972 Italian crime thriller starring Alain Delon as a Mafia hitman. 21 tracks, with vocalist Ornella Vanoni on the opening tune. LP in gatefold sleeve, Italian import. (RIGHT TEMPO)

"Dawn of the Dead"
RED 117-1 LP $12.55
The original soundtrack for the 1979 George Romero horror classic. Liner notes by Roberto Zamori, with beautiful new artwork and a poster insert. 180 gram virgin vinyl, gatefold sleeve, Italian import. (DAGORED)

RED 127-1 LP $12.55
The original soundtrack recording for the 1977 cult horror movie by director Dario Argento. In a gatefold sleeve with beautiful new artwork and a free poster. Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Profondo Rosso"
RED 137-1 LP $12.55
The original soundtrack recording for the 1975 cult masterpiece by horror director Dario Argento, known in the US as "Deep Red" and starring David Hemming. One of the most terrific and intense scores ever, this sold millions of copies when it was first released. New artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Keoma / Il Cacciatore di Squali"
CHLP 1001-1 LP $15.65
The original soundtracks for these 2 Italian movies, composed and directed by Guido & Maurizio De Angelis. This is their first vinyl release, and it's an audiophile limited edition of 500 copies. 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (CINEDELIC)

"Game of Death"
RED 121-1 LP $12.55
The original soundtrack recording for this 1978 Bruce Lee film, featuring funky beats with a '70s cop show feel, orchestral moments and some weird sound effects. 11 tracks, 180 gram vinyl, with the original artwork, gatefold sleeve and a poster insert. Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Original Soundtrack: Zulu / Four In The Morning"
RPM 195-2 CD $13.00
Two John Barry composed and produced soundtracks, both released on the Ember label. "Zulu" (1964 with Michael Caine) has the shorter but still emotional soundtrack; "Four In The Morning" (1965 with Judi Dench) has had its talky bits restored and is more collectable than ever. Package includes original sleeves, US and UK, plus notes and memorabilia. 28 tracks, UK import. (RPM)

"Escape from New York"
RED 124-1 LP $12.55
Composed and performed by Carpenter with Alan Howarth, here's the original soundtrack recording for his 1981 classic. This new expanded edition includes previously unreleased tracks and dialog sequences, with new artwork, a poster insert and gatefold sleeve. 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Girl on a Motorcycle"
RED 108-1 LP $12.55
An enigmatic and brilliant score for this 1968 cult movie, with lots of groovy Hammond organ, incidental ambient noises, strong beats and generous helpings of roaring motorcycles. Gatefold sleeve plus poster, 180 gram virgin vinyl, Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Fritz the Cat"
MIE 003-1 LP $17.25
The original soundtrack recording for RALPH BAKSHI's famously raunchy feature length cartoon. Score by ED BOGAS, played by MELVIN SPARKS, MERL SAUNDERS, CAL TJADER and others, plus tracks by BO DIDDLEY, BILLIE HOLIDAY and ALICE STUART. Original artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram virgin vinyl, Italian import. (MOVING IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT)

"Heavy Traffic"
MIE 004-1 LP $17.25
The original soundtrack recording for this famous 1973 animated feature. The score is by Ed Bogas and Ray Shanklin (with help from Merle Saunders), and features performances by DAVE BRUBECK, SERGIO MENDES & BRASIL '66, THE ISLEY BROTHERS, and CHUCK BERRY. 180 gram virgin vinyl, Italian import. (MOVING IMAGE) (MOVING IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT)

"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"
MIE 001-1 LP $17.25
This release of Jack Nitzsche's original soundtrack contains the full versions of all the songs (which were originally cut down to be shorter on the original edition) plus a bonus track, bringing the total to 15 minutes of extra music for this, the Academy Award winning soundtrack to one of the world's most amazing, unforgettable films. Original artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram virgin vinyl. Italian import. (MOVING IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT)

MIE 002-1 2xLP $25.60
ISAAC HAYES's original soundtrack to the motion picture. (MOVING IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT)
Includes exceptional tracks like "Theme From Shaft," "Do Your Thing," "Walk From Regio's" and more! 17 tracks in all. Original artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram virgin vinyl. Italian import.

"Colpo Rovente"
ET 925-1 2xLP $15.65
ET 925-2 CD $13.00
One of PICCIONI's most intriguing and intimidating film scores, this original soundtrack recording for an early '70s Italian detective movie features driving orchestras, crazy rhythms,strong bass lines and fat drumming, along with some spacey tracks and jazzy gems. This includes 15 previously unreleased tracks. LP in gatefold sleeve. Italian import. (RIGHT TEMPO)

"Fumo di Londra"
BCR 0102-1 2xLP $15.60
BCR 0102-2 CD $13.00
Piccioni's score for his best friend Alberto Sordi's 1966 directorial debut. Shot in London going between the High Street socialites and the young Mod crowd of Richmond bridge, the music likewise goes from elegant bossa nova tracks to wild up-tempo shakes. Some vocals by Lydia MacDonald, and even Sordi himself "sings" on "Breve Amore." The first LP of the set (first part of the CD) is the original LP, while the 2nd LP has alternative and previously unreleased tracks! Digitally remastered, with the original cover art! Italian import. (BLACK CAT)

"Il Corpo"
ET 933-1 2xLP $15.65
ET 933-2 CD $13.00
The original soundtrack recording for "Il Corpo," an obscure Italian movie of the mid-1970s. Featuring singer Edda Dell'Orso, this has 21 tracks, with the vinyl in a gatefold sleeve. Italian import. (RIGHT TEMPO)

"La Ragazza dalla Pelle di Luna"
ET 909-1 2xLP $15.65
ET 909-2 CD $13.00
The original soundtrack from a 1973 low-budget Italian comedy, this features jazzy, easybeat, orchestral and funky tunes, all previously unreleased. Cool artwork, with the vinyl in a gatefold sleeve. Italian import. (RIGHT TEMPO)

"Milano Violenta"
PLASTIC 008-1 LP $13.15
PLASTIC 008-2 CD $14.85
The original soundtrack for Umberto Lenzi's 1976 crime movie, this includes groovin' tunes like "High Tension," "Subway," "Obsession," and "Blue Funk." Italian import. (PLASTIC)

"Cosi Dolce, Cosi Perversa"
CHLP 1002-1 LP $15.65
The original soundtrack for this 1969 Italian cult movie, and a must-have for all fans of Riz Ortolani. This is its first vinyl release, and it's an audiophile limited edition of 500 copies. 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (CINEDELIC)

"Mondo Candido"
RED 113-1 LP $12.55
RED 113-2 CD $11.90
Original soundtrack for this 1974 erotic adaptation of Voltaire's "Candide," after Ortolani's worldwide success with "Mondo Cane." Liner notes by Roberto Zamori, with beautiful artwork. LP in gatefold sleeve on 180 gram vinyl. Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Faith of Our Fathers"
TCCD 005-2 CD $10.70
The soundtrack to the film by Hamilton Sterling, performed by an unusual modern classical small ensemble that included marimbas, mandolin, organ and vibraphone, alongside a good assortment of strings and woodwinds. For variety, there's arrangements of ancient Greek songs, a bell segment, and a sound collage. Includes 5 bonus tracks. (TRUE CLASSICAL)

"More Delicious Spaghetti Western"
RED 115-1 LP $12.55
RED 115-2 CD $11.90
The followup to the great "My Delicious Spaghetti Western" compilation, with more classic spaghetti western soundtracks by Ennio Morricone, Piero Piccioni, Luis Bacalov, Armando Trovajoli, Riz Ortolani, Alessandro Alessandroni and more! Compiled by Orsotopo, with liner notes by Roberto Zamori, the usual over-the-top artwork, and a special 8-page booklet. 180 gram virgin vinyl, gatefold sleeve, Italian import. (DAGORED)

"Pervirella: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and Other Exotic Entertainment Tunes"
ID 123369-1 LP $8.85
ID 123369-2 CD $10.80
This mammoth compilation brings you the sound of music from the "Pervirella" movie, plus tracks from "The Frat Shack Shakedown" and "The Perv Parlor" (a time-traveling demonic brothel alights in a techno Victorian society promising to satisfy all appetites) videos. It's a tremendous collection of stars from the British trash scene, the world famous Toe Rag Studios and others. If you are ready for a swingin' mix of exotica-trash and rocktrash, slap this slab on and start the party. (DIONYSUS)


"Once Upon a Time in a Quazar"
OBUH 19-7 7" $4.55
Members of SUBARACHNOID SPACE and a friend head for deep space with these two rich, tasty guitar/bass/synth pieces. Beautifully packaged in hand-made, textured and embossed paper sleeves in a numbered edition of 333 copies. Polish import. (OBUH)

"The Sleeping Sickness"
E&J 004-2 CD $10.10
The members of SUBARACHNOID SPACE take on WALKING TIMEBOMBS guitarist Scott Ayers for some extended space/drone excursions, with rhythms and tones that sometimes recall the classic, early industrial experimenters of the late '70s and early '80s. (ELSIE AND JACK)


"When Science Fails"
FALC 0018-2 CD $10.70
These quiet, slow songs have plenty of atmosphere, with distortion, effects and electronics liberally used to bring about a hallucinatory, dream-like or trance-like mood. (FALCATA-GALIA)

"I Want It to Sound Like a Monster or a Boombox"
360 001-2 CD $8.90
At times thrashy, at others psychedelic and spacey, these San Francisco iconoclasts mix lo-fi synth and loud acoustic drums with super-fuzzed out guitars and effects in these (almost) all-instro tunes. Fans of TRANS AM, THE CHAMPS and TORTOISE will be delighted. Previous release on Charnel Music. (360 DEGREE STEREO ABUSE)

"Transglobal Friends and Relations"
TRANS 0103-2 2xCD $12.50
24 tracks (4 studio, 19 live, and 1 interview) recorded between 1994 and 2000, this is a must for fans of Nik's seminal band HAWKWIND, or anyone interested in spaced-out rock'n'roll. You get what you would expect here: a blend of saxophone, flute, violin, and otherworldly synthesizers, dancing with crushing guitars and drums, then taking off into the farthest dimensions of sound and space. You get something else that you might not be expecting though... its great! A perfect example that prolonged substance abuse is not always a bad thing. 12 page booklet of full color photos! (TRANSPARENCY)


SUB 012-2 CD $13.00
Sixties-influenced ear-catching melodies driven by French movie samples, sound effects from NASA, Farfisas, vocoders and distorted Stratocasters blend into a bossa nova/lounge sound in this space age bachelor pad pop art extravaganza. Italian import. (SHADO)


"Crying Demons"
DEC 15-2 CD $10.70
Hailed as one of the most disturbing and enigmatic recordings of all time! Hear renowned healer/exorcist A.A. Allen actually casting out demons, and hear demons speaking through people! Guaranteed to chill the spine, or maybe just spook you out a bit! Nearly all original copies of this early '60s LP were destroyed in a mysterious warehouse fire at the ministries Miracle Valley, Arizona compound. Boo! (MAD DEADLY WORLDWIDE COMMUNIST GANGSTER COMPUTER GOD)

"I Am Lucifer"
DEC 17-2 CD $10.70
Like its legendary companion "Crying Demons," this too was recorded in the early '60s, and is presented here in all its Satanic glory. The actual recording of a woman's exorcism, where for almost an hour the demon babbles on, revealing the devil's plan to destroy God's people through demon possession and oppression. Amen! (MAD DEADLY WORLDWIDE COMMUNIST GANGSTER COMPUTER GOD)

"The 1910-1914 Wax Cylinder Recordings"
TRANS 0016-2 CD $7.40
Not the greatest fidelity, as you'd expect, but if you have a hankering for ol' Creepy Crowley's actual voice, here it is. (TRANSPARENCY)

"The Prison Industrial Complex"
VIRUS 234-2 CD $10.50
One of America's leading social critics in a 1997 talk from Boulder, Colorado offers an incisive, succinct yet compelling argument against our national obsession with locking people up. A legendary speaker, known for the clarity and subtlety of her thought and the compelling compassion of her delivery, DAVIS also discusses the evils of Nike, corporate crimes, the demonization of immigrants, and crimes against the environment, amongst other issues. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"Dr. Madd Vibe's Comprehensive Linkology"
AM 067-2 CD $9.00
The FISHBONE leader is back with another solo collection of spoken word tracks and music, with Moore playing all the instruments. (ASIAN MAN)

"The Yin Yang Thang"
AM 064-2 CD $9.00
FISHBONE frontman Angelo Moore, aka Dr. Madd Vibe, with live performances of his brilliant, over-the-top solo poetry and saxophone. The video version is listed in the video section. (ASIAN MAN)

"Satanic Mass"
MM 001-2 CD $11.50
A re-release of the out of print CD on the defunct Amarillo label. LaVey conducts the first-ever recording of an actual Satanic ceremony, live at the Church of Satan in 1968; he also reads several excerpts from his book, "The Satanic Bible." This was originally released as an LP in 1968. (REPTILIAN)

"Hangman Communication"
KRS 110-7 7" $4.00
This is the last of the legendary Wordcore series. BILLY CHILDISH is an accomplished poet, painter and rocknroller. Bet you've heard of him before. (KILL ROCK STARS)

"Satanic Ritual Abuse"
AK47 001-2 CD $9.75
The 3rd full album from the pioneers in the manipulation of right-wing religious radio. The "Methodistas" are among the more overtly political practitioners of cut-up and prank calls, and show it off full force here with gems like the "Mein Kampf" translation of the Bible, a mutation of a sermon about sex education, a radio minister condoning the rape and battery of a woman by a man she met at Bible study, and much more, simultaneously funny, outrageous and horrific. Also included is a cover of CRASS's "Reality Asylum," featuring TEAM DRESCH's Jody Bleyle on vocals. (KOLAZHNIKOV)

"Folios I/II"
HMCD 2001-2 2xCD $14.25
Miller reads from his works "Black Spring," "A Jazz Passacaglia," and "Colossus of Maroussi" in these very rare 1949 recordings that include much spontaneous, informal and marvelous commentary. (SOUND PORTRAITS)

"A People's History of the United States"
VIRUS 224-2 2xCD $12.00
A scintillating lecture and discussion by the legendary teacher, historian, and activist. Here ZINN explains with great humor and passion how his teaching, his history and his activism are parts of the same project: the recovery of the stories of social movements that are left out or grossly distorted by the mainstream. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"Heroes and Martyrs: Emma Goldman, Sacco & Vanzetti"
VIRUS 241-2 2xCD $12.00
Historian Zinn takes us back to the early 20th century, and, through a focus on Emma Goldman and Sacco & Vanzetti, opens windows on immigrant life and labor struggles of the day, the political scalawags and cold-hearted tycoons. Zinn is professor emeritus of history at Boston University. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"Stories Hollywood Never Tells"
VIRUS 255-2 CD $10.50
In this talk given at the Taos Film Festival, the radical historian dissects the Hollywood version of history, the stories it tells and the ones it neglects or buries, from "Saving Private Ryan" to Mother Jones and Hellen Keller. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"Become the Media"
VIRUS 260-1 3xLP $14.40
VIRUS 260-2 3xCD $13.75
His 6th spoken word album, recorded live in Boulder, Seattle and Denver, with fresh reflections on the WTO in Seattle, democracy, e-issues, the Green Party and the elections, post-Columbine backlash and more. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"Emergency Election Special"
VIRUS 256-7 7" $4.00
Squeakin' this one out just before the election, Biafra lays it down in these excerpts from his talk at the Green Party national convention last spring. Also includes a huge pamphlet of writings by him, Ralph Nader and Michael Moore. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

COMETB 45.5-1 LP $4.90
Cotrona reads his novel "Manual," the story of a real jerk who can't seem to get it right and doesn't have a clue that he's missing the point entirely as he knocks semi-aimlessly through the decaying city, decaying humanity, and chaotic relationships. Cover art by Aaron Cometbus. (COMETBUS)

"Laid Bare"
ID 123393-2 CD $10.80
True-crime author Gilmore lays bare the seamy, seedy Los Angeles of legend in these spoken word accounts of Hollywood's doomed celebrity icons, backed by the hip, breezy jazz score by Skip Heller. (DIONYSUS)

"Judy Garland Speaks!"
DEC 9-2 2xCD $12.45
Judy rants, raves, kvetches, bitches and rages on these ultra-rare home voice tapes which were recorded as notes for her never-written autobiography. Includes 8-page picture booklet. (MAD DEADLY WORLDWIDE COMMUNIST GANGSTER COMPUTER GOD)

"Redoing Childhood"
KRS 349-2 CD $11.30
The first and only spoken word album by the late, groundbreaking writer, recorded over a period of 10 years with Michael Minzer, Hal Wilner and Ira Silverberg. (KILL ROCK STARS)

"175 Progress Drive"
VIRUS 261-2 CD $10.50
Rare interviews by and with journalist and Pennsylvania death row resident Mumia Abu-Jamal. Featured are unreleased essays written in prison, and rare excerpts of 1979-1981 recordings of Mumia, including his interviews with BOB MARLEY, HUGH MASEKA, OSSIE DAVIS, RUBY DEE, the first president of Nigeria, two Philadelphia mayors, MOVE prisoners, plus statements from his son Mazi, Assata Shakur, bell hooks, and death row inmate Kevin Cooper amongst others. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"All Things Censored, Volume 1"
VIRUS 221-1 LP $8.85
VIRUS 221-2 CD $10.50
Commentaries and essays by this prominent black writer and public radio journalist turned death row resident, recorded by Prison Radio/Quixote just days before all media interviews were banned. Mumia's battle to be heard intensified when former Senator Bob Dole and the National Fraternal Order of Police forced NPR to cancel Mumia's commentaries from their "All Things Considered" news show. Also featured are the voices of Howard Zinn, Alice Walker, Dorothy Allison, Cornell West, Joycelyn Elders, Manning Marable and more. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"An American Addiction: Drugs, Guerrillas, Counterinsurgency, U.S. Intervention in Colombia"
VIRUS 271-2 CD $10.50
Columbia is now the third largest recipient of US foreign and military aid, the justification for which is the war on drugs. In a clear, concise and sometimes bitterly funny lecture, Chomsky shows us who is getting the money, who is producing and exporting the drugs, and what the war on the ground is really about. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"Case Studies in Hypocrisy: US Human Rights Policy"
VIRUS 242-2 2xCD $12.00
America's foremost social critic tackles the "New World Order" (NAFTA, GATT, MAI, the World Trade Organization and relations with Palestine, Israel, Haiti and China) with his typical penetrating analysis and dry wit. A second talk focuses specifically on American responsibility for the mess in Iraq. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"Free Market Fantasies: Capitalism in the Real World"
VIRUS 236-2 CD $10.50
Mega-mergers proliferate while monopolies smother competition. Fewer than 10 corporations control most of the global media. The "free" market depends heavily on taxpayer subsidies and bailouts, while corporate welfare far exceeds that which goes to the poor. The captains of industry of today make the robber barons of the 19th century look like underachievers, and the gap between CEO and worker salaries has never been greater. This lecture presents CHOMSKY's compelling argument to change the power structure of America. His analysis is clear, concise, and thought provoking, and his advice is simultaneously pragmatic and radical. Originally released by Allied Records, this has been out of print for some time. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

VP 001-2 CD $13.00
Rare and revealing interviews recorded in the U.S. and assembled by her fans. 9 tracks, UK import. (RPM)

"Light a Match, Spark a Life"
KRS 302-2 CD/CD ROM $11.30
A veteran of KICKING GIANT and WITCHYPOO, Fox collects here all her spoken word material 1993-99, and this is one hella entertaining disc. Funny, ironic, insightful wordcore from everybody's favorite sacrificial lamb. An extra is her utterly mental comix ("Doing Alot of Stuff on a Handshake and a Prayer") on the CD-ROM. (KILL ROCK STARS)

"Celebrities At Their Worst, Volume 2.9"
DEC 13-2 CD $10.70
JOAN CRAWFORD gets syrupy, ROGER WATERS bitches, COURTNEY LOVE disses everybody, MEL BLANC does a foul-mouthed Porky Pig, MAE WEST does double entendre-filled radio ads and pranks a caller, MELVIN BELLI goes off on his daughter's answering machine, a fake CHARLES MANSON movie ad, TALULLAH BANKHEAD gets drunk at a recording session, and lots more. (MAD DEADLY WORLDWIDE COMMUNIST GANGSTER COMPUTER GOD)

"Celebrities At Their Worst, Volume 2"
DEC 7-2 2xCD $12.45
Another two and a half hours of raunchy routines, rabid cussing, prank phone calls, temper explosions, obnoxious preening, dreadful singing, drunken speeches and more from the likes of BARBRA STREISAND, ELVIS PRESLEY, JAMES BROWN, JACK BENNY, DEAN MARTIN, ELTON JOHN, WILLIAM SHATNER, LINDA McCARTNEY, BRIAN WILSON, STEVIE NICKS, LENNY BRUCE, JOHNNY CARSON, MILTON BERLE, BUDDY HACKETT, ROB REINER, ART LINKLETTER, GARRY SHANDLING, DON RICKLES, ED SULLIVAN, LAUREN BACALL, GEORGE JESSEL, ROBIN WILLIAMS, GEORGE BURNS, PHYLLIS DILLER, TINY TIM, and many more. The 2nd disc is culled entirely from those legendary Friar's Club roasts. Liner notes by Nick Bougas. (MAD DEADLY WORLDWIDE COMMUNIST GANGSTER COMPUTER GOD)

"Industry Wannabes and Radio Anomalies"
DEC 11-2 CD $10.70
Featuring infamous demo recordings of PAUL SUPER-APPLE, the J&H Productions tapes, the Cambodian Refugee Calls, the FCC Mexican Penis Test, some of the "Poor Naive Mary" tapes and many other prank call tapes from 1970s pirate radio station KDIL. (MAD DEADLY WORLDWIDE COMMUNIST GANGSTER COMPUTER GOD)

"Less Rock, More Talk"
VIRUS 254-2 CD $10.50
A re-issue of the 1998 spoken word compilation on Allied. Politics, art and literature from the dark end of the street, with Jello Biafra, Mykel Board, Noam Chomsky, Michael Gira of THE SWANS, Scottish poet Tom Leonard, author James Kelman, filmmaker Michael Moore, Norman Nawrocki of Rhythm Activism, San Francisco poet/author/anarchist Peter Plate, Penny Rimbaud of CRASS, extreme author Jerme Spew, and more. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"Monkeywrenching the New World Order"
VIRUS 272-2 2xCD $12.00
An audio introduction to the New World Order and its discontents, this gathers incisive commentary from 14 well-known authors, journalists and activists on topics ranging from militarism to genetic engineering to devil-take-the-hindmost capitalism. JELLO BIAFRA, NOAM CHOMSKY, ALEXANDER COCKBURN, NORMAN SOLOMON, HOWARD ZINN, RUTHIE GILMORE, WARD CHURCHILL, CRAIG O'HARA, CHRIS CRASS, ROBIN HAHNEL, CHRISTIAN PARENTI, VANDANA SHIVA, etc. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"Prisons on Fire"
VIRUS 275-2 CD $10.50
Marking the 30 year anniversary of the large scale prison uprising at Attica, which spread to penal institutions across the United States, this audio document tells how, why, and what happened. Who were the Attica Brothers? And who was George Jackson, and why was he murdered by the San Quentin prison administration? Now, through archive audio, music, and interviews, the voices of the Attica Brothers, Jonathan Jackson, Jr., Angela Davis, Amiri Baraka, James Baldwin, Harry Belafonte, former Black Panther Chief Of Staff David Hillard and more, introduce and grapple with this legacy. A profound historical lesson about prisons, repression, and struggle. With the War On Drugs and War On Terrorism in full swing, it's easy to see the relevance of this CD today. (ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES)

"Sister Spit's Ramblin' Road Show: Greatest Spits"
MRLR 17-2 CD $10.20
San Francisco's SISTER SPIT has been touring the country with their writers, porn stars and lounge singers for four years, dazzling the literary punk set and their friends with a menu of spoken feminist bitch rock, cracking open any and all expectations of the spoken word genre. This culls work from three unavailable, previously released CDs, including unheard gems from the vault. (MR. LADY)


"Celebrities at Their Worst, Vol. 3"
DEC 25-2 2xCD $12.45
Gather round, chillun, and you shall hear a collection of the famous, infamous, glamorous and just plain spotlight hawgs make complete asses of themselves in front of a microphone: GEORGE W. BUSH, DICK CHENEY, CONNIE CHUNG, HOWARD COSELL, KURT COBAIN, MADONNA, SYLVESTER STALLONE, BRITNEY SPEARS, ELVIS PRESLEY, RICHARD NIXON, FRANK SINATRA, RONALD REAGAN, OZZY OSBOURNE, GROUCHO MARX, ROSEANNE, JOHN F. KENNEDY, ARTURO TOSCANINI, ROKY ERICKSON, GG ALLIN, JIM BACKUS, GERALD FORD, BURT REYNOLDS, and more! Two full CDs of raunch, hilarious flubs, and "Oops, is this thing still on??" (MAD DEADLY WORLDWIDE COMMUNIST GANGSTER COMPUTER GOD)

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