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"Crossing the Red Sea"
ADVERT 01-1 LP $11.20
A re-issue of the great first album by this very important and popular UK punk band, noted for their many memorable songs. First released on Bright in 1978 and long unavailable. Original artwork, 180 gram vinyl, Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)

"Caution in the Wind"
GET 70-1 LP $9.60
A re-issue of their 2nd and final LP, originally out on Rondelet in 1982. Includes "East to the West," the title cut, and 3 bonus tracks! Complete lyrics included. Italian import. (GET BACK)

"The Avengers"
CDPRES 007-1 LP $11.20
Re-issue of this 1977 San Francisco punk band's posthumous LP, and one of the classical, absolutely necessary '77-style punk albums. Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)

"Dowanna Love"
BABEEZ 01-7 7" $5.70
The title cut appeared on the "Where Birdmen Flew" compilation of Australian punk rock bands. Originally out in 1978, this also features two additional tracks, "Hate" and "Nobody Wants Me." In brown paper bag packaging, with obscure artwork with a baby in human waste. (MISC. LABELS)

"Alternative Chartbusters"
GET 53-1 LP $9.60
This punk classic was their 2nd album, originally released in 1978, and sure to do quite well again with this re-release. Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Boys Only"
GET 52-1 LP $9.60
Their 1980 4th album, with naughty'n'nice originals plus the Sam Cooke classic "Wonderful World" and 3 bonus tracks. Liner notes by Mark Brennan, complete lyrics, gatefold sleeve. Italian import. (GET BACK)

"The Boys"
GET 35-1 LP $9.60
The original, 1977 album by this UK punk band, plus 2 bonus tracks. Italian import. (GET BACK)

"To Hell with the Boys"
GET 51-1 LP $9.60
Their 1979 3rd album, which topped out at #4 on the UK independent charts. This features 5 bonus tracks, liner notes by Mark Brennan, complete lyrics, and a gatefold sleeve. Italian import. (GET BACK)

CARDB 77-7 7" $5.70
Do the members of this late '70s Toronto outfit really want to be Yanks? Find out in the grooves of this 4-song Canadian punk rock pleaser. Alright! (MISC. LABELS)

GET 38-1 LP $9.60
This English quintet created some great songs that most have never heard. Combining the biting political awareness, singable songcraft, and sheer conviction of THE CLASH with a touch of the drama and idiosyncracy of DAVID BOWIE and early new wave, this is a surprisingly listenable album that shoulda been a hit! Originally released in 1977 on Step Forward. Italian import. (GET BACK)

CONTRL 01-7 7" $5.70
A legendary punk record from 1979, featuring Kid Spike (later of THE GEARS). Songs are "Slow Boy", "Do the Uganda", and "Suburban Suicide." No one's getting out of the pit alive motherfuckers! (MISC. LABELS)

"Off the Bone"
ILP 012-1 LP $11.20
This classic 1983 release has all those great early songs like "Human Fly," "Domino," "Goo Goo Muck," "Surfin' Bird," etc., finally available again on vinyl. Deluxe 220 gram pressing, original artwork, UK import. (ALIEN)

"Songs the Lord Taught Us"
CRAMP 02-1 LP $11.20
Their 2nd album from 1980, with great songs like "TV Set," "Teenage Werewolf," etc., available again on vinyl. Deluxe 220 gram pressing, original artwork, Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)

"New Rose"/"Help"
MUNSTER 7149-P 7" pic disc $5.70
The limited edition black vinyl re-issue is sold out, but here's a picture disc of the same 7"! Spanish import. (MUNSTER)

"We Have Come for Your Children"
PVR 92805-1 LP $11.20
Re-issue of their classic 2nd album from 1978, originally released on Sire, with all the original artwork. Italian import. (PYROVOX)

"Young Loud & Snotty"
DEDBOY 01-1 LP $11.20
A re-issue of their great first LP from 1977! One of the true classics of American punk! Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)

"Beyond Machine Gun Love"
RAVEUP 01-1 LP $11.35
You heard their track on Killed By Death #18, now here's a full live LP recorded in 1979 by these crazed Colorado punks! Full color cover, great photos, and liner notes by singer Chris Murdock. Italian import. (RAVE UP)

DMZLP 01-1 LP $11.20
A re-issue of the first 1978 LP by Boston's seminal garage punk outfit, which later evolved into THE LYRES. Trashier, speedier and punkier than THE LYRES, DMZ is great for fans of '60s style garage that like a bit of hard rock mixed in. Very limited quantities! Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)

"Teen Slime"
RAVEUP 04-1 LP $11.35
Finally available on vinyl, the complete recordings by these Iowa punk monsters, including their rare 7" from 1979, plus studio recording from the same period. Great artwork with vintage photos, and liner notes by lead guitarist Jody Koenig. Italian import. (RAVE UP)

"Charlie was a Good Boy"
MR 7135-7 7" $4.85
The first ever punk record to come out of France, this 1977 release on the Skydog label is beyond legendary, mixing '70s punk with '60s garage inspired by groups like THE MUSIC MACHINE, THE SEEDS, and ? & THE MYSTERIANS. Spanish import. (MUNSTER)

"Slash Your Face"
BA 1164-7 7" $4.35
A "Killed By Death" classic! THE DOGS transplanted from Michigan to LA in the '70's. Punk rock with a heavy dose of Detroit hard rock. (BACCHUS ARCHIVE)

"Floozie of the Neighborhood"
RAVEUP 03-1 LP $11.35
Amazing punk from New York, with studio and live recordings from 1978 79, including their singles and the incredibly rare FINGERS "Isolation" 7". Great artwork and photos, with liner notes by the singer for both bands, Francis Rifugiato. Italian import. (RAVE UP)

"Rockin' at Ground Zero"
BA 1130-1 LP $8.85
BA 1130-2 CD $10.80
This quintessential LA late 70's punk/pop/surf group, irrepressibly bouncy and upbeat, is captured here on the most rockinest album to come out of the final days of the original LA punk explosion of 1977-80. Simple, melodic, but urgent pogo punk with a tinge of rockabilly influence. Out of print on LP for 19 years. (BACCHUS ARCHIVES)

"1976-1977: The Studio Recordings"
GULCHER 401-2 CD $8.00
This collects the tracks from all three 7"s (including the underground hit "Muff Divin'"), plus 11 previously unreleased outtakes, by these for-real legendary Indiana proto-punk, proto-nerd-rock wonders who were influenced by THE DICTATORS, MC5, THE STOOGES, VELVET UNDERGROUND, '60 garage and '50s rockabilly. 16-page booklet with unpublished photos, Richard Meltzer's original liner notes for the first 7", and extensive new liner notes by singer Eddie Flowers. (GULCHER)

MUNSTER 7160-7 7" $4.85
London pub rock meets emerging punk circa 1976, this vintage gem is a reissue of a now very rare Skydog release (only 200 copies pressed back in the day). Spanish import. (MUNSTER)

PHONAC 426162-1 LP $11.20
A re-issue of this glam-punk classic from 1977, with all the original artwork. French import. (PHONAC)

"Death Machine"/"Bitch Goddess"
HENCHM 01-7 7" $5.70
Cadaver Records sponsored this release for New Zealand's HENCHMEN in 1982. One song appeared on the "Hate Your Neighbors" compilation of classic New Zealand punk. (MISC. LABELS)

"Get Your Woofing Dog Off Me"/"Hold My Hand"
JERKS 01-7 7" $5.70
This Underground Records 7" from 1977 brings us these dream-broken UK idiots' primal, bashing punk rock with a sense of humor. The title track (and the cover photo) appears on "Killed By Death #4" (before they ran out of bands). Woof! (MISC. LABELS)

"Dead in the Suburbs"
RAVEUP 02-1 LP $11.35
Sick, obnoxious and weird punk from this Oklahoma band, who had 2 tracks on the out-of-print Killed By Death #100. This collects the songs from both of their 1980 7"s, plus a bunch of previously unreleased studio and live tracks. Great artwork, vintage photos, plus liner notes by guitarist Roger Scott. Italian import. (RAVE UP)

"Activated Energy"/"Trans-formation Vacation"
LUBE 01-7 7" $5.70
Two cuts of rough, noisy punk rock from Chicago's Relative Records, 1980. The self-produced 7" from this band, originally called MODERN PHYSICS, has had both tracks featured on Killed By Death compilations (#12 and # 18 respectively) for a fucking reason! (MISC. LABELS)

PLANIN 02-1 MLP $11.20
A limited repressing of this long-out-of-print 1979 mini-LP on the Plan 9 label, which was only issued in the UK through Cherry Red. The songs are from their 2nd and 3rd EPs, Bullet and Horror Business, and includes an unlisted bonus track ("Return of the Fly") and the original cover art. Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)

"Walk Among Us"
PM 1345-1 LP $12.25
At the time when this originally came out in 1982 it was probably the most anticipated American punk LP, its horror movie seeded hardcore appealing to most everyone in the underground. Their first released full studio LP, with the original artwork plus a 2-sided photo/lyric insert. Licensed from Ruby. Portuguese import. (PRIMEIRO MUNDO)

"Back Yard Boys"/"Boss Man"
ROXMUT 77-7 7" $5.70
Originally out in 1977 on Rox, this is the UK Mutants, not the Detroit or San Francisco bands by the same name. '77 punk with '70s hard rock influences. (MISC. LABELS)

"Fun Terminal"
WNR 005-2 CD $8.90
Who played shows at a school for the deaf and a mental hospital? That's right, THE MUTANTS. Combining elements of campy props and dress-up, performance art, and a skewed take on punk, this early San Francisco punk outfit created frenzied, frenetic fun, polar opposites of their friends THE DEAD KENNEDYS. This CD collects the tracks from their abortive 1982 "Fun Terminal" LP (out of print forever, since the label that issued it went belly up shortly after its release), 4 unreleased demo tracks from 1980, the 3 tracks from their 1978 7", and 3 live tracks from 1979 and 1981. 12 page booklet has great liner notes and photos. (WHITE NOISE)

"Conquest for Death"
NECCFD 01-1 LP $11.20
36 songs from their 1981 "Sex Drive" 7", the 1983 "Conquest for Death" LP, the 1983 "Conquest for Death" 7", the "IQ 32" 7", the "Process of Elimination" compilation LP, and the 1991 "Early Days" 7". Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)

"Love Comes in Spurts"
NEOBOY 73-7 7" $6.30
Richard Hell, Tom Verlaine and Billy Ficca (all later in the 1st version of TELEVISION) recorded these 3 groundbreaking songs in 1973 for the Shake label. Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)

"Waiting World"/"Face a New God"
NEWX 81-7 7" $5.70
Recorded in Sydney in 1981, and featuring tracks that have appeared on "The Year of the Rats" and "Where Birdmen Flew" compilations, this is a must have record. Two tracks of vintage Australian punk. The dingo ate your baby! (MISC. LABELS)

"From Paris with Love, L-U-V!"
SFTRI 682-2 CD $10.80
They came from the outer limits of NYC dressed like women, turned their amps up to 11, and gave a moribund Manhattan music scene its first great rock'n'roll band since THE VELVET UNDERGROUND. This 11 track set was recorded by Radio Luxembourg in 1974, and was originally released by Red Star. It has also been remastered, comes with a 20 page booklet, and features THE DOLLS at their peak! (SYMPATHY)

"Dirty Lies"
NDL 01-7 7" $5.70
Another 7" from a "Where the Birdmen Flew" band; circa 1978 punk rock doesn't get much better than this. Headline reads: pick it up! (MISC. LABELS)

"Only the End of the Beginning"
HOHO 001-1 LP $12.25
A re-issue of their 14-song live LP, first out on Soho in 1980, and the only album released while the group was still active. Excellent quality sound, original artwork, Euro import. (SOHO)

"All Systems Go"
GET 211-1 LP $9.60
A re-issue of the debut album by these UK hardcore pioneers, originally out on Anagram in 1982, and including the singles "Give Us a Future" and "Jerusalem." Includes innersleeve with complete lyrics. Italian import. (GET BACK)

INC 071-1 LP $11.20
A re-issue of the only album by this early and obscure German scuzz-punk band, recorded in 1978. Gatefold sleeve with lots of photos, lyrics and liner notes in English. German import. (INCOGNITO)

"Plitka Poezija"
PEKPAT 01-1 LP $11.20
A re-issue of the 1st album by Yugoslavia's best punk band (check 'em out on "Bloodstains Across Yugoslavia"), with all their early 7" stuff as bonus tracks! 23 songs total! Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)

"Watch Out for the Penetrators"
RAVEUP 05-1 7" $5.70
An official re-issue, with original artwork, of their two singles from the late 1970s. This New York band did some great punk with strong garage influences. Limited edition of 500, Italian import. (RAVE UP)

"The Professionals"
PROV 2167-1 LP $12.25
A limited vinyl re-issue of the first album, originally released in 1980, from the ex-PISTOLS team of Steve Jones and Paul Cook. No, this is NOT the same as the "Featuring Steve Jones and Paul Cook" LP, which is from different sessions and has a different track listing. Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)

"Andere Zeiten, Andere Sitten"
VINCE 12305-1 LP $11.60
You heard their only 7" on "Bloodstains Across Germany," and now here's an excellent 10-track studio album by this legendary late '70s-early '80s Hamburg punk band. A great, full-on '70s punk sound all the way through, with no filler! German import. (VINCE LOMBARDY HIGHSCHOOL)

"Burn My Eye"
RADBIR 76-7 7" $5.70
A replica repress of their classic 1976 debut 7", with "Smith & Wesson Blues," "Snake," "I-94," and "Burned My Eye." Hey, hey, hup! Really gonna punch you out! (MISC. LABELS)

"Living Eyes"
RADBRD 02-1 LP $11.20
A re-issue of their legendary 2nd album, recorded in 1978! Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)

"Radios Appear"
RADBIR 01-1 LP $11.20
A re-issue of their legendary first album from 1977! This is the so-called overseas (non-Australian) version, but also includes as bonus tracks the 3 different songs that appeared only on the Australian version! Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)

"Leave Home"
RAMON 02-1 LP $11.60
Very limited repressing of the Dutch version of their 2nd LP! Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)

RAMON 01-1 LP $11.60
Very limited repressing of the Dutch version of their 1st LP! Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)

"Machine Rat Massacre"
KANXER 01-1 LP $11.20
Thirty-one brutal tracks from these Finnish hardcore masters, including the super-rare "Khomeini Rock" 7" from 1980 and the "Fucking Disco" 7" from 1981, as well as the "Rattus On Rautaa" 12", the "Rajoitettu Ydinsota" 7", the "WC Rajahtaa" LP and the "Uskonto On Vaara" LP! Finnish import. (KANNIBAL XEROX)

"Half Life"
RAVEUP 07-1 LP $11.35
All their releases, plus unreleased studio tracks and live stuff by this great New York City punk band of the late '70s, famous for their "I Want Sex" song, comped on Killed By Death #14! Great artwork, plus liner notes by band member Shepherd Ginzburg. Italian import. (RAVE UP)

"Born Innocent"
MR 186-1 LP $12.55
A re-issue of the first full length evil creation of the young McDonald brothers! The complete 1982 LP, plus 4 bonus tracks, and all the original artwork, including the insert! 220 gram vinyl, Spanish import. (MUNSTER)

"Can't Stand the Rezillos"
ST 0267-1 LP $11.20
Alright, here's the good stuff. A vinyl re-issue of one of the greatest landmarks of '70s UK power-pop-punk, with all the original artwork. Italian import. (TALENTI)

"You're So Boring"
ROCKS 78-7 7" $5.70
Released in 1978 in Australia, this band has been heavily featured on all of the retro compilations including "Back to Front #4," "Where Birdmen Flew," and "Feel Lucky Punk?" This includes five songs of surf punk Australia style, and no tracks of lazy, KBD crap. (MISC. LABELS)

"The Crack"
CDV 2132-1 LP $11.20
The first album from this late-'70s UK band that mixed punk, reggae and hard, driving rock. Includes their hit "Babylon's Burning." Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)

"Eternally Yours"
MID 131-1 LP $12.25
Their 3rd album, first released in 1978, kicks off with the amazing "Know Your Product" and continues with 12 more. Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)

MUNSTER 7152-7 7" $4.85
A reissue of the 1982 single by these Australian punk legends. The B-side track has apparently not been reissued elsewhere. Spanish import. (MUNSTER)

"This Generation's on Vacation"
IM 501-7 7" $5.15
A re-release of a 1978 Los Angeles punk classic! Don't let the skinny ties on the cover photo fool you, this high-energy anthemic punk. Two of the 3 songs on here were on Killed By Death #3 and Killed By Death #17. With the original artwork, and it's pressed on red vinyl. (IMPACT)

"Out of Order"
RUG 01-7 7" $5.70
This re-issues this New Orleans pop-punk band's 1978 7", with one previously unreleased studio track and 3 live tracks. Italian import. (RAVE UP)

"All Skrewed Up"
SKREWD 01-1 LP $12.25
A re-issue of their 1977 debut album, this is some really great punk rock, recorded with different musicians and three years before they got into all that National Front nonsense. Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)

"Do It Dog Style"
DECCA 7701-1 LP $11.20
Re-issue of their classic 1978 LP, and their two 7 inchers, in a jacket with the original artwork. UK import. (DECCA)

"Seventh World"
WIN 777-7 7" $6.30
A now-rare relic of early San Francisco punk, this 1978 release featured the vocals of former CRIME drummer Ricky Williams on a 5-song 7" that prefigured both post-punk and goth with its dark, hypnotic groove. Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)

EEC 320-1 LP $11.20
Their totally raging 1980 live album, with sped-up, give-'em-no-mercy versions of all this Belfast band's best known songs. Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)

"The Christmas Album"
SLFXM 79-1 LP $12.25
Live in Stockholm in December 1979, in a strictly limited edition of 500 copies, going fast! 16 songs, good quality soundboard recording. Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)

"No Wishes, No Prayers"
SSTLP 018-1 LP $11.20
A re-issue of the hard-to-find 2nd album by this legendary Vancouver hardcore band, first out on SST in 1983. Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)

"Mark He's a Terror"/"Match-Mismatch"
SUCO 77-7 7" $5.70
Released in 1977, and again in '89, this Minneapolis R&B/punk band featured not only Steve Almaas of BEAT RODEO, but also Chris Osgood (Bob "HUSKER DU" Mould's guitar teacher.) High top Nazi style riding boots, and Midwest fury on wax. (MISC. LABELS)

"Swankers PMS"
GOTA 001-7 7" $4.55
A replica re-issue of one of the rarest and best '80s Swedish hardcore 7"s, originally released in 1983. This has all 5 tracks, all the original artwork (including the insert), plus an interview with singer/guitarist Ronny conducted in October 2000. (GAME OF THE ARSEHOLES)

"Little Johnny Jewel"
TELVIS 75-7 7" $6.30
The band's first release on their own label in 1975. This became an underground hit in New York, and led to their deal with Elektra the next year. Green vinyl, Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)

"1979 New York City Punk Rock"
RAVEUP 08-1 LP $11.35
Finally available, the complete unreleased album recorded in 1978. Killer punk, fantastic vocal melodies, top quality sound, great artwork, vintage photos, and liner notes by band leader Sonny Vincent. Italian import. (RAVE UP)

"Batman Live at Budokan"
HATE 23-1 LP $12.55
a.k.a. "Live at Budokan Plus." Killer vintage punk from this Rochester/Buffalo band! The vinyl version of the CD that re-issued their 1982 LP with the tracks from their rare 1980 7" (previously comped on "Killed By Death 10"). Italian import. (HATE)

"Barefoot & Pregnant"
GARDOOR 002-2 CD $11.30
What you have here is a historic collection of 1981-82 punk rock centered around the Minneapolis scene. Originally produced by Bob Mould, Terry Katzman, and The Linehans, this was the 200 copy cassette that launched Reflex Records. Bands include LOUD FAST RULES, IDOL THREAT, RIFLE SPORT, IN DECISION, TULSA JACKS, LOU SANTACROCE, MAN SIZED ACTION, MECHT MENSCH, RED MEAT, an interview with SHEIK, and unreleased tracks from HUSKER DU, REPLACEMENTS, and SOUL ASYLUM! 60 minutes of rare, wild stuff. (GARAGE D'OR)

FUG 010-1 LP $11.20
A re-issue of one of the earliest German punk compilations, originally released in 1981. Everything from '70s punk to thrashy hardcore, with 18 cuts from UPRIGHT CITIZENS, CLOX, CORNY VARIOUS, DIE PHANTASTISCHEN 3, ABFLUSS, FLUCHTVERSUCH, NDR, HEKTOR, SUFF, BLUTTAT, LUZIBAER, IDIOTS, and EKLANTAT AB. German import. (TEENAGE REBEL)

GARDOOR 003-2 CD $11.30
This was the third Reflex Records release, also originally cassette only, and also produced by Bob Mould and Terry Katzman, with help from Brian Paulson. Recorded live at the infamous Goofy's Upper Deck, which in it's day hosted not only the great Minneapolis bands of the time, but it's six inch stage was also graced by BLACK FLAG and the Better Youth Organization tour, amongst others. Bands included are PROUD CRASS FOOLS, PROPOGHANDA, EXMO-6-Destro, TODLACHEN, RIFLE SPORT, RADIO FOR TEENS, GROUND ZERO, WILLFUL NEGLECT, RED MEAT, MAN SIZED ACTION, and HUSKER DU. The Decline of the Mid-Western civilization! (GARAGE D'OR)

"Quelli Che Urlano Ancora"
QCUA 01-1 LP $11.60
A re-issue of a rare Italian Oi! compilation from 1985, with tracks by BASTA, DIOXINA, ROUGH, KLAXON, HYDRA and more, plus two bonus tracks by CANI! Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)

"Sent from Coventry"
DATA 014-1 LP $11.60
Here's something to make you smile: a re-issue of this great 1980 compilation of Coventry (UK) bands! A very diverse and very creative sampling of a very underground scene (most bands disappeared without a trace), with 13 tracks by THE WILD BOYS, THE CLIQUE, THE END, THE MIX, MACHINE, URGE, PROTEGE, SOLID ACTION, SQUAD, HOMICIDE, RIOT ACT, and V. BABIES. Liner notes by Horace from that other Coventry band, THE SPECIALS. UK import. (DATA)

"Death to Disco"
RAVEUP 06-1 LP $11.35
This collects their impossible-to-find 7" from 1979, their great followup 7" from 1981, plus a bunch of previously unreleased studio tracks! Full color cover, vintage photos, plus liner notes by singer Dan Rossman. Italian import. (RAVE UP)

"No Thanks to the Human Turd"
VICTIM 01-7 7" $5.20
Five tracks from the great Australian punk group of the late '70s of "Television Addict" fame, one of the greatest politically aware punk ditties. That song's not here but "I Understand," "Open Your Eyes," "High School Girls," "T.V. Freak," and "Disco Junkies" are. Very limited. (MISC. LABELS)

"Screaming Fist"
VILE 77-7 7" $5.70
You've seen this before, now pick it up. Leather, razor blade, swastika punk rock from the Nazi Dog (who works in a flower shop now). The Canadian Sid Vicious tears the boys through 3 songs including "Possibilities" and "Rebel." Slash your face! (MISC. LABELS)

"Big Money"
RAVEUP 09-1 LP $11.35
Rough, powerful punk from this classic North Carolina combo, whose mega-rare 7" track "Big Money" was comped on Killed By Death #7. You get that same track, plus the uncomped flip and a whole bunch of songs from a hot live show in 1980! Great artwork, with photos, flyers and extensive liner notes! Italian import. (RAVE UP)

"The Visitors"
TAKE 7-1 LP $11.20
A re-issue of the only album by this short-lived post-RADIO BIRDMAN outfit, which included BIRDMAN members Deniz Tek, Pip Hoyle and Ron Keeley, plus Mark Sisto (BIRDMAN's Minister of War) on vocals, and PASSENGER's Steve Harris on bass. This also has the songs from the LIPSTICK KILLERS 7" included as bonus tracks! color vinyl, Australian import. (CHINESE TAKE-OUT)

"Just Like Your Mom"/"Cab Driver"
VOXP 80-7 7" $5.70
This 1980 release of aggressive '77-style punk and noisy, heavy, whacked out psych-punk featured Don Bolles from THE GERMS, Paul Cutler from DREAM SYNDICATE, Dinah Cancer and Del Hopkins from 45 GRAVE, Jeff Dahl from ANGRY SAMOANS, and Mike Ochoa from NERVOUS GENDER. (MISC. LABELS)

"Beat Her with a Rake"/"I'm the Commander"
PM 002-7 7" $6.30
A re-issue of the only release by this infamous early LA punk band, out in 1977. Dumbass, snotty lyrics and howling metal-punk! Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)

RNR 45007-1 LP $9.00
A re-issue of the first LP by these Australian punk legends, recorded in 1979. While known for being especially raw, heavy, loud and hard, they still managed, like many UK bands of the time, to play so that each instrument stood out on its own, the vocals were easily heard, and the melody prevailed. Original artwork, plus a very informative insert with detailed band history and complete discography. (ROCKNROLL BLITZKRIEG)

"Germ Free Adolescents"
ARTIFIC 01-1 LP $11.20
A re-issue of this great, rockin' album from 1978. Every song a zinger. Includes their first 7" as bonus tracks! (MISC. LABELS)

"Christmas Album"
GET 85-1 LP $9.60
The alter-egos of THE BOYS (they first used the YOBS name for their Christmas 1977 single "Run Rudolph Run"), they released "Christmas Album" in 1980. A raucous slab of lunacy, they tackle the very nature of Xmas itself, turning Santa into an anarchist and celebrating the season in a haze of drugs and alcohol. With 4 bonus tracks from ultra rare singles, liner notes, complete lyrics and original artwork. Italian import. (GET BACK)


BEAT 03-1 LP $11.20
The 2nd album by this early and very important British ska-revival group (known as THE ENGLISH BEAT in the US), first out in 1981 on their own Go Feet label, has more of a rock steady sound. Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)

"Madness, Judge Dread, Wine and Grine"
SKAFAC 1201-1 LP $11.20
A collection of late-'60s material by one of the giants of Jamaican rocksteady and ska! Includes his classics "Madness," "Wine and Grine," and the hilariously biting satire of "Judge Dread." Euro import. (SKA FACE)

"Too Much Pressure"
TMP 80-1 LP $11.20
The first and best album, originally released in 1980, by this great but underrated UK 2-tone ska band that featured the distinctive vocals of Pauline Black. Original artwork, Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)

"Live at the Moonlight Club 1979"
CLP 5011-1 LP $12.25
A great sounding recording made for radio broadcast on the eve of the elections that brought Margaret Thatcher to power, with the band in top form: frighteningly intense, raw, and powerful. Very sharp "2 tone" style artwork, with liner notes. UK import. (2-TONE)


"Al Garcia and the Rhythm Kings"
BA 1135-1 LP $8.85
BA 1135-2 CD $10.80
Southern California rock'n'roll and surf instrumentals from 1962-64, gathered from obscure singles and unreleased studio tapes. (BACCHUS ARCHIVES)

"Real Cool Hits"
BA 1155-1 LP $8.85
BA 1155-2 CD $10.80
A re-issue of a legendary, rare and highly collectable '60s surf album, including the original version of "Time Bomb," recently covered by THE BOMBORAS. With bonus tracks and liner notes from an interview with original member Rick Bastrup. (BACCHUS ARCHIVES)

"Studio Sessions '61-'62"
GET 576-1 LP $12.55
Rare studio material, including their first recording sessions in September and October 1961 (the "Hite Morgan" sessions), plus the February 1962 "Candix" session and the March 1962 "Kenny & The Cadets" session. 20 tracks (several previously unissued), digitally remastered from the original tapes, with extensive liner notes. Gatefold sleeve, 180 gram yellow vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)

"Temas de Peliculas de la TV Americana"
EH 011-1 10" $9.60
Four guys in the studio take themes from mid-'60s TV shows like "Batman," "The Green Hornet" and "The Avengers," and the music of LINK WRAY, JOHN BARRY, HENRY MANCINI and BOOKER T & THE MGS, blending them into a wild stew of wacky instrumentals. Spanish import. (ELECTRO HARMONIX)

"Checkered Flag"
EH 010-1 10" $9.60
This mysterious slab o' hot rod culture was first issued in Mexico in 1962 with no credits or info, but it's 100% genuine, totally smokin' dragstrip rock'n'roll in the best Del-Fi Records tradition. Original vintage gearhead art work, and all the roaring engines you could want. Spanish import. (ELECTRO HARMONIX)

"Surfin' Bird"
TRASUR 01-1 LP $11.20
Limited repressing of the first LP by the famous early-60s Minneapolis teen dance-surf-garage band. All the original artwork, and it's on color vinyl too! Euro import. (MISC. LABELS)

GET 606-1 LP $12.55
GET 606-2 CD $11.90
Seven tracks of vintage, pre-Capitol BEACH BOYS ("Surfin'," "Surfin' Safari," "Luau," "Barbie," "Surfer Girl," "Karate," and "What's a Young Girl Made Of"), plus 3 tracks each from THE MARKETTS (including their hit "Surfer's Stomp") and THE FROGMEN. Originally on the Gateway label, this re-issue features new artwork, with the LP in a gatefold sleeve on 180 gram vinyl. Italian import. (GET BACK)


NICOABS 1-1 LP $11.20
A wonderful collection of rarities by the chanteuse of the morbid! Her unmistakable, disturbingly ice-cold voice is in perfect tension to the lush, haunting musical backdrop on songs such as "Irreversible Neural Damage,' "La Notte Delle Fiabe," "Genghis Khan," "Vegas," and others. Dutch import. (NICO APPRECIATION SOCIETY)

"Death and the Maiden"
ICON 01-1 LP $11.20
A treasury of rarities from this amazing performer dating from 1965 to 1987, including a VELVET UNDERGROUND improvisation, various collaborations with Lou Reed and/or John Cale, and many other gems. Fancy blue and gold jacket with striking photos, and a NICO postcard inside. Issued by the Nico Appreciation Society of Holland. Numbered edition of 500 on color vinyl, Dutch import. (NICO APPRECIATION SOCIETY)

GET 68-1 LP $12.55
13 tracks recorded live in Manchester in 1980, including many of her best known songs. Gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl, Italian import. (GET BACK)


"Once in a Blue Moon"
PEN 019-2 CD $11.30
Her latest, self released album, this features brilliant songwriting and spot-on, totally appropriate production, with 9 tracks culled from two out-of-print European releases plus 6 previously unreleased tracks. (PENELOPE.NET)

"The Whole World"
PEN 003-2 CD $10.70
A re-release of her 2nd album after "Birdboys," with lots more great, vividly technicolor songwriting, rockin' acoustic playing and honeydrippin' singing. (PENELOPE.NET)


"Soda Surfin'"
WOT 499007-2 CD $11.90
The first album by this Bristol based duo of Jimmy Bergin (SEVEN KEVINS) and Alan Miles (LEVELLERS). 10 tracks of British-style pop. Italian import. (WOT 4)

"Harmony Soul Collection, Volume 3"
RPM 205-2 CD $13.00
The 3rd CD in this successful series dedicated to the UK's leading harmony arranger and singer. Showcased here are more of the familiar BEACH BOYS style sounds, the rock'n'roll styled recordings in the vein of CLIFF RICHARD and SHAKING STEVEN, and the white pop/funk/soul that he got into from the mid '70s onwards. 12 previously unreleased tracks, UK import. (RPM)

"The Collection Vol. 2: Harmony Grass"
RPM 194-2 CD $13.00
Complete recordings from 1968-1970, including the last Castaway recordings (one unreleased track) as well as the album plus 5 singles released after the group's name change. 21 tracks, UK import. (RPM)

"The Collection Vol. 1: Castaways"
RPM 193-2 CD $13.00
The complete studio recordings from 1963-1967: seven singles (both sides) plus 13 previously unreleased recordings. 27 tracks, UK import. (RPM)

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